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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

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Authors Note:
Gonna update this now because I hate writing chapter where Frank and Gerard are apart because I cannot handle the pain. If you haven't already figured that this story is my baby and I will love it until the end of time then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Really though, I am so excited for this story and you guys better be excited too ok? I'm not really feeling this chapter though and I haven't read over it because I know I will hate it and want to delete it all and start over (which I will regret) and I do not want to put myself through that. Bear in mind that this hasn't been reread and is most likely very shit and needs edited/deleted from existence but I hope you guys enjoy!

Gerard's Perspective

Those hands, they were back and they were more disgusting than I had ever thought. They caressed my body roughly; gripping and scratching and rubbing, leaving marks on my pale skin. I could feel the darkness around me; it was slowly draining all vitality from my beaten state.

I could see the shadows of their ugly faces in my head, burning into my memory forever. I could feel the outstanding pain my body was suffering, slowly fading into unconsciousness. The warm room was stuffy, the sickening smell of sex tainting the atmosphere. I licked my chapped lips and swallowed, willing the sickening feeling to go away and I winced as the metallic taste of blood and sex was washed over my tongue and down my throat.

My bruised wrists were trapped in a grubby hand tightly as a heavy body hovered over mine, hot and sweaty. The anticipation of what was to come was squeezing my fingertips and toes, churning in my stomach and rushing through my bones.

I heard shuffling in the darkened room and I gripped my eyes tight shut behind the blindfold in horror; people were here to watch. My empty stomach lurched at this new realisation and I breathed through my nose harshly as tears prickled behind my eyes.

The heavy body was suddenly moving above me was moving to straddle my skinny hips, a clothed erection thrusting into me, making me gasp in horror. My wrists were still locked in one of his but I wriggled on the bed, trying to escape his hold. I felt the thrusting stop only to be followed by a harsh blow to my right cheek and I instantly froze, the pain flowing from my cheekbone and burning my face.

The thrusting started as soon as it had stopped and I winced as I tried to shrink into the dirty mattress unsuccessfully. I was suddenly aware of a large palm rubbing my cock through my dirty ripped boxers, the hand radiating enough heat that it almost burned my right through. My heart was pounding in my ears and I was choking back sobs as he continued to thrust and palm and humiliate me in a room full of people.

My ragged boxers were suddenly ripped from my body and the heavy man lowered himself to my ear, breathing into it harsh and loud, his alcohol stained breath flowing over my face and neck and I gulped audibly.

“Gonna do bad things to you, pretty boy. You’re gonna be my slut all night long baby.” He whispered and I could feel his evil smile as he bit down on my earlobe. My body deflated and my heart shuddered as he started to grind into me. I was vaguely aware of people grunting in the distance as I let the darkness consume me; my body defeated.


I woke with a start, my body colliding with the floor as I fell from the sofa in my dimly lit living room. I lay on my back with my eyes wide open as my breaths come in low and fast, my body shaking slightly from fear. I managed to pull myself back onto the sofa, sitting in the corner as I hug my legs to me, my eyes brimming with warm tears.

I am all too aware of the loneliness that surrounds and companions me in my quiet house; the only noise filling the empty space is my ragged breaths. The weight of feeling worthless and fear is crushing, breaking me to the soul. I’m increasingly conscious of the pain and the slow, hardly there, beat of my heavy heart. I’m aware that I’ve been seeing things in grey, I’m aware that I’ve given up.

It’s been days, weeks, maybe even a month since I’ve spoken to Frank.

My days do not change, either do my nights. My nightmares fail to change or cease. My flashbacks and panic attacks still creep up on me. He was still burning into me, always fucking there in my thoughts and on my skin. I still felt dirty too, and I still showered several times a day for hours. I was still broken, defeated and scared. I still lived in fear and self-hatred. I’m still shut off from the world and suffering in silence.

I’m falling apart as each day goes by with no one to put the pieces back together. Not even mum and Mikey can help now, I’m lost in a world of darkness and loneliness and it’s inescapable.

I close my eyes and search for a spark of light in my world of loneliness, for the hope that will help me out. I’m trapped in the loneliness, scarred by memories of pain that are slowly killing me from the inside. In this world of loneliness I am shaking by fear and my hope that I am searching for is not there to hear me cry for help, because to him, I am nothing.

And although I am nothing to him and despite him being the reason I have spiralled into this pit of loneliness, he will forever be everything to me. He was my glimmer of hope in the darkness but he left me alone, and I need him. I need my hope back.

I need my Frank back.

Gonna say this now incase people are confused. When I say 'he' or 'him' in italics, I am referring to someone evil ok? Someone who hasn't been introduced in this story yet, do you get me? So when I say 'he'/'him' in just normal writing then I am referring to someone else, like for instance in the last part when I was all ''He' was my glimmer of hope in the darkness but 'he' left me alone, and I need 'him'.' I was referring to Frank, not 'him'. I have probably just confused the living shit out of you nice readers and I am sorry, if you need me to explain anything just ask in a review. Thanks again my lovelies, next chapter should be up soon so please, please review and help me write quicker. Op, am I babbling again? Muahah. Oh well. HAPPY NEW YEAR when it comes, I love you all.
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