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Let's Fuck 'Til The Sun Comes Up

by monstrice901

Let's fuck till our lungs give up - it won't be long. I have no shame; you're no better,

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Once again, I say.. HELLO!!!

Sorry about how long this took to get up and that the last chapter was pretty crappy, but I had to get my thoughts in order before continuing. Hopefully, this'll make up for the huge wait (I mean the several month long one, not the one week one), because - well not much actually happens, but let's face it - this is about the smut more than the story. And this is quite possibly the smuttiest thing I've ever written.

I am really liking this story at the moment... XD

Riiiight... Errr, this is a really long chapter. Well I think it is - Notepad doesn't have a word count, so I can't actually tell. But I think it's pretty damn long. But I'm probably wrong - it's gonna be like 5000 words or something stupid. Meh.

Anyway... on with the show, and the title comes from Bring Me The Horizon. Was originally Iron Maiden, then lostprophets, then Maiden again - but this fits the best!

I'll shut up. XD


Frank woke up the next morning before Gerard. That was surprising really - he'd had the more exhausting day, and vampires could generally function on less sleep than humans anyway. Not that the boy knew that.

After a few minutes of just lying beneath the warm, dark blankets and blinking sleep away, he realised that the man next to him was still asleep. The teen jerked upright at this - if he wasn't watching Frank, it mean that the boy could get away. Or, try to - though somehow, he doubted that it'd end any better than the last time he'd tried. Plus, on his second night, Gerard had been asleep, but the lock clicking had been enough to wake him up. Really, the human had no chance.

Instead, he slumped back down on to the sheets. The adrenaline that buzzed through Frank at the thought of escaping wore off quickly, leaving him exhausted again. The bed was warm from shared body heat though, and the sheets soft underneath his body. He wouldn't be able to sleep again, but for the moment, he was just happy to lie there. As the boy did so, he stared at the vampire lying next to him. It wasn't exactly as though he hadn't noticed before, but he'd never really registered how attractive the older man was. Perhaps not in the most conventional way - with his long hair and skinny frame - but his face was gorgeous. It looked so innocent when he was asleep; the lips open in a small pout, the nose up-turned slightly, and all of the muscles relaxed. In different circumstances - and if he actually had a choice - he'd probably date Gerard.

That thought made the boy giggle a little, because, who wouldn't want to date a guy who'd raped them? Although, he wasn't sure that it actually counted as rape anymore. What had happened between the two men recently had been enjoyable for both of them, and it had actually left Frank wanted more. That scared him more than anything - that he lusted after a men who'd kidnapped him and taken him away from his home, his family.

But what could he do? It was the truth.

Gerard woke up about half an hour after Frank did; moving from sleep to wake in less than a second. It actually scared the boy a little - one moment he was staring at the man's gorgeous features, and the next, those green eyes had snapped open and were staring into his own hazel ones.

"Morning," The elder drawled slightly, pleased at the look of shock on Frank's face, and even more so at the fact that the boy had been watching him sleep. It was slightly odd perhaps, but it was sweet. Plus, he was clearly feeling more comfortable around Gerard if hadn't tried to run away again. Or had just gotten the message that it wouldn't work.

"Err, morning." Frank replied, making the vampire chuckle. He didn't even know why - there was just something funny about the boy's words.

The older man rolled out of bad, landing on his feet and taking the duvet with him. The teen automatically curled up against the cold air hitting him. Gerard laughed again, then stalked to the wardrobe, flung it open and pulled out some clothes. He was well aware of Frank's eyes on him and he was enjoying every second of the attention. In the same way he suddenly wanted to protect the kid, he also wanted to please him. The boy may be a toy, or a pet in the vampire's view, but he was also one that had be looked after. And all of a sudden, Gerard was happy to do that.

With this in mind, he pulled on a pair of jeans and turned to the boxer-clad teen still lying on the bed. "So what do you want to do today?"

