Review for You & I in Unison

You & I in Unison

(#) we-redamnedafterall 2012-01-01

I missed out on reviewing Chapter 11 because I was ... Actually, don't know where I was. Been asleep since then. BUT I shall say now that it was amazing, as per! If not slighty upsetting ): Frankie shouldn't have left. He needs to come back. But obviously I'm cool with whatever you have planned because, y'know it's your story and you know what you're doing. It'll be brilliant!

Now for this chapter.
I love and hate, at the same time, reading these Gerard bits (y'know what I mean? Like the flashback/nightmare ones? :| Don't know if I make sense~). I love them because it's great to find out why he is how he is, like not being able to sleep and things but I hate them at the same time because it makes me feel so bad for him ): I just wanna jump into this story and hug him! Also, I understood the italics bit from the beginning too. You seemed to make it pretty clear to me :')

I dread to think how long this review is gonna be when I submit but I think that if I take longer to write a review and actually think about what it is I'm reviewing you might appreciate it more and understand that I love this if not only half as much as you do.

Damn, and you say you babble? :L

Think I'm done. Just gonna say Happy New Year! :') and keep writing and update! ;') xoxo

Author's response

He does need to come and he will soon! i'm trying my best not to make this predictable and like every other high school Frerard there is, although I don't think I'm doing a good job. Le deep sigh.
I totally understand the love/hate thing you have with the Gerard bits, although I find writing in Gerard's perspective easier than Frank's, it doesn't mean I don't find them difficult and upsetting, so yeah, i understand!
I'm so glad you understood the italics bit, I was so worried in case I had confused people and I found it difficult explaining how it worked and such but yeah, it's good that you have understood from the beginning!
I appreciate every review I get, whether they'd be long or just a few words, I appreciate them all the same.
~Long reviews like your one though are really great because I like to know in depth what you think of each chapter and the story altogether. They really are great.~
I have grown to love this story so much and I hope I am pleasing my readers, if I'm not then I would like to know where I am going wrong and such.
I can go on and on foreverrrrrr so I'm gonna cut it here!

Happy New Year to you too! I will, don't you worry. Thank you so much for this review, made my day!xoxo