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One month after Lucinda showed the book to Rosanne, she begins to get quite bored with life in the Branch Manor. But soon a visitor arrives.....

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(Cliche you say? Well thats just too damn bad because you points finger never reviewed to tell me what was cliche so that I could change it. Good job retard.

To others who like the story and haven't rated...please save my story from -1. It really sucks.))

Mid summer 1729.

It had been a month since Lucinda's exchange with Rosanne. She had not been let out of the manor due to sightings of wild dogs that were rumored to have "the affliction". Lucinda had become restless, she wished to be able to confide in her most trusted friend, not be trapped in her prison once more.

Lucinda sat at the large dark wooden desk within the light filled drawing room. Her father had put her to work on improving her penmanship, as her Aunt had commented to Talon that it needed improvement. She cursed under her breath, a habit that she kept well hidden from her father, as she spilled a large blob of ink onto her parchment. "This is worthless!" She exclaimed, throwing the quill against the door of the room. In her mind all she wanted to do was visit with Rosanne and talk about the new things that she had learned from the book.

Lucinda's sleek grey eyes flicked to the wide open window. " forget it...." She mumbled, mopping up the ink, throwing away the used rag and parchment. Escape would only be met with more punishment and more writing practice.

The air was thick, but not necessarily hot. It rarely got above eighty degrees in Kingston what with being so close to the ocean and being so northern in England. Regardless, Lucinda's raven hair was tied up in a long French braid with a blue ribbon running through out the length, matching her light cotton dress.

Her head spun towards the door as she heard a knock. "Mizz Branch, where shall I bring your supper?" A plump Irish maid asked. "Oh, well, my personal quarters shall be sufficient. Has my father returned from his meeting with associates?" The maid shifted uncomfortably, never having been addressed in such casual tones before. "Um, no, not yes Mizz Branch...Should I be expecting him soon?" Lucinda shook her head no, a bit disappointed. "You may go." She dismissed the maid with a wave of her hand as she approached a far bookshelf in the drawing room. Once she was sure that the maid had gone, Lucinda ran a long pale hand over the side of the shelf, catching an indention. "There you are." She said with a grin. The hidden door swung outward, revealing a spiral stone staircase.

Lucinda entered the tight space and closed the door once more to hide her entrance. The staircase was completely dark, but she was not afraid. As she ascended the stairs, the temptation to stroke the leather of the book floated to the top of her to-do list. Eventually her ascension was stopped by another door in front of her face. She carefully pushed it open and jumped into her mother's small personal library. This library had not been used since her mother's death and smelled of old wood and sweet perfume. Lucinda took in the deep red and cream colored walls and the black plush carpet. The air was especially thick in this room due to the fact that it was so high in the manor. The long skirts of her dress swished along the carpeting that felt so nice on Lucinda's bare feet.

"Oh, Mummy..." She barely whispered as she approached a large portrait of a slim woman with dark blonde wavy hair, soft features and pale skin. "I so wish to remembered you better. You were so beautiful." She paused to sigh. "I hope you aren't disappointed that I took after Father and the looks of his blood line." Lucinda's eyes softened as she kissed the cheek of the painting. "I love you so." She began tracing the hair of her mother with her fingertips when she noticed a shadow at the door. "Who dares come to this floor of the house?" she thought to herself angrily. "Who's there?" she asked, opening the door furiously. Lucinda froze as her pale grey eyes caught a pair of brilliant turquoise ones.

She squealed as she shut the door and jumped into the strong arms of her cousin. "Well It's good to see you too, Lucinda." He said, a wild grin playing upon his lips as he embraced her tightly, noticing how her soft bosom pressed upon his chest. He set her down upon the carpet, he was significantly taller than she and it was quite a feat for her to jump into his arms, her feet dangling. "What are you doing here? I didn't expect to see you until holiday!" Lucinda said, stroking his cheek that had some odd stubble that was new to his face. "And you're cheek... It's cold..." She remarked.

His brow wrinkled. "Ah, don't be silly. My skin is no cooler than usual." He said with a grin.

Liam had always been so clean shaven in the past. In face, his whole appearance had changed. His eyes remained the same, but there were now a few locks of long hair that seemed to have a habit of playing in front if them. His skin had seemingly gone from a healthy light cream to almost alabaster and waxen. His normally fashionable clothing had been replaced with something that looked like he had been living in for quite some time. But the newest thing was his smile, there was simply something different about it. Lucinda couldn't quite place it.

"I've been given a full half year off at the University, I haven't actually asked Uncle yet, but I plan on perhaps staying here for that time!" Something dark twinkled in his eyes, he just seemed so happy.