Frank sat up, hugging his knees and thinking. The man seem to be asking that of him a lot, and no matter what he chose, it always ended in tears. On his part at least.

"I don't know. I honestly don't care." He said, and unless it involved him being eaten, it was the truth.

Gerard pouted at that, pulling his shirt on. It had been decades since he was last in London and he wasn't entirely sure what there was to do anymore. He couldn't spend another day shopping; that much was for sure. Then an idea hit him.

"Do you like roller coasters Frankie?" He asked, a grin stretching across his face.

"Roller coasters?" The boy replied uncertainly. "Yeah, sure, I guess."

"Great" The man's smile was still unnaturally large, and he waltzed out of the room in an over buoyant way. The teen just watched him, wondering if he'd ever figure his capture out. His betting was on probably not.

Shaking his head, Frank slid off of the bed and was about to walk into the room next door where he and Gerard had dumped their new clothes yesterday. Before he could however, the vampire flitted back into the room; his grin now cheeky. He was holding a pile of clothes and chucked them at the boy before leaving again. The teen dropped the pile on the floor, before grabbing the jeans. They were a pair of dark red skinnies, and probably a few sizes too small. Not that Frank understood the English system for clothes, but these were obviously going to be overly tight.

Still, it was obvious that Gerard wanted him to wear them, so he probably didn't have a choice. The boy picked up the rest of the clothes (a black t-shirt and black hoodie) and began to pull them on. As predicted, putting the jeans on were a struggle, and when they were on, they were extremely uncomfortable. Oh well - it could be worse: At least he didn't have to wear those stripy blue and black things. Mind you, they ended him up in him getting head yesterday. He wasn't going to complain about that.

When he was finished dressing, he walked out of the bedroom. There was the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen, so Frank followed it. Gerard was in there, of course, and already dressed. He was in black skinnies and a button up shirt - a hell of a lot less flamboyant than the teen.

The vampire grinned when he saw the skinnies; they complimented the teen perfectly in his opinion, just enough to show off to the rest of the world. Whilst Frank had been getting dressed, he'd ordered pancakes up to the room, and gestured to them when his play-thing walked in. After rolling his eyes at the man's look, sat down and dug in to the pile happily.

"So where are we going?" He asked in between mouthfuls.

"Thorpe Park." Gerard grinned, pleased with his choice. It was about an hour's drive away, and liking the thrill of fear sort of came with being a vampire - so he personally loved the thrill rides on offer at the amusement park. Frank just nodded - obviously not having heard of the place.

"There rides there?" He asked.

"Some of the biggest in England."


When the two were done eating - and draining several pots of coffee - they made their way down to the reception. The flats were really more like a posh hotel than anything else, and they provided cars for hire. Gerard paid for one for the day, and the men were soon driving down the A3 and toward the amusement park.

Unsurprisingly, the atmosphere in the car was slightly strained, neither knowing what to say. Not liking this, the vampire turned on the radio, and flicked through the station until he found one playing some decent music. He was slightly surprised when Frank started singing along to an old Black Flag song. He just grinned and went with it though - it wasn't entirely surprising that the kid was in to punk music with his slightly crazily dyed hair.

When they finally reached the park, it was packed stupid. The two ended up clinging on to each other, for fear of being separated. If that happened, they'd probably never find each other again. But then, that probably should have been what the teen was aiming for. This was a prime opportunity to get away, but somehow, Frank didn't want to take advantage of it. At least he knew that Gerard was somewhat concerned for him, and there were worse people out there. That was what he told himself at least. In truth, he just didn't want to leave the vampire, and in his heart of heart, he knew that. He just didn't want to admit it to himself.

The entire day was frantic - but in the best way possible. Because of the two hour long wait for most rides, Gerard bought fast passes for all of the decent coasters. Each ticket had a time that they had to be in line for the ride for and the two had to run between each one to get to the next. It was hilarious; everything made better by the constant adrenaline rush induced by the break-neck speeds, corners and drops. Some of the sharper turns were harsh on Frank's battered body, but he laughed it off, not wanting to moan and ruin the happiness him and the vampire had somehow managed to achieve.

