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THE AUDITIONS ARE CLOSED! Please come see if you got in!

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Fuck yeah.

This story is turning out great.

Here is the cast list:

*Alanna Morena (Gerard_inspires_me) as Gerard's girlfriend

*Romy Patten (xxKilljoysxx) as Ray's girfriend

*Hollie Bareham (Cookie_monster) as Mikey's best friend

*Skylar Filtz (DisenchantedEnding) as Frank's temporary girlfriend/best friend

The rest of you, if you'd like, can be used as other friends and aqquaintances if you would like to... let me know.

Another thing, I've done auditions before and I have chosen people to be in them, and then they don't even read the dtories. If you don't read and give me feedback, I will take your character out of the story because that's just a waste of my time. It's gonna be a fun story and if your'e in it, I want you to see what I do with your character.

Thanks! :)
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