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You're Living In A Dream

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I tried to get through, and I tried to talk to you. But there's something stopping me from getting through.

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Le Chapter 13

For the most part, that was how the week continued; Vibia plotted, whilst Mikey worked against her, whilst Frank got fucked.
    As planned, the queen had flown over to London during that day she'd spent looking out over the bay. She spent the next few days combing the city for the Way brothers, and slaughtering any human unfortunate enough to cross her. Not for any particular reason even - just because she could. But in her searches, Vibia found out very interesting things about the brothers. Namely that Mikey was forming a rebellion against her somewhere deep within the city central, and had actually attracted a fair amount of attention. When the vampiress learned this, the younger brother was automatically added to her hit list.
    With this new information, her plan became obvious - use Mikey to reel Gerard in, then kill the younger of the two. She didn't believe that the other deserved to live but neither did she think that he'd be able to face life without his younger brother. If he could, well - then she'd kill him.
    It was simple, really it was just finding the Ways that was the tricky. London was a big city after all, and even with the place crawling with sycophants it would take a while to locate or contact them.
    Whilst waiting for this information though, one of her followers delivered some completely unrelated, but very interesting news. Gerard, it seemed, had acquired a human 'pet' in the last few weeks, and had become very attached to the boy.
    For the second time in less than a week, Vibia found herself staring out floor-to-ceiling windows, over a sleeping city with a river snaking through its centre. Only this time it was London. But the queen was still plotting - planning her revenge and plotting the demise of Gerard Way.
    Halfway across that same city, Frank was staring out across a similar view. Although he couldn't see the Thames from Gerard's apartment, he could still appreciate the beauty of the sparkling city lights. Unlike Vibia though, he wasn't just seeing the lights, wasn’t acknowledging that they were there - he was thinking.
    What were the people out there thinking right at this moment? Was it possible that anyone was in a situation similar to his? Probably not, he decided, but what if he were to knock on one of those doors? Tell who ever answered it that he had been kidnapped - taken from his home in New Jersey, and brought here as a sex slave or what ever the fuck Gerard thought of him as. They probably wouldn't believe him, especially if he brought vampires in to it.
    Or maybe they would. Maybe they would help him get home. Or he'd just be kidnapped all over again, only by English maniacs as opposed to American ones. That was assuming that he could get out of this apartment to begin with though.
    Gerard had left a few hours ago - searching for his brother again. Frank had been left alone in the flat again, this time left conscious though. During those few hours, he'd gone completely stir crazy, unable to settle for watching TV for that amount of time. There wasn't much on and there was no other form of entertainment available. The vampire had disconnected the phones in the apartment, so he couldn't call anyone, and there was little else to do other than pace, or stare out the window. Frank had settled for the latter.
    The last few days had been strange. Admittedly, that was becoming Frank's 'normal', but life had somehow progressed on to a new kind of strange. He and Gerard had had sex again - and a lot of it - and the boy seemed to enjoy it a little more each time. It was becoming, not gentler, but more caring - less one sided. Plus, he was enjoying spending time with the vampire more and more. They apparently had a relatively similar taste in music, both enjoying the rebellious nature of heavy metal music, and punk. When Frank confessed that he could play guitar, Gerard had began pestering him about - wanting to know what he could play, whether he wanted to be in a band, and so on.
    The two men were growing continually closer, but there was still a tension that came from them both knowing that Frank was here as a result of abduction. Because of that, there was always some sort of rift; a gaping awkwardness that neither of them were willing to bridge. It was just too soon, and neither of them was sure enough about their relationship to try and confront the other. The real question was; kidnapped or not - did Frank want to be there?
    Neither of them knew the answer to that.
    The human jumped at the sound of the apartment door unlocking and opening. There was a moment's pause, then the sound of it swinging shut. The boy moved from his space at the window, and into the front room. Curiously enough, it was deserted.
    Slightly confused, Frank poked his head into the kitchen, which was also empty. He tried the lounge next, where he found Gerard collapsed on one of the dark blue sofas, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers, eyes clenched shut. The teen hovered at the doorway for a few seconds, trying to decide whether or not to interrupt the vampire's obvious stress. Eventually, he decided that he should.
    "What's up?" He asked, walking into the room.