Like every good entertainer though, Gerard had saved the best until last. There was one particular ride in the park that was famous - that made the place what it was. Stealth could be seen from the passing motorway and it was certainly all it was all it was cracked up to be. Now Frank found himself strapped into a seat next to his capture and waiting for the red countdown to reach zero. When it did, the carriage was flung forward and the teen experienced the fifteen most confusing, exhilarating few seconds of his life.

When he got off, he was giggling and staggering from the rush of the adrenaline. Surprisingly, Gerard was too, and together they tripped over their own feet until they reached the nearest bench and collapsed on to it.

"Oh my God - that was freaking epic!" Frank laughed.

"Amazing!" The older man grinned back.

The two men just sat on the bench for a while, alternatively trying to regain their composure and bursting in to very unmanly giggles. Even after the trip had worn off, they were still laughing, the sound being infectious. It gained them a few weird looks, but neither cared.

It wore off soon enough though, and they began making their way towards the exit - it was six in the afternoon, and the park would be closing soon anyway. The journey back was a hell of a lot less strained, Frank and Gerard found conversation easily now; debating which rides had been the best, and whose face had been funnier in the pictures taken on them.

They stopped in a restaurant on the way back, continuing to argue, but somehow their discussion was revolving around music. Gerard had a thing for British music it turned out - loving the Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath. Frank was more into modern stuff, but he could appreciate the bands that the vampire was into. It was at this point that the man suggested going to a concert whilst they were out here and the boy nearly fell off his seat with happiness.

Then something about the vampire's words hit him: 'Whilst they were out here'.

"Are we moving on soon then?" He asked.

"I don't know." Gerard sighed. "You know what's going on - leaving here seems inevitable. I don't want to though. Running just seems weak."

"It's not weak if you're trying to survive." Frank said quietly.

The vampire's eyes flicked up to look at him. "In terms of leaving or staying... what do you want to do? And you can't say 'go back to America', 'cause that's not gonna happen." He snapped before the words had even left Frank's mouth. Strangely enough though, the boy wasn't going to say them.

"I don't want you to die." Was all that came out. The was a short shocked pause. "And if you need to run to stay alive, then we should."

"It's definitely a 'we' then?"

"Do I have a choice in that?"

Gerard didn't answer - they both knew what it would be. But, privately, the teen didn't even want to leave.

"What about Mikey?" Frank asked eventually.

"What about him?"

The boy rolled his eyes. "If we go, will he come with us?"

"I guess." Gerard shrugged. "It was his idea in the first place. I want him to come; he's my little brother after all. I just don't know whether he'll want to come."

Frank nodded. After what happened the previous day, he didn't want the other vampire to come. Besides, he kinda wanted the older of the Ways to himself. Humans were just selfish like that. And apparently, completely fucked up like that.

"So, who would you like to see anyway? Concert wise I mean." Gerard asked, simply to break the silence.

The two spent the remainder of the meal talking about which English band would be best to see and the likelihood of them performing anytime soon. It passed comfortably enough, the vampire careful avoiding any mention of politics, or his brother. They paid, then left.

When they got back to the apartment, Gerard offered to make coffee. Seeing nothing wrong with this, Frank accepted and went in to the lounge to watch TV. What he did know was that the vampire was now extremely worried about his younger brother - Mikey clearly hadn't come back during the day, and well, it was making his elder sibling nervous.

When Mikey had left the previous night, he hadn't taken anything with him, so calling his mobile obviously wouldn't work. So Gerard had decided to go out and look for his brother. He knew it was almost pointless - London was a huge city, and for all he knew the other vampire wasn't even in it anymore. But between the fact that the last time he'd seen his brother they'd been on less than good terms, and the death threat hanging over his head; Gerard had enough reason to be concerned for his sibling. Even after nearly two hundred years, the natural instinct to protect him hadn't worn off. So really, Gerard had no choice other than to go out and look for him.

