Review for Hero


(#) Abicus 2012-01-03

Prepare for one of my infamous rants x)

Wow. This story is so amazing I'm not even gonna try and put it into words. Gerard is so arrogant, but like, mysterious. I think his power might be what striketoincinerate said, or maybe a power where he can't feel something strongly for someone, or a really dangerous power. I think his arrogantness is also an act maybe, because you see how he went to sing, and he wasn't showing off his voice or anything, he was singing quietly to himself. Also, he was drawing by himself in the Room Where They Eat (xD) and he was in a corner.

As for Frank, well, he's kind of stupid for falling for Gerard, because Gerard is clearly not one to open up, or have strong feelings for someone else. Frank seems really innocent though, in a way, for actually liking Gerard. Also, Gerard is being a douche and it may or may not be because of his power.

Anywayyyy rant over with x) and I really cannot wait for more!!

xoAbby (AKA:Shiwoggi/Hero No. 1 fangirl)