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And Now You're In, And Can't Get Out

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You make me wanna scream.

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My brother just watched Paranormal Activity and told me it wasn't scary... Great - I was looking forward to watching that. So I wrote this!

Title from Avril Lavigne. Title fits, but the actual song doesn't. Whatever.

Oh and in case you were wondering why this keeps appearing as being updated - I have a habit of referring back to past chapters when writing, spotting something I don't like and editing it. I'm sorry - really OCD-ish like that, but I do try and update as quickly as possible to make up for the disappointment. :) Sorry!

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Frank fell out of the cupboard with a moan when Mikey pulled the door open. He stretched his legs slightly, whimpering slightly at the stiffness in his limbs. At least they weren't on fire like his back was.

"Oh quit whining," Mikey spat, disgusted, at the boy he had claimed to be best friends with for over a year now. Then he saw the state the kid was in. Frank was completely naked, giving the younger vampire a clear view of his back which was covered in blood, the skin split in open gashes. There was blood down his legs too, and it was no mystery where it had come from. "Jesus, Gerard! What the fuck did you do to him?" he questioned, careful to keep the guilt he was feeling out of his voice.

The older brother didn't feel any such emotion. He just glanced at the broken form on the floor, pulled on the skinny jeans his brother had brought up to the room, and shrugged. "What can I say? Sex gets rough."

Personally, Mikey felt revolted. He had known that what Frank was going to be put through wouldn't be easy for him, but this was just animalistic. The younger vampire swallowed and tried to ignore the human emotions of guilt and pity. His brother was remorseless, but Mikey couldn't just dismiss his conscience with the same ease.

"Get up!" Gerard snapped at Frank, proving his younger sibling's point. The human boy got to his feet, trembling. He felt so pathetic and humiliated, standing there naked and broken under the brothers' gazes. It was hard just to stay on his feet. Frank kept his head ducked as Gerard approached, refusing to make eye contact. Even when the vampire grabbed his chin and forced his head up, Frank kept his gaze on the floor.

"You heard what we were saying?" Gerard questioned, enjoying teasing his victim. His animal. His sex toy.

Frank nodded, trying not to let tears escape.

"So you know you'll be leaving the country soon?"

The boy closed his eyes. He had nothing left to lose. Perhaps one of the two brothers had a scrap of a conscience he could appeal to. It wasn't like his pride could be stripped away any further. Frank was going to beg. "No - please. Please, I wanna stay here. I wanna go home. Plea-"

SMACK! Gerard's hand flew across the kid's face and the latter collapsed on the floor shaking. "Please, just let me go home." It really was a pathetic sight. If it had been anyone other than Gerard, Frank's capture and violator would have melted, apologised and let the boy go home, regardless of the consequences. That was certainly what Mikey was feeling.

"No can do, sugar." Gerard crouched in front of Frank and cradled the boy, teasing him again by feigning love. "You never know - I might have - if not for the way you acted last night. Begging for sex like that? God - you're such a little whore Frankie." The vampire chuckled and tightened his grip, making the teenager wince. "My little whore." He whispered. Frank was crying openly by this point and Gerard dropped him in disgust.

The kid curled up on the floor, his movement tearing open the gashes on his back. Mikey gasped in horror, causing his brother to glance at him, amused.

"If you wanna look after him - go for it. No shit off my arse." Gerard told the younger vampire, standing up. He kicked the boy curled up on the floor, who let out a heart wrenching moan. Then Gerard left the room. Mikey hesitated. He had brought some spare clothes up for Frank, who was probably going to die if his wounds weren't treated. Whether it was out of guilt, pity or some other lingering human emotion, Mikey didn't know, but he went into the en suite bathroom and grabbed the first aid kit. He wetted a flannel and went back into the bedroom.

Frank was still curled up on the floor, shaking with small, heart-wrenching sobs. Mikey placed the cool, wet flannel on his back and began cleaning the wounds. The kid froze as he did so, but Mikey ignored this and continued to nurse his wounds. There was dried blood caked over his back and thighs, along with some other substance Mikey really did not want to think about. Every time the boy moved, some of his wounds would open again and begin to bleed.

"This is going to sting." He warned Frank, before spraying anti-septic over his back. He winced but didn't say anything. "Sit up." Mikey instructed. His patient did so, silently, and the vampire proceeded to bandage his wounds. When he was done, he stood up. "There are clothes for you in the bag." he said before walking towards the door.

Frank's voice stopped him just before he left. "Why are you helping me?" His voice was so weak, that if not for Mikey's vampire hearing, the latter would not have noticed.
"You got me into this mess - why are you helping now?"