His problem was that he didn't entirely trust Frank enough to leave him alone in the apartment. It wouldn't be too difficult for the teenager to kick up enough of a fuss to attract attention and once that had happened the kid could tell the cops here all about his kidnapping. Not only would that mean losing Frank, but it wouldn't increase Gerard's likelihood of survival being stuck in a prison cell in England.

The obvious solution was to lock the boy up, but the vampire didn't want to scare him again. Instead, he was going to put tranquilisers in Frank's drink, and wait for them to kick in before leaving. Maybe he'd tie the kid up then anyway.

He boiled the kettle, using instant instead of the usual posh stuff and de-caff for the boy. He put in the sleeping pills and the hot water afterwards, then stirred until it had all dissolved. With any luck, it wouldn't taste too different to normal. Gerard made his own coffee before going in to the lounge and giving Frank the stuff with tranquilisers in. The boy drank it readily enough, and was out cold within ten minutes.

The vampire carried him into the bedroom and laid him on the bed, before chaining one of his wrists to the headboard. Despite the nervousness that he was feeling, Gerard couldn't help but notice how gorgeous the boy was. If he wasn't going to search for his brother, he'd be tempted to just fuck the boy then and there. It was funny really - with his tattoos and half shaved head, 'cute' really wasn't the impression than Frank was going for, and yet, that was what he achieved. With his soft features, smooth skin and small physique, the boy was just adorable.

However, Gerard pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind and left the building - searching the cold, lively might streets in hope of finding his brother.

Little did he know that for the last day, Mikey had been searching almost desperately for other vampires willing to stand up to Vibia. Those who didn't like having to live by the rules of another - anarchists if you will. Unfortunately for the Ways, the vampire queen was fair - she didn't hunt or kill others unless they crossed her first, and as a result, she didn't have many enemies. Out of the ones who didn't like her, few of them had the balls to stand up to the powerful vampiress.

To make matters worse, there were actually a lot of vampires who liked the queen. If Mikey accidentally tried to convince one of them to rebel against her, there was no reason that they could report him, and hen both Ways would be on Vibia's hit list. But then, if Gerard did die, his brother would be soon to follow anyway - Mikey couldn't imagine life without his older brother.

Really, he had nothing left to lose.

Gerard, of course, knew nothing of this. He was stalking the dirty streets until ten at night, stopping every other vampire - and a few humans - he saw in their tracks and questioning them if they'd seen his brother. They all said 'no' of course, not that Gerard really expected anything else.

At around half nine, he got a slightly encouraging result. He didn't know the vampire that he'd stopped, but the man had happened to be at the museum earlier that day, and had seen the drama that went down between Abby and Mikey. So when Gerard stopped him, he knew what the other man was on about, and guessed that he was the brother that Vibia was out to get.

"I see where you're coming from, man." He said, once Gerard had explained the situation in a bit more depth. "Vibia's gonna catch up with you sooner or later - my as well stay here and prepare."

"Thanks," Gerard replied, "But have you seen Mikey since then? I want to talk to him - try and sort something out."

"Sorry man; I haven't. If I see him, I'll tell him to go back to wherever you're staying."

"Thanks." The other man smiled.

"If not, there's like a party thing going on in a few days. Everyone's going to it, he might be there."

"Ok, cool - where is it?" He was asking simply out of politeness, doubting that Mikey would be partying at a time like this.

"Uhhh..." The vampire gave an address and Gerard nodded - he knew where it was, and had been to parties there before. "Anyway, it's Friday night, and it's like this masked fancy dress thing. Most people are bringing snacks as well."

"Snacks?" Gerard frowned in confusion.

"You know - humans." He shrugged, and the other man nodded.

"Fair enough."

"Yeah, well if you're around, check it out. Could be fun and you never know - Mikey might be there."

