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Time To Escape

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The bottom line - it's time to pay. You know you've got it coming.

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Chapter four. Just so you know I have been getting loads of migraines recently so even know I really really want to write it is very difficult for me to. Also, when I do write I flick back through previous chapters. If I see a typo or something I could write better, I edit it; so just because it appears to be updated doesn't mean it is. Sorry if you get all excited and then it's a let down - I'd get pissed off if it were me.

This isn't particularly amazing (die headaches, die!) but, please tell me what you think and rate. XD

Title from 30 Seconds To Mars


Vampires weren't like books, or movies - certainly not modern ones. The didn't have Superman-type powers, nor could they lift up cars, or fucking sparkle. However they were stronger than most humans, and had sharper senses and faster reflexes. And the older you became, the more these traits were enhanced. The woman currently glaring at the Ways outstripped Gerard by at least two millennium. Which made her fucking strong.

This was just one of the reasons the Ways were now gazing at her in such fear. Along time ago, Gerard had killed her sister and every time they had met since it had ended badly, for him that is. It was over a hundred years ago the incident had occurred, but this women enjoyed dragging her punishments out. Most people who had wronged her ended up killing themselves in fear of her - those who didn't, lived their lives in fear of the day she'd finally destroy them completely. Either way people who upset her had a tendency to go insane. And die. Twice, if she could manage it.

Gerard wasn't too worried, figuring she wouldn't do anything too bad in a restaurant full of people. He still had scars from her attacks though, so wasn't going to act up.
"Miss Palera," He nodded at her and the older vampire's eyes narrowed. You would never be able to tell her age by looking at her - but then, if she aged, she'd be long dead by now. Her lips were a full, blood red - stained from the amount she had drunk over the years. The vampire's eyes were unique; a deep gold, devoid of any warmth. Her skin was tanned, also gold and her hair fell in deep auburn curls past her tiny waist.

Vibia Palera would have been beautiful, if not for the fact her face was contorted with hatred. She despised the man sitting in front of her more than anything else on the planet. When he killed her younger sister, the vampire had never felt pain even comparing to it. Which was saying something considering how old she was. And the wounds were still fresh. The thing that Vibia hated the most was how little he seemed to be affected by her tormenting. She had been hounding Gerard Way for over a century now, subjecting him to tortures that brought him closer to death each time. Anyone else would have no life by now - they either would have taken it, or reached the point where they were continually looking over their shoulder, fearing her appearance. She was a Queen amongst vampires, and knew every trick in the book. In terms of seduction, in terms of sealing deals, in terms of making things go her way, and certainly in terms of torture - both mental and physical. So why hadn't she broken Gerard yet?

"I hope you're not intending to stay in the country, Way." Vibia's voice was rich - a mix of a hundred different accents that she had picked up over the years - and full of hatred.

"No, we were planning on leaving for Europe in a day or two." Gerard responded, cursing himself immediately for not making up a false destination. But then, Vibia was so powerful, she would be able to find no matter where they went.

"Good." She responded. "It would be a pity for you if our paths were to cross again." And then she left, the temperature seeming to rise several degrees. What the female vampire had said though, chilled Gerard to the bone.

"Why does she hate you so much?" Mikey questioned.

Gerard didn't want to tell him. He knew his younger brother wouldn't take it well, and would fear for his life. He had at first as well. After all, the obvious revenge for Vibia to carry out would be for her to kill Mikey. Apparently she didn't work that way though. It was funny really. A ruthless killer with morals? You had to wonder whether it was age or just being her that fucked up Vibia's mind so much.

"What did you do, Gee?" Mikey, his eyes begging Gerard to tell him.

"I killed her sister." He replied.

Mikey gasped and sat back. He looked horrified, as Gerard had predicted. "Why?"

"I didn't know it was her sister!" The older Way tried to defend himself. "We got into a fight and I killed her in her sleep."

"Oh God." Mikey sank back into his seat. "How long ago was this?"

"Hundred and fifteen years ago."

