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Chapter 34

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Erotic clubs and annoying friends.

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>Frank's POV<

I stayed at the house whilst John drove his nephews to the airport - giving them some brotherly time alone before they spilt again. I felt sorry for Gerard really, I knew he liked living here - even if he'd never admit it - but he couldn't stay without being away from his family. And it was clear he loved his younger brother.

Currently, I was sitting at home, lazily playing on my X-Box and getting killed every few seconds. I wasn't really paying attention to the figures on the screen, instead thinking about what would happen tonight. Lissa wasn't exaggerating when she said everyone would get laid tonight - on top of everyone drinking, smoking and popping pills, we were all into sex. As if that was hard to figure out. But Gerard apparently didn't fit the last part. Ok, he said he'd done 'stuff' and had sex with girls, but even if you were top with a guy it was completely different. And I was almost nervous for him. A side effect of caring for someone, of loving them, was not wanting to hurt or upset them, and well, that applied to Gerard.

Don't get me wrong - I wanted to have sex with him. I mean, I enjoyed sex. But I was kinda worried that I'd, I dunno, go too far or something, and he'd be too shy or embarrassed to say anything. It seemed like the sort of thing he'd do. If he didn't want any at all, then fair enough - it didn't mean we couldn't mess around.

I sighed, and at loss for anything else to do, decided to call Phin. Maybe I could ask her what she'd think I should do. I dialled her number into the house phone and held it to my ear, waiting for her to pick up.

"Heeellllllooooo!" Was the cheerful, slightly over-enthusiastic greeting I heard when she did so.

"Hey Phin," I laugh.

"Frankie-poo!" She sung, then giggled like a maniac.

I glanced at the clock before replying. "You realise two in the afternoon is way too early to be as drunk, or high, as you sound!"

A laugh sounded down the phone. "I'm not high, or drunk, or anything. Just happy."

"How comes?"

"Am I not allowed to be happy?" I could tell by her voice that Phin was pouting down the phone at me.

"Course you're but at the moment it's just not normal. What happened to get you quite so insane?"

"You know that ride in Disney Land? 'It's A Small World'?"

"Yeah..." I couldn't quite see where this was going. "The one with all those annoying dolls singing?"

"Well, I went on that one too many times." Phin giggled hysteriacallly down the phone. I laughed at her.

"Fair enough." I laughed again.

"Besides... my parents are coming home for Christmas!" She squealed excitedly.

"That's great Phin!" I responded just as enthusiastically. I was pleased for my friend but kind felt rotten inside. One of the things I liked about Phin was that I could relate to her - both our parents ditched at pretty much the same time; mine kicking me out, her's travelling on 'business'. It might be selfish, but it made me feel a bit better about myself knowing her parents weren't around her either. Now Phin's were coming back, and mine still hated me.

"I know, eh?" The girl grinned down the phone - I could hear it in her voice.

"Yeah." I closed my eyes to stop tears escaping them, desperately trying to find something different to talk about. "So, um, what's happening tonight?"

"Well, I was thinking that you and Gerard drive here, and stay the night." Came the instant reply.

"Ok. Erm, what about the sex thing?"

"You can do it here, I don't give a fuck - just strip the bed in the morning and I'll wash it."

"Great," I said, still unsure.

"Yeah, I've sorted out rooms for everyone. I'll show you and Gerard yours when you come over, there's condoms and lube in the bedside table's draw. And the rooms are perfectly sound proof."

"You don't miss out on any details, do you?"


I laughed and rolled my eyes at how forward Phin could be. "What time should we be there then?" I asked.

"Anytime. But before half eight preferably, 'cos I've booked the taxi for nine. The one back is for half one, 'cos that's when the club closes."

"Have you organised everyone's lives. or just mine?"

"Your's, Gerard's, Lissa's, Bob's and Andy's."

"Shoulda guessed."

"Yep! Well, Lissa actually arranged her's and Bob's life - she slept over last night and we've been getting shit together all day."

"Fair enough. What would you if I said I'd already made plans for tonight though?" I asked, grinning at the thought. Actually, I'd probably be too scared to tell her. As she proved when Bob was stupid enough to bet she couldn't set that party up, Phin was one hell of an oraniser, and she hated it when her plans went wrong.

"You'd have to cancel them." Came her immediate reply. "Or I'd have to kill you. But you're Frank and you're fucking disorganised so you haven;'t made plans."

I laughed down the phone. "You know me too well!"

"Well, we've been best mates for, what? Four years now. I'd be pretty damn stupid if I didn't know you by now." And then, with no warning, or pause, Phin came out with; "So, you think you're gonna get any tonight?"

I blushed. It wasn't often that some made me do so, but sometimes if they sprung a question like that on me unexpectedly, I couldn't help myself. And, even if there was no one there to see you, the fact that my face turned bright, fire-engine red, made it even more embaressing.

"Uh, erm, I have no idea." I tried my best not to stammer as I replied. Phin laughed, and I frowned, wondering if she had somehow picked up on my embaressment. "What's so funny?"