"Yeah maybe." Gerard smiled. "Thanks anyway."

"Anytime man." The English vampire smiled, then turned away down the busy street, leaving the American to search in vain for his younger brother.

He looked for about another half hour before he gave up. Or more to the point; got distracted. By this point, Gerard was in a seedier part of the city - the sort of place that got more business at night when people were drunk, and/or felt that they were less likely to be recognised in the dark.

Of course, one of the shops there sold sex toys - and with his head full of thoughts of the teen waiting in his apartment, the vampire was enticed into the sick minded, seductive interior of the store. He emerged no sooner that a quarter of an hour later; with two unmarked bags full of 'toys' that he could not wait to use. By this point, his lost brother had been forgotten, and Gerard's mind was clouded by the thought of sweaty, tattooed skin and sharp, panting breathes.

Tonight was going to be fun.

I am so tempted to just end it here and annoy you all, but you've been waiting land enough for this, so I'll be kind, and continue.

Frank was still asleep when he got back to the apartment - still fully dressed and still chained to the headboard. After undoing the handcuffs. he got to work stripping the boy down until he was lying naked on the bed. Then, Gerard got out the first of his purchases; a steel band that served two purposes - it both vibrated and acted as a cock ring. It also had a remote so the vampire could control the intensity of the stimulation. He slid this on around Frank's cock and tightened it appropriately. He chained the boy back to the headboard and grabbed the controls. After this. he set the vibrations on to a medium setting and sat back to enjoy the show.

The teen awoke soon enough, twitching slightly from the sensation around his dick, whack was rapidly hardening. Instinctively, he bucked his hips, seeking friction and Gerard chose this as the time to intervene.

"Ahhh no you don't." He placed a cool hand on Frank's already sweaty hip, and purred at the boy, enjoying the sight before him.

"Ge-Gerard. What's going on?" The teen stuttered back - nervous, but turned on thanks to the vibrations running through him.

"We're going to have some fun." The vampire responded. "Well, I am. Whether you are or not depends."

"Depends on what?" Frank panted back."

"How good you are." With that, the vampire bit on his victims hip lightly; just enough to pierce the skin and let a small amount of blood well up. The boy groaned at the feeling, but whether from pleasure or pain, neither could tell.

Gerard chuckled, and ran his tongue over the cut, loving the taste of the zingy blood. "Don't move." He ordered, before unchaining Frank's wrists. The latter immediately had the urge to begin to pump at his dick; to relieve the pressure brought on by the vibrations. However, he knew this wouldn't get him anywhere, so left his arms stretched above his head.

"On your knees. Down the bottom of the bed." Was the vampire's next instruction. The boy hesitated for a moment, before doing what he was told. Gerard chuckled lightly at how obedient he'd biome, loving the power he felt. "Good boy." He wrapped his arm around Frank and gave his dick a few lazy pumps. The teen squirmed under his touch, wishing for release, but knowing it wouldn't come anytime soon.

Then, the vampire grabbed another set of chains and looped the leather straps around the boy's ankles. These were connected to the posts at the either side of the foot of the bed - pulling Frank's legs apart. The previously discarded hand cuffs were looped around the head board as well, before being clicked around the teen's wrists. This left the boy on his knees, legs spread apart and unable to lean forward. He looked so fucking beautiful and Gerard was hard in his jeans just from looking at the kid.

But there was other things he wanted to do before actually fucking him.

"Oh fuck Frankie - tonight is going to be so much fun." He whispered, loving the way his words sent shivers down the adressed's naked body.

The boy didn't even know how to respond to that. The vibrations shooting through his cock were enough to occupy his mind, and Gerard's words had just made the situation even hotter. His body was on fire, crazing friction and the feel of the vampire's skin against his. The bite on his hip was pulsing slightly, but it just added to the sensations - making everything that bit more pleasurable.

When he felt something push inside him, Frank couldn't even begin to think about stifling the moan that escaped his lips. Then that started thrusting up and down within him, and he felt as though he was simply going to explode from the fire that blazed through him.

