Review for Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day

(#) Simple_Plan_ 2011-12-26

Are you serious? People have to stop doing this! It's GREEN DAY a band we all know and love. It just feels weird calling them Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day... It makes it sound as if
-Bille is a ego-maniac who wants all the credit
-Billie isn't part of the band
but truthfully
-Like you said, he doesn't want all the credit and gives it freely to Tre and Mike
-He is part of the band
sigh can't we all just be happy and rock out to this amazing band
they all are epic in their own ways
-Billies singing, and 'ya know'
-Tre's shoes! (i got a GD calander and red converse's are pretty epic) and drumming
-Mikes bass playing, and normal-ness (he can actually work the normal look while being in a amazingly awsome not-so-normal band)

Either way, I love Green Day and I won't stop calling them Green Day, i'm sorry but saying 'Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day' sounds to weird and is WAY to long