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A Perfect Denial

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Try to let go of the truth. 'Cos this is just a game.

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Hey people!!! I cannot describe how sorry I am that it has taken me this long to update. Unfortunately, I do think that it's gonna take me a good week to update this again because I am a lot more focused on Back In The Day. It's only fair to warn you!

Also, I read few some of the previous chapters and realised how many typos there are. I didn't want to repost without updating again, but now I have, I'm gonna correct the mistakes. So if you see it appear loads in the news stream (if that's what you call it) without any new chapters that's why. I'm gonna try and get it all done over the weekend but yeah - don't get too excited and think I'm adding loads of new chapters. I'm really sorry about this but I have to correct the mistakes or they'll bug me forever!!!

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The title comes from 30 Seconds To Mars. I love them!!!

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The two men were back in the apartment by five in the evening. They had once again spent the taxi ride in silence, but strangely enough, it wasn't awkward. Admittedly, it wasn't pleasant either, but the pair had seemed to reach some sort of unspoken agreement and had spent the remainder of the journey holding hands.

When they did arrive, it took a good few minutes and the help of several porters to carry the vast amounts of purchases up to the apartment. Both Frank and Gerard found it extremely funny. Now, standing in the apartment, neither were sure what to do. Mikey wasn't back yet, and his brother needed to talk to him. In the mean time, Gerard wasn't sure what to do with his pet human. He was tempted just to lock the kid in a room and sulk until Mikey returned, but he knew that doing so would just make his relationship with Frank backtrack - not something he wanted. Instead, he tried to make things less awkward.

"So, what do you want to do?" No points for originality, but at least his question got the boy to look at him, instead of staring at the floor.

"Umm, I don't know..." Frank bit his lip as he trailed off. He didn't want to suggest anything in case Gerard didn't like it. But at the same time, he was worried what would happen if he didn't come up with anything. Despite the decrease of tension in the relationship, the boy was as nervous around the vampire as a baby rabbit would be around a lion. Actually, the comparison wasn't that far off.

"Useful." Gerard sneered. "Are you hungry?" He then asked.

"Yeah!" The boy said eagerly - partly because it was true, partly because he was sure eating wouldn't end in him being hurt or raped. Well, unless he was the one being eaten. "Um, what shall we get? Or cook, or go to or whatever?"

"Well, I don't particularly want to go out again," an involuntary shudder ran down the vampire's spine when he thought about what could be waiting for him out there. And as much as it disgusted him to be such a coward, he did enjoy living. "Take out I guess then. Pizza good with you?"

"Yeah - pizza's always good."

"I'll go along with that. What do you want on it?"

"Cheese and tomato's fine." Frank shrugged, wondering again why Gerard had just decided, out of no where, to take care of him. Although, he had very much enjoyed today, the boy couldn't help but feel that he was just being toyed with only to be hurt again. He had an overwhelming urge to question the vampire about it, but his fear held him back. Better to keep quiet, and not disturb the peace.

"Are you sure?" Gerard asked. "You don't want pepperoni or anything do you?"

"Uh, no, I'm cool thanks. I'm kinda a vegetarian anyway."

"Oh, yeah." The vampire nodded. "I forgot." The short sentence, left Frank feeling completely confused. He was sure he hadn't told the man about his eating habits, so how on Earth did he know? Actually, on reflection, it was probably better that the kid didn't find out. "I'm gonna order, just go in the lounge and put the TV on or something. I don't care what it is as long as it isn't something completely ridiculous like High School Music, or that idiotic Breaking Dawn thing everyone's going on about."

Sorry, but has anyone else seen that? My mate somehow managed to convince me to see it and it really is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Actually, I tell a lie, for a bout ten minutes, towards the end, it actually gets like a proper vampire movie - the wolves and vamps have a punch up, and Bella gets eaten. I was cheering when that happened. By the end, everyone in the cinema hated me. The best bit was though, I was listening to my iPod (yeah, I'm always plugged in, even when watching TV) and during this really 'sad' bit when she's dying, Green Day's 'Having A Blast' comes on. Oh God did it crease me up. XD So all in all, it wasn't a wasted trip!

Frank stared at Gerard for a few moments after his announcement. Then he began to laugh. For the first time in days, his mouth parted in an expression that was genuinely happy - not lust or fear driven. Gerard just stood there, slightly bemused, as the boy began shaking from the laughed wracking his body.

"What did I say?" He asked.

"You're-" laughter, "I-I don't know what -th-the fuck y-you are." Frank had literally doubled over laughing by this point. He wasn't even sure what was so funny - it could simply be that he had been so deprived of happiness recently, the smallest things seemed hilarious. "B-but, you've j-just come back from torture a-and d-d-death threats." Another pause whilst the slightly hysterical boy laughed and tried to catch his breathe. "And n-now you're moaning a-about Twilight? And the D-Disney Ch-annel!"

