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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

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Authors Note:
I have to be the worst writer ever, omg. Sorry if I confused you with this chapter, I've edited it and tried to make it more understandable. Firstly, no this isn't a dream chapter it takes place in school, the lunchtime of the same day as the last chapter - does that make sense? Secondly, no Frank and Gerard didn't get together, sorry I must have confused the shit out of you all but I've tried to make it clearer. I understand now how it seemed that way. I can't even being to explain how stupid and embarrassed I feel right now!

Frank's Perspective

“Three days, Gerard. Three fucking days.” I spat, pushing him up against the brick wall with my hands splayed across his warm chest. I curled my fingers around his soft band tee, letting my head fall against his shoulder as I let out a shaky sigh. Gerard kept silent, his chest moving against my cold hands as he breathed low and deep. “Three days, Gerard.” I whispered into his hoodie, my voice shaky.

In the three days that I spent away from Gerard, I was miserable. I had found myself longing for him, hoping that he would appear in my backyard in the dark nights but not once did he show up. He had left me hanging with nothing but the mere memory of the tingles I would get when our skin brushed but it wasn’t enough.

Up until meeting Gerard I was sure I was content with being alone. I knew that Ray and Bob were my best friends and they were always going to be there but they didn't cure my loneliness, they were just simply there; as friends. Gerard though, had changed something in me; I didn't want to be alone anymore. I wanted to be with Gerard and if I couldn’t love him as a lover then I would love him as a friend.

Gerard had grown on me a ridiculous amount for the short time we had spent together. So much that I had realised that maybe, a part of me loved him much more than I would have expected. He was part of me; something that I really hoped would be constant, forever even. He was under my skin, in my bones and rushing through my blood.

But the amount of pain that was left when he wasn’t around was too much to handle and that scared me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take the risk. I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough to handle the pain.

I knew I was in too deep and if I turned away from Gerard now it would most likely crush us both, or maybe just me but either way, I would cause a lot of pain. I couldn't forget Gerard; he was too important, too special. My heart was telling me to keep him around, he needs someone but my head was telling me that I was being stupid, that Gerard wasn't worth the risk. I decided my head was a much wiser path to choose.

I looked up at him, my eyes open and wide. His sad stare burned into me as I let him read my soul. I was finally letting him understand how horrible his departure had been, how alone I felt and how fucking miserable I was. I let him consume every little bit of emotion from me, to the point where I thought he would drown from it all.

And when I knew he finally understood I let my eyelids fall and close tightly over the deep pools of hazel emotion. I sucked in a deep breath and moved away from him, the atmosphere snapping in and echoing in my ears as I slowly distanced myself from the person I wanted to stay close to.

I could feel the wind pick up as I stepped away from his warm body, leaves falling from branches on trees and whipping around our ankles angrily. I watched everything fall apart; someone I love and need become someone I’ve lost and hurt.

I let myself go numb until all that was left was my shaking hands, my fingertips ice cold and
numb. I just numbed everything out; my pounding head, my burning heart, my thoughts and the emotions that had been swirling in my stomach.

I was giving up. Giving up on the person who needed me most, the person I needed most. Giving up on the hopes a friendship between us.

I moved closer to him again, our bodies brushing as I caressed his warm cheek in my cold hand one last time. I let my hand linger on his cheek as I stared at his pale skin; soft and warm. Something I would miss; something I had already missed the past three days.

I rubbed the pad of my thumb over one of the purple swollen bags under his eye, ugly and prominent and still there. I don’t think I had ever hated something so much than I had then but I let the feeling brush off and I let go.

I sucked in a deep breath, dropped my hand to my side and staggered back; my feet heavy. I looked into Gerard’s warm, empty eyes one last time to see the flicker of realisation light up in them. We both knew that this was it, that whatever friendship we had was over and there was no turning back now. The sudden finality of it made me feel sick, a horrible feeling bubbling inside me.

“Fra-ank, please, please don’t go. Don’t leave me, I can’t do this alone.” He whispered, his eyebrows furrowing and lips trembling. “I-I thought we were friends, Frank. Y-You…” he stopped then, his jaw clenching and his lips moving into a straight white line.

“I-I’m sorry, Gerard. I really am, I just… Listen, Mikey will be waiting for you. I’m sorry for making you think that we were ever going to be friends, it was cruel and I’m sorry. I can’t do this.” I said my voice breaking and my heart crushing inside my ribcage. A saw his eyes flicker with pain and anger and he clenched his jaw even tighter and ducked his head.

I chose that moment to turn and walk away, my feet trudging across the muddy grass as I let my head fall low. I was at the edge of the school football pitch when I decided to turn back and look at Gerard one last time to find that he wasn’t there. He had gone and he had taken my cold heart with him.

If you still don't understand then basically, Frank is in love with Gerard but he can't handle it, like the pain and shit so he kind of just leaves Gerard, do you know what I mean? If you don't, then don't worry it will become more clearer in the chapters to come. And I'm really sorry if I've pissed people off, it was unintentional. Until next time my lovelies, so long and goodnight because it's like quite late over here.
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