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The Last Fight

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I will fight the last fight. Don't break down in front of me.

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Sorry it took so long! I literally had to force myself to write this.

Title from Bullet For My Valentine. Fits well enough I guess.



The Way brothers, and their small gang of followers, (surprisingly, only two of the vampires had left after Luke's announcement regarding Vibia sparing them. The rest were sticking to the 'revolution', as they put it, and Gerard wasn't sure if that made them brave or stupid.

Wordlessly, the vampires made their way up the stairs that lead the top floor - and penthouse suit - of the hotel. The elevator didn't go that high.

As they walked, Mikey nervously glanced at his brother. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't scared, but he was going his best not to let it show on his face. Apparently, Gerard was doing the same, but because his sibling knew him so well, it was obvious to the latter that he was worried and panicky. The younger of the two couldn't help but wonder what was causing those emotions though - was his brother scared for himself? Or for Frank? As much as he hated to admit it, Mikey had a feeling that most of it was down to the human pet. It was clear that he would spend the rest of his life regretting abducting the kid - however short the time might be.

On impulse, the young Way reached out to grab his brother's hand. Gerard glanced up at him, but didn't say anything, just squeezed it gently. Mikey was grateful for this - for the support that his sibling was giving him. He also hoped that Gerard would take this gesture for what it was; an unspoken apology for walking out on him. Seeming as Mikey would probably never have the chance to put it into words.

It was with a sense of foreboding that they entered the dimly lit, over sized apartment, as if they were heading to the gallows. Metaphorically they were, as far as most were concerned. Once in there, Gerard couldn't help but be reminded of his first night with Frank - the boy's arms were tied above his head, suspended from the ceiling, and kneeling, and he had an equally desperate look on his face. Only this time, the emotion behind that expression was fear, un-tempered by lust. He was still wearing his collar and lead, which had been looped around a handle close by, just to ensure he had no chance of moving from that spot. Again, similar to the first night, there was blood running down his neck - this time from a bite mark instead of a cut.

The teen stared desperately at the dark haired vampire, just looked as equally distraught. Everything in Gerard wanted to go over to Frank, untie him, offer him comfort. But that was just stupid - it proved even further to Vibia that using the human against him would work very effectively, as well as ensure a long, painful death for the boy.

Gerard averted his eyes, and fixed them on the red-haired vampiress, who was gazing back. Her gaze was icy and cold, but there was some sick sadistic pleasure buried in their depths. The younger vampire had to fight not to break contact.

Vibia smiled at this. She'd seen the way that Gerard's eyes had found the human straight away, where everyone else's had immediately locked on to hers. It meant that she'd be able to drag his death out for days if need be, first killing his brother, then his pet, then finally him. That bastard who had murdered her sister was going to be put through every bit of pain that she'd felt.

No one spoke for a good minute, the queen content in resting her gave on each individual before her, and watching them squirm under her gaze. She was surprised to see the brown haired Abigail there - that particular vampiress had been under her command for a good few decades. And during that time, Vibia imagined that the girl had the brains to run should she ever find herself in a situation like this. But apparently not.

"So," she said finally, loving the way that everyone in the room flinched at her simple word. "You've decided that you'd rather defy me for some sense of misplaced pride, as opposed to living a long, healthy life? You English people are strange." Despite everything, Gerard bit back a smile at that - he couldn't agree with the queen more. "I'm afraid that you are going to meet an untimely end tonight.

"As for you Michael," she turned her unnaturally cold eyes on the younger of the two brothers. "Your death is going to be slow and painful, for even attempting to stage a rebellion. Gerard - you get to watch me kill both your pet, and your brother." Her gaze turned to the aforementioned, as a sadistic smile lit up her face again.

At the same times, the queen regally waved a hand towards the group, before dropping it. After a few seconds, it became clear to all that this was their execution order; a signal to Vibia's followers to make the kill. But if that was so - why were they still alive? The vampires peered around cautiously, wondering from which corner of the shadowy apartment the attack would come. It was only Abby who kept her eyes fixed on the queen. After a few more moments of nervous shuffling from the people around her, the woman saw what she'd been hoping for - that expression reflected in Vibia's eyes.

"Have you been abandoned Palera?" She drawled, before her brain could tell her to stop.

