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One Night To Remember

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One day, I will get revenge. One day, this will all just end.

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Looking at the warning thing, it looks like nothing really goes on in this chapter. Which is funny, 'cos this is where the wheels start to turn. Well, a bit faster at least.

The chapter after this is probably gonna be the last though. Thought I'd warn you :)

The question is... happy, or sad ending? ;) Nah - I know how it's gonna end. It's gonna crash and burn... Which is exactly what I said about my last story... You've been warned!

Naaah - I'm joking again!


The title is from 30 Seconds To Mars... again. This is the third time... Well don't hate in me - they are my favourite band! 8P

I'll shut up


Frank shivered as he stood obediently next to Gerard, trying to avoid eye-contact with any of the creatures who looked as though they'd be far too willing to eat him. Despite his hatred for the outfit he'd been forced in to, he couldn't help but feel a tiny bit more secure with the collar covering his neck. Realistically, it's protection was non-existent, but it made the boy feel a bit better anyway.

Of course, what he would have preferred would be to not be here at all - to be tucked at at home warm and safe, and feel loved again by the very man who was inflicting this horror on him.

Frank shook himself a he realised what he'd just thought - that his home was the flat he'd been sharing with Gerard only a few miles away from here. No! That wasn't true! Home for him was back in New Jersey - a few thousand miles away from where he was standing, with his mom and friends. The boy brought his palms up and dug the heel of them into his eyes to try and clear the tears that had sprung up at the thought of his mom. At least she knew he was alive now.

When he lowered his hands, he accidently made eye-contact with a vampire. Not Gerard - but an unknown man who was smirking at the teen and the fact that he so obviously had no free will what-so-ever. At this, the anger welled up inside Frank again, and he couldn't resist tugging at the collar he wearing. Gerard didn't notice - he was in the middle of flirting with some chick.

The human hated this - the fact that the vampire had dragged him out here and making him parade around half naked (the man had made him take his top off before they had got in to the building) in front of all of these predators/ On top of the fear, there was also the humiliation - Frank hated the show of ownership that Gerard was putting on. And then, not even paying attention to the boy? He had never been a particularly patient person, and the situation was enough to enrage anyone.

It was no good protesting though - the kid had tried to tug on the vampire's shoulder a few times so the vampire would at least acknowledge his existence. It was no good though; Frank was just waved off with an airy hand.

Scowling, the teen looked back across the room. He could still feel gazes on him, but he chose to ignore them, or give the person the finger if their eyes made contact. The place wasn't what the human had expected. Obviously, he had nothing to base it on - having never been to a similar event, but the whole thing just seemed like one big house party. Although the place was clearly very posh, the scene was one of low lights, and music filled the building. Some people were dancing, but most were just standing around - drinking and talking with one another. When they had arrived outside of the huge, upmarket hotel, this had been the last thing that the boy expected, but he supposed that at least house parties were something he was comfortable with. Really, the only difference that Frank could see was that about half the people looked completely terrified out of their wits. It didn't take much guessing that these were other humans.

These unfortunate people weren't dressed as degradingly as the boy - for the most part at least. He had seen one girl completely naked though, and another guy wearing shackles. Both looked as unhappy as Frank felt, but then, it was hard to identify anyone both as human and enjoying themselves.

It was clear the evening was fancy-dress thing, and the teen couldn't help but snigger at this. The majority of people here were probably decades old - did they really have nothing better to do with their life then dress up? To be honest, the whole idea seemed rather juvenile to Frank, but then, who was he to judge? He was dressed up as a fucking dog!

As though Gerard could read his thoughts, the second that this particular one his mind, the vampire gave a sharp tug on his lead. The boy hurtled forward, nearly tripping over his own feet. The woman that Gerard had been talking to laughed, and walked off.

Face burning with humiliation, Frank regained his balance and glared up at the other man. "You're loving this, aren't you?" He scowled.

"Of course I am." The vampire purred, curling his fingers around the teen's chin. "Aren't you?"

