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Chapter 33

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Christmas is coming in!

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Hello again my dearly beloved readers!

I'm shocked! Stumped! Amazed! Just dropped dead! Why, you ask? Because of all the chapters to go green it was the bloody cheesy one! As PaleOwl so kindly pointed out, it's kinda funny. In an ironic way (well, I guess that's what s/he means!) Anyway, as I love pleasing you guys and am a whore for R&Rs (like you haven't noticed) it means there's gonna have to be more fluff! >groans in disgust< Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit there. I don't mind fluff in small quantities, but that last chapter was fucking corny! Still, I'm not complaining that it went green!

So now, this is a bit of a filler, but I was in a Christmas-y mood so shoot me! And it hints at good stuff for you guys! ;) Hahahahahahaha.


>Frank's POV<

The rest of the week, passed as normal. Well, as normal as it gets around here atleast. To my surprise, no one in school passed any comments about my breakdown - whether they my friends or not. I was kinda worried that the reputation I'd built up over the last few years would have come crashing down, and other kids would start up the insults. Admittedly, my gang was a bit more wary about what they said around me, but that was really to be expected and other than that it was as if Tuesday had never happened.

Me and Gerard hung out with Mikey a lot, and as I suggested, we bunked school on Friday and went to Phin's. I found it weird how readily the gang accepted him. Ok, they weren't exactly hostile, but most kids weren't let in with open arms. But then, perhaps it was only 'cos he was staying for a week. It was kinda amusing actually; Lena was making eyes at the kid the entire time. Even know he's two years younger than her. When I told the girl this, she simply shrugged and said "Yeah, but he's still taller than you." For which I thumped her.

About halfway through the afternoon, Phin and Andy disappeared. No one was entirely sure where to, but then, no one really wanted to know. When were all sitting around in her living room, playing 'Truth or Dare' in between sipping beers and fighting over how loud the radio should be. Then Lissa, Bob and Adrian decided to entertain us all by getting on the sofa and singing 'Rockstar' at the top of their voices. They'd been snorting fuck-only-knows-what earlier and this was clearly the result of whatever Bob had given them. How he managed to get his hands on so many drugs is beyond me. Anyway, they were halfway through the very off key chorus, when they all fell off the couch for no reason what so ever. The rest of us cracked up.

Through all of this, I noticed Mikey keeping an eye on his brother the entire time. I guessed he was looking out for Gerard drinking, or popping pills, or snorting something, or whatever. Actually, the guy had kept himself clean the entire time his little brother had been here, just puffing on cigarettes and drinking endless cups of cofffee. Actually, that was another thing I didn't understand - how did the guy not permantly have the shakes? Ditto for Mikey. I suppose they must have just built up a tolerance to caffine over the years.

"Hey guys." Kyle said, leaning forward in his couch. "Where the fuck do you think Andy and Phin have got to? I mean, this is her house, I'm amazed she just ditched us here for this long."

"No idea." Jared shrugged. "But thank fuck that she wasn't here to see their" he jerked his chin towards Bob, Lissa and Adrian, who were rolling around the floor in fits of laughter. "little performance. She'd have hated to see them stomping all over her precious furniture."

"Do you think they're even in the house?" I asked. Usually Phin had music playing wherever she went, and yeah her house is big, but not that big. We'd be able to hear it. Unless she was in the pool.

We were all silent for a few seconds, as though we'd be able to hear her and Andy.

"Do you think we should find them?" Mikey asked, shifting in his chair. "It doesn't really feel right, being in her house when she's not."

"Nah, it's fine - we're her best mates." Jared shrugged. "Anyway, if Andy and Phin are still in here, we probably don't want to find her. Well, unless you want a free porn show."

We all laughed, especially when Kyle said; "Hmmmm, perhaps we should try and find the two of them." I noticed Mikey looking disgusted.

Then Phin's voice rang through the house, making us all jump. "Lee, Jared, Liss - you're tall; go to the loft for me?"

Everyone looked surprised at the girl's odd request, just sitting there for a few seconds. Well, everyone bar Lissa, Bob and Adrian, who were still too high to see this as odd, or have any clue about what was going on for that matter. Then we all scrambled to our feet and ran into the hall, to see Phin and Andy pulling a collosal pine tree in through the back door.
"You got a Christmas tree?" I laughed, running forward to help the other two drag the thing in.

