Review for You & I in Unison

You & I in Unison

(#) Lizzeh 2012-01-01

Frank come baack! bloody hell, Gerard is missing Frank and no doubt Frank is missing Gerard, one of the needs to get some balls and at least talk to the other :L
I love reading the dream bits, and seeing how it affects him and why he's so scared and stuff. although of course it's sad to read, and I feel sorry for him alot. Poor Gerard ):
this review is long for me :L
well HAPPY NEW YEAR! and lets hope we don't die.
update soon!! xo

Author's response

Long reviews make me happy.
I promise, one way or another (I haven't thought of a way yet for them to reunite and be friends again) but I promise, they will be friends soon. Trust me.
I'm glad you like them, I wasn't sure if I wanted to put more in put I decided that it's the only way you'll understand if I put them so I put one in!
Happy New Year to you too! And I hope so too!
I will, thanks for reviewing xo