Gerard just watched as every muscle in the teen tensed up, and the most delicious sound escaped those puckered pink lips. "Such a pretty little boy," he purred. The vampire pressed his lips to the other's neck, sucking on the vein there and revelling in the sounds that the kid was making. "Such a beautiful little human." He pulled off of Frank's neck and gave the dildo he was hold one last thrust, before moving away.

The human began squirming when the thing inside him stopped moving, desperate for more friction and a release from the heat. Gerard had moved on to other things though - digging through the bag again in search of the candles that he'd bought. There were three of them; big, red pillar candles that smelt of berries. And were designed to create as much melted wax as possible, The vampire dragged over a table so it was next to the bed where Frank was tied up and place the lit candles on it. Whilst they were burning, he stripped himself down, releasing his own cock which was also erect and aching. It was worth waiting for the pleasure though - worth it for what he was about to do.

By this point, the wax pillars had burnt down enough to produce a good amount of heated liquid, but there was something else that Gerard had in mind before this. Just to make the whole thing that much more... intense. He knelt now in front of where Frank was tied up, studying the pale boy's body. There were tattoos littered across the torso - flames over the left of his chest and sparrows on his hips, as well as the scorpion on his neck, and other various works of arm splattered around his arms. But then, the boy in himself was a work of art - especially right now. Frank's entire body was flushed, and short, shallow pants were making his chest heave. His cock was dark with blood and curling up towards his stomach. The dark lock of hair that made his fringe was sticking to the sweat on his face, which also made the skin shimmer in the dim light. The teenager was undoubtedly beautiful.

The vampire eagerly leaned forward and began to lick over the hot skin of Frank's torso. Bites interspaced each movement of his tongue and it was obvious that there were going to be bruises there tomorrow. He stopped at the nipples; rolling the hard nubs in between in teeth and making the boy emit even more groans and thrust in to thin air. Gerard chuckled and continued his work, this time licking over the nerve covered skin, heightening the sense of touch even father for his little pet.

Frank was already over sensitized from his loss of vision, and he could feel every individual touch of the vampire's tongue and each one of his teeth where they gazed his skin. He really was burning up - a hot, sweaty lustful mess. When Gerard bit down on his nipple he moaned again, fire surging through him and his body begging for release. The vibrations around his dick were still going, and usually that along with the feel of Gerard's mouth would be enough to make him cum. Unfortunately the ring was also tight enough to make that an impossibility.

The vampire bit down on the bundle of nerves that was Frank's nipple again, this time hard enough to draw blood. The boy screamed as the sensation shot through him - pain mixed with pleasure. The man chuckled again, sucking on the nub to pull the hot liquid out, before removing his mouth.

"Ssssh, Frankie. We're just getting started." He purred in the same tone as before. The boy honestly couldn't tell if that was a good or a bad thing.

Gerard reached over for one of the candles - in the centre of which a large deposit of molten wax had already formed. The boy craned his neck - as though that would help him see. The man laughed again, and put his hand flat on Frank's chest, pushing him back until the boy was at nearly forty five degrees to the bed. Perfect.

Grinning at the beautiful sight in front of him, Gerard tilted the candle forward and let a small trickle of hot liquid leak down on the other's skin. He gave a strangled sob at the sensation, something between a scream of pain and a gasp of pleasure. Pleased with the reaction, the vampire continued to pour molten wax on to Frank's flushed skin, watching as it collected into red pools.

The boy was writhing in his bonds under the hot stream covering his skin, unsure whether the wax was just causing immense amounts of agony, or actually giving him pleasure. As with many things regarding Gerard - he didn't want to know. He screamed again - this time a full throated one - as the hot wax was suddenly deposited on to one of his nipples. Pain shot through him and he nearly collapsed.