"Yep!" Phin beamed back at me. "Why do you think I invited you all over today?"

"That's why you wanted us to go to the loft! To get the decorations!" Jared guessed.

"Yep, Lissa should know where they are so just got up and help yourselves."

"Yeah slight problem - Liss's too high to get off the sofa right now." Kyle smirked.

"Bob and Adrian too?" Andy asked after scanning the small group.


"Ok, 'I'll go and get the decor', you guys help Andy set the tree on." She started to walk forwards towards the stairs, then turned and announced; "Don't come up with me if you're not good with the dark or spiders." I immediately stopped.

Phin smirked at me, before going upstairs with Lena, Amy, Ollie, and Gerard. Upon seeing his brother was going, Mikey hastily followed.

The rest of us stayed downstairs to try and put the tree up. As I previously said, it was massive and almost impossible to push upright. We ended up having half of us (the taller half) push it up on one side, getting closer to the bottom as we did so, whilst the others pulled up the other side. Sounds simple enough, but it took us five attempts, and by the time it was actually up there were needles all over the stone fall, and in all of our hands.

The decorations chose that moment to arrive. "You've killed it!" Amy shouted, looking in mock horror and the pines on the floor.

"Yeah, well it had a bloody good stab at us first!" Lee replied, making everyone laugh. Well, he wasn't exagerating.

"You realise that we're never gonna reach the top of this thing?" I said, looking up at it.

"Well, you certainly ain't shorty!" Phin teased coming down the stairs, carrying a cardboard box. Actually, all the the people who went upstairs were clutching boxes of various sizes.

"Thanks!" I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. Then, in a more excited voice; "What's in the box?!"

"Baubles, tinsel, lights - you get the idea." Lena shrugged, Phin deciding it'd be a good idea to up-end her box over the bannisters. Christmad decor tumbled down, landing on the floor with a surprisingly quiet noise.

"Well that wasn't as dramatic as I hoped for." She pouted, making us laugh again.

We spent the remainder of the evening decorating the tree. As I predicted, none of us could reach the top of the thing, so we shoved it over to the stairs to put the highest trimmings on. Needless to say Phin put music on - Christmas music. But it wasn't the usual, Mariah Carey, Slade. Bing Crosby crap, it was punk and metal remixes. So we were head banging whilst we decorated the plant, which ended more than once in someone losing their balance and falling headlong into it.

After about two hours, Phin pronounced it was ready, and we stood back to admire our work. It was completely lopsided - most of the ornaments were on one side of the thing and the lights were hung in tangled clumps. However, the others were grinning at it as though it was their proudest acheivement.

"Well - it looks like shit!" Perhaps not then.

"And that is why it's perfect - who wants to be normal?"

"How true. Infact, I'll drink to that!" Lee laughed.

"Oh, what a good idea!" Lissa (who had emerged with Bob and Adrian about half an hour earlier, apparently no longer high) agreed and ran into the kitchen. I laughed, and followed her, also fancying a beer.

>Gerard's POV<

I sighed as the rest of the group made their way to the kitchen in search of alcohol. It had been a fun afternoon, but I wished that they didn't turn to booze quite so easily. I was really craving a drink, but couldn't with Mikey here. Don't get me wrong - I loved having my little brother here, but I desperately didn't want to disappoint him. It had been bad enough back in Jersey, but here where I was trying to turn a new page, it'd probably hurt him even worse.

But I followed the rest of them into the kitchen, and perched on the table next to Bob, Mikey close behind me.

"So," Lissa was saying. "I was looking at local clubs and shit on the 'net, and you know that local 'Blue Moon' bar?"

"The metal one?" Kyle questionned.

"Yeah, I was down there the other day actually." said Jared.

We all stared at him for a few moments, wondering why on Earth he decided to take a random trip to a club without inviting anyone. Then again, knowing Jared, no one really wanted to know. Voicing all of our thoughts, Lena came out with: "Great. Errrmmm, please don't bother explain why you were there."

"Well, you see, " he began, grinning like a Cheshire cat. "I met these two girls, and they were-"

"I said we don't want to know!" The girl cut across him. I smirked at her.

"Anyway," Lissa continued. "Sunday night - why they chose Sunday, when most of the human race has work and or school the next day is beyond me - the club is having what they're calling a 'Sex Night'."

We all stared at her blankly for a few seconds. "Oooo-k." Frank said slowly, dragging the first syllable out. "Explain."

