Review for Back in the day...

Back in the day...

(#) aweirdtree 2012-01-08

noo-ho, Mikey don't leave! D: okay, sorry, i know he's got to but... still!

yeah. i liked this chapter - fucking again. i really seem to say that a lot... but is it my fault you're such a good author and this story is so goddamn good? nope, i don't think it is.

anyway. it was nice to notice (again) how much Frank actually cares about Gerard. really... that could sound like a fucking cliché in some other story but you make it sound wonderful and beliavable. thanks for that! and thanks for this chapter - am waiting for more, as always :p

and, btw, i almost had a heart attack when i thought there wasn't A/N in the whole thing... but then i noticed there was. THANK FUCKING GOD. promise me you'll never update anything without A/N D: i'm gonna miss them if they just suddenly aren't there.

Author's response

Yeah, sorry 'bout Mikey leaving - it just had to happen, otherwise this story would never move.

And I'm sorry my story is so good, do you want me to make it worse? If you do, sorry - not gonna happen!!

Glad you like the fluff, and yeah, Frank's a softie really.

And for your sake alone - I swear I'll never write a chapter without an A/N!! Glad you like them, but seriously, I ramble waaaay too much!



Oh, and I really should have commented on this earlier, but your user name is EPIC!