The vampire stood there in shock. Ok, what he had said may have been vaguely ironic and slightly amusing, but this was just crazy. "You know, I am really worried about your mental stability."

"This c-coming from the g-g-guy who say-says he's a vampire!" The boy's laughter redoubled. Gerard was getting really concerned now. What was wrong with this kid?

"Yeah, that's because I am." Was all he could think to say. More laughter. "Riiight." He said, before walking over to Frank and picking him up bridal style. The boy shut up pretty quickly, but this didn't reassure Gerard. "What's wrong?" He questioned.

"My - my back." The boy's face was contorted in pain, and the vampire remembered the cuts and bruises that he had inflicted on Frank during the first night. He must be accidently pressing on one of the wounds, injuring the boy further. He ran into the lounge and carefully placed the delicate kid on one of the smooth, soft sofas. The moment that he relaxed into the couch, Frank's face loosened and he just lay there for a moment, catching his breathe.

"Are you ok?" Gerard asked softly, crouching down next to the kid.

"Y-yeah." All trace of humour was gone from the boy's voice now, and it sounded slightly strained. Before he could do anything stupid, Gerard stood and left the room. Frank just ley there, recovering from the sudden onslaught of pain, and wondering why it had chosen to come right at that moment. It wasn't lie he hadn't slept on his back, of leaned against something since the injuries had been inflicted. He supposed it was just the way he had been picked up, Gerard's limb must have dug into a particularly bad bruise.

It was this thought that got Frank thinking. What the fuck was he doing? He had been enjoying himself, and enjoying the company of his capture. The same man who had beaten him so badly, not to mention the reason he was stuck in the city of London, where he knew no one and was as safe as a cow in a slaughterhouse. The boy wanted to be back home, and what must his parents be thinking? They must be worried sick about him, and what was he doing? Being sucked off and going shopping with the same man who had caused them all so much pain. Frank knew he shouldn't be here. He should be in New Jersey, living his mundane, but happy life.

Tears spilt over the the boy's lids and trickled down his face. He had been so happy earlier - laughing at the stupidest of things and feeling relatively safe. Now he just felt distraught, hopeless and oh so alone. Frank closed his eyes and just lay there, despair washing over him.

Gerard stood in the doorway, watching him, and unsure as to what to do. He knew that he was the source of the drops of water running in a steady stream down the boy's face, and the vampire suspected that any comfort coming from him wouldn't help matters. He had violated and broken Frank, built him up then let him plunge back into hopelessness.

And yet, Gerard didn't have it in him to regret his actions, or comfort the kid. Although, he had developed feelings beyond lust for the boy, and had began to thoroughly enjoy his company - in the vampire's eyes, Frank was still nothing more than a human. True, the kid was incredibly beautiful, a wonderful fuck, and a generally nice person, but he was still human. And there were billions more out there. They were generic and simple and went through their lives being thoroughly mundane. True, there were exceptions to every rule, but the kid crying on the sofa wasn't one: He was weak. And in Gerard's eyes, there was nothing more detestable.

So the vampire stood there, just watching the pitiful sight, and waiting for the kid to snap out of it. However, the tears continued, the eyes remained closed, and the whimpering never ceased. After ten minutes, Gerard got bored and went in to the kitchen to use the phone there to order pizza.


It was hard to say who was having the worse day - Frank, Gerard or Mikey. Frank had just come to grips with how hopeless his situation was, and it was killing him inside. Gerard had been told there was a death penalty hanging over his head, and the only way to escape it would be to run - to be weak. And Mikey; he was being teased.

Generally, the younger of the Way brothers was extremely laid back. He was rarely annoyed, and it was easy to become friends with him. He got on well with people too, and usually just laughed off the worst insults. His older brother was his soft spot though. Even if he wasn't very protective of Gerard, no one likes to here that their older brother was going to be dead before the year was out.

When Mikey had first found the London vampire covens earlier on that day, he had been extremely happy. He had to get away from the stress and drama playing out between his brother and former best friend. And the craziness of the English vamps provide the perfect escape.

The last time he had visited London, the head coven - the most powerful one - had rented an entire block of flats and spent their nights throwing wild parties. Mikey had headed towards the same flat, although he had little doubt that they'd have moved on from there. He hadn't been wrong, but he had run into one of the same vampires who he was looking for. Or more to the point, the vampire had run into him.

The American vamp had just been wandering down a narrow, dirty alley, hoping to cut through the surrounding apartment blocks to find the one he was looking for, when he had suddenly been bowled over by a heavy man who had just flung himself from a third floor window. The two of them had tumbled several meters down the alley. Due to the fact they were vampires, neither had been seriously hurt and both sprung to their feet, hissing at the other. Then Mikey had recognised the man hissing at him.