"How come you're still alive?"

Gerard hesitated then. "I don't know. When I found out I'd killed Vibia fucking Palera's sister, I thought I'd be dead in a month. Apparently she likes dragging her punishments out."

"Has she got to you before then?" Mikey pressed on. He wasn't ashamed of his brother, or upset by what he'd done. He was worried about him. After all, you couldn't get through life as a vampire without killing someone. But the sister of Vibia Palera? Mikey had heard of her demise, but never assumed his brother was behind it. He had guessed the killer had met a painful end.

"Yeah," Gerard answered, interrupting Mikey's internal monologue. "A couple of times. I've still got the scars." He was uncomfortable, admitting his weakness to his younger brother, but it couldn't be helped.

"Oh God, Gerard - I'm so sorry!" Mikey felt like crying. He needed to protect his brother from this, fuck the fact he was the younger one. They were brothers; they had to look after each other.

In a rare moment of compassion, Gerard leaned forward and put his arms around his younger brother. They embraced for several moments, before breaking apart.

"It's fine Mikes." The elder said. "We'll book plane tickets tonight, and fly to England tomorrow. She's staying here - she won't follow us."

Mikey nodded, though he was doubtful. "England?"

"What can I say? I'm in the mood for tea and scones!" The brothers laughed. They continued to chat about England and debate how would be best to get Frank over there without attracting attention. The Ways finished breakfast, then went up to the suite where they were keeping a eighteen year old boy captive.

Said boy was fast asleep on the sofa when the vampires got back. Gerard couldn't help but notice how innocent, how cute he looked; with the throw rug piled up around his shoulders, only his head was visible and Frank looked about fifteen. The vampire was tempted to pounce on him and relive the previous night there and then, but considering his younger brother was present, it wouldn't exactly be appropriate. Not to mention the fact that they were currently planning on fleeing the country in order to escape a vengeful, psychotic vampire bitch.

Thankfully, the hotel room had wifi, and the brothers successfully booked three first class tickets to London the following day. They needn't bother pack - money had a tendency to accumulate over the years and it wouldn't be a problem to buy clothes whilst in the UK.

Frank would be more of a problem. They couldn't exactly trust him to not say anything to security, and someone was bound to notice the bruising. Fortunately, Mikey had stolen his passport, but getting him across the Atlantic wouldn't be easy. Still, the vampire brothers figured that with enough threats, they would be able to keep the kid quiet. Plus, Gerard figured that they could drug him up, so it would be impossible for Frank to say anything, even if he wanted to. There would always be logistical problems with kidnapping and their biggest worry was that the police had been informed of his disappearance and would recognise him.

Gerard and Mikey stayed in the kitchen, talking about England and Frank. They didn't want to wake the boy, since he'd only be in the way. Gerard said if he did, they could just lock him in the cupboard again, but Mikey refused to go through with it. The elder shrugged, and wondered how his brother could feel pity when the emotion was lost to him so long ago.

It was a short day since they hadn't get up until past noon. The brothers wasted the day away watching TV and chatting to one another, whilst Frank stayed fast asleep on the sofa. When it was an acceptable time time go to bed, Mikey showered then collapsed on the couch (not the one Frank was on) with a spare duvet. Despite the fact it was covered in dry bodily fluids, Gerard slept in the bed. It was big enough to avoid the mess he had made the other night, and more comfortable than the floor. Anyway, he could always shower tomorrow before checking out of the hotel. The brothers fell asleep with their thoughts on England.


It was just past two in the morning when Frank woke. The boy opened his eyes sleepily, forgetting where he was for a few, blissful moments. He stretched, pulling on the wounds again and reality hit him like a slap across the face.

Frank froze as all of the horror of the last forty-eight hours was replayed in his mind, and the teenager nearly broke down into tears there and them. Again, he considered suicide - it wasn't like hell could get any worse than this.