"Well, basically, they're gonna be playing the raunchiest music possible, with the intention of getting everyone in the building laid that night."

"And the chose Sunday for this?" Amy asked. slightly increduously.


"Well, I'm up for it!" Jared cut in. We all laughed at him.

"Like you need any help getting a girl." Lena rolled her eyes, her words a little harsher than needed.

"Well, if you want some baby, all you need do is ask!" He smirked at her, causing her to make mock gagging noises.

"I like the idea actually." said Amy. "I mean, it'll be a laugh at the very least."

"Will there be strippers?" Kyle asked, and Lissa shrugged.

"I'd imagine."

"Cool." He leaned back over the counter, looking very pleased.

"Oh, and the bouncers don't let you in if they don't think that you're dressed sexy enough." The girl added happily. I blushed just at the thought - this was not going to end well.

"Great!" Lee laughed. "But will Ollie, Frank and Adrian be let in? I mean their all completely underage."

"It's never been a problem before." Adrian shrugged. "If we all get in as a group we should be fine and anyway, Frank doesn't look sixt- I mean, seventeen with all of his tatt's."

"True." Lee nodded. "Let's go for it."

"Well, it looks like everyone needs to go out buy a couple of condoms." Lissa grinned, lounging back in her chair. Bob looked very pleased at her words, and the girl obviously noticed. "Well, everyone bar Bob 'cos I'm gonna be on my period!"

We all groaned at that, and the guy's face dropped like a stone, making our distaste turn to amusmant.

"I'm joking." Lissa smirked. "You just looked too pleased with yourself - don't worry - you'll get some." There was a collective eye-roll around the room.

Unfortunately, I caught Frank's eye. The moment the word 'sex' had been mentionned, I felt slightly uncomfortable. After all, I was a virgin (kinda) dating the second biggest whore in the room. And now, looking at my boyfriend's smirk, I just felt even more worried. I felt a blush creep over my face and ducked my head to hide it. There was no doubt that appearing flushed now would result in being teased for the rest of my life.

I glanced at Mikey, who's face was halfway inbetween amused and alarmed. I suppose mine would have been the same if I didn't know these people. But despite that, I needed my brother's never failing (in my eyes at least) advice.


"Mikey, what am I gonna do?" I asked in despair, collapsing on my bed. We'd just come back from Phin's and Frank had left with John to go to work. As all three of us arrived back together in the same car, my uncle knew that we had bunked school and wasn't overly impressed. But then, he was a pretty cool guy, and had simply warned us not to do it again, otherwise he'd make us work extra hours as punishment.

Now me and Mikey were in my room, intending on spending the next few hours talking about shit and playing video games. Or more to the point, discuss what the fuck I was going to do on Sunday.

"You mean about the 'Sex Night' thing?" My brother replied cautiously, sitting down on the end of the bed.

"Yeah, I mean - Frank's a complete slut, he's gonna want... something.) I threw my amrs up in despair, staring at the ceiling. Ok, this wasn't exactly the sort of conversation I wanted to have with my little brother, but I didn't really have a choice. He was the only one here, and I had a feeling that asking anyone in the gang about this would result in the same answer; 'just go for it'. Not one of them seemed to have a cautious bone in their body, especially when it came to sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

Mikey was chewing on his bottom lip - a nervous habit we shared - and his nose was wrinkled up slightly, in disgust I guess, "Errmmm, have you ever, um, actually had sex with someone?" He said slowly, screwing up his nose even futher as he talked. It was a sign of disgust then.

"Not with a guy." I answered.

My brother nodded, apparently deep in thought. "Do you want to... have sex with him?" Again, his words were slowly.

"I don't know!" My voice was full of despair, indicating what I was feeling inside. I didn't know what I wanted. Yeah, I enjoyed making out with Frank and doing other stuff but it still didn't amount to sex. I wasn't lying when I told him I loved him, and I didn't doubt he was being trueful when he said it to me. So why was I holding back now? I knew the answer to that really; nerves. "I mean, yeah, I wouldn't mind, but that doesn't mean I want to! I'm just nervous as fuck about the whole thing and apparently it hurts like a bitch, and I can't see Frank being bottom somehow!"

Mikey had gone extremely pale at my words. Poor kid - I'd probably scared him for life. "Ok, waaaay too much information, Gee. And you still didn't answer my question." He paused for a moment. "Look, why don't you ask Frank about all this?"

