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Chapter Two - poor Frankie! XD

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So - I'm continuing. I figured out the story line in school today. Interestingly enough, I've had one review telling me to carry so Frank and Gerard can fall in love, another asking me to not make them fall in love 'cos it'd be too cliché. What I mind could work either way so can I have people's thoughts on it please? Romance, or no romance? Either way, don't worry about corniness or cheesiness or cliché-y type stuff 'cos I really really try and avoid whilst writing. It's just really boring and pointless a mon avis. Speaking of which, I should be revising French right now... Ahhhhh! God damn GCSEs! I wanna write this. Great, now I'm bitching. Ignore me please.
Anyways - you'll probably disagree - I think it would be amusing to see how similar people's music tastes are to my own. So the title to each chapter will be a song lyric. I'll say who it is by and if you know the song review and say! I can see you all now (in my mind I mean) shaking your heads, calling me ridiculous. Oh well... I'm gonna do it anyway! XD
So read, love, review, rate - in that order!

Title from My Chem (is there anyone doesn't get it?)

Mikey wandered up to his brother's hotel room at around one in the afternoon later that day. His head was pounding from over-consumption of alcohol and lack of sleep. In other words - he was hung over. When he arrived at the room he had booked for his brother for the night, Mikey hesitated outside, realising that he had no idea what was happening on the other side of that door. But then, Gerard had looked pretty shattered when his brother brought him up here and the latter highly doubted they would still be at anything.

Tentively, Mikey slid his key card into the electronic lock and poked his head around the door. To his relief, Gerard was passed out on the bed and Frank was no where to be seen. That puzzled Mikey for a moment, but he shrugged it off. God only knew what his brother had done to the kid. He blanched at the thought. A nine hundred and ninety seven year old vampire he may be, but his brother fucking someone was not something Mikey wanted to see anytime soon.

He walked over to Gerard and sat on the bed next to him, immediately regretting it. The sheets were covered in blood and, to Mikey's disgust, cum. Oh well - it was too late to do anything about it now.

The soft mattress had sunk slightly beneath Mikey's weight and this was enough to wake Gerard, who was only in a light doze.

"Morning bro'." The younger of the pair grinned down.

"Mornin'," His brother replied, rubbing sleep from his eyes. "Hey, Mikes" yawn, "thanks for last night - it was awesome."

"I cannot even begin to describe just how much I do not want to know..."

"Gerard grinned. "Fair enough. Did you enjoy yourself?"

"I did actually. Where is Frank by the way?"


That made Mikey laugh. "Poor kid!"

"Nah - he loved every second of it!" Both brothers were laughing now. "What are we gonna do with him by the way?"

"S'up to you - your birthday present."

"You mean I can keep him?!" Gerard's voice rose in excitement, making Mikey laugh harder.

"Without sounding too much like a five year old girl talking about a puppy - yes you can."

"Shut up!" Gerard was grinning fully now. "What 'bout his parents? Won't they look for him."

"Well they probably will," Mikey conceded. "But not much will come out of it. There's enough crime in this town without the police worrying about a teenage runaway."


"I figured Frank might not come out of this alive so I made some arrangements."

"Ok - thanks bro'!"

"Pleasure - although I have to say I have never understood your homosexual tendencies."

"That's only 'cos you haven't tried!" Gerard grinned wickedly.

In the wardrobe in the corner of the room, the brothers' voices had woken Frank. He was cramped in this tiny enclosure - there was a proper walk-in closet on the other side of the room; this was meant for shoes and umbrellas. And of course, the eighteen year old would have been in unbearable pain after the previous night's treatment, even if not for the position his back had been forced in to as he slept.

Dressed in nothing but blood and cum, the boy was freezing but his back was on fire. The skin was torn, ripped and bruised from the beating he had received - barely looking like part of the human body anymore. Internal bruising had come from the rape and even now, moving caused blood to leak from his backside. On top of all of that was fear.

Frank could hear every word the bothers were saying and bit at his lip as he heard that Mikey had left a note saying he had run away from home. The boy knew his parents would look for him - but for how long? In this part of New Jersey, nearly every disappearance ended in death. Frank just prayed his parents wouldn't give up, would find him before his 'leaving home' ended with his demise. He just couldn't believe this was happening though - Frank had known Mikey for two years now; he went to the school just down the road from where Frank lived. Although he knew the guy lived on his own, somehow it never equated to being a fucking kidnapper with a perverted, sadist brother. Who didn't find it odd to get a human being as a birthday present.

The teenager felt like crying. It was obvious Mikey had been planning this for some time and hadn't left any holes for Frank to escape through. What he heard next made his blood run cold as he realised just how awful his situation was.

"You can have a go, if you want." Gerard's voice drifted through the holes in the cupboard door. "With Frank I mean."

Who were these people? How could they just treat him like a piece of meat? Even if it did result in his death, Frank decided that he'd make a break for it, first chance he got.

"No," Mikey laughed. "I really have no interest in dudes what so ever!"

"Fair enough," his brother shrugged.

"However, I would like to go back to Europe."

That made Frank sit up inside the closet, and groan from pain as it disturbed his aching muscles and torn back.

In the room, both vampires sat up straighter, having heard the noise.

"Well, well, well - sleeping beauty's awake."

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