    Gerard opened his eyes, blinking a few times before letting his hand fall. "Nothing you can help with." He muttered, sounding uncharacteristically tired.
    "You didn't find your brother then?" Frank questioned attentively, perching on the armrest near the vampire's feet. The latter sat up, a sardonic smile stretched across his lips.
    "Nope. Turns out Mikey's been recruiting people though, tryna stage a rebellion against Vibia." The man looked about ready to pull his hair out.
    Frank's eyes widened. He didn't know much about vampire politics, but wasn't stupid enough to be oblivious to the connotations that went along with Mikey's actions. "Isn't that... a bit stupid?"
    "Of course it is!" Gerard snapped. He didn't mean t; he was just scared, incredibly worried about his younger brother and what was going to happening to him now. The worst bit was that Mikey was getting himself into shit, and to try and protect his older sibling no less. It should be the other way round - Gerard looking after the younger of the two, and he felt ashamed on top of the worry. When Frank flinched at his harsh words, he felt guilt too.
    "Sorry," he muttered. "Vibia's gonna kill him now - I'm just... stressed out over the whole thing." He flopped back on to the sofa.
    "Fair enough." The human looked down at his hands. He was wondering what his own parents were thinking. As far as they were concerned, he was a runaway. That must have hurt them an immense amount - although they had been separated for a few years now, he was still a very happy child. And now, he was gone - they must be thinking that he didn't care about them, that he thought that they weren't good enough for him.
    Without even realizing it, Frank began to cry - just a small tear dribbling down the side of his face as he thought about his parents, and how what they must be going through right now.
    Gerard noticed of course, even lost in his own little word there was part of him that was still aware of the human. He didn't like to think what that meant. "What's wrong?" He asked, sitting up again, and wiping the pearly drip of water off of the boy's pale cheek.
    "Nothing." Frank batted his hand away, and turned in the opposite direction.
    "Tell me." The vampire coaxed, shifting closer to wrap his arm around the human's waist.
    "No!" The teen snapped and jerked away from out of Gerard's arms. The tears broke through, and he couldn't help shouting his next few sentences. "It's not fair! You're worried about your brother - well you fucking drove him off! What about me? What about my parents?! They think I fucking ran away! You think your brother's gonna die? My parents probably think I am dead!"
    Frank stood there, fuming, his hazel eyes blazing in to Gerard's green ones. The latter felt his anger spike towards the boy, despite knowing that everything that he said was true. He didn't care though! The kid's parents could have fucking killed themselves, and he wouldn't give a shit! He had never met the people once in his life - why should he?
    But then, why should Frank care about Mikey? The younger vampire had kidnapped the human away from what was - as far as Gerard knew - a perfectly good life. And then he'd brought the kid to hell, the tortures being handed out by Gerard himself.
    Instead of exploding, the vampire hung his head, feeling slightly ashamed. In his mind, he was debating what to do to try and help Frank. What he'd thought earlier was true - he didn't care about the boy's parents. But, he did care about their son. And really, he hated it when the human looked like this; completely defeated and on the verge of tears.
    What's happening to me? Gerard thought, before speaking. "Do you want to call your parents?"
    Frank looked up at his words, unable to believe what he had just heard. "Wha- What?"
    "Your parents? Do you want to call them?" The vampire repeated.
    "Are you being serious?"
    The human's face split into a grin. "Thank you! Oh God, thank-you so much!"
    "It's okay." The vampire smiled back, pleased that he could make the boy happy, even if that small amount of pleasure was vastly over shadowed by the worry he felt for his own family. "Come on then. We're not gonna call them from here - too easy to trace."
    Frank nodded in understanding, over the moon simply because he was being allowed to contact his parents.
    "This doesn't mean you're going home though." Gerard warned, but the boy didn't seem to care - too happy with the small amount of progress he's made. It wasn't exactly as though he knew what he'd say if offered the chance to go home. As fucked up as it was, part of him had really begun to care for the vampire, and he wasn't ready to leave just yet.
    The two walked out of the flat, and down into the street. There, the vampire asked directions to the nearest phone shop. The woman asked gave him a bit of a strange look, but obliged nonetheless and twenty minutes later, Gerard had bought the cheapest phone available. From there, they walked a little further, until the man found a place that he proclaimed to be 'safe'.
