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Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

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Gerard's Perspective

I tensed in a stretch as I pulled my tired body up from the sofa, my legs quavered and my back cracked as I reached my hands above my head and yawned. I stumbled through to the kitchen, the darkness closing in around me and smothering me in a bubble. My heart twitched and my skin crawled with fear and panic as my breathing sped up. I could feel them; those hands, they were hovering over my skin leaving an ice cold air after them.

I forced my heavy legs to move faster, my shoulder colliding with the doorframe as my hand shot up to the wall, touching around for the light switch in sheer panic. A ghostly hand curved around my waist, gripping tightly and rubbing the skin under my shirt as my fingers grasped the switch and flicked it on. I touched my forehead to the kitchen wall, my arms wrapping around my torso protectively as my breathing calmed down.

My eyes were wide as I took in the kitchen, half expecting him to be sitting at the table waiting for me but to my great relief, he wasn’t there. I was alone.

I basked in the warmth of the small room, trudging over to one of the cupboards that hung on the wall. My cold hand closed around my favourite batman mug, holding it tightly as I pulled it down from the cupboard protectively.

Hello, Gerard.” An icy voice whispered and I spun around, my lower back colliding with the edge of the counter as I staggered back and I watched as my mug fell from my hands, inching closer and closer to the tiled floor; to its death. My hands flew to my chest, gripping fistfuls of the fabric as those hands returned; splayed across my chest and rubbing up and down my back. The mug collided with the floor with a sharp clack, bouncing once, twice until it finally smashed, shards of the clay mug flew everywhere and scattered the floor.

One of my hands flew up to my neck, my nails digging into the skin and dragging as one of his ice cold hands closed around my neck, squeezing and gripping and my breath caught in my throat, my nails digging and dragging harder. My other hand gripped at my shirt, ripping the fabric harshly as it irritated my skin until it burned. His hand was ice cold as it danced across my stomach, my chest and my back.

I continued to scratch my neck and rip my shirt as he breathed into my ear and down my neck. I wanted him off, needed him to leave me, to get out from under my skin and just leave me the fuck alone.

Please,” I gasped, “please just leave, just go.” I breathed, my shaky voice filling the empty kitchen as I sunk to the floor, my back dragging against the wood cupboards. Slowly, I felt him disappear, the ice cold leaving my skin with one last sting and I brought my legs up to my chest before hugging them to me and burying my face in my knees. I couldn’t control the sobs that escaped my chest, or the flow of tears that fell from my eyes. I could feel the darkness creep up on me, slowly pulling me into unconsciousness.

I heard a door open in the distance and the pad of feet against the carpet rushing to the kitchen. I heard something knock over and fall with a soft thump, someone groan as they banged into something and then I heard Mikey’s voice.

“Gee? Gerard, what- what happened?” he asked and he was suddenly kneeling before me, hand outstretched and gripping my shoulder. I gasped in fear and panic; it was him all over again. I tried to move back, move away from him but I was too tired, too defeated to fight any more.

I could feel myself start to let go, everything became distant and cloudy. Voices were muffled and I couldn’t feel anything. I let unconsciousness consume me; the last thought that crossed my mind was Frank and how beautiful he was and how I longed for him to be here because he made everything better. He was my hope and I needed him here.

“I-I’m sorry.” were the last words that I breathed out before I fell into unconsciousness; the darkness consuming me.

When I drifted back into consciousness, my heart was pounding so fast I could hear it pulse in my ears. I was shaking and my eyes were wide with fear, I could vaguely feel Mikey slouched on the end of the sofa next to my feet. My dreams were vivid, dark and messy but they still terrified me to the bone. I couldn’t tell what time or day it was, my mind too fucked up from the lack of sleep and jumpy nightmares.

“Gee? Gerard calm down, it’s just me, Mikey. Are you okay?” I could feel his warm hand clamp around my calf soothingly, my heart beat slowed as I pulled myself up onto my elbows, as my eyes flew to his face. “You’re okay, Gee. Don’t worry.” I gave a weak nod before I sunk back into the sofa and rubbed my tired eyes. They watered and nipped as I yawned and pulled the warm blanket tight around my body.

“I’m gonna go get you a coffee, okay? I’ll be right back.” Mikey said as he walked off into the kitchen and I was left to ponder my thoughts while he was away. I was hazily aware of the morning sun shining through the window and my head pulsed and started to ache. I decided that it was probably late morning and that it could be Friday but I wasn’t entirely sure. I was then concerned why Mikey was still home and not at school. Was he ill? Had something happened to him at school? My thoughts went pretty crazy as the clock ticked lightly and my head thumped and I was suddenly aware of the humming of voices in the kitchen. Mum was home too, shit.

I pulled the blanket over my head and groaned; it was most likely my fault they were both still home which made me feel beyond guilty and ashamed. Stupid fucking panic attacks. Mum was gonna get in so much shit for missing work and so was Mikey and it was all my fault.

“Hey sweetie,” my mum called as she walked into the living room. I pulled the blanket down from my face, pulling it around my shoulders again before looking up to meet my mum’s warm caring eyes, a concerned smile resting on her face. “Are you okay? Are you hungry? I made you soup!” she said happily, my eyes flickered to the bowl of soup she held in her hands and a small smile crept up on my lips. “Don’t worry, sweetie, Mikey’s making your coffee, he’ll only be a minute.” She reassures as I sit up Indian style and take the bowl from her before resting in on a pillow in my lap.

“Thanks mum.” I say in a horribly raspy voice, my cheeks burn pink and I clear my throat softly as Mum just smiles softly and pecks my forehead before she shuffles back out to the kitchen. A murmur of voices start again as I eat my soup slowly, my hunger that I didn’t realise I had finally quenched.

Mikey shuffled in soon after I was done eating, coffee mugs in hand as he perched down next to me on the sofa. I smiled gratefully at him as I took my mug, it wasn’t my usual Batman mug and I could see Mikey’s sympathetic smile out of the corner of my eye as I stared at the black mug mournfully.

“Thank you,” I mumbled against the edge of the mug before taking a long sip. It burned my throat raw but it tasted so nice so I smiled at Mikey content, he always was good at making coffee.

I saw concern flicker in Mikey’s eyes and I knew he was itching to ask me a handful of questions, his fingers even twitched against the mug in his hand. I sighed quietly as I rolled my eyes a little and gave a mute nod, Mikey sat there dumbfounded for a moment before the first question rolled off his tongue and flew from his open lips.

“What happened?” He asked in a shushed voice, a look of confusion contracting his features.

“Flashback,” I stated flatly with a shrug before taking another sip from my mug. I wasn’t really up for going into detail about the whole incident and I hoped Mikey understood.

“I understand,” he started, God, he sure can read minds; “if you don’t want to speak to about it, just know that I’m always here for you okay? I was really worried about you, Gee, so was Mum. You weren’t out unconscious for long actually. Do you remember waking up?” I shook my head, no. “Well yeah, you kind of woke up, made your way through hear and collapsed into some deep dream. You looked pretty restless though but Mum said I shouldn’t wake you because you obviously needed rest.” He finished with a shrug and pulled his legs up on the sofa to sit Indian style. I nodded slowly to show that I had been listening and downed the rest of my coffee frowning.

So that’s how I ended up on the sofa.

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