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You Call To Me, I Fall At Your Feet

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Can't see the silver lining, from down here on the floor. And I just keep on trying, but I don't know what for.

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Frank's eyelids fluttered open at the feel of soft kisses around his navel. He smiled sleepily at the sensation, and wondered what had put Gerard in a good enough mood to wake him up like this. Perhaps it was the bloodletting of last night.

The boy groaned as the lips at his belly button moved lower, and began to brush against his already half-hard dick. When warm breath fluttered across it, he felt his blood begin to take a sudden diversion south.

Under the covers, Gerard smiled at the response he was getting and licked a short line up Frank's dick, eliciting a moan from the teen. He continued to tease the boy for a few moments longer, then the urge to taste overcame him, and he took the whole length into his mouth.

It was strange really; the vampire had never particularly liked giving head before - or rimming for that matter - but there was something about having Frank squirming and whining like this that made the whole thing entirely enjoyable. Even the taste was pleasant, he reflected as he pushed his tongue against the head of Frank's cock. The salty, meaty scent was satisfying, and deliciously male.

Gerard snorted at his thoughts, then returned is attention to deep throating the boy, suppressing his gag reflex as the other hit the back of his mouth. He clamped his teeth down slightly too - not enough to hurt, but just to tease the sensitive nerves in that area.

The vampire drew back, trailing his teeth and tongue along the skin, and dragging moans and whines from Frank's lips. He grinned at the noise, and just sucked at the boy, reveling in the noises he was emitting.

Frank himself, was writhing in his skin, trying desperately not to buck his hips up. He couldn't stop himself from grabbing at Gerard's hair though, and tangling is fingers through the dark locks. He pulls at them slightly as heat coursed through him and he came explosively in the vampire's mouth.

The latter swallowed down everything Frank had to offer, surprising himself by enjoying the taste again. The teen couldn't stop himself from bucking his hips as he exploded, but Gerard just moved back, so the kid didn't choke him. He was still twirling his tongue around Frank, milking the orgasm for all it was worth. The sound of the teen's screaming was turning him on an unbelievable amount. Even when the boy was completely spent, he suckled on his flaccid cock for a few more seconds, just to hear more of those delicious noises.

When it was clear that Frank didn't have anything else to give, Gerard wasted no time in crawling back up the bed. He poked his head out of the covers, a wide grin stretched across his face. The boy giggled at the sight - the vampire looked hilarious like that; long hair ruffled crazily, smile splitting his face in two, and cum dripping down his chin.

Gerard laughed back, and pressed their lips together. He didn't know why he was in quite so good a mood this morning, but what he did know was that he was going to devour Frank whole and that they were both going to enjoy every second of it.

He was already hard, so didn't hesitate to begin to rock against Frank's leg. He inhaled sharply at the sensation - at how good it felt to have the pressure on his dick, and the heat. The teen didn't mind - in fact, he was kissing back with twice the force now, not minding that he could taste himself all over Gerard.

"Fuck." The vampire panted. He moved his hands down the boy’s soft side, and pulled on his thighs. Frank got the message quickly, and moved his knees so that Gerard was positioned between his legs.

The man drew back, and spat on his palm, before moving it down and spreading it over his cock. He had lube, but really did not want to move away from Frank to get it. At the same time, he wanted the boy to enjoy the act, so he spread the saliva and pre-cum that his cock was already leaking over the skin there. With the amount of sex they'd already had, it probably didn't matter too much, but Gerard figured that it was better to be safe. Plus the hand on cock felt really good.

He teased himself a little, until the teen began to moan again. This time, it wasn't from pleasure though - it was from need. Gerard chuckled, and fused their lips back together. At the same time, he moved his hand again - so it was positioned on Frank's waist. Then, almost painfully slow, he began to push in.

The boy immediately tensed at the feeling, but Gerard could read him well enough by now to know that it wasn't from pain. He broke the kiss, then pushed a little further in and the teen's half closed eyes rolled back out of pleasure. The vampire chuckled again, before thrusting fully in.

White-hot heat exploded through both of them - the man going insane from the tight heat enclosed around him, and Frank squirming at the pleasure-pain from being stretched like this. Gerard began to rock slowly, rutting shallowly and softly into the boy. Both gasped at the feeling and the vampire began to speed up. His thrusts became faster, deeper and longer, each one pushing the men closer to the edge.

Frank screamed as Gerard hit that small, God-given-gift that was that ball of nerves inside him. Fuck only knows why that felt so good, but he wasn't complaining, and fuck, fuck, fuck.

The vampire shivered at the sound of the obscenities spilling from the teen's lips. He didn't even seem to be aware of them, but the words were just getting the vampire hotter and hotter. He wasn't going to last much longer. As though Frank somehow knew this, he moved his legs and wrapped them around the vampire's waist, linking his ankles.

This only served to pull Gerard deeper in. The vampire gasped again, knowing he was close and he consumed Frank's lips for another kiss. Within moments, he was exploding inside the boy, filling him up with hot sticky liquid and screaming his name.

"Oh shit." He swore as stars appeared behind his closed lids. He bent down again to continue the kiss, still firing spunk inside the kid. The latter didn't seem to care, just reached down to pump at his own cock, which was sandwiched between their bodies. It was erect again, and he was close to cumming - not surprising all things considered. After only a few pumps, Frank was ejaculating again, only this time all over his own stomach as opposed to down Gerard's mouth. He didn't mind though.

As the boy came, he tightened around the vampire's cock, which despite now being soft was still inside the other. The man gasped again - the nerves there still overly sensitive, and this feeling almost painful it was so good. Finally, once Frank was entirely spent, he collapsed on top of Gerard; not caring that it meant that cum was all over his chest too.

The vampire grinned lazily, then pressed their mouths together in a long, slow, deep kiss. It consumed both of them for several minutes, until Gerard broke the kiss and pulled out. He rolled over to flop down next to Frank, and pulled the sheets up over their heads.

Lying on the bed, still wrapped around each other was really the only option after something like that. So that was exactly what they did - hidden from the rest of the world by the tent of dark red covers, the vampire and human just indulging in each other and sharing sweet, chaste kisses. Sweat and cum was beginning to dry on the two of them, and it wouldn't be long before the sickly musty smell of body fluids began to stick to them. Neither cared, though. The moment was too perfect to ruin with something as menial as a bad smell.

Eventually, though, they had no choice to move - their stomachs grumbling at them for food. Frank laughed, and clamped his hand down on his belly as it emitted a small groan, from lack of nutrition.

Gerard echoed his giggle, his ears easily being able to pick up the noise. "Hungry by any chance?" He smirked, biting at the boy's nose. The vampire - in Frank's opinion - looked more human than ever. Admittedly, he could pass easily enough for one anyway, but now, whatever it was that separated him from the masses was gone. The power, the lack of emotion, and the icy countenance - it had all just gone up in smoke, and the human loved it.

"Just a bit," he replied, giggling again when his stomach rumbled. After everything that had just happened, it was such a mood killer.

The other man rolled his eyes. "Silly little human." He kissed Frank's nose, then nuzzled his cheek with his own nose. "Go shower or something, 'cos you stink, then we'll find some place to eat."

"Can't we just stay here?" The boy protested, pressing himself closer to Gerard. "I don't wanna move. Order bed and breakfast or something."

"As tempting as that sounds, this is an apartment, not a hotel. And there's nothing in the fridge."

"Dammit. Can't we just, I dunno, move to the Ritz or something?" Frank laughed again, hoping that the Ritz was actually in England.

Apparently it was because Gerard didn't comment otherwise. "Yeah," he snorted. "For a few hundred pounds a night. I'm not made of money, ya know!"

"N'aaww." The boy pouted. Then his stomach rumbled again, causing both men to giggle.

