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Done It A Thousand Times, And A Million More

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All this anger when your attacking me - you're time is up, better let it go!

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Helllooooo people! Update time! Ok, you're probably not interested in this A/N at all, what with the wait for new chapters, but just a quick re-cap (and I'll have my usual babble at the end) in what's happened so far.

Mikey kidnapped his best friend, Frank and gave him to his brother as a birthday present.
Both of the Ways just happen to be vampires.
Gerard killed the head vampire's (Vibia) little sister round 'bout a century back.
She finds the Ways in America, and they come to London to try and escape.
Gerard carries on having sex with Frank, and the human hates it.
The morning of the day that this chapter starts on, Mikey convinces Gerard to go easy on Frank.
The couple (F+G) start to become more friendly to each other and go shopping
An English vampire meets them in the shopping centre and tell them that Vibia's coming for Gerard.
He freaks out slightly, loads of random shit happens, and he tells Frank that he's never gonna go home.
Mikey meets up with a group of English vamps, the one that met Gerard also tells Mikey the news.
He goes slightly ape-shit and walks home through the city.

Which brings us up to here!

It's not an overly long chapter, but hope you enjoy all the same, and it's not too disjointed!

The title's from the lostprophets - an amazing song a mon avis. If you recognise it, comment, if not, hey-ho!


Mikey walked into his and his brother's apartment still thinking about the city, and trying not to brood over Abby's dire warning. The words kept on haunting him though, and even his trip through London couldn't distract him from the fact that Gerard's life was in danger. Of course, he'd realised it when he'd first been told back in America, but hearing it from someone on the outside, and the news that Vibia was actively hunting his brother down changed things. Made them ten times worse.

When he got inside the over-large flat the first thing Mikey noticed was the noise. Or rather, the lack of it. Especially over the last fifty years, the Way brothers had become accustomed to music playing whenever they got home, whether they happened to be living together at that time, or not. Since rock music had been invented, the boys had loved it; following the trend of opposing the masses and pissing off authority. There was power and freedom in it, and being vampires, neither of the pair lacked that, but more was always welcome. Besides, as Mikey had recently learned, his brother wasn't really free; for the last hundred years he had been hiding from the specie's version of the queen. A ruthless, unforgiving queen who was hell bent on vengeance.

Despite feeling relatively calm on his walk home, the vampire's temper had returned in the few short moments that it took him to walk through the apartment's door and into the kitchen. Gerard was in there; standing against the counter and looking thoughtful. He glanced up when his brother walked in and gave a small smile that Mikey did not return.

"Hey bro'. You hungry? I've ordered pizza so there should be food here soon." The younger of the two was amazed at how calm, how nonchalant the other sounded. But then, he might not have heard the news.

"I ran into Abby earlier." He said shortly.

"How nice." Gerard rolled his eyes, still unreasonably serene.

"She told me that Vibia's been in contact. As soon as she's done in the US, she's coming here Gerard. We have to go." A little bit of desperation leaked into Mikey's voice with the last few words, something that his brother easily picked up on. He sighed, and pulled the younger into a hug.

"I'm not leaving Mikes. I'm not running anymore." He said, voice full of stubbornness.

His brother pulled away at the words, looking thoroughly shocked. "What?! Why?! You have to, she's gonna kill you otherwise!"

"She won't - London's big enough to hide in. I don't wanna run anymore; it's just weak."

"No it's not, Gerard!" Mikey was nearly screaming frustration. "You know how powerful Vibia is! Trying to survive is not weak!"

"Ok, well look at it this way," The other vampire was trying his hardest to keep calm and not rise to his brother's anger. "She found out we were in London fast enough. Why should it be different for anywhere else? At least here we know she's coming, instead of her having the element of surprise."

Mikey couldn't think of an answer to that, but he was still determined to get out of the city. "We don't have to go to the city - we can ditch Frank and live on the down low somewhere."

"What's the fun in that?" Gerard scoffed. "Anyway, I'm not getting rid of Frank."

His brother stared at him in shock, unable to believe what he was hearing. "Look, fucking him might be fun, but it's really not worth risking your life over it!"

"I don't care! I'm not killing him, and I'm not leaving him here!"

"No way! Gerard, look, you cannot keep him for any longer - he's not worth dying for!"

"I never said that." The older brother was talking through gritted teeth, his temper now matching Mikey's. "But I am not getting rid of him, ok?"

There was a tense moment of silence before the younger snapped. "Fine! Then I will!" And before Gerard had time to stop him, he had ran out of the room and into the lounge.

The boy they had just been discussing was slumped on the sofa in there, and the tears still hadn't stopped. There was no full throated sobbing though - he was just allowing the salt tinged water to track their way down his face and drip on to his shirt.

