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The 1700's were full of curiosity and the fear of the unknown. The Branch family of the town of Kingston is in deeper than they think. (rated for future chapters) (vampire violence)

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((Oh, why hello! I hope that you all will enjoy this story!))

((It was recently brought to my attention that I had some of the names mixed up, EX: Calling Lucinda Emma and calling Rosanne Lilla. Sorry! Those were their orgional names and I seem to have missed them when revising! sorry! ))

A cool wind whipped across the land, creating an even more portentous feeling to the expanse on which the old Branch House sat. It seemed like forever since the large barn that accompanied the house had been used or even opened. Our story begins thirty years ago, when this empty manor was filled with life.


The year was seventeen twenty-nine. In this little spec on the world, a fog usually fell over the moors in the rural area of northern England, creating a very melancholy environment. There was not much excitement to be had in the small town of Kingston; in fact, Kingston was barely a town and more of a county. The people of Kingston were for the most part gracious, once you got to know them. There always seemed to be children running about, yet they never looked healthy. Not one was blonde, not one was pleasantly pudgy, and not one wore particularly nice clothing. Everyone in this town, if you stared at a resident long enough, began to look strangely wrong.

One of the oldest families that called Kingston home, were the Branch family. This most noble manor stood atop of a hill, looming over the rest of the town. The manor always seemed to have an air of superiority when compared to all others. Now, the house had started off small, but as the years progressed and more and more generations of Branches started to accumulate their copious wealth, the house grew along with them.

All members of this strong blooded family seemed to look similar. They all possessed the stone cold expressions, the sharp, high cheekbones, and slick black hair. However, the most notable feature of the Branch family tree, were their eyes. All possessed the same dark lashes and arctic grey eyes framed by high and shapely brows.


Spring, 1729.

A particularly vivid sun peeked out from behind a thin cover of clouds. Today was a perfect day for the youth of Kingston, for today was the first of its kind where the children and adolescents could play outside without fear of catching a cold or worse.

One house especially was restless that early morning.

"But father!" A young girl whined. "All of my friends are expecting to see me!" The thirteen year old cried, her black mane spilling over the cream and grey dress. She held a small sack of unknown contents in her left hand. Her slanted, smoky eyes met those of her striking father.

Talon Branch was only nineteen when his sixteen year old, beautiful Irish born wife gave birth to their first child, whom they christened Lucinda. Talon was now a distinguished thirty-one year old, hardly a young man.
Her father sighed reluctantly. "Fine, fine." He said with a wave of his hand. "Lucinda, you may go and play. But you must be back by supper time." He cautioned in a silky tone. "Now off with you!" He finished with a cold expression as he watched her from behind his desk of his personal office. The youth ran down the main staircase and nearly toppled into a rather stunned maid whom was carrying a glass vase.

Freedom... Lucinda thought to herself as she burst through the large wooden doors that had held her captive all winter. She skipped frivolously down the worn path that led to the manor stable, the bag swinging madly. Her long raven hair swished behind her freely, never having known the heavy up-do's that women of age in the larger cities in England sported on a day to day basis.

The heels on her lace-up boots dug into the soft earth around the barn doors as she flung them open and revealed a stable that housed three beautiful horses, one for her, one for her father, and one for Liam.

Liam was her older relative who frequented their manor when on Christmas holiday from his business as a book keeper at an esteemed University. He was young, only sixteen to be exact. Liam was the son of William and Genevieve Harding. William was the brother of Lucinda's father, making Liam her cousin.

Liam possessed the same Branch good looks but with one exception: he had vibrant turquoise eyes. Those eyes could be claimed by neither mother nor father, and so were somewhat of an unspoken family ambiguity.

He and Lucinda were quite close, and almost inseparable when together. They seemed to feed off of one another's energy. Their relationship and closeness had always seemed to be there ever since they had first met when Lucinda was five and Liam was eight. When together, they would disappear for what seemed like hours, always to show up before whatever meal awaited them. But in recent years, they had formed and even closer bond.

Lucinda grinned wildly as she trotted over to Blue, her rather large stallion. He was white, with light grey spots all over.

"Ello Blue." Lucinda stroked his velvet nose with her long pallid fingers. She strolled over to the saddle and tack rack and retrieved Blue's black leather saddle and matching reigns. With care rarely showed around her friends, she gently slid the metal bit in place at the back of the horse's mouth and lifted the reigns over his head being careful to avoid pulling out any of his alabaster main.

After securing the saddle, she walked Blue to an old tree stump (used as a mounting stool) and hoisted herself upon his back. Once the youth had fixed her skirt as to retain her modesty, she began her ride into town to perhaps meet her friends.

Lucinda had always been popular, firstly due to her care-free attitude, and secondly due to her name. Any member of the Branch family was always given respect wherever they traveled. All over England, Branch was one of the top five most powerful names to be connected to.

For this reason, Mr. Branch had been disappointed at first when his wife had given him a daughter, instead of a son who would carry on the name. He had hoped that perhaps one of the next few children that his wife would produce would be a suitable heir, but it was not so. Poor Caoilinn Branch had contracted the coughing disease and had been taken swiftly.

Perhaps not having a mother around was the cause for Lucinda's wildly unfeminine ways. Her father greatly hoped that this was the reason. After all, he was no woman and could not very well teach Lucinda how to do up her hair or apply powder like any other young lady that was soon to come of age.