Then he realised something. Mikey was on the couch opposite, asleep. Gerard wasn't in sight and Frank was in no way restrained. No ties, no handcuffs and - as far as he could tell - no locked doors. A small bubble of hope swelled in the boy's chest and he silently slipped off the couch and rose to his feet.

It was dark in the room. Only a sliver of moonlight snaked across the floor from a chink in the curtains. Frank could more or less make out the form of Mikey, sleeping on the couch with a duvet pulled around him. The boy ran over to the door as quietly as possible, excitement building up inside him. He was getting away!

Staying silent, Frank pushed the door to the bedroom open, knowing he had to cross through it to reach the door to the hall. Then he would be free! However, when he saw Gerard fast asleep on the bed, the boy froze. Needless to say, he was terrified of the older vampire, and wondered whether it was worth risking his anger in an attempt to escape. Still standing in the doorway, Frank weighed it up in his head.

And decided he'd risk it. After all - Gerard was asleep and he hadn't woken Mikey. As swiftly and quietly as possible, Frank darted across the open space of the dark bedroom. And reached the door. He felt like doing a victory dance - he was getting away! He could report these maniac brothers to the police and never have to be touched by them again. Frank clicked the lock and swung the door open.

He would have made it. If not for that click. Frank's excitement dismissed it - after all, it was so quiet; no one would be able to hear it. Of course, the eighteen year old hadn't taken vampire hearing into account. And Gerard had always been a very light sleeper.

Frank's heart was nearly exploding from relief and happiness when he put his foot out of the confines of the hotel room. These emotions disappeared completely, replaced by confusion, when he felt an arm snake around his waist and suddenly found himself being propelled backwards at a speed that lifted his feet from the floor. Then came the terror; as the boy once again found himself on the bed with a vampire leaning over him.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Gerard spat at him.

"I-I'm so s-s-sor-r-ry," Frank stuttered, holding back tears. "I j-just wanna g-go ho-ome!"

"Well, that's not gonna happen, sugar." Gerard murmured lividly, and Frank broke down completely - the tears escaping thick and fast. He was amazed he had any left to cry.

The man rolled his eyes and pulled himself off of Frank. These tears were bugging him no end and he had no idea how to shut the kid up. "Look - you're not going home. You might as well just face it. Now stop crying... unless you want to go back in the cupboard?" That worked. The boy breathed in and out deeply, trying to control himself. He was not going back into that place. "Good, good," Gerard murmured, debating what to do now. He obviously had to restrain the boy but - oddly enough - didn't have the heart to lock him up again. The vampire then spotted the handcuffs lying on the floor. He grabbed them, clicked one end round Frank's wrist and the other round a post in the headboard.

Satisfied with his handiwork, Gerard lay back down to sleep, only to see Frank looking at him with an expression that would have melted a cold-blooded killer's heart. It even had an effect on Gerard - for the first time in goodness only knows how long, a stab of guilt struck the vampire.

"Oh don't look at me like that!" He exclaimed, burying his face in a pillow. It was no good; even if he couldn't see those eyes, he could still feel them. Frank's face was a combination of deep sadness, disbelief, pleading and accusation. He also looked like he was about to burst into tears. Even Gerard wasn't immune to that.

"Oh for fuck's sake!" he muttered, then in a softer voice: "Come here," Wanting, but not knowing how to ease the emotion that restricted his chest. To his surprise the boy shuffled closer - though that may have just been out of fear of what the man would do if he disobeyed.

Then it was Frank's turn to be surprised. His capturer, his violator, his torturer, wrapped his arms around the boy's waist in a tender, compassionate gesture. And strangely enough, it comforted Frank. Even if he didn't feel safe, at least he knew the man had some human emotion; not just hate and lust.

Gerard however, felt extremely worried. What was he doing? Why in fuck's name was he comforting what he intended to abuse? And why on Earth was he feeling as though he had pity for Frank? Most of the vampire's emotions - the ones that made him weak - had disappeared over the years. Why choose now to resurface?

The vampire and boy stayed wrapped in each other's arms that night, falling asleep in the most disturbing embrace either had ever experienced.

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