"Oh that would just be lovely!" Lucinda replied, making sure to stand as prim as possible. "There is so much I must show you! And we can go for so many rides and....Oh! I can finally introduce you to Rosanne! And then we can go to...--" She was silenced as Liam placed a finger onto her lips.
"Why are you talking like that?" He asked with a frown. "And what's with the way you're standing? Luci, I've known you since you were five. You don't need to put on airs for me..." He paused to brush a few strands of hair from her face, she shivered at his touch. His fingers were colder than usual. "No matter what discrepancies my mother may have noticed and slipped to Uncle." He finished with a charming grin.

Lucinda blushed furiously. She had been drilled repeatedly in the last month by a personal etiquette tutor who would verbally abuse her for six hours every day, attempting to make a fine young lady out of her. "Well, I can't help it. I still need to get used to you. Would you believe me if I told you that you're the first person I've spoken to in a month? Well, besides father of course." Lucinda began to realize just how socially deprived she had been this July.

"Yes, I would." Liam replied, looking around the hallway. "Would you mind taking me into a different room where we could sit perhaps? I have so much to tell you, Luci." He said, eyeing how the setting sun was starting to pool through a window quite close to them.

She nodded and began to lead him down the main staircase. Lucinda was still puzzled about his sudden visit and even more so by his physical appearance. Once they had entered the main living room, Lucinda and Liam took opposite chairs and began their chatter.

It seemed to have been only a few minutes when Talon returned from his business venture. Lucinda looked up to the window, and discovered that the sky was pitch black. "Oh my!" she exclaimed, looking to the large grandfather clock. "It's already nine o'clock!" The main door slammed suddenly, causing Liam to flinch.

"Father!" Lucinda exclaimed. Forgetting all about her cousin, she rushed out into the main hall. Her long blue skirts swished madly as she descended a few steps and embraced the pale, pointed faced man. "Would you mind not squeezing me so? I have yet to even remove my coat and hat." he drawled, obviously weary from his travels. Talon shrugged off his heavy black overcoat and placed it upon the grand wooden rack, along with his traveler's hat. He smoothed his long ebony hair that had been tied back with a ribbon as Lucinda surveyed him as slight smile played across her lips.

"Now," he began, walking down the hall and up the staircase towards his main office that was located on the same floor as the living room. "What has you so excited? It is quite late, I would expect you to be in bed my dear." As he spoke these words, she immediately grinned broadly. "Liam is here!" she exclaimed with a slight bounce of her feet.

Talon whipped around to face her, stopping mid step. "Excuse me?" he asked. Lucinda suddenly looked disheartened. "Isn't it wonderful? He's been given a break from his job and will be able to stay with us for some time and--." She stopped speaking as Liam appeared from the sitting room. He and Talon had locked eyes immediately. "Good evening Uncle." He said in a tone that seemed rather rehearsed.

"Hello Liam, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit? I'm afraid that I was not informed that you would be joining us and so," he sighed heavily "I have not been able to make the correct preparations. There is not even a guest bedroom ready." It seemed that Talon had also noticed the sudden change in Liam's appearance, as he was studying his nephew quite thoroughly.

Liam squirmed a bit under his uncle's gaze. "Yes, well, I am sorry for me not informing you or Miss Branch of my coming. I was recently told not to return to my parents' house as mother had fallen ill and does not want to introduce me to any sickness." A look of utter shock graced Lucinda's pretty features. Liam had not told her of this. Actually, he had never really given her a reason as to why he was here and not at his parents'.

"He can stay in the extra day bed in my room. It already has all of the necessary linen on it, I'm sure cousin would not mind." she said with a smile. Talon looked from her to Liam and back, seeming to make up his mind.

Mister Branch had always maintained a certain briskness to his actions, making him seem so much older than he was. Normally, he was quite warm toward his daughter, but when around anyone other than direct family he was quite cold. He had never remarried, although there had many women that would have given themselves in every respect in order to be the next Mrs. Talon Branch. It seemed that the death of Caoilinn had truly shaken him, as his looks and money could have brought any young lady to his side.

"Very well, I shall have a maid take your things....Is that a problem dear nephew?" Talon retorted, seeing as Liam had downcast his eyes.

"No uncle...It is just that I was in such a rush that I was unable to gather my belongings. All I have are the clothes on my back." He finished sheepishly; not daring to meet his Uncle's piercing gaze. Talon sighed loudly, obviously having enough of the whole day.

"Fine fine, just let me be. I am in need of rest. Off to bed with you two." He dismissed them with a wave of his hand and stormed off to his study. Lucinda mouthed a "Thank you." and trotted after her cousin who had seemingly fled up the stairs toward her large bedchambers.

"That was lucky wasn't it? I'm sure he would have been much more cross if you had caught him during the day." She said, catching up with him and opening the door.

Inside, the air was thick with the smell of old wood, yet no smell of powder or perfume. Lucinda had not yet experimented with either and never had any intention to. Noticing how dark it was, she strode rather boyishly across the carpet and turned up the intensity of the flame of the lamp, flooding the room with a soft glow. Lucinda flopped down upon her bed and began to unbraid her hair.

"Well, sit!" She said with a slight laugh, gesturing to the smaller bed opposite to her own. Liam smiled as he descended upon the feather topped mattress.

"Very soft..." He said, admiring the cushioning. Noticing that she had begun to undress, he averted his eyes and began removing his own boots.

"You know Liam, I am still so curious as to why you look like," She gestured to his whole appearance. "that." There was a slight rustling sound as she dug around in one of her drawers in order to procure a nightgown.

The boy quirked an eyebrow at her statement. "Oh really? You don't think it suits me?" He said as he removed his vest and necktie.

"Now, I never said that it didn't suit you Liam, I merely noticed how you have...changed." She sighed as she once more sat upon the bed.

Liam noticed the way the lamplight cast a glow upon her. The cream gown seemed to be a part of her skin, and her hair fell around her shoulders and to her waist like draping silk. She seemed almost ethereal, her pure beauty contrasting with the dark, scruffy young man across from her.

"Have I now? So what if my hair is a bit longer and I am not clean shaven?" Lucinda shrugged and lay down.

"Well, good night then." He said, laying down also. Unlike her, he did not close his eyes, he continued to watch her as she rolled so as her back was facing him. His turquoise eyes glanced tentatively towards the stars that were so bright. "Good night indeed...." He whispered as he turned down the lamp that sat on the small end table that divided the beds, bathing the room in only a sliver of moonlight.

As she placed one hand beneath a pillow, she felt the familiar leather spine of the book. It was her unspoken friend, keeping her company late at night. The pages seemed hand written, most of it was in some foreign language, but she understood the pictures and a few bits of English that had been placed in it. It was a thick book, containing roughly nine hundred pages. Lucinda figured that this book could have only been obtained if stolen, it seemed like it had been very close to someone; probably someone who was not a dear friend of the church.

She still remembers the day last spring when she found it. It had been raining non stop for three weeks now, and the pale young woman was bored. She had tried and kept herself busy with painting or writing letters to her friends, but today was different. It was so dark, it was one of those days when you wake up in the morning and wonder if the day is even worth getting out of your warm bedcovers.

She sat on the cold wooden window seat in the attic, enjoying the view over the land that the small circular window gave her. With a sigh, she swung her legs over and touched her bare feet to the wooden floor of the attic. She drew the long dark red shawl closer around her shoulders as she shuddered a bit from the cold of the day.

Lucinda's eyes surveyed the room, taking in all of the old useless and reserved furniture. The grey orbs came to rest on an old bookcase with glass pained doors. She tilted her head to one side a bit as she walked towards it. "I don't remember you..." Her voice was far-off as if in a trance.

With a pale hand, she opened the doors and ran her fingers over the spines of a few rather dusty books, but her attention became focused upon an exceptionally intricate spine. As she grasped it firmly and took it with two hands, she felt a strange energy flow around her. Her eyes fixed themselves upon the engraved cover. There was no title, no author, and yet she never questioned why.

So there she stood, engrossed by the delicate care that must have been put into the makings of the manuscript. As she opened the cover, she revealed a detailed two page drawing that included many people, but two caught her eye immediately. There was a man that sat upon a throne-like chair. One of his hands extended forward and he pointed to the right. (The drawing was set in profile) On the other side, one man kneeled and pointed to the left, to the other man. Lucinda stared for a few moments at the picture before folding the pages just so that the man in the throne and the man kneeling were finger to finger. She would have normally taken this to be some picture from the bible, if not for the liquid, that she guessed was blood, which soaked the kneeling man's clothing.

Lucinda peered closer at the drawing and turned to the next page, which had a long bit of writing that was in a language that she could not read or give name to. She continued to flip pages until she came upon a picture of a man.

His face bore an expression of arrogance and yet the man could not have been mistaken for anything but powerful. His eyes seemed to be looking straight into Lucinda's, which mesmerized her. He looked to be no more than in his mid thirties, and his hair was long and dark. The man was undeniably handsome and Lucinda quickly developed a fascination. Below his picture there was one name, with dates of birth and death. "Count Vladislaus Draculea. 1422 - 1462"

The name seemed vaguely familiar, but Lucinda could not quite place it at the time. And so, she took the book and fled into her room, steeling glances at the pages during the night and becoming ever more immersed in its mystery.

And now, here she lay with her cousin, whom she guessed was already asleep, one pale hand stroking the spine of the book. Lucinda soon drifted into a dream plagued sleep.

End Chapter Two
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