The vampire just laughed sadistically at the sight of the tortured boy. There was something so incredible about having the boy under his control like this; about making Frank sweat and scream and shiver in his bonds. So Gerard continued to pour wax on - but now with the boy pulled further upright, so the liquid ran down his chest a little before solidifying. A little of the molten substance even dripped down on to the kid's solid dick, making the howls just intensify in volume.

When Gerard finally got bored (well, not bored; he could spend all day torturing Frank like this, but there was still more he wanted to do), he placed the still glowing candle back on the table with its now larger counterparts. The teen's torso and upper legs were covered in red dribbles, and in the low light, these could be easily mistaken for blood.

"Well, Frank. Did we enjoy that?" The vampire questioned, his eyes on the boy's twitching cock instead of his face. Frank didn't know how to answer that - so he just moaned. This gave Gerard even more satisfaction than an actual answer would have. Smirking, he reached over for the remote controlling the vibrations of the ring around Frank's cock and turned then up a notch.

The kid's whole body jerked, and he began twisting and struggling in his bonds with renewed force.

"Calm down." Gerard whispered, placing a hand on the teen's sweaty, waxed covered chest. He stilled a little, but was still twitching and fidgeting frantically. The man rolled his eyes, before killing the vibrations completely. Frank relaxed.

By this point, both of the men were hot and dying for release. Silently begging to feel the other's skin on theirs' and just to fuck senselessly until they were both satisfied. Even being the sadist that he was, Gerard could no longer deny the teen - or himself - what he wanted. He moved to the chains at the foot of the bed - still keeping Frank's legs spread apart at an obscene angle, and his torso upright. It was so tempting to take a picture of this; to capture the sight of the boy tied up, blindfolded and open for him to memory forever. But somehow, the vampire doubted that even the greatest camera couldn't quite capture the heat of this particular moment, and anyway - he could do this whenever he wanted: Frank was his.

Instead, he just unhinged the boy's wrist so the latter could finally collapse forward. This gave Gerard a full view of the teen's back. It wasn't the first time he'd seen it since the night of his birthday, but the dim light somehow accentuated the sight of the torn, bruised skin. The vampire felt a small pang of guilt, of regret - the first in goodness only knows how long.

He positioned himself behind Frank, and leaned forward to begin licking tenderly at the broken span of skin. The boy sighed contently, the feel of Gerard's hot tongue heaven on his sore back. He shuffled back slightly, his arse pressing against the man's aching cock. This small touch brought them both back to reality - they were both horny, and both wanted to fuck until the sun came back, and then some.

With no warning, lube, or condom, but a slightly animalistic growl, Gerard thrust forward and into Frank. The latter screamed at the contact - the roughness hurting but feeling so intensely blissful at the same time. With the vampire finally seated fully inside him, Frank finally felt some relief. Nearly everything so far had been for the other man's pleasure, but this, this was for both of them. For so long, he;d been balancing between ecstasy and agony, and this was no different, but as Gerard's thrust became deeper and harder, that was changing. Pain was slowly morphing into pleasure, and it was making the teen light headed and delighted.

He screeched yet again, when Gerard hit his prostate but this time, it was the vampire's name he yelled. If they had been thinking rationally, both would have been shocked, but they weren't - both were consumed by lust and intense waves of pleasure that rolled over them both.

"Fuck, G-Gerard. Harder." He panted, rolling his hips to meet each thrust. He was balanced on his knees and forearms, but each one of his limbs felt as though they could give at any moment.

The vampire complied, pushing himself harder into the boy and groaning at the heat that surrounded him. Pre-cum was lubricating his every movement, making it easier and slicker. He wasn't going to last much longer at this pace, especially after the teasing he'd already indulged in.

"G-G-Gee." Frank said, his voice coming out in breathy little moans as he shook under the other man. "Let me cum. Please?" He begged. The pressure in his cock was too much; he felt as though he was about to explode.