"The thought of you not getting any!"

I sighed in despair, and rolled my eyes again. "Thanks Phin, thanks loads."

"No - I mean, it's just, you used to be a complete and utter whore - worse than me or Jared, and then Gerard's come along and just changed you. It's weird."

"In a good way or a bad way?" I asked, kinda fearing her reply.

"Good, I guess. I mean you're not as neurotic now, and just seem more content I guess. And I'm glad you've stopped sleeping around."

"Yeah, I guess." I paused, figuring I may as well ask. "Phin what should I do? I wanna have sex with Gerard, but I don't know if he does, and I'm worried that he's not gonna say anything if he doesn't want it."

There was a silence that lasted several seconds. "Your asking me advice on sex?"

"Er, yeah,"

"Well, that's something I never thought'd happen again."

"Oh shut up Phin. What do you think I should do?"

"Ask him 'bout it. Or just don't have sex to avoid the conversation. Or just have sex, his emotions be damned. S'up to you mate!"

"That really doesn't help." I told her.

"I know! I gotta go now anyway - it's one of those things that you're just gonna have to figure out on your own. Personally, I'd either go for talking to him, or just fucking him - depends on how much you care 'bout the dude!"

"I ca-"

"I seriously gotta go. See you later Frank - no later than halff eight, remember!"

I groaned as Phin hung up on me, wondering what had needed her attenion so suddenly. Hell, if there was anything at all! Apart from finding out tonight's plan of action, my conversation with her really hadn't helped matters at all. As she said, I guess I was just gonna have to figure it out for myself.

Deciding I may as well look nice for tonight, I went back upstair to shower and pick some clothes out.


As embarressing as it may be, tears were welling up in my eyes as I hugged Mikey goodbye. Well, I wasn't the only one - his eyes were unusually bright as we made our way to the customs gate. That was as far as I could go unless I had a plane to board, and it was the first time in my life that I was wishing for a long queue.

"Look, I'll see you soon, promise - I'll tell Mom and Dad you gotta come back for Christmas or something." He was telling me as we clung to eachother for a final few seconds.

"Ok, give 'em my love, eh?" I said, and Mikey nodded, pulling out of my grip.

"Will do. I'll see you soon, ok? Have a good time at the party tonight. Just don't get too drunk."

"I won't." I squeezed my eyes shut, wishing I wasn't so damn emotional. "See ya Mikes."

"Bye, Gee." He responded, giving me a quick one armed hug, before turning away and walking through customs. I sniffed, wondering how long it'd be before I saw my little brother.

I spun round, and walked out the building to the car park where John was waiting. Climbing in the car wordlessly, I rammed hearphones into my ears, and the guitars and drums and singing take me away.

A few hours later, I found myself in a similar position, only this time, it was Frank driving and the music was playing over the car's stereo. We were both singing along, me having cheered up considerably, deciding the best plan of action would be to just focus on enjoying tonight.

"So why are we going to Phin's again?" I asked.

"'Cos she's booked the taxis and has enough spare rooms." Frank frowned slightly. "At least, that's what she said, I actually have no idea why we don't just go back to John's after." He shrugged. "She's already arranged it I guess."

"And I'm assuming it's gonna be a no-show at school tomorrow?"

"Yep!" He beamed.

"Great. My uncle's gonna be pissed."

Frank laughed as he pulled into Phin's overly large drive and got out of the car. WE went round the the backdoor and just let ourselves in - she never locked it. Needless to say, there was music playing inside, Black Sabbath this time from the sounds of it.

"Yo!" My boyfriend yelled at the top of his lungs as we walked into the hall where the Christmas tree was. I could see that someone had straightened it up a bit. The only response to Frank's shout was th music changing to a Nirvana song.

"Boo!" We both jumped at the sound of two voices screaming behind us. I spun on my heel to see Lissa and Phin grinning at me and Frank, both looking very pleased with themselves.

"Thanks for that." My boyfriend said, pouting at the two girls. This only resulted in them bursting into laughter.

"Pleasure!" Phin giggled at his expression.

"You look great by the way." I told them.

"Thanks." Lissa blushed. It was true through - she had a silky white blouse on, tucked into a short vibrant red skirt. The colours contrasted brilliantly with her dark skin. How she was staying upright in those shoes though was beyond me.

Phin had also appeared to have grown several inches - a result of the short balck boots she was wearing. Well, I say short - the heel on them probably came up to my ankle.

"How on Earth are you gonna survive the night in them?" Frank asked, apparently noticing the outrageous shoes aswell.

"Fuck only knows!" We all laughed at Phin's reply. "in fact, can we go into the lounge so I can sit down?" More laughter.

We made our way into the lounge anyway, and collapsed on to the sofas in there. Actually, Frank collapsed into my lap, which, thinking about it, had been a habit of his since day one.

"So who else is coming here?" I asked, assuming that we were waiting for other people, otherwise we would have just left.