Mikey frowned. "What can I say? I got you into this and I'm sure as hell not getting you out of it. May as well make sure you last as long as possible." Nearly every part of that speech was a lie. Mikey was going to try and convince his brother to let Frank go, and he was helping the boy out of help. He turned to leave again, changed his mind and said; "You can drink the tap water here. There's probably some food knocking about. Don't try getting out, or ordering room service or anything stupid like that." And with those parting words, Mikey left the broken form of Frank Iero sitting on a hotel bedroom floor. He would never admit it, but he was racked with guilt.

Back in the room, Frank lay back down on the floor and continued to cry. Mikey was making him so better so he could what? Last longer as a birthday present? Did the guy not feel a scrap of remorse, pity, compassion? Apparently not.

Although he remembered Mikey's order not to do anything stupid, Frank was strongly considering suicide. After all, if he were dead, they couldn't hurt him anymore. The worst that could happen was ending up in hell - and let's face it, that couldn't be that much worse. And the brothers were probably planning on killing him anyway. The boy pictured it, sinking razors deep into his pale skin - bright red spurting out and then sleeping forever. Two problems with that - Frank did not like pain, and despite the living hell his life had been turned into over the last twelve hours, he did not want to die. Oh God, was it really only twelve hours ago this nightmare had started? It seemed like weeks.

In defeat, Frank pulled himself over to the bag Mikey had indicated when he had said he had brought up more clothes. He was still unbelievably sore, but gritted his teeth to stop tears or whines escaping. There was a pair boxers, joggers and a black top in the bag. It was all lose and baggy, which the boy was incredibly grateful for. Anything tight would have just added to the pain he was in.

Frank dressed himself, then for the first time, investigated the room fully. It was probably part of a five star hotel - not only was there a magnificent bedroom, but a small kitchen, a lounge complete with a sofa, TV and fluffy throw rugs and a massive ensuite bathroom. Realising he was thirsty, Frank helped himself to a glass of water. It was cool and refreshing and he was thankful for it. He debated escaping out of the window, but immediately dismissed the idea - it was about twenty floors up. But then, suicide was still an option. And sleep seemed incredibly welcoming right about now.

It had been impossible to sleep in that cupboard, with his wounds stinging and crying for help. Now, the pain had been eased, if only slightly, and more comfortable sleeping arrangements were available. Frank didn't want to sleep in the bed, understandable after what had occurred there the previous night. Instead, he grabbed a throw rug, gathered it around him and collapsed on the plush sofa. It felt like heaven after his rough night, and the boy was fast asleep in minutes. Even if he had the scariest nightmare, it still wouldn't be as terrifying as reality.

Downstairs, in the restaurant, the two vampire brothers were arguing. This was a rare occurrence, as they had grown very close over the centuries. But all siblings argue, and the Ways were no exception.

"Gerard! This is just disgusting! I know I'm the one who stuck him here, but you have no idea how much I'm regretting it!"

"Awww, does my little brother feel pity for the pathetic little sex toy he got me for my birthday? Maybe because it's you're both so small." Gerard smirked, even know his younger brother towered over him. "Well this morning you were all for it. If you don't like the consequences of your actions, maybe you should think them through first!"

Mikey shrunk back, knowing he had no answer. Kidnapping Frank had been a mistake and now he had to reap the 'rewards'. So he just glared at his brother, who was sipping his coffee calmly. They sat like that for a while, Gerard eating his cooked breakfast, and Mikey completely ignoring the plate in front of him. Each was waiting for the other to crack.

Mikey just couldn't comprehend his brother's complete lack of a conscience. They had been incredibly close throughout their lives, and he was wandering when Gerard's emotions had deserted him. As a kid, he had been shy, quiet and kind. Now he was assertive, loved attention and heartless. Mikey just couldn't understand it.

Gerard was having similar thoughts. His brother clearly pitied Frank, something Gerard didn't have the power to do or understand. He supposed he had always somewhat shielded Mikey from the world, not giving the kid a chance to ditch the weaknesses of humane emotions. Whilst he had taken the brunt of all of the problems and fucked-up luck the world had thrown at the two of them. One thing was clear in Gerard's mind though - he was not letting Frank go.

"Fine," The younger of the two eventually conceded. "Keep the kid. Just don't... beat him too bad? Look after him a bit?"

Gerard had no intention of doing so, but out of everyone on the planet, his younger brother was the only person he cared about and certainly the only one whose advice he'd take. Well, unless he was threatened by a more powerful vampire. Which, ironically enough, was about to happen.

"Hello, Way." A female voice rang out behind Mikey, making him jump out of his skin. Gerard sat up, his eyes widening in fear - not a common occurrence. Despite the soft, flowing quality to the voice, and polite words, hate was laced through the short sentence.

This kinda looks like it's gonna turn in to a Frikey. That could be interesting.



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