The queen's eyes flitted to Abby, who immediately shivered at the temperature of that glare. But the tension the English woman had spotted was definitely there - this wasn't playing out how the red haired woman had been expecting.

The others had noticed it too now, and were fast regaining their confidence.

"What happened to all your little sycophants?" Mikey sneered, as Gerard began to inch towards where Frank was tied up. This turned out to be a mistake.

Vibia noticed and in an instant had flown over to where the teen knelt. She grabbed his head - a hand on either side - and jerked it to the side slightly. It wasn't enough to kill him, but enough to hurt, and make her intentions very clear; one false move, and the boy would die. Gerard instantly froze.

Mikey grabbed his brother regardless, and knew that in just a matter of a moment, the odds had tipped back in to the queen's favour. Still, it was interesting to know that she thought herself weak enough that she had to put a human between herself and her attackers.

"You move any closer, the boy dies." She hissed.

Some of the vampires raised their eyebrows at this, wondering why the death of a human boy would make any difference to their actions. Mikey waved them back though, and again, the next few seconds were just spent with the two parties staring at each other; the tension so thick in the air, you could cut it with a knife.

Then Vibia reached up, and used her sheer strength to pull the rope binding Frank to the ceiling apart. Mikey swallowed at this display of power - knowing that it would be beyond his strength to do that. Then, she began to inch towards the window to which Frank's lead was still attached. As though tethered to her, the group followed, but only mimicked her steps - the gap neither grew, nor closed. When the queen had her back to the window, she glanced behind her, eyes peering to the ground beneath.

Even this brief glance told her that it was too far down to risk - why, why did she choose the highest apartment in the building - and the next building along was too far to reach. The only way out was to fight her way through the group of angry vampires in front of her. They were more intent on her death than she was on theirs - with the exception of Gerard. Would it be possible to grab him on the way out? To break his neck? After all, he had his eyes on the teenager in her grip.

She dismissed this though. Her survival took priority over his demise. And she was strong. Perhaps not invincible, but strong. Her best chance was to fight. And if she were to die? Well, at least she'd finally be reunited with her sister.

With this in mind, Vibia flung Frank to the side before diving into the cluster of people before. As she'd hoped, they hadn't expected this sudden action, and it threw them off, giving her the chance to reach the door. A few hands grabbed at the queen but she was out of their grip before they had a chance to find purchase.

Then she was out the door and gone. Not safe though, for all of the English vampires in the room poured out after her, intent on making the kill. Apparently, Luke had left at some point during the confrontation.

This left the Way brothers alone in the hotel room with Frank, who was gagging slightly from the shock of the collar breaking his fall by his throat. Gerard glanced at his brother, who grinned back and hugged him. Mikey was still feeling guilty for leaving his brother at all, and apologized for it now.

"I'm sorry, Gee." He whispered into his shoulder.

"It's ok," he murmured back. "You did the right thing - after all, we'd be dead if not for your little army stunt."

"It was sheer luck that Vibia's followers weren't here."

"Probably getting drunk downstairs." Gerard chuckled, then pulled away. He shared another moment of affection with his brother, and then turned away. To Frank.

The boy was sitting on the floor shivering slightly from delayed shock, and fear at the knowledge of how close to death he'd been. When the vampire came over, the first thing he did was detach the lead, allowing the boy to sink to the floor.

Gerard felt like crying. Like Frank, it was only now beginning to hit him just how close the teen had come to dying only moments ago. Hell, how close he'd been to death only a moment ago. The vampire felt anger and hatred rush through him, and felt a moment praying that the English group would catch that bitch and kill her. Then he scooped the still shaking boy up into his arms.

"I'm sorry," he whispered whilst the teen buried himself in the embrace. "I am so, so sorry. I wish I never brought you here, we should have stayed home."

"S'ok." Frank mumbled back, squeezing his arms around Gerard - the only person he felt safe around in the entire Goddamned country.

"It's not, we never should have come."

Mikey stood, leaning against the wall across from the two men shaking together on the floor - clinging to each other as though they were the last two beings on the planet. His usual poker face was in place, and only the tiniest of frowns gave away any of his emotions.

He couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. Obviously, he'd known that his brother possessed felling for the boy that went beyond sex, but had never really accepted what those feelings were. Now it was painfully obvious, and horribly out of place. More than ever now, did he wish that he'd just left Frank in Jersey - left him alone. Instead, he'd taken the kid to Gerard, who had fucking fallen for him.

It was all so messed up.

He didn't want to deal with it now, though. "Guys." He cleared his throat. Gerard looked up, but the teen kept his head buried in the other's shirt. "I hate to break up the heart to heart, but I think it'd be best that we get going."

His brother nodded, and stood slowly, pulling Frank up with him. Mikey took in the boy's state of undress, before wordlessly pulling off his jacket and handing it to him. The kid accepted, equally mute. Then, the three made their way downstairs, and directed the first passing cab to a nearby hotel - deciding that their own apartment may not be safe.

Miles away, across the city and following down the River Lea, screams were filling the night air. Vibia had run, long and hard, and she had nearly made it to safety. It was only due to sheer unluckiness on her part, that her path happened to cross with Matt's - one of the vampires that Mikey had recruited. That anarchist that hated being controlled and thirsted for her blood.

She recognized him almost immediately, and doubled back. Those following her were too close behind though, and it was clear that the queen was not going to make a clean escape. She'd have to fight her way out.

Despite this, the vampires surrounding her had made a fatal mistake - they underestimated her. Using a human as a shield made Vibia look weak, and as catastrophic as it may have been for her in that instant, it was now playing out to her advantage.

The English group had corned her, believing that her legendary strength was exactly that - legendary. Admittedly, it was exaggerated, but Vibia had never been weak. Even being out-numbered twenty to one, she'd still be able to take down half of them before that fatal blow was delivered. And, she thought, if she could kill enough of them, maybe the rest would be scared off. With this logic, the queen was fighting - literally - tooth and claw, refusing to go down.

So the screams filling the air weren't her's; they were the English vampires.

One woman - not Abby, but a blonde - launched herself with a feral fury at the single opponent, and was quickly dealt with by a sharp twist. Her body landed on the ground, to immediately be trampled by bodies fighting to claw, punch, rip, or kick at the queen. She hit back twice as hard, and dodged nearly every body part thrown at her.

When a man landed on her back and began biting into her throat, she bent herself in two, the momentum throwing him off and back in to the crowd. Another vampire soon took his place, only this one ripped at the queen's hair as though this was her life force. She swung round, in an attempted to dislodge him, whilst simultaneously blocking a punched aimed at her already aching face.

The man didn't come off as hoped, just continued to rip at her. Vibia clenched her teeth, trying not to scream - or give him any satisfaction from knowing she was in pain. Instead, she reached back and dug her long claws into his neck. They tore through the skin, and as blood welled up, and he finally gave up with his attack.

There was no time for rest though. Two woman and a man - Matt, although the queen did not know this - were closing in on her. Almost in perfect sync, they threw themselves at Vibia, going for her chest, her throat, her stomach. She fought them back with as much vigour as her beaten body would allow for, but she could tell that she was nearing the end. That she would not be able to fight for much longer.

It was clear that her previous hope was wrong - these people weren't about to give up in face of their companion's deaths. But the queen had to end this on her own terms, even if they weren't winning. So instead of fighting these three, she turned and ran a few steps.

Her eyes flitted around the alley in which they were fighting. Really, it was amazing that the human police hadn't arrived yet. That wasn't Vibia's concern though - it was the hordes of vampires closing on her. Admittedly, there were only eight left in the fight, but in this condition, the queen knew that she didn't stand a chance. She wasn't about to have a long, drawn out death though. And she certainly wasn't going to have one at he enemies' hands.

There weren't many options but the fire escape leading up the side of the building would do perfectly. Before the group facing her had any time to register her actions, she was flying up those stair, using the last of her energy to reach the top before her assailants could catch her. She made it to the roof, and poised on the edge of it.

When the others caught up, they assumed that this was nothing more than a ploy - the queen was going to turn and fight with all of the ferocity that she had previously. So their approach was slow, and cautious, though still filled with bloodlust. So you imagine their shock when the queen smiled, gave the most girlish giggle she had emitted in decades, waved cheerfully, and let herself tumble from a twenty story building.

If she hadn't already been so injured, she may have made it, albeit a few broken bones and some very bruised tissue. As it was, Vibia Palera died, the moment she hit the ground. The English vampires just stood on the roof, frozen in shock, and with no sense of victory.