Not even into fifteen minutes of her ride, she had arrived in town. Lucinda was pleased when she caught sight of Rosanne, her closest confidant and companion.

"Rosanne!" She called out in reckless abandon. The young lady whom had been addressed turned, her bouncy red curls moving about her round face. "Lucinda!" She cried back as she broke free of her mother who looked taken aback at how daughter's friend sat on the horse like a man. Women were expected to sit side-saddle. Lucinda was one who saw no use in this silly rule.

"Here, follow me. I just need to secure Blue on that fence over there, and then I simply must show you something." She stated with a devilish grin. Rosanne walked beside the beauty upon the horse. She was pretty, in a cute sister sort of way, but she and Lucinda were two totally different looks.

She was rather middle class, of no extreme wealth but certainly not poor. Her family name, Cobbold, was not nearly as old as Branch.

Lucinda's feet made a soft thud as she dismounted. "Ha! I made it here I think in a better time than the last." She stated as she tied the reins to the fence post and straightened her knee-length cotton dress. She then plucked the satchel from the saddle pouch, and began to walk beside her friend.

"I wish I knew how to ride. Father thinks it too dangerous for me. Yet he's happy to teach Michael, James, Aaron, Devon, and Luke....." Rosanne sighed as she brushed some stray red from her face. "It's always the boys who get to have fun...." She mumbled.

Lucinda smiled and linked arms with Rosanne quite forcefully. "Well, when I am the Queen I shall make sure that I have all of your brothers wait hand and foot on you all day!" She giggled with triumph. Becoming the Queen of England was a common joke among Lucinda and Rosanne. Both girls dreamed of living in royalty, or at least seeing the world.

Little did they know that soon enough they would regret ever wanting to leave their small town.

As the girls strode along, the difference between the two became more obvious. All though there were only thirteen, both had budded quite early. Lucinda was very slim, but retained an impressive bust and slim yet muscular calves that were obvious due to the fact that her dress stopped at her knees, something that raised quite a few eyebrows in town. Rosanne was much curvier; her body was clearly that of a budding woman. Her whole body was voluptuous, much like her mothers.

(BAD SENTENCE: Either way, both girls when walking together as they were turned heads) Either way, when walking together, both girls caused men's heads to turn towards them; mostly the heads of young men who perhaps would become suitors in a few years.

"Here." Rosanne said. "Let's go in, my mother has given me a bit of money for new ribbons." She finished excitedly as they entered the frilly ribbon shop.

"'Ello Miss Branch, Miss Cobbold." The clerk chimed. He was an elderly man, already bald. But he could match a ribbon to any dress that was brought to him. Lucinda grinned slowly, not replying. Her companion looked at her quizzically. "We're just... err.. Browsing..." Rosanne said, flashing a smile before dashing around a corner of the cramped little shop. "Lucinda... where are you?" She asked rather harshly,

Rosanne caught sight of movement from behind a rack of hand-maid quilts and pulled them back to reveal her friend crouched low, a dark leather book clutched in her pallid hands. Lucinda put one finger to her lips and motioned for Rosanne to come forward and close their curtain of quilts.

The small area behind the cover of the blankets had a warm, old cinnamon type smell to it. Rosanne crouched low and shuffled over, depositing herself neatly next to the raven haired youth. "Do you know what this is?" Lucinda asked in an excited whisper. Rosanne's eyes shifted from the obviously old book to Lucinda and back. "Umm.... No." She stated plainly, eyeing a faint intricate carving on the cover. Lucinda rolled her eyes. "Well, obviously you don't know. It's from my father's private library." She lowered her voice even more until it was barely audible. "It speaks of Satan." Rosanne gasped, such books were strictly banned in their town. "Oh yes, I have read it." Lucinda's eyes sparkled maliciously. "It speaks of the wicked of things, Rosanne." The scarlet haired girl looked at Lucinda with fear and what perhaps could have been curiosity. "Father John would condemn us, Lucinda, if he ever found this in our possession. We would be burned as....." She mouthed the word "witches...."

Lucinda kept her eyes on the hypnotic cover of the book. "But don't you want to do something..... Bad? Rosie, we are almost of age, just one more year for both of us!" Lucinda nodded furiously as Rosanne shook her head, doubting it all. "Yes! It even speaks of immortality! Wouldn't you just love to live forever?" She said, a bit louder than she intended.

Both girls' heads turned violently as they heard someone in the room, very close to their hiding spot. "Quick, I must go. Think about my words, Rosie! We could be together forever!" Lucinda stuffed the damned book back into her bag and opened the small foot window at the base of the wall and shimmied out, leaving Rosanne to fend for herself.

End Chapter One

((Teaser for later chapters)) "Do you remember when we took each others virginity in the hayloft of your barn that one Christmas eave?" He asked forcefully. Lucinda merely stared back. "Yes. I do, that was our present to one another." His light eyes scanned her face with wild passion. "Do you love me? Will you be mine forever?" Lucinda studied his words and allowed a rare silence. "I know how to get you everything you ever wanted. Just one moment of pain..... "He breathed into her ear, causing gooseflesh to appear all along her neck.

((Oooooooo!! Who is this mystery man? Read on to find out.... =P ))
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