    Really, he knew that this was not a good idea - that allowing Frank to do this would just make the kid more determined to go home, and would make it easier for the authorities to find them. But telling him now that he wasn't allowed to contact his parents after all wouldn’t be good; the disappointment might just kill the boy.
    Sighing, Gerard handed Frank the phone. "Listen," he said, as he did so. "Don't you dare tell them you're not in America. Stick to the story that you've run away and don't even think about calling the police or some shit. If you say anything wrong, there'll be hell to pay later."
    The teen nodded nervously, not doubting the vampire at all. Somewhat hesitant, but still excited, he punched his mom's number into the phone, then held it to his ear. It rung five times, before it was picked up.
    "Hello?" For a moment, Frank was shocked at how tired his mom sounded, how sad. But then, he had just disappeared in to the blue. No parent would exactly be celebrating.
    "Mom! It's me!" He nearly yelled down the phone, ignoring Gerard's 'shush'-ing.
    "Frank?" The woman sounded a little more alive now - nearly excited.
    "Hi, Mom."
    "Oh my God! Frank?! Where are you? What are you doing? Oh, God - are you okay, sweetie?" His mum was shouting now too, as happy as her son at this contact.
    "I'm fine Mom. Honestly. I miss you so, so, so much. Are you okay?"
    "No!" The boy was a little taken aback at the sudden anger in his mom's voice. Admittedly, it was largely overshadowed by joy, but it was definitely there. "Fuck, Frankie? How could you just run off like that?"
    The teen bit his lip, wishing that he could explain that it wasn't his choice to leave, but Gerard was still watching closely - clearly ready to put an end to the conversation if needed. "I'm sorry Mom. I didn't want to leave you guys. I love you so much, honestly."
    "I know, Hunny, but why did you go?"
    "I'm so, so sorry Mom. I just..." Frank glanced at the vampire. The latter's face was impassive, but there was no he was going to let the boy get away with revealing that his absence in New Jersey wasn't his choice. "I just needed to get away you know? Life was just so meaningless back home, and I hated it." That wasn't a lie - infect, it was something that the boy had complained about more than once to his mother.
    "I know sweetie, but couldn't you have waited? You're eighteen now, you could have gone to college of something away from here. You didn't have to run away."
    "I am so sorry Mom!" Frank bit back a sob. "I wanna come home-" He was stopped by a sudden pressure on his upper arm. Gerard was glaring at him, clearly telling him to shut up. "I love you, and Dad, I really do. I'm gonna come home, when I can, but-"
    "Enough!" Gerard snapped, tugging on his arm a little. The boy tried to pull loose, but it was no help.
    "I gotta go now." He said, voice sounded strangled from trying to stop himself from crying.
    "No! Frank! Don't g-"
    "I'm sorry, Mom. I have to. I love you, okay?" Were the last words that Frank could direct down the phone, before Gerard pulled it off of him. The vampire hastily hung up, and turned the phone off.
    "What did I say?" The older man snapped. "About not giving away that you didn't run away?"
    Despite knowing that it would get him no-where, the boy shouted back, still choking back tears. "She's my mom for fuck's sake! She was crying - she wanted to know why I'd left! What was I supposed to say?"
    Gerard didn't have an answer for that so he simply replied; "You're an idiot Frank." He then grabbed the boy by his lower arm and towed him out of the alley that the call had been made in. "Don't say a word - or cry - else your punishment is just gonna be that much worse!"
    A few people gave them odd looks as the vampire pulled the teen back through the London streets. But, as in most cities, the people didn't care enough to intervene - they simply averted their eyes and minded their own business. It was easier that way, even when something was clearly amiss as this situation obviously was. In fact, especially, when something was amiss, as in this situation.       
    So Gerard got away with pulling a nearly hysterical Frank back to his apartment. When they got there, he let go of the teen, who stalked away into the bathroom - one of the few rooms with an inside lock. This wouldn't have been a barrier to the vampire if he was determined to get in, but right now, he was ready to respect the fact that Frank wanted to be alone.