"Just Andy and Bob." Lissa answered, going to the window to look out of it. "I hope they arrive soon though - the taxis gonna be here in like, ten."

"Meaning they won't arrive for another twenty minutes, probably." Frank laughed.

"They better not be." Phin frowned. "Or I'll have to castrate them. Twice."

I snorted. "Wouldn't that be a bit of a downer for you too?"

"He had a point." Lissa said as she collapse back on the couch after her journey to the window and back.

The four of us made small talk for the nest ten minutes, Bob and Andy arriving in that time, unknowingly protecting themselves from losing their balls. The taxi arrived right on time, a seven seater including the driver. Phin sat in the front, on the promise that she wouldn't have to on the way back. The drive was fairly short - only fifteen minutes or so, and we passed the time talking about what the club would be like. The others had been there before, but apparently it had been done up recently, and this was its 'grand opening'. A sex night. People really are crazy, aren't they?

When we finally arrived, Phin paid the driver and we waited in line to get in the club. Any and Lee had already arrived, and were right at the front, so the six of us joined them, and got in quite quickly as a result.

Inside the club was heaving. The entire place was doused in a heady blue light, and erotic music was pounding out of the speakers, bodies swaying and grinding on the dancefloor in time to the sensual beat.

There were raised circular platforms scattered across the floor, both men and woman winding themselves seductively around poles on the small stanges. A few were empty, but as I watched, a group of girl jumped up on to one and began to dance, making eyes at a group of guys on the dancefloor.

"This is brilliant." I could only just hear Phin yell, despite the fact she was only a few feet away from me.

"Definitely!" Frank shouted from the other side of me, before grabbing my hand and pulling me forward into the crowd. When we were on the dancefloor he grabbed my hips and we began to dance to the pulsing beat, our bodies pressed against eachother. People all around us were doing exactly the same, though some were sucking eachother's faces off.

I wasn't overly comfortable dancing, I just felt so awkward, now we were in a club, I was dying for a drink. I was about to pull away from Frank to tell him this, only to remember my promise to Mikey that morning. Even if he'd never know, I wasn't going to break a promise to my little brother. Not again.

So I stayed on the dancefloor, dancing with Frank and watching other people dancing around us. There were girls dropping and shaking there hips, guys swaying and moving back and forth, and couple grinding against eachother. We were getting a few weird looks, both of us being boys, but we weren't the only couple, and nobody seemed overly fussed.

I turned my gaze back to Frank. He had, like me, been watching other dancers, but sensing I was looking at him, he turned his attention back to me. After smirking evilly, he pulled me forward and began to grind against me. I was wearing skinny jeans, allowing me to feel the sensation thouroughly. I gasped at the friction, and looked down to see that evil smirk still splayed across Frank's lips. He drew back slightly, and began to dance on his own, anf fuck was he amazing.

I'd never really ever found it a turn on, watching another guy dance, but apparently my boyfriend had it down to a fine art. He kept eye contact with me, the smirk still firmly in place, whist swaying his body and running his hands over himself. He smiled, and tilted his head back, just letting the music take him, spinning and jumping and swaying with the rest of the crowd yet somehow still apart from him. I sense that I wasn't the only person watching him, so felt a small stab of pride when Frank reached forward to take my hands. I accepted, and he pulled me into him, positioning one of his legs between mine, continuing his dance. Only now he was rubbing against me, and I could feel blood rush south, both a the friction and the sight of my gorgeous boyfriend swaying against me. Now though, the smirk had gone, and he was staring innocently up at me, as though he had assumed an innocent, doe-eyed expression, as though he had not idea what he was doing.

There was a glitter in his bright brown eyes though, that told me he knew exactly what he was doing. And what it'd later lead to. Yeah, Frank Iero was a far cry from innocent.

So what do you think? Yeah, it's kinda short and definitely not the best thing I've ever written but meh. I wasn't in the mood for smut. And it's Monday tomorrow! D: Grrrrrr....

By the way, did you know there are three Friday the 13ths this year? It's usually like a once a year thing, isn't it? I dunno.

On a completely unrelated note, apparently gelling your hair red, back combing it, wearing platform boots, and walking around listening to Leathermouth full volume isn't the best way to impress your parents. Well, your dad at least. My mum's only comment was that my lipstick didn't match the rest of my make up. But yeah, my dad wasn't overly impressed. Actually, it was quite funny. It was the first time he's gotten mad at me in a while.

Did everyone have a good weekend though? Mine was ok, but everyine around here seems to die on a Sunday which kinda sucks. And I have four GCSEs in the next two weeks. Which sucks arse. Infact I gotta go revise.

I'm sorry - I know this is gonna come up as a double post, but I have to share this with someone... there's a fish, called a pearl fish, and it's like this long snake thing. Anyway, to avoid being hunted, it swims into a sea cucumber's butt. It is one of the most disgusting things I've seen in a while.

Hope you liked that chapter.

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