"Come on." And ignoring Frank's protests, the vampire pulled himself out of bed and walked into the bathroom. The human sighed, and curled up again under the sheets. It had been such a lovely morning. Such a lovely night in fact. After the tension created yesterday from Frank's call home, and the resulting fight, a new level of peace had been achieved between the two. As with what was making Gerard look so human that morning, the boy had no idea what had changed, but he was happy with it. And the key to this new life seemed to be not to question thing too much. Ignorance is bliss.

The kid was just drifting off to sleep again, when he found himself being shaken awake by Gerard. "Wakey-wakey." He cooed, teasing the boy slightly.

"Noooo..." Frank fought to burrow back under the covers. The vampire wasn't having any of it though - he wrapped his arms around the human's waist and lifted his up, along with the covers. The boy gave a small scream at the sudden defiance of gravity, and then found himself deposited on the floor. The next moment, the sheets were stripped off him, and Gerard's lips were pressed against him once more.

The boy didn't complain, just leaned forward into the kiss, and wrapped his arms around the man's neck to anchor him there.

That didn't last long, however. "Shower." The vampire ordered, pulling back sharply. Frank rolled his eyes, but obliged, giving Gerard another peck on his way into the bathroom. He didn't miss the vampire's chuckle, or bother to stifle his own.

After having washed, the boy returned to the bedroom to find clean clothes laid out on the bed. This seemed to have become a habit with the two - Gerard always choosing the tightest, most revealing clothes possible, whether Frank liked it or not. The latter had never bothered to protest, knowing that it would be no use what so ever.

Today though, the jeans weren't two sizes too small - as the boy had grown used to - but seemed as though they'd actually fit. The black t-shirt wasn't overly tight either, and Frank couldn't help but wonder what had brought the change on. He dressed anyway and went into the front room, to find Gerard leaning against the wall in their, slouching slightly and appearing to be deep in thought.

"What is it?" Frank asked as he walked towards the vampire.

"Nothing important." The man's eye flicked approvingly over the human, and then smirked. "We're going to a party tonight, Frankie."

The boy couldn't help but swallow at that- the words somehow sounded slightly ominous. "Really?"

"Uhuh. A vampire party. It's a fancy-dress thing, and I'll tell you now that you are going to be the sexiest motherfucker there." Frank gulped again. Apparently, the human side that he'd seen earlier on Gerard was long gone. "Now, breakfast?" The vampire grinned. The boy just nodded.

Strangely enough, during the meal (at MacDonald's, no less), Gerard regained the friendly countenance that had come after the morning's sex.

They didn't do much that day - just went round the city, sight-seeing. The human was actually beginning to love it - all of the old architecture, and posh shops, and strange accents, all of which was so different to his hometown in New Jersey. It wasn't any more or less inviting than the state, but the general atmosphere was different.

Unfortunately for Frank though, he couldn't just let himself relax and enjoy it. All through the day, Gerard was swinging in between the warm, human mood that made the other man so happy, and the cold, hard-hearted vampire one that just scared him. It kept Frank on his toes, but not in a pleasant way. He was also somewhat dreading the party tonight.

The concept or other vampires in itself terrified the teen, and on top of that, Gerard always became teasing and mean whenever the subject came up. Then there was whatever the vampire had in mind for him to wear. By now, Frank knew him well enough to guess that it would make him look like some sort of whore, and would more than likely show off all of the love bites and real bites that had accumulated during his time with Gerard. He just prayed that it would hide his back - which still hadn't healed completely from the abuse of the first night. And he had some burn marks on his chest from the wax play the other night.

He couldn't figure out when the vampire had gotten the costume either. Okay, he had gone out on his own a lot - but that was to search for his brother. Surely he wouldn't use that time to go shopping? But then, the first Gerard has left him, he'd come back with... sex toys.