Barely twelve hours later, Gerard and Mikey were awake again - having booked into the nearest hotel and falling asleep the moment their bodies hit the bed. Frank had been with them of course, but he wasn't now - he was still passed out, whilst the brothers spoke softly.

They had both been exhausted the night before, but were now fairly well rested, and wondering what to do next. Both agreed that it would be best to wait and see whether or not the English vampires had caught the queen before making any definite plans, but it was what happened after that the two were unsure about.

Mikey still wanted to stay here. After the stress of the last few weeks, he wanted to spend a few days actually enjoying the country - it's culture, and how different, yet similar it was to his home. Gerard just wanted to get back to America and forget the last thirty-six hours completely.

Of course - the other problem was Frank. Obviously, the older brother was staying firm on his view - he was going to stay with his human. In fact, now, he didn't want to let the kid out of his sight. His sibling wasn't too sure, but he no longer was determined to break the two apart. To be honest, he didn't know what would be worse - Gerard never seeing that boy again, or trying to build some sort of life with him. Mikey knew his brother well enough to know that that was what he wanted, even if he wasn't going to admit it.

He hated the idea of the latter, but if it made his sibling happy... how could he say no?

They carried on talking for a little while longer, keeping their voices low so as to not wake the boy. When he stirred though, the conversation came to an immediate halt.

"I'm going to go and see if I can find the others - the English, I mean." Mikey whispered, standing up. He knew that his brother would want to talk to Frank without his presence.

"Ok, don't be too long." Gerard smiled weakly as the vampire left the room. Then, he turned to the barely conscious human on the bed.

He got up, moving to sit down on bed near the teen's head. As he slowly woke up, Gerard smoothed the black on top on his head, loving how silky it felt under his hands. The kid should really let the sides grow out - he'd look adorable with long hair.

Frank blinked his eyes open, and smiled up when he saw the vampire sitting next to him. He guessed the fingers running softly over his head belonged to this man. "Morning." He whispered.

"More like afternoon - you've been out for a while."

"Oh." The boy pulled himself upright, blinking away the sleep in his eyes, and swallowing to try and displace the stale taste in his mouth. "Where'd Mikey go?"

"To try and find the people who helped us last night. He wanted to know whether they caught Vibia or not."

Frank nodded. "What happens if they didn't?"

"We're in the position we were before." Gerard shrugged. "If she's still alive... well, let's just hope she isn't."

The boy nodded again, not believing that he was actually hoping that she'd died. He'd never liked the idea of anyone being bieng killed - never mind for him. But after last night, and how she'd been threatening Gerard, he really, really hoped that the woman had met her end.

"Yeah, fingers crossed." Frank murmured. He leaned against the vampire gently, and allowed the man to wrap him up in his arms. He felt safer that way - and after last night, he knew that there was no chance of Gerard ever hurting him again. Something fundamental had shifter, and despite the horror of the party and having blood extracted from him by Vibia, Frank didn't regret it. Not for the sudden closeness and trust he felt towards the man who's scent he was wrapped up in.

"Hey, Gee." He murmured, closing his eyes.


"What happened to you guys last night? I mean, after you left me?" There was something that the boy just couldn't figure out.

He felt Gerard shift beneath him (by this he was in the man's lap), before the other spoke. "I went to see Mikey. That's what the guy who came to see me told me - that he was upstairs. Him, and a bunch of other vamps were up there, and he - Mikey, I mean - told me that they were willing to fight with us.

"Then, another guy came. I can't remember his name but I'd met him before. Hell, he was the one who told me to go to the fuckin' party in the first place. Anyway, he told us that Vibia was waiting up stairs, and we had to go and see her." The man finished his short story with a shrug. "So we came upstairs with him."

"Why... Why didn't you just run away whilst you had the chance?"

"I couldn't, could I?" Gerard grinned down at the boy. "You were up there. I wasn't going to leave you."

Frank smiled back, and stretched up to place a kiss on the vampire's cheek. "Thank you." The man didn't say anything, just continued to hug the teen, and smile.

They remained in silence for a few further minutes, until the human decided to break it again. There was another question in his mind - one that he was dying to know the answer to, and one that he was praying the answer to had changed since the last time it had been asked.