With his brother's life at risk, the pity Mikey may have felt for the creature had disappeared, and he lunged for the teen who used to be one of his best friends. There were no thoughts going through his head as his sharp teeth sunk into the pale flesh of the boy's neck, and blood instantly began to leak out. Although he wasn't particularly hungry - having fed just the other night - he sucked on the wound as though his life depended on it. In his mind though, it was his brother's survival that depended on Frank dying. And Mikey would do anything for his brother, so killing this insignificant teen was nothing to him.

To the boy, it seemed that this what inevitable - he was already resigned to the fact that one of the Way brothers was going to kill him; the only question was when. This was a little sooner that he'd expected, and certainly not the brother whom he'd expected to do it, but, still, he'd have to be stupid to not have seen it coming. Despite this, his human survival instincts had kicked in, and he wasn't giving up easily.

So Frank was writing and twisting in Mikey's grip; the vampire holding on to his head, teeth buried deep in the boy's neck and sucking on the wound madly. It was Gerard who pulled the two apart.

After the younger's abrupt departure, it had taken him a few moments to process his brother's words, and a few more to figure out what they meant. Then, in less than a second, he was in the lounge with the struggling pair, and pulling Mikey off of the object of his desire.

"What the fuck?!" He screamed, furious at what Mikey had just attempted.

"You said you weren't going to kill him! Someone has to!" The other vampire yelled back, the inside of his mouth coated in red.

"Why?! Frank has nothing to do with this! Killing him isn't gonna make any difference - why should he have to die?"

"People die every day Gerard! That kid is just baggage and it's dangerous to keep him!"

Frank stayed sitting on the sofa, clutching at his neck whilst the two vampires argued over his death. No matter what the motivation behind it, he was glad that Gerard wanted to keep him alive - just because he had accepted that he was going to die before he ever got the chance to go home, didn't mean that he wanted to. For the moment, he just sat as still as he could, trying not to to attract either of the brother's attention.

"Look - I just want you to live through this, and if your head is clouded over by some stupid human, then of course I'm gonna try and get rid of him." Mikey sighed, and Frank flinched, some remainder of his friendship with the vampire making those words sting.

"With Vibia out to get me, I really don't think it's gonna make any difference." Gerard scoffed, unable to understand his brother's logic.

"Fine." Mikey's face hardened again, and without another word, he left the flat.

His brother stared after for a few moments longer, before flopping down on to the sofa next to the human whose life he had just saved. Everything was silent.

"Thanks," Frank murmured eventually.

Gerard jerked his head round to look at the boy. "I couldn't just let him kill you." He shrugged.

"But still, you didn't have to do that."

"Don't worry - I have my reasons." The vampire smirked and Frank felt shivers going down his spine. However, after today, the feeling was more anticipation than disgust or fear.

Simply so they didn't fall back into silence, the boy spoke again. "What are you going to do now?" He wasn't even sure he wanted the answer to that, but at least he knew that he didn't need to worry about this vampire killing him anytime soon.

"You didn't get that?" Gerard snorted sarcastically. "I'm gonna stick around here - let Vibia come and find me instead of trying to run. At least then, I can meet her on my terms."

There was another few moments of hush. Then: "What happens to me if you die?"

"I don't know, do I? I'll be dead for Christ's sake!" The words came out harsher than intended, and Frank flinched. It was almost funny - a few days ago, he'd considered himself tough. Now he was a jumpy little mouse, terrified of the cat that was Gerard.

The vampire noticed of course, and sighed, regretting his actions. Although he didn't have pity for the boy's weakness, he didn't want to cause him anymore pain. Not at the moment. "I'm sorry." Gerard sighed, and shifted across the sofa to pull Frank into his arms. It may not have helped, but it was the only comfort he could give. To his surprise, the boy seemed glad of the contact, and wrapped his own arms around the man's waist. "Look, I don't want you dead, and I'm gonna do everything I can to protect whilst I'm alive. If I snuff it, fuck only knows what will happen but with any luck that won't happen. For the moment just... forget any of that ever happened." Gerard sighed. "I hate fighting with Mikey."

"I'm sorry." Frank whispered. He had his head resting on the vampire's shoulder, and though it probably shouldn't, it made him feel safer. Especially after what the man had just said. The boy didn't really mean what he'd just said, but it seemed appropriate, and staying on Gerard's good side would probably mean staying alive for longer.

"S'not your fault. He just gets stressed." He shrugged. Frank knew that wasn't entirely true though - he'd known Mikey for a good year before all of this, and in that time, he'd never seen him get angry. But then, he'd never threatened the guy's older brother.

Both of the men jumped at the sound of a knock at the door. For a moment, the human panicked, wondering if it was that vampire woman out to kill Gerard. But the vampire wasn't worried - he could smell human, and more importantly, pizza at the door. He detangled himself from Frank and went to the door to collect the food. After paying the guy, he brought three steaming boxes back into the lounge, where the boy was waiting, still slightly nervous.

"Pizza?" He said, raising an eyebrow when he saw what Gerard was carrying.

"Yeah, I ordered them after your... break down or whatever that was. How is your back by the way?"

"Err, fine thanks."