    It didn't take long for his patience to wear out however - after half an hour and several cups of coffee, he was knocking on the door into the washroom. There was no noise coming from the other side, which meant that the kid had either calmed down, or done something really stupid. Gerard thought it was unlikely that the boy was suicidal though.
    "Frank?" He said, knocking softly on the door. "Frankie? Let me in."
    "Frank? Let me in now, ok?" His voice was a bit sterner now.
    Still, nothing.
    Gerard sighed. "Look," he said. softer this time. "I'm sorry about earlier, but please, just unlock the door. I want to talk to you.
    There was a moment's pause, and the man was about  to ask again, when a small noise came from the other side of the door. "I don't wanna get hurt again, Gerard. So, I'm not gonna let you in." The kid's voice was rough and broken - he had obviously been crying in his time spent in the bathroom.
    The vampire sighed, remembering his earlier threat. "Look, I promise I won't hurt you. Just come out, okay?"
    "Frank, if I wanted to hurt you, I would have just broken down the door. Those locks aren't particularly strong you know."
    Another short pause then; "Why don't you just break the thing down anyway then?"
    "I dunno - it'd scare you or something?" Gerard rolled his eyes. He'd tried not to sound soft, and had failed completely.
    Still, that seemed to be what convinced Frank out, because after another few moments of silence, the door swung open to reveal the boy staring down at his shoes.
    "What do you want?" He whispered, afraid to raise his voice any higher.
    "Just to talk." Gerard replied.
    The teen just stood there for a moment, considering what that. Finally, he nodded and followed the other into the lounge. There he sat down on the couch next to the vampire. The whole time, he kept his eyes on the floor. He was still somewhat afraid of the other man, but apparently not enough so to keep himself locked in the bathroom. But then, it was probably true that the older man could knock down the door with ease if he so wished.
    They sat there in an awkward silence for a minute or two, waiting for the other to speak. When it became apparent that Frank wasn't going to, Gerard opened his mouth to speak.
    "Look, I'm sorry about earlier. I shouldn't have cut you off from your mom. Hell, I probably shouldn't have let you speak to her in the first place."
    The boy sighed, still keeping his gaze trained on the floor. "No, I'm glad you did. At least she knows I'm okay, now. Not dead in a dumpster like she'd have been expecting if I was on the Jersey streets."
    "Yeah, but it was cruel... giving you hope like that."
    The teen finally looked up at Gerard, who was saddened, but not surprised, to see tears in the other's eyes. "Why won't you just let me go home?" The younger whispered. "I don't get why you're keeping me here. It's not even like you're fucking me senseless every two seconds anymore. And you obviously don't like seeing me upset, so I don't get why..."
    "I... I..." The vampire was clueless as to what to say. Not because he didn't know how to phrase his answer, but because he didn't know it himself. A bit like how - despite missing his normal life, and parents desperately - the boy couldn't understand why part of him wanted to stay with Gerard. "I don't have to explain myself." The older man said at last.
    The boy just smiled sadly, and fixed his eyes on the floor again.
    "Hey, look at me." Gerard said, softly. He cupped the teen's chinning his hand, and directed him so he was looking at the vampire again. "I don't know why I want you here. I just... don't seem to be able to let you go. Does that make any sense what so ever?"
    Frank nodded, understanding completely what the vampire meant. He sighed and leant into Gerard's chest, feeling his heart beating in his chest. He'd never noticed that before, just assumed that the vampire would lack one on account of being a vampire. But now that he could hear the steady thump, he found it reassured him. Made him feel less at odds with Gerard.
    The older one wrapped his arms around the younger and pressed him to his chest, enjoying the weight and warmth of the teen. He didn't want the kid to be sad, and he definitely didn't want to let him go. However, it didn't seem possible to have both. And the vampire couldn't help but wonder that if one day, in a moment of stupidity, he would take Frank home, simply so the kid didn't cry again. On his account at least.
    Gerard shook his head to clear these thoughts, and pressed his lips to the top of the boy's head. His hair was slightly greasy, and smelt musty.
    "Come on." He said, straightening up. "You haven't washed in ages."
    Unsurprisingly after what had happened after last time, Frank was reluctant to shower again in Gerard's presence. And as the vampire was nearly always there, his personal hygiene had gone down the drain. Metaphorically speaking at least. Even knowing this, the boy still hung back, not wanting to follow the man in to the bathroom he'd just locked him into.
