Review for Give 'Em Hell, Kid.

Give 'Em Hell, Kid.

(#) mychemicalbitchbot 2011-12-29

I try to follow the 1000 word rule too XD short chapters destroy my brain, you see. I really like this chapter, no this whole story, so please update when you can! And well whispers I'm having a love affair with hot chocolate. Don't tell the coffee.

Author's response

Oh my god, you are like my favourite person ever, I swear. I'm actually updating like every day cos of you:3 thank you! Someone who agrees with my short chapter issues! I'm really bad at writing though, so anything over 100 words is a bitch for me:L and I don't know where coffee came into this since I don't think I mentioned it in this chapter, but actually? I hate coffee. I don't even know how to make it, which is why I avoid the coffee making part of my story! Thanks for the lovely review, you are now my best friend.