"Good." The vampire pulled a coffee table over to the couch and lined the three boxes up on it. "I got Hawaiian, vegetarian, and margarita. Help yourself."

Frank stared at him for a few seconds, then began to giggle. Gerard eyed him warily, remembering the laughing fit that had been the beginning of the disastrous evening. Thankfully, this didn't seem to be on the same scale.

"What's so funny this time?" He asked.

"Nothing - you're just the weirdest vampire I've ever met." Frank chuckled, before leaning over and grabbing a slice of the margarita pizza. Now that the drama was over, he was feeling rather hungry again, and pizza was always good.

"How many have you met?" Gerard laughed, also grabbing a slice.

"Not many." The boy shrugged. "But you're still the weirdest."

"I'm gonna take that as a compliment."

"You do that." Frank said conceding, ignoring the eye-roll it earned him. It was funny how quickly the mood had changed again, but both vampire and human were grateful for it. It was no fun arguing, or moping, and as it turned out - pizza fixed everything.

On the surface at least.

The men ate about two thirds of each of the pizzas - though Frank didn't touch the Hawaiian on account of the ham on top - and sat around for the rest of the evening, just doing nothing. It was strange, but they enjoyed each other's company. Of course, Gerard was worried about his little brother, and the human was still nervous about everything he said. He was curious too though. If after today he didn't believe that the Way brothers were vampires, he never would. He'd also have to be extremely stupid. With his belief though, one of the most basic human instincts was kicking in - curiosity. There were millions of different theories about vampires, and Frank wanted to know which ones were true, and how many were just complete bullshit.

Eventually, curiosity won out. "Hey, Gerard?" He said tentatively.

The vampire had been staring into space, but his gaze snapped across to the human. "What is it?"

"How... What..." Frank hesitated, trying to figure out how to phrase his question. "What's it like being a vampire?"

Gerard's eyebrows pulled together at the question. "What do you mean?"

"Like, I dunno, how do you become one? What makes you a vampire?"

"Oh," The older man laughed. "You want the biology behind it?"

"I guess." Frank shrugged.

"I have no idea how it works to be honest. There are some scientists out there trying to figure it out, but basically, we don't age, it's bloody difficult to kill us and we have to drink blood to survive. That's pretty much all I know."

The human nodded, as though it made sense. "Can you like lift up cars and stuff?"

Gerard laughed again. "No. I suppose if you were really, really old you could - but then you'd probably just sink into the ground anyway. Surface area you know."

The boy tried not to get annoyed at the sarcastic humour. "So as you get older... you get stronger?"

"Uhuh. That's why Vibia's such a threat - she's one of the oldest."

"Oh." Was all Frank could think to say to that.

Gerard stood up. "It's eleven, I'm going to bed." He announced.

The human nodded. He was pretty shattered as well. The day had been a complete emotional drain; he had woken up this morning fearing for his life. That had progressed on to lust, then to happiness, then back to lust. From there, he had become sad again, then in pain, before sinking into depression. The fear had hammered back at him with a vengeance when Mikey attacked. After calming down, Frank had began to feel... content, and even oddly safe. That was a good enough emotion to end the day on, and the boy was shattered - sleep seemed like heaven right about now. So he nodded, and followed the vampire out of the lounge.

"Help me with the bags?" Gerard asked - pointing to the huge amount of shopping that had just been lying in the apartment's hall since they had come back. Frank could barely believe that the trip to the mall had only been a few hours ago - it seemed like a lifetime.

Together, the men moved the bags into one of the spare bedrooms, before going into the vampire's bedroom. The younger of the two was unsure about what to do - whether he was supposed to be in here, or whether he should have his own room. He was nervous about the latter; what if Mikey returned and Gerard didn't hear? But man didn't order Frank out, just undressed and pulled back the dark sheets, collapsing into bed. The boy followed shyly, leaving his boxers on before climbing under the sheets. The vampire didn't comment.

The bed was already warm from body heat, and both of the men fell asleep quickly, despite having every reason not to.

So, how was that? I hope you liked it! It was actually really difficult writing this - I kept on having to go back and re-read the rest of the story so I didn't say the same thing twice or something.

Anyway IT'S FRIDAY! Sorry - this week had just dragged on. Thank goodness for weekends. And Waterloo Road's started again, which is good. Actually, it started last week, and I missed the first episode, which kinda sucks. Meh! And is anyone else in the UK watching Prisoner's Wives? I'm actually loving it at the moment! I never usually watch TV but there's some really good stuff on at the moment!

Speaking of which, I was watching this actually epic movie today, and no idea what it was called or anything, but there was one awesome quote; this ten year old girl just came out with "I think I'd like to be a lesbian, but not one of those fat ones - like one of the supermodels. And one that only holds hands, and I'd probably like to marry a man." Slightly... odd. lmao

Anyway... I don't really have anything else to say. Which is weird fir me - usually I can babble on for England... Meh!

R&R please people. Good enough to make up for the wait?

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