Review for Auditions! :)

Auditions! :)

(#) DisenchantedEnding 2011-12-20

Name: Skylar Filtz

Looks: Long, layered, light blue hair with a dark blue streak down one side. Front fringe, thin. She has gray eyes. She's middle-build, pretty skinny and curvy, but a little on the short-side. Nose stud and lip ring. :)

You can make her wear what you want, but tell me if you'd like a general 'idea'.

Personality: Bubbly. She amuses herself and she's a pretty hyper. Although she's a little shy at times, she can sometimes come out of her shell when with her friends and just have fun. She doesn't take things to heart, really, although she's sensitive. She knows when something's serious and she wont make a joke out of it. She's there for anyone.

Part: Gerard's girlfriend/Frank's girlfriend

Any additional notes: Hates animal torture and is therefore a vegetarian. :)