Review for Auditions! :)

Auditions! :)

(#) Lenorebear 2011-12-20

Name: Evie Davies

Looks: Dark blue hair quite messy cause she hardly brushes it, Always wears he doc martins, Usually grey dissdresed skinny jeans or normal jeans. Band t-shirts or in summer tank tops (black). her favorite hoddie is black and white big striped zipped hoddie or her red and black big striped zipped hoddie.

Personality: Takes no shit, will stick up for friends. Will not go down without a fight. Doesn't care for stupid people and if you annoy or offend her you'll know about it. Doesn't care what people think about her.
BUT she likes to keep most emotion to herself apart from if you have annoyed her. She doesn't like it when men are sexist pigs. So she is very strong thought girl but keeps her emotions bottled up.

Part: Gerard girlfriend? :D

Any additional notes: Nope but if you need anything just ask and you can do what ever you want to the character.
I will read it even if you don't use my character
Have fun writing