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She Ain't No Human Being

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Our figure-head is not what she seems. There's no future, no future for you.

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Ey-yo, again! New chapter! I really have nothing to say other than that...

Title from the Sex Pistol, and I really wanna know if anyone recognises it!


The following morning was slightly awkward for Frank and Gerard. Although the two men had definitely grown closer after the short few days they'd spent together, after last night's passion, neither knew how to act around the other. Frank woke up first again, but the vampire was so close to waking that the human shifting weight was enough to push him over the edge and into consciousness.

The boy flipped over next to him and Gerard blinked a few times, trying to rid the sleepy heaviness resting on his lids. The man turned on to his side to find his teenage pet staring at him for the second morning in a row. He chuckled at the sight of those wide, sleepy hazel eyes, but couldn't find anything to say. Neither could Frank.

Eventually, the older man gave up searching for words and just leaned forward to kiss the other. It was sweet, soft, lacking all the fire from the previous night. After a few minutes of their lips just working together, Gerard pulled back, a small smile gracing his thin lips.

"You enjoy last night?" He questioned.

The human blushed, and broke eye contact with the other man before nodding slowly. Having never experienced it before, he'd never know that being tortured like that could be such a turn on, but there was something entirely hot about Gerard being in such complete control of him.

"Good," The vampire captured his lips in another kiss. "Because I loved it." A short pause. "And it's gonna happen again some time soon." A shiver ran down Frank's back at those words. "But first... I think we both need a shower."

The boy blushed again, but it was true - they were both covered in cum and sweat from last night, making them feel and smell disgusting. Plus, the teen still had red drips of wax dotted on his chest and stomach.

Gerard grinned as the other flushed again and climbed out of bed. Frank was tentatively following, still unsure of his place around the vampire. The latter didn't care though - he just flitted round the bed and scooped the boy up in his arms. He carried the flushed boy into the bathroom and turned the shower on.

The water was searingly hot and scalded the two men as it hit them. Frank writhed in Gerard's arms - the latter hastily reaching out to adjust the temperature. When it was more suitable, he grinned sheepishly at the boy (who'd he put down by this point). The human just flushed and looked down, still feeling awkward a being naked around the other, despite everything that had happened between them. The vampire wasn't having any of it though.

Rather roughly, he pulled the teen forward, bringing their mouths together. His arm's snaked round the human's waist and their bodies pressed flush against each other. After a few minutes, both of the their blood was pounding around in their bodies, focused on their cocks, that now stood erect. Gerard broke the kiss, panting slightly in the wet heat of the shower cubicle.

"On your knees." He whispered.

Frank drew back, startled. "What?" His voice was equally low, but nervous as opposed to confident.

"On your knees," Gerard repeated, his eyes twinkling evilly. Perhaps he was being cruel, but he couldn't help it - the boy's lips felt so divine against his, and were so cute and pouty, all he wanted to see was those lips wrapped around his dick. So when Frank didn’t respond, he gave the teen a small push down; encouraging him.

The boy sank down reluctantly, but at the same time, peered up at the older man, silently begging him not to make him do this. The vampire wasn't giving though - now he knew what he wanted, he was determined to get it.

"Come on, you know what to do." He grinned and gave the kid another little nudge.

Frank bit his lip, but could see he didn't really have a chance other than to slide his mouth forward and over Gerard's cock. The latter groaned at the sensation, and when the human whimpered, his sadistic side broke through once again - the sound only turning him on further.

He grabbed the thick, black hair on the back of the boy's head, and slowly began to fuck into his mouth, relishing in the hot, wet feeling around him, and how beautiful he knew the kid's lips were, wrapped around him like that.

The vampire groaned again when he pushed back far enough to trigger Frank' gag reflex. The sudden pressure in conjunction with the heat was just amazing and he just thrust further back down the boy's throat.

Obviously, the human wasn't enjoying this in the slightest. The sex he'd had with Gerard so far had for the most part been pleasurable, unwanted or not. This was just horrible, it made him feel dirtier than anything else and used and weak and pathetic. He bit back a sob, the tightening once again causing the vampire to moan with pleasure.

