Review for God Has No Place Here

God Has No Place Here

(#) MadIsMyName 2006-10-16

Nice! I liked it. Your exposition was well done and wonderfully coherent, but you may have stated the fact that Lucinda has black hair one too many times. Just a little note there. You also used 'there' instead of 'they' once, but that's easily fixable. Again, your description is very nice, and I can picture the characters perfectly! Well done!


Author's response

Thank you very much. Yes, now that I read it, It does seem like I'm attempting to drill the fact that Lucinda-has-black-hair into you're heads, yes? I'll try and avoid that in the future.

Well, a new chapter will be up hopefully by the end of the week. I just need to erm... finish writing it and then proof read.


Well, thank you very very much for you're kind support and I hope that I hear more from you soon.