    "Hey, I promised you that I wouldn't hurt you, didn't I?" Gerard took the boy's hand again and squeezed it reassuringly. Frank was still a little adverse to washing with the vampire there, but had little choice but to trust the man to keep his word. So ten minutes later, he found himself immersed in hot steam again, only this time, feeling far more relaxed.
    He was standing, back pressed against Gerard's front, having his hair lathered into a soapy mess on top of his head. The vampire was kissing up and down his neck softly, nipping at the skin in places. It was almost a calming sensation.
    After one final kiss, the man turned Frank around again to let the water rinse the soap off of him.
    "I really like your hair, you know." Gerard murmured, running his hand through the short mass of blonde and black.
    "Thanks." The boy was a little taken aback, but too blissed out to really care. Between the hot, steamy air, and the other man's body, hands and lips pressed against him, Frank had completely relaxed, and completely forgotten his earlier fear. That had been the vampire's plan of course, and he was pleased that it had worked.
    He resumed his kissing down the teen's neck, unable to resist biting softly over the veins that stood out prominently there. The boy was just so warm and soft, and Gerard was actually loving the way he could make the smaller man feel so relaxed, even after the tears and stress of missing his parents.
    "You can have some, if you want." The teen whispered, not really knowing what he was saying. It just seemed to be appropriate. "Of my blood, I mean."
    The vampire froze, feeling shocked. But, he wasn't about to pass up an offer like that. "Are you sure?"
    "Yeah..." The boy breathed, really not caring what Gerard did, as long as it felt good.
    The older man smiled, then leant down to kiss Frank's lips softly. Their mouths opened to allow their tongues to tangle for a moment, then the vampire carried on down. At the boy's neck, he paused, licking over the hot skin there, and feeling the pulse jump beneath his tongue.
    Gerard just savoured this for a moment, before grazing his teeth over the vein and sinking them in. Frank gasped at the pain, and hearing this, the vampire ran his hands over the other's waist, trying to calm him. It seemed to work, as the boy relaxed in Gerard's grip. The man kissed him again and held him a little tighter, before placing his lips over the small puncture and sucking. The rich, salty blood flooded into his mouth, washing over his tongue and offering him life not available to most mortals.
    He moaned, and held Frank tighter still, noting how the boy was still completely relaxed and blissed out - head lolling against his shoulder. Gerard continued to drink for a few minutes longer, basking in the rich taste of the boy. Then he dethatched himself from the cut and licked over it a few times to catch the last remains of the falling blood.
    Then, the vampire straightened, and his lips found his blood donor's. They kissed again, and it was long and sweet and deep. Gerard nipped at Frank's lower lip, teasing the plump flesh between his teeth. He was pleased when it elicited a moan from the boy. Their hands were trekking all over each other, exploring one another's bodies.
    Both could feel the other against them, their skin warm even under the heat of the shower. The vampire ran his hand down to the boy's arse and squeezed the white flesh there, again pleased when he moaned. Frank responded by bringing his own hands up to the man's face and tugging on the long black hair hanging down by the side of it. He had come to love that hair, it was so soft, and felt so pleasurable to run his hands through when their bodies were entwined as they were now.
    The two kissed in the shower for a good half hour longer. Both found it strange how it never progressed beyond that, but somehow the atmosphere wasn't right. It was loving, as opposed to lustful.
    Frank ended up returning the favour of having his hair washed, and found himself enjoying caring for the vampire - even through a task this small. When they were both shriveled up from the prolonged contact to the water, the men got out, Gerard insisting on using one of the overly fluffy towels to dry Frank off when he saw the boy shivering.

    Then, they collapsed on the sofa, eating together and watching a few stupid cartoons. The entire evening felt like one shared by two lovers, as opposed to a vampire and his pet. For the two men, the lines were beginning to blur, anyway.

Right, this is the third time that I've tried to upload this. Computers are such shit!!! Anyway, I'm also at my grandparents' house at the mo', so if I get caught doing this, I'm fucked. Really terrified that they're gonna try reading over my shoulder. That could be awkward.

Anyway, the title's from B-Movie, and if you know the song, I shall be very impressed!

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