He looked down as he did so, and was hit by the sight of Frank on his knees, that adorable pout parted over his dick. Whilst turning Gerard on, it also sparked the guilt and pity that only this human could ever induce. The kid's eyes were clenched closed, his body tense, and face rigid with lines of disgust and unhappiness.

With a sigh, the vampire released his hold on Frank's hair and pulled out of his mouth. Then he crouched down in front of the boy and brought their lips together softly. The gesture was supposed to be comforting, but Frank was beyond that - still paralyzed with revolt at what had just happened. So Gerard moved on to actions that he was more comfortable with.

"Turn around." He whispered.

"Why?" The boy breathed back, scared further by this new request.

"Just do it Frank."

The human nodded and twisted around reluctantly so he was on his knees with his back to Gerard. The vampire placed a hand on the top of the kid's spine, and pushed him forward slowly, until he was on his hand and knees, butt waving enticingly in the man's face.

He grinned, and leaned forward to place his lips at the very bottom of Frank's spine, sucking softly at the skin over the tailbone. The boy shivered slightly, despite the hot water still cascading down over them - it was just Gerard, how the man could turn him on seconds after making him feel repulsive was beyond the human, but as the lips at his spine moved down, he decided not to put too much thought into it.

The vampire poked his tongue out from between his thin pink lips and trailed it down the groove in between the soft mounds of Frank's arse. The boy moaned slightly as that hot tongue flitted over the sensitive skin there, and began to lick its way down to his hole. There was something incredibly hot about how intimate the situation was - maybe because Gerard couldn't possibly be getting any pleasure from this, rather like the way the last act had given Frank none.

Whatever it was, his earlier discomfort was quickly forgotten and replaced with a fiery lust as the older man pushed his tongue a small way into Frank. It was enough just to stretch him slightly, but with no real pain. The boy's nerve endings were alight though, and he could feel every little movement that the other's snake-like tongue made.

Gerard tried not to chuckle at how easy it was to turn the teen on. As he had done more than once since the first night, he wondered about the kid's mental well being - surely it wasn't normal to switch in between opposing emotions so quickly? But then, he wasn't going to complain; something about it was very satisfying, and he doubted he'd ever get bored of playing with the boy's emotions if they stayed that wild. For the moment though, he was going to concentrate on playing with the human’s body.

With this in mind, the vampire began to flick his tongue against the lining of Frank's insides, loving how the boy moaned and was oh-so responsive. Then, he pulled the muscle back a bit, so only the very tip was still inside the teen. The latter was apparently not happy with this - he immediately began to press back onto Gerard, trying to get more of the tongue inside him. With another restrained chuckle, the vampire pushed it forward faster - and deeper - until his entire face was practically in Frank's arse.

The teen was moaning and writhing against the hard floor as the tongue continued to fuck him. Sensing, rather that seeing, that the boy was hard, the man reached down to seize his cock. He could feel the warm dribble of pre-cum spill over his fingers, even amidst the hot shower water.

Gerard began to pump, in time with his thrusts, and soon enough, Frank was spilling over the edge; jets of cum hitting the shower wall as he exploded. The vampire continued to stroke him lightly, occasionally squeezing gently and causing a small moan to be emitted. All the while, he was still rubbing the inside of the boy with his tongue, thrusting and massaging the sensitive walls.

It was only when Frank came down from his high that Gerard pulled his tongue out, and sat back on the balls of his feet. The teen turned round to face him, a sloppy smile gracing his perfect features.

Acting on impulse, the vampire reached his arms out and pulled the boy onto his lap. Their lips met in a sweet, chaste kiss.

"What was that for?" Frank murmured, pulling back slightly.

The vampire looked at him considering, then a devilish grin spread across his face. "To get you ready." He replied.

"What for?" The teenager's brows drew together in confusion and apprehension.

"This." Was Gerard's only reply before thrusting in to Frank, who threw back his head and screamed in the pleasure of feeling so full again.


Across the city, Mikey wasn't having nearly as much fun. He had been scouring London desperately for the past few days, but had so far only recruited a handful of people willing to join him and fight against the queen. Fear of what Vibia may be doing was terrifying the younger Way nearly past the point of self-control.