By the time that the man announced that it was time to return to the apartment and get ready for the party tonight, the sun was beginning to set. Frank guessed it was around seven, but could never just by the light in the sky.

Back in the apartment, Gerard direct the boy into the bedroom that they were sharing, before grabbing some of the make-up he'd purchased over the last few days. When he made his way back into the bedroom, Frank looked vaguely horrified at the sight of the other man being armed with eyeliner.

The vampire just smirked at this, and pushed the human on to the bed, before straddling him. He was going to have fun with this.

"Tilt your head back." He ordered. The boy hesitated, but knew he didn't really have a choice with this. When he did so, Gerard immediately began to smear kohl around the hazel orbs, making them appear larger and darker almost immediately.

It turned out that the vampire was actually quite effeminate when it came to make-up; he kept on fussing over and re-doing it, thinking that it wasn't good enough. Well, he wanted his little pet to look perfect for tonight. However, despite the nefarious, sick-minded intentions behind his actions, Gerard was acting extremely cheerful and friendly during his time making Frank up. It was the same loving and joking nature that he'd had that morning - the one that the teen loved, and made him feel safe around the vampire.

It took a good hour for Gerard to finally be satisfied with his makeover job. By the end of this hour, the boy's face was itching like hell - not help by the fact that the other man forced him to sit on his hands so he couldn't ruin the drying liquids smeared across his eyes - and he didn't even want to know what he looked like.
He could feel that the vampire had brushed something across his cheeks (and tried to suppress images of the orange-faced girls walking around everywhere), fucked with his lips and smeared large amounts of black substances around his eyes. He probably looked like he was a drag queen gone wrong.

Leaning back, from his position on Frank's lap, Gerard smirked at his work. The boy had an expression of horror on his face, like he was imagining himself to look like a girl, but that wasn't the opinion that the vampire held. He wasn't the most effeminate person out there by any means, but he had very much enjoyed making Frankie up like this, and was pleased with the finished result.

The boy's eyes now appeared about ten times larger and darker, thanks to the black he'd lined them extensively with. His lips were looking darker too - a deep shade of red that looked moist and sticky, and made Gerard just want to kiss them until the teen passed out. The vampire had also dusted a little blush on to the kid's cheek. Nothing extensive of course, but Frank appeared to be permanently flushed. So yeah, Gerard was proud of his work.

He wasn't done yet though.

"Come on," He said, sliding gracefully off of the boy's knees.

"Do I look like a girl now?" The younger wondered, touching his face cautiously.

The vampire just laughed, and slapped the teen's hand away. "No," he answered. "But you do look unbelievably gorgeous."

Frank blushed at the compliment, the pink on his cheeks just accentuating the blood there. Gerard grinned again, and pulled the boy up, before leading him into the room where they'd been keeping all of their clothes.

He had seen this outfit on one of his treks around the city, and immediately pictured Frank in it. The party was the perfect opportunity to show the thing off, even if it had been acceptable to wear anywhere else. And seeming as he'd been treating the boy as his pet - well, this was just perfect.

"Take your clothes off." He bent down slightly to whisper in the teen's ear.

Frank trembled slightly - Gerard was back in his scary mode. He didn't want to get undressed either, but knew - as with the make-up - he didn't have a choice. It wasn't as though the vampire had never seen him like that before anyway, but he still felt uncomfortable as he pulled first his top, then jeans off.

The other man was now leaning against one of the walls - looking casual, but devouring every inch of Frank with his eyes.

When the boy stopped undressing at his underwear, the vampire just smirked. "Come on, Frankie. You know me better than that by now - pants too."

The boy closed his eyes a moment, trying to collect himself, and then quickly removed his boxers. Gerard's smirk widened.

"Good boy." He kissed the teen's cheek, and then walked over to the closet to pull out a pair of leather trousers. Like nearly everything he'd bought the human, they were a few sizes too small. Not that Frank was exactly big in the first place - he just enjoyed watching the kid squirm.

