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Auditions! :)

by UnderAPaperMoon 16 reviews

Come one, come all! I want you all. Info inside!

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OKAY! So here's the deal.

I'm writing a story. Your basic highschool fanfic... with a few interesting twists. I'd like for you to audition. I need for you to audition. And I would really appreciate it if you did. :)

It seems generic, but it's not, trust me. It'll be fun. Kay?

Here are the parts:
*Mikey's best friend (boy or girl, doesn't matter. also, Mikey is in eighth grade in this so... your character has to be 13 or 14.)
*Gerard's girlfriend (Doesn't come in until later)
*A best friend for my character
*A very temporary girlfriend for Frankie
*Ray's girlfriend

Note: All girfriends are juniors in highschool.

I need:





Any additional notes:

Don't be TOO extensive with your notes please.

Happpy auditioning! ~Marley
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