"Louis?" He exclaimed.

"Michael!" Louis had shouted, with unnecessary volume. "I didn't know you were in the country!"

"Yeah, that's probably because we arrived last night." Mikey had chuckled at the other vampire's over enthusiasm. "And it's Mikey, not Michael."

"Whatever you say! You wanna meet the rest of the guys."

"That's kinda why I was down here."

"What?" Louis had paused for a moment, confused. Then he remembered the block of apartment that he had used to used live in with the rest of his coven. "Oh - we blew that dump years ago!"

"Fair enough."

"Come on, I'll take you to the new place." And with that, Louis turned and began to scale the wall of the nearest building, Mikey close in tow. The two had ran along roof tops and imitated comic book super heroes as they jumped from structure to structure. Within a half hour the two were in the loft of the Natural History museum - the coven's newest haunt.

For most of the day, the English and American vampire had got on brilliantly. The Londoners were continually coming and going, bring the occasional snack back from the streets. Mikey had pitied the humans but the others were remorseless, and he didn't want to lose face. In between the blood, they had just chatted and joked and gossiped and behaved relatively normally.

Then Abby had turned up. The loft turned out to be a free for all meeting place, as opposed to belonging to just one coven. So Mikey wasn't surprised to see her there, he'd even been pleased. Until she'd said "You're brother's dead meat ya know."

"What?" Mikey had been alarmed, his eyes widening.

"I got contacted by Vibia. Soon as she's done in America, she's coming here. I don't think it's gonna be pleasant."

"Oh shut up Abby." Louis had come to Mikey's defence. "No one wants to hear this." As it turned out, that wasn't true - someone had yelled 'No - tell us' and was accompanied by calls of agreement. So now Abby was talking to the hushed group of vampire, dramatizing everything as only Abby could and rubbing it in to Mikey's face that his brother was as good as dead. Halfway through her speech Mikey had had enough. He slipped down one of the loft's many passages and followed it until he had arrived in open air.

It was dusk, as winter approached the dark was coming earlier and earlier. Mikey climbed up the the highest part of the roof he could reached before letting out his frustration and anger in a scream. He wanted so badly to go back and rip Abby's head off. To tear her into little pieces and destroy her for even bringing the news that his brother was going to be hurt. And he would have, if not for the fact that the fifty odd other vampires would have joined in and the entire mess would end in blood soaked chaos that Mikey would probably not escape alive. And then who would help his brother?

The vampire collapsed on the hard roof, his head hitting the stone with an unpleasant sound. Of course, it didn't hurt him. He just lay there for a good half hour, watching darkness gather in the sky and light transfer to the ground. The switch in brightness was amazing to watch, and it was common knowledge that London was an amazing city at night. It had always seemed bizarre to Mikey how some areas would be so sleepy and peaceful, whilst a few miles away, the city was alive with late-night shopper and partiers and tourists. And sometime set apart from it all, sometimes in the middle, was complete desolation. This came in the form of homeless people, murderers and citizen determined to destroy without knowing why. Admittedly this applied to every city on the planet, but it was such a complicated paradox that it never failed to amaze the vampire.

When the city was as dark as it was ever going to get, Mikey got to his feet. He clambered down the side of the building and decided to take the long walk back home at ground level. In the immediate surrounding area of the museum was where the city was alive, and happy. Every shop was open and busy with customers purchasing items way above their price range. Whether they knew they were getting ripped off or not didn't concern the vampire, but he still found it amusing. Especially when he saw the small, dark, shapes huddled in alleys and on porches, just trying to stay inconspicuous and warm for the night. These people were a world apart from the shoppers, and yet they existed right next to each other.

Eventually the activity thinned out and the vampire found himself in a quiet, suburban neighbourhood. The humans here were curled up watching TV on their sofas - not as exciting as the partiers and shoppers - happy and content with their families. As Mikey carried on walking the houses began to decline in condition until he was surrounded by council houses. Everything was dirty here, covered in graffiti and litter. There were some humans walking around. They were all noisy, and most were drunk. Some hurled abuse at Mikey, but he ignored them, smirking to himself that no matter how hard these people thought they were in their hoodies and tattoos, they'd never have any chance in a fight.

So for the most part, the predator went unnoticed as he passed amongst his prey, back into the upper-class end of the city. He took the long route up the stairs to the apartment that he was sharing with his brother - a fellow predator - and the prey that had become a pet.

So, what did you think? I think it got kinda deep and meaningful towards the end there but it gives a clue as to how fucked up Mikey's mind is. I hope the title makes sense to y'all, because I seriously do not think there is a more suitable song. It's just perfect.

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