` "Put them on." He instructed, handing the teen the mound of soft, black leather.

The boy held them out gingerly, eyes widening as he took in the size. "No way." In a foolishly daring move, he tossed the pants away.

"What?" Gerard's voice lowered dangerously, whilst his widened in surprise.

"Gerard - they won't fit! I can't wear them!" Frank protested, his voice going slightly whiney.

"They will." The vampire shrugged. "It's that or nothing. Your choice."

The boy turned to the leather atrocities that had landed on the bed. Again, he didn't have any choice. Sighing, he walked over to them and began to pull them over his leg. The material was incredibly soft, and slid over his skin with surprising ease. However, when they reached about his mid thighs, the leather began to stick, and refused to some up any higher.

Frank looked up at Gerard in despair, who just smirked, and continued to lean against the wall. It was another good fifteen minutes of struggling before the pants were finally in place and done up around his hips.

At this point, the boy peered over at the vampire again, who had barely moved during the whole escapade. He seemed to come out of his trance now, and sauntered over to the teen.

"You look gorgeous." He said, winding his arms around Frank's waist. He placed a small kiss to the boy's forehead, then drew back again. "Now for the rest of it."

Frank couldn't help but sigh in relief - he wouldn't be surprised if Gerard had wanted him to go to the party wearing nothing but these leather pants. The vampire went back to the closet and chucked the teen a plain black top, which the latter pulled on hurriedly. Then, out came the box.

Smirk still firmly in place, Gerard waltzed back over to Frank, and sat down on the bed next to him.

"What's in there?" The boy asked, when the other didn't say anything for a few seconds - just sat there, an evil smile stretched across his face.

"I was hoping you'd say that." The vampire's grin grew, He opened the red box - really, it was just a fancy shoe box, but he was having too much fun to give that away now - to reveal a small black, studded, leather collar, with a matching leash attached.

Frank nearly threw up. He was not wearing that.

"No! No way!" He stood up, shouting. "I am not wearing that! I am not your fucking dog!"

"Oh, but you are, sweetie." Gerard chuckled sadistically. "You're my little pet." He'll admit that he had no idea how the human would react to being treated like this, but he wasn't surprised at the anger. He wasn't annoyed either. "And tonight, everyone's going to know it." He smirked, thoroughly satisfied.

"No, Gerard, please, no!" The anger was giving away to desperation now, and a little fear.

The vampire stood up and walked over to the teen, the box still firmly in his grip. His other hand snaked round the boy's waist. "I'll make it up to you later." He promised. Frank was still shaking his head, so his grip tightened, and his voice got lower as he uttered his next words. "It's not like you have a choice in this."

The human sighed, knowing that one way or another, he was wearing that collar. He may as well just get the whole Goddamn thing over with. "Fine." He murmured.

Gerard grinned as he slipped the collar on, and tightened it around the boy's neck. "Hey," he said. "At least it'll protect your pretty neck from all of the hungry vampires there."

Needless to say, the words didn't make Frank feel any better about the situation.

Hello again! I am watching the most cringable thing on the planet - has anyone out there seen the Bird Cage?? It's actually hilarious!! And apparently my parent's idea of a suitable family film. Which is... interesting! You all have a good Easter? I trust that you've been stuffing your faces in! If not, shame on you! XD

Anyway, did ya like the smut?? :D We're actually nearing the end of this story now; two, three more chapters left at most. What I'm wondering is what I'll write next. I have three ideas lined up; another highschool type one, but with a supernatural twist, so with any luck, it won't be your bog-standard one. The other is sorta an on tour thing, that the characters will be slightly more accurate. well, only slightly - 'cos I mean, it is fanfiction.

Either way, I'm finishing this first, but have to admit I'm kinda excited for the next story. I'm a little disenchanted with this.

Oh, and the title is from Nickelback! (Nickleback?? - I dunno, which everyway round the 'l' and the 'e' go! It's just one of those things I can never remember!)

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