"Gerard," he was whispering - nervous about what the man's reaction would be. "What would you say... if I asked you if I could go home?"

The vampire tensed up at that. "Do you really want to? Go home?" He kicked himself the moment he asked that. Of course Frank wanted to go back to New Jersey - it was his home, and he had been abducted. The teen was here against his consent, no matter how he may act. But the thought of losing the human made Gerard feel sick to his stomach.

"That depends." Came the reply. The vampire's eyebrows shot up, as he wondered what on Earth would persuade the boy to stay with him. Whatever it was, he was willing to do it. The man found himself holding his breathe as Frank continued. "Why didn't you just leave me in that flat with Vibia? Why did you have to come and rescue me?"

Clearly, this kid was too clever for his own good. Even Gerard didn't know the answer to that. He thought back to just over twelve hours ago - when the possibility of losing the boy was even higher than it was now. How awful it had felt, and how he'd rather die trying to rescue the teen, instead of living knowing that Frank was dead. And now, how he hated the thought of letting the human go, but was willing to if it made the kid happy...

It sucked. And Gerard really didn't want to admit that feeling welling up inside him. What is was, what it meant. It meant that he was weak and there were few things the vampire hated more, as he had proved when he refused to run from Vibia, even knowing it was the sensible thing to do.

"I think..." He whispered back, knowing that this may be the only chance he had of keeping his human. "I think that I'm a little too... That I like you a little more than I should do." Frank nodded slowly at the confession. "And... I think... I'm afraid... I am so gonna fuck this up." Gerard cut off, looking away.

"Just tell me what you think." The boy murmured. Now, it felt like he was the one supporting the vampire. It gave him the upper hand, but he wasn't going to take advantage of it. "I'll listen."

"I think I'm in love with you." The man blurted all in one.

Frank smiled at that. It had been what he had been hoping to hear. "In that case." He said softly, cutting Gerard off before he could begin to babble. "I still want to go home." The vampire blinked a few times and set his mouth in a grimace. "But I want you to come back in a few years. I want you to wait for me to get the mess you made sorted out, and then, I want to see what happens from there."

The dark-haired man looked down at him again with those words. Then the small, pale face broke in to a smile, and he kissed the human with more vigour that was probably needed. It didn't matter though - he was going to get every inch of Frank he could before the boy left. And when he came back... well, goodness only knows what would happen. Gerard got the feeling that it was going to be a long few years before that time though.


The flight back to New Jersey couldn't have been more different to the one leaving the state. For one, Mikey wasn't there - it was just Frank and Gerard. The main difference to it however, was the atmosphere between the two men.

Where last time they had been at odds with each other - fighting, and hating, and determined to hurt the other - they were now pissing off the other First Class passengers by laughing too loud in between soft, sweet kisses.

There was a note of melancholy to the flight as well. Despite the fact he was happy to have found a solution that would keep both him and Frank happy, it hurt to know he was leaving the boy, even if only for a few years.

When they landed at the other end, the vampire hired a cheap car and drove to a run-down district under the teen's instructions. When he parked at the end of a street, he cold see leaflets of the boy pinned to every wall and lamppost, begging him to come home, or for anyone with information to contact the given number. Gerard was surprised that he hadn't seen anything on the news in England.

"Well, this is it." Frank sighed, also looking at the signs. The man felt an expected punch of guilt, knowing that he was reason behind the pain that caused those papers to appear everywhere.

"Yeah." He muttered back. He was slightly surprised when the boy turned around and pushed their mouths together for one last, sweet, tearful kiss. Then, he was out of the car and disappearing down the street. Gerard drove away without looking back. He couldn't - tears were threatening to consume him anyway.

If he did though, he would have seen Frank knock on a door, which was flung open in an instance. He would have heard the squeal of happiness and disbelief - goodness knows it was loud enough - and he would have seen the boy he loved disappear in to a sea of hugs, tears and kisses.


1 year, 2 months, 5 days and several hours later

Frank Iero sat in the first class of the day, already bored out of his brains. It was the first day back at college and he was nearly as eager for the end of the year as he had been a week before the summer break.