Most of the people willing to help him were anarchists - something that Mikey usually looked down on. However, he had a huge level of respect for the ones who had decided to join him. For starters, it meant that they weren't as spineless as the other so-called 'creatures of the night'. Oddly enough, one of these vampires willing to fight Vibia was Abby. For obvious reasons, Mikey was reluctant to trust her, but it had turned out that she had crossed the older vampire a few decades ago, and had been running around her in circles ever since. In fact, the speech she's made at the museum had just been on the queen's orders - or so she said. The English vampire had an almost obscene amount of pride, and therefore hated the situation she was in. She also had a lot of information on Vibia; secrets she was willing to share if it meant that she would stop being controlled by the queen.

Unfortunately, not much of what she knew was useful.

"Look, I don't know when she's coming - it could be tomorrow, it could in a month's time!" Abby rolled her eyes, as thought the other vampires were stupid for assuming otherwise.

"Can't you call her or something?" Mikey asked, rubbing at his temples and trying to keep his patience.

"You don't call Vibia - she calls you. And when she does, you don't ask questions - even if you did, she wouldn't answer them."

"Well, surely you must know something!"

"All I know is that she went over to the US to sort out a feud between two covens, and when she's done there she's coming back here! I don't think it'll take too long though, she's hell bent on getting your bro'!"

"Great! I could have told you that!" Mikey snapped, losing it with the girl for the second time in half a week. "Are you with us or not, because at the moment I am severely doubting it, and if I find out this is one of your little tricks, I will not hesitate to snap to your neck!" He shouted.

"You won't have too." Abby replied coolly, determined to hold her icy exterior in place. "It's not a game - I enjoy living under oppression as much as the next person."

"Then for fuck's sake, tell us something useful!"

"I don't know anything useful." The girl said, slightly sulky. "If I pick anything up, I'll tell you, but for now, I'm the messenger girl."

"Great, just great." The man muttered bitterly.

"Look, Mikey?" Another vampire - Matt - said softly, trying to calm him. He wasn't a particularly old vampire, only a few decades, and had been a teenage in the seventies - the time of a huge anarchist movement in the UK. He had lived the last pert of his human life hating any form of authority, and old habits died hard for him. Of course, he was jumping at the chance to rebel against the only figurehead in the vampire world. "How about we split up - we can't be the only people with balls in this city. There's gonna be other people willing to fight."

The addressed sighed, but accepted that the younger man was probably right; if Abby had as little information as she claimed, then there was no use trying to get any more out of her. Mikey didn't trust her entirely either, and now she knew about his rebellion, was unwilling to let her out of his sight, in fear that she'd report back to Vibia, and this whole would be for nothing.

"Ok, come back here at seven tonight, bring anyone willing to help. Don't be too obvious about asking though - if Vibia finds out about this, we're all dead."

The small company departed, leaving Mikey to brood - something he seemed to be doing a lot recently. Other than his brother's impending demise, the only thing he could really think about was Gerard reaction to him trying to kill Frank. He just couldn't figure it out. The morning before that, it was the older Way who was going to end up being the death of the human, and Mikey begging him to give the kid a break. Those positions had suddenly switched around completely, making the younger brother determined to kill Frank, and Gerard protecting him. Now the vampire couldn't figure out what on Earth had caused the change - in his brother at least.

There was one possibility that he was considering, and one that scared him greatly - what if Gerard was... falling for the human? If he was, it put Mikey in an almost impossible situation. How could he protect his brother if he was putting a weak and feeble kid's needs before his own? But then, how could he kill the boy without hurting his brother?

The vampire's thoughts were interrupted by the early return of one of his... followers, for lack of a better word. It had been the same man who suggested that they split up in the first place, and Mikey was surprised to see him return so early.

He wasn't alone though.

"Hey, Mikey, this is Luke. He apparently ran into your brother yesterday." The vampire he knew introduced the one he didn't.

"You're Mikey?" Luke raised an eyebrow, seeking confirmation, although Matt's words had made it pretty obvious.