It took Gerard a moment to realise what the boy was on about - then remembered the cock ring still tightened around the other. He nearly laughed at that, the knowledge that the steel band was still in place, and that even with his hands untied, Frank hadn't moved to get rid of it. The kid was becoming more and more submissive every day.

Ceasing his thrusts for a moment (and ignoring the whines that the teen emitted when he did so), he reached around the other's body until he found his cock. Like Gerard's, it was leaking pre-cum, and fully extended, feeling as though it could burst. The man gave it a lazy stroke, causing Frank to bite his lip and moan at the feeling. Then, he loosened the ring, and restarted his thrusting, pumping at the teen simultaneously.

With the combination of these two stimuli, the boy came within a matter of seconds; clenching his body and exploding on to the bed on front of him, and Gerard's hand. The vampire continued to stroke, making the kid back his hip and clench around the cock buried inside of him. The man felt the heat tighten around him - swallow him - and found himself releasing into the boy's arse.

Cum spurted out, dead on Frank's prostate and the boy screamed yet again. The two men rode out their orgasms moaning and screaming in almost perfect sync. Fire consumed them both, until they were nothing more than a sweaty, tangled mess sprawled out across the bed sheets.

They just lay there for a short while longer - too exhausted to do anything other than lie there and pant. Then Gerard pulled out, and reached down to undo the chains binding Frank to the bed. The boy drew his legs back together, wincing when the stretched muscles were finally given the chance to relax. The vampire noticed this of course, and smirked before bending down again and kissing his way along the sore, tender flesh, kneading the kid's inner thighs with his tongue, his teeth, his nose. Frank just shifted contently on the bed, deciding that this was by far preferable to being thrown in a cupboard.

When Gerard reached his arse, he trailed his tongue into the crack their, lapping up his own cum, and making the human shift. It was impossible to become hard again that soon after such a powerful orgasm, but the man's tongue felt divine, and it was certainly a hot situation. The vampire dug a little deeper - poking his tongue into Frank's hole and smiling when the teen began to moan again. This time the noise was weaker though, and the sex had left Gerard exhausted too - sleeping seemed like the better option now.

However, he continued to rim the boy for a few seconds longer - simply for the beautiful noises Frank made when he did so. When he pulled out, he flipped the human over, and cleaned him with his tongue; licking off the sweat and cum that was already beginning to dry there. The teen wriggled slightly under the hot, wet tongue, but was too tired to react any further.

Then the vampire sat up, and climbed off the bed. After extinguishing the candles and putting the rest of his purchases away, he turned back to Frank, who was still lying on the covers in a state of post-orgasmic bliss. Gerard scooped him up, holding the naked boy bridal style.

"No!" An unexpected strength suddenly shot through the teen's voice, and he wrapped his arms around the vampire's neck and clung on.

More than slightly surprised, Gerard pulled the sheets back and sat down on the bare mattress. "What is it?" He asked, reflexively holding the boy a little tighter. Then he remembered the pain he'd put Frank through last time he'd picked him up like this and loosened his grip. The teen still clung on though, as if his life depended on it.

"What is it?" The man questioned, feeling a small bit worried now. "What's wrong Frankie?"

The human buried his face into the crook between Gerard's shoulder and neck, and spoke in to it. "I don't wanna spend another night in a closet - I wanna stay with you!"

The vampire blinked in surprise for a few seconds before laughing. "Oh God! It's fine Frank. I'm not gonna put you in there! I was just trynna pull the sheets back!" He squeezed the boy softly, trying to reassure him, but inside laughing at how ridiculous the kid was being.

"Promise?" The boy asked meekly.

"Promise. I wanna stay with you too." Gerard whispered. He wasn't lying either.


"Come on now - let's sleep."

And so the vampire lowered the naked human on to the white sheets and lay down next to him. Then he drew the cum stained blankets around them, and the two men fell asleep entwined around one another. This is becoming a regular occurrence was the last thing Gerard thought to himself before falling into a deep sleep.

Strangely enough though, neither of them would have had it any other way.

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