Don't get him wrong - it was better that high school. He enjoyed the music course he was taking and people were generally nicer here. However, nothing, literally nothing could make up for a seven in the morning start, a cold shower, and a breakfast of a solitary pop-tart. He'd over-slept his alarm clock - or course - and was exhausted from deciding to stay up until one in the morning playing video games. Fuck only knew what possessed him to do that. Certainly not a functioning brain.

"Hey dude." Ray Toro - one of the many new friends he'd made in college - flopping down in the seat next to him. "How was summer?"

"It was okay." Frank shrugged. "Didn't really do much, just hung out with the parental units."

Ray snorted at his description of his parents and slimed empathetically. "Still, at least you didn't have to get up at some unholy hour every day."

"Don't remind me." The teen flopped down on the desk in front of him, causing Toro to chuckle, and turn away to some new conversation.

Frank spent the next few hours until lunch in an exhausted stupor, knowing that he'd have to copy someone's notes at some point to make up for his lack of attention. His mind was wondering all over the place, and more than once did it arrive at Gerard Way.

The teen had lost track of how long it had been since he saw the vampire drive away down the dirty Jersey street. He had changed quite a bit since then - grown (though not by half the amount he'd have like to), put on a bit of weight, and changed his hair to a messy, blonde fauxhawk.

Halfway through lunch, he was dragged out of his trance by Ray poking him hard in the ribs. "Hey, Iero. Dude - wake wake!"

"Dude, what?" Frank replied irritably.

"Fresh meat." The curly haired boy nodded towards the canteen door, where a group of kids that the teen didn't recognize were standing. He shrugged non-committedly, and was about to turn back to his lunch (if you could call it that - sweets, chocolate, and more sweets) when one of the guys hovering by the entrance caught his eye.

The boy was dressed head to toe in black, with neck length lack hair, and pale skin. Almost like a vampire. Frank smirked, and got up. "I'll be back," he muttered to Ray, who raised an eyebrow but didn't comment.

The student made his way across the canteen, to where the newbies were standing. Gerard had seen him by now. Of course he had.

"You just couldn't stay away, could you?" Frank smirked when he was in hearing range.

The man smirked right back, his expression showing nonchalance, but his eyes smoldering with emotion. That look alone was enough to send shivers down the younger man's spine, and his smirk turned into a full-blown grin when Gerard spoke again.

"You haven't grown much."

"How dare you?" Frank said, in mock outrage. The vampire laughed, then reached his hand out. The boy took it happily.

Gerard pulled him close and embraced the teen tightly. The latter closed his eyes, and just basked in the moment for a few seconds.

"I didn't come back too soon, did I?" The man whispered into his hair. Frank smiled softly, having missed the smell, the feel of Gerard against him. It was amazing that he'd survived so long without this man. As fucked up as it was, he had yearned for this guy so much over the last year. Maybe he shouldn't have, but it was the truth, and morals be damned, Gerard was staying this time for as long as he had a say.

"Not at all." The teen replied, not bothering to keep the emotion out of his voice.

"Good. 'Cos I missed you so much." The man released him, and took a step back, green eyes dragging over the boy's body. Frank shivered again.

"Good." He smiled. "I did too." And he reached up and pressed his lips to Gerard's, ignoring the catcalls and whoops that rang out across the canteen as a result of it. Everyone else could be fucked; he was going to be soon enough - if he got his way at least - after all.


That's all I have to say. I thought I'd give you a nice ending after Back In The Day literally crashed and burned. No telling what the next one's gonna do though!

Wasn't too cheesy, was it? mychemicalbitchbot said it was fine so if not - blame her!

No, I'm joking; it's my fault for writing drivel. Yeah, I hate fluff. Annnywaay! I hope you liked, and this is probably gonna be the last thing I write for a while because I have some major ass revision to get done for my GCSEs. They're in three week -headdeask- and I am screwed if I don't some revision done.

Actually, that's what I should be doing at the moment, but I thought what the hell? May as well get this out the way.

So, if you don't hear from me for a bit, that's why. I'm thinking about doing some stuff on Before BITD (if that means anything to anyone). I kinda miss the characters, and had a request on something to write.

As for what I'm doing next.... hehehehe! You'll find out!

Before signing off, major ass thanks to mychemicalbitchbot for beta-ing, and the ninja compliment! You don't have any choice in checking my next story.

And my English coursework, if you don't mind!

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