"Yeah. You saw my brother though? How come? What happened?" He said in a rush, on the brink of panic.

"Calm down." Luke, made a small movement with his hands to try and pacify the other man. "Yeah, I ran into him. He was asking about you actually - if anyone had seen you."

"Oh." Mikey didn't know how to respond to that.

"Obviously I said 'no', because I hadn't but I thought you should know that there's a party on this Friday, and he's going."

"What?!" Way was more than slightly surprised by this news.

"Yeah - I told him about it, said you might be there. Whether he'll go or not, I don't know, but everyone else is and if Vibia's after him, she'll probably look there first. If she hasn't already found him at least."

"Shit!" Mikey kicked the wall, venting all of his anger and worry through his foot and into the brick. The only result was a stinging pain in his foot, which, needless to say, didn't really help matters. "Look," He continued, his voice slightly strained from the anger and desperation being held back behind it. "We've got to be at that party on Friday. Just to see if my brother's stupid enough to go, and to get him out if he is."

"Well, if you go, I doubt you'll find him." Luke put in.

"What?! Why?"

"Half of London is going." He sneered. "And it's all dress up - you have to come with a mask and costume on."



Meanwhile, in America, Vibia was staring out over the Hudson River in her high rise New York apartment. Actually, it wasn't specifically hers - just one she'd borrowed for a week after scaring off its normal inhabitants. She had to power and reputation to do so without hurting anyone, and had taken full advantage of that fact. It was a beautiful apartment really, even if not in the ways that she was used to.

Being over two millennia in age, she was used to stone buildings and small towns. That had changed suddenly to huge cities with towering buildings made of steel and the vampire queen still hadn't adjusted to it. But she could cope - and appreciate sites like this; with the sparkling city lights spread around the icy black mass of water. Those inky depths could mean certain death for anyone, and for that reason alone Vibia was desperate to throw herself in them - to battle death again and come out on top. It was one of the things that made her so powerful, but what few knew was that most of that power simply came from word of mouth.

Of course, she was strong - you had to be to survive as a vampire so long and stay in the spotlight for so long. But really her life was as fragile as anyone else's and it would only take a large number of vampires, or one stronger than her to take it away from her. The queen didn't admit to it, to do so would be suicide. Instead, she hid behind the pretence of invincibility.

Now was the time to put her true strength to test though. She was done in America - had dealt with the two arguing covens in a way that was just and fair - to the one she's supported at least. The other had met an untimely death. That didn't matter though; it meant that they wouldn't be around later to try and rebel against her, as well as it successfully kept her reputation intact. Her next stop was London, where sources told her that the Way brothers had holed up in an attempt to get away from her. It was a futile attempt - she was more than willing to follow.

From there, she would kill the older of the siblings, then carry on as normal. She'd debated killing Mikey, so as to allow the one who murdered her sister feel the same pain she had, but that would just make her enemies. She'd seen enough of Gerard to know he was extremely close to his younger brother, and killing Mikey would put the other Way through hell.

But then, she'd already done that. Vibia had been haunting Gerard for the last century - torturing him both mentally and physically every time they'd met. It was amazing he wasn't a nervous wreck - most others would be by this point. The queen enjoyed the abuse, but seeing him looking so happy with his younger brother had sparked jealousy within her - why should he be so happy with his sibling when he had taken that away from her? There was no doubt in her mind that now was the time to kill him.

It was a shame, though. Gerard Way had hurt her more than any other person in her entire history, and yet, she still hadn't managed to break him. He wasn't defeated. And despite that fact that he was going to die at her hands soon, Vibia was going to have one last attempt at breaking him before that. She was almost excited for it.

In fact, she already had a plan in place, and it was only a matter of getting the ball rolling for the rest of it to fall through.

Smiling at the thought of finally getting revenge on the man who had killed her baby sister, the vampire walked away from the huge window and its amazing view, and began to book the plane tickets that would take her back to London, where Gerard was going to get what he deserved. It was early morning - she'd be able leave in less than twelve hours.

Oooooh! The suspense! XD

Sorry, it took me over a week to update this, but yeah - that's life at the moment I'm afraid!!!

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