"Course." Frank mimicked the other man, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Who wouldn't love being paraded around half naked, whilst dressed up as a dog?"

Gerard laughed. "Hey, you're better off than some of the other humans here. You'll still be alive at the end of the night."

The teen felt as though he was bout to throw up. "How can you let that happen?" He demanded, pleased that he had a chance to vent his anger at the other man. "Stand around knowing that someone's brother, sister, son, daughter, mother, father is never gonna come home to their family?"

The vampire just shrugged. "I don't care. As far I was concerned this time a few weeks back, you were gonna be dead by now. We're vampires. We kill. You don't feel guilty for stepping on an ant do you?"

Frank didn't really have an answer to that. "So why don't you just kill me then? What makes me so special?"

"Nothing. I just happen to be fonder of you than most vampires are of their humans. Rest assured that if you die though, I wouldn't waste my time mourning." Although the boy didn't notice, Gerard was frowning as he said that. For some reason, he didn't like the idea of the teen being dead. Of that beautiful little body not pumping blood through it, of the lungs no longer pulling air in and those bright hazel eyes filmed over and incapable of seeing. And somehow, the vampire thought that if the kid were to meet his demise any time soon, he'd miss him.

Frank was oblivious to all of this; concentrating on trying to ignore the sinking feeling he had deep within his guts.

The pair stood there in awkward silence for a minute or two, until the boy decided to give in to his curiosity and break the silence.

"Does this sort of thing happen often then?" He asked.

"What, the party?" Gerard responded, although he still had a far off look in his eye, still contemplating exactly what he'd do if Frank was killed, and why the thought of it was making him feel slightly sick.

"Yeah," The teen replied, leaning back against the wall.

"Maybe," The vampire shrugged. "I'm not in London too often, but I don't think this is an overly unusual occurrence. The great thing about big cities is with the amount of people there are, no one will care about should some of them go missing. It's half the reason so many of the humans will die here tonight."

Now Frank was feeling ill. "Do you have to kill people. To eat, I mean?"

"No!" Gerard gave a short laugh. "We'd burst before we managed to drain a person dry. I guess these people just enjoy playing with their food like that. Not everyone's like that though. There are some people who won't drink from a human unless they're already dead - like in morgues and stuff." He shuddered at the thought. "Their blood's not as good though. The dead's, I mean."

"That's gross." The human mimicked the vampire's shudder, agreeing with the other man completely. "Look, Gerard, can we just go? Please? You've got to... show me off." Frank fought to keep the revulsion out of his voice. "You're not talking to anyone and this whole this is really scaring me." The boy bit his lip, really not wanting to do what he was about to. If it got him out if this place though, it'd be worth it. "Please? I'll make it up to you when we get home. You can tie me up, and drink from me, and anything you want. I just wanna get out of here." With his last words, the teen pressed his body against the other man's and rubbed his hips slightly on his leg.

It worked. Frank could see Gerard's eyes light up with lust at his actions. And if he did it just a minute earlier, the two men probably would have been out of there in a matter of moments, and on the way back to the London apartment. As it happened, though, luck wasn't on the human's side.

At that second, a blonde, male vampire dressed in skinny jeans and a some-what unnecessarily tight top, appeared and tapped Gerard's elbow. The boy couldn't tell what he was supposed to be dressed as, but it was clear that he had the other vampire's attention. He gave Frank a once over, then leaned forward to whisper in the older man's ear.

He had the dark haired vampire's attention at once. He listened intently for a few seconds, nodded.

"One moment." He said, before half turned back to the human.

"No." The blonde vampire cut in before the other had a chance to speak. Then he leaned forward and whispered something again. Frank bit his lip as a considering look crossed Gerard's face. The latter shrugged, then stretched up to hook the loop of the lead that the human was wearing around one of the orate lights that were spaced along the wall. The the vampire turned and began to walk away.

"Wha-? No! Gerard!" Frank yelled, grabbing the adressed's hand before he could walk off.

The man turned, an uncharacteristic look of pity etched across his face. "It's just for a minute, ok?" He said softly. "I'll be right back, but you can't come with me." Like the boy had any choice.

It turned out that the collar and lead that the vampire had purchased wasn't your bog standard one, designed for dogs who didn't had opposable thumbs. They were held together with a small silver padlock, the key of which was in one of Gerard's jeans' pockets. The lock was also positioned in a way that made it impossible to unbuckle the collar. Frank wondered what sadistic bastard had designed it.

That coupled with the fact that the light was out of his reach made the human even more of a captive than he had been before. Made him feel like even more of a stupid little pet. It also meant that he was powerless to stop the only person who cared if he survived through the night as he disappeared out of the room.

Gerard would be lying if he said that he didn't feel guilty for leaving the boy tied up as he walked away. Especially after the request that the kid had just made. Really there was only one thing on the planet that would have convinced him to leave Frank there, and it was just bad luck as much as anything else that the message chose that moment to arrive. Or maybe that had been the vampire's plan - to get him to leave his human out there, completely defenceless. As this thought crossed his mind, Gerard had an overwhelming urge to go back and get the human. Fuck whatever orders he'd been given - the vampire had never liked following them anyway.

But then, the person asking to see him was the very one whom he'd been combing London for, for nearly a week now. He just didn't know whether to be relieved or angry that Mikey had finally decided to show his face. And of course, his brother had to chose the most inconvenient time to do so.

Gerard didn't voice any of this though, just wordlessly followed the other vampire through the hotel's lobby and in to a nearby elevator. He was forcibly reminded of his birthday - of the first time he'd met Frank - but then he'd been happy, and anticipating what ever it was at the end of his journey. Now, he was nervous and - although he hated to admit it - slightly scared.

The two vampires got off on the fifth floor, walked down a length of the corridor, then the blonde man knocked at one of the room's doors. Gerard heard some shuffling from within, then the door opened slightly. A small brown eye squinted out the crack, then the barrier swung open completely, to reveal a small hotel room with a good dozen vampires within.

The American one surveyed the room quickly; there were only two people he recognised. One was Abby, and Gerard was more than slightly surprised to see her here. This was over-shadowed however, by the joy and relief at seeing his little brother, frowning perhaps, but safe.

"Mikey?" What was he supposed to say. It was rare that the vampire was ever lost for words around his younger sibling, but this was one of those times. He really didn't like it.

"Hi Gerard." The other American responded coolly. Gerard was slightly taken aback by his tone.

"Wha- what's going on here?" He decided to ask the obvious.

Mikey sighed. He didn't really know what he'd expected from his brother. After all, the last time they'd seen each other, they'd left on less than good terms, and since then, he'd been avoiding his elder like the plague. Now neither knew what to say to one another. The suitable thing would probably have been to apologise, but it wouldn't have been truthful or constructive in anyway. Even if it was, both of the Ways had too much pride to admit they were wrong, except in the most extreme of cases.

"We're... I'm trying to help you." The younger brother responded eventually. "No one here likes Vibia - we can fight her."

Gerard snorted. "You're joking, aren't you? There's no way in fuck that -" he counted quickly "- fifteen of us can fight against a queen and all her minions!"

"We can try." Mikey responded shortly. "It's better than going without a fight, isn't it?"

"I guess..."

"Unless you've changed your mind? You're willing to do the smart thing, and run away?"

The elder sibling hesitated. It wasn't as though he hadn't been considering that over the last few days. But again, his pride was in the way, especially now he was faced with the person with whom he'd argued with about running.

"No. I'm not going to."

"Good." Mikey replied, although he could feel his insides sinking at his brother's words. "Because it'd be a bit late now. Vibia's in the country."

Gerard's eyes widened at that. He'd known the queen was on her way, but had somehow imagined that he'd had a few months before he had to worry about it. "Shit." He breathed.

"Tell me about." His sibling replied. "Abby's been her messenger dog for a few years now -" The girl's lip curled at the reminder. "- and she's going to try and find out where Vibia is staying. We'll try and round up a few more people and then attack the building. If we can get her by surprise, we may just be able to kill the bitch."

Gerard snorted again. "It's a chance in a million."

"Yeah, but better than going down without a fight." Mikey reiterated his earlier argument. His brother had to agree.

What he wasn't so sure of was trusting the English vampires - Abby in particular. He didn't know how to say that though, not with them all listening. If they really were willing to help him fight the most powerful vampire in all of history, doubting them wouldn't help his case.

"Where'd you find this lot?" He phrased the question in the most political way possible.

"Round and abouts." Mikey pushed a hand through his hair. "As I said, none of them like Vibia, and we have to take what we get."

"Yeah, but last time I checked, she wasn't my biggest fan." Gerard jerked his chin in Abby's direction.

His brother began to reply, but was cut off by the girl. "I was only being a bitch in the museum and the mall 'cos I had to pass on a message!" She scowled angrily. "And I hate that woman controlling me like this!"

"Ok, ok." The man held up his hands in defence, knowing that if he questioned Abby any further, she'd just lose her temper again.

"What the... human?" Mikey diverted both of their attention with his question.

"What? Frank?" Gerard raised an eyebrow at his younger brother. After all, the guy had been friends with the human for months before he had ever met the kid. He should know the boy's name.

"Yeah." The younger vampire shifted uncomfortably.

"Whatever happens, I'm keeping him."

"Jesus." Mikey rolled his eyes. "And if you die?"

Gerard bit the inside of his lip. He hadn't considered this. "I dunno, I'll leave him some money or something. He'll be able to get home."

The other vampires looked slightly amused at this. Even if they didn't exactly need their wealth in the afterlife, none of them would dream of leaving it to a human. For pride's sake alone.

The younger Way was about to carry on the conversation, when there was a sharp knock on the door. Every head in the room immediately snapped round to the thick, plastic panel, as though they could somehow see through it.

Gerard raised his eyebrows at his brother, asking if they were expecting any more company. After centuries of being around each other, Mikey understood and shook his head, before heading towards the door. The tension in the room was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. After all, rebelling against Vibia was similar to having rebelled against Hitler. Or Stalin. Or Mussolini. Or all three.

"Who is it?" The man called out, keeping his voice hushed due to the uncertainty he was feeling.

The person on the other side of the door had no problem hearing though. "It's Luke. I told you that your brother was looking for you."

Mikey bit his lip. "What do you want?"

"Nervous, aren't we? I wonder why." The smirk in the other vampire's voice was clear. "Let me in and I'll tell you."

The brother gnawed on his lip a moment longer, then moved up to the spy-glass to peer through and check that Luke was alone. On the other side, he could only see the man's dark hair. Reluctantly, Mikey stepped back again and opened the door.

"What do you want?" He repeated, as Luke sauntered in to the room - easily the most confident in the room. This couldn't mean anything good.

"I don't want anything." The man replied. It was clear that he loved the tension and fear his presence was creating. Gerard couldn't exactly explain what it was that was making him so nervous, but he knew for a fact that this vampire (who was the one who'd invited him to the party in the first place) had not come here to deliver good news.

"I've just come to deliver a message," Luke continued, smiling around at the people frozen in place around the room. "From Vibia." There was a collective intake of breathe. "To Mikey Way; you've... received a death sentence for trying to stage a rebellion. The rest of you, she's not happy with, but willing to spare you're lives if you disband immediately." ("How generous." One of the vampires muttered.) "To Gerard Way." Luke's smile grew somewhat. "You're to meet our Queen in the penthouse suit immediately. She also said to tell you that your little pet tastes delicious."

Ooooooh - the plot thickens. I might just leave this for a month now... to let it stew.

I'm using ellipses in my A/Ns a lot today.

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