"What am I supposed to say? That I wanna have sex, but I don't 'cause I'm too fucking nervous to do anything?"

"Well, I wouldn't word it quite like that." Mikey smirked. "But, you know, tell him how you feel - it's the only way you're ever gonna sort this mess out."

"Great." I rolled my eyes as I spoke. Really, as much as I hate to say it, he had a point. And really, if we were ever gonna fuck (though I mentally winced at the harsh word) I was gonna have to talk to him. Or...

I supposed I could just man up and go for it. I mean, it wasn't as though I didn't want to have sex with the guy, and I really did not want to have a conversation about it. I mean, can you get any more awkward? Not to mention doing so would just make me seem like a stupid teenage girl in one of those horrific flicks you see on TV. Did girls even do that in real life? Not in my experience, not that I had much.

"So, are you going to?" Mikey pressed, breaking through my internal monologue.

"What talk to Frank 'bout it? Yeah, I guess." I lied. My brother nodded, for once not seeing through me.

"So, now to the important part - Mario or COD?" He teased.

"COD all the way - prepare to be killed dead young one!" I laughed back, and he shoved me, none too gently off of the bed. I landed on the floor in a heap, and stayed there, playing dead, whilst Mikey set the X-Box up. When he saw me, instead of being a loving younger brother and checking to see if I was ok, he just kicked me repeatedly, until I moved.

"You're a great brother, you know that?" I told him.

"The best!" He replied chirpily.

I rolled my eyes, and we sat down infront of the X-Box to play the next few hours away.


>Frank's POV<

I woke up on Sunday morning to see the two Way brothers sprawled on a double matress on the ground. I frowned in confusion for a moment, before remembering how they'd fallen asleep in my room the night before, halfway through 'The Exorcist'. I'd watched it to the end on my own, anf fucking hell, was it freaky.

I looked at the two brothers on the floor now. Both were fast asleep, their hair flopped across their faces almost identically. It wasn't often I saw any resembalance between the two of them, but I could now. I couldn't exactly put my finger on what it was tthat caused them to look similar, but they did now more than ever.

Shrugging it off, I pulled some clean clothes on and head downstairs to make some breakfast. I turned the coffee machine on, knowing both of the Ways would be demanding it the moment they woke up. I ate my way through a few bowls of cereal, drank my way through some coffees, and read several Kerrang! magazine articles before either of the brothers appeared. It was Mikey, much to my disappointment.

"Hey Frank." He greeted me with yawn, heading straight to the coffee pot, as predicted.

"Hi. You enjoy the movies last night?"

"Yeah, I've seen most of them before, but you know - the classics like that never get old."

"Dude! How old are you? Like fourteen? Surely you can't have seen shit like that before!" I was shocked. We'd worked our way through atleast five of the scariest movies out there last night, none of which we were actually legal towatch yet. When I was his age, I'd have been having nightmares for weeks after watching one.

Mikey smirked at my outburst, apparently amused by it. "I'm fifteen actually, and Gerard's obsessed with horror movies so we used to watch them together all the time." I raised an eyebrow disbelievingly, and his smirk turned into a full blown grin. "They terrified me at first, but Gerard let me sleep with him after watching one until I stopped having bad dreams 'bout it. Then we'd move on to the next one."

I laughed at that. "You and him always been close then?"

"Yeah, I mean he must have told you this at one point - actually, thinking about it, he probably didn't - but niether of us are fairly popular back home for one reason or another. WE were kinda eachother's best friends."

"He talks 'bout you a lot actually. I kinda twigged you're good mates."

An expression crossed Mikey's face, like he was considering something - a look that I'd learned didn't mean anything good in the short time I'd known him. "What about you and him?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, trying not to display my uneasiness.

"Well, the two of you are dating, how's that?"

"You wanna know what it's like to date your older brother?" I was thougherly confused. So I decider to make the best of the situation. "Well, it's great you know, he's unbelievable in bed and ju-"

"Ok, ok I don't wanna hear it!" Mikey laughed, covering his ears with his hands. I smirked at him. "That isn't what I meant at all!" I shrugged and grinned, taking a sip of the coffee that sat in front of me. "No, look, this is really awkward, but I just wanted make sure you're not just trynna mess with his head or some shit like that."

There was a short, rather tense pause. "What on Earth'd make you think that?" I said, more than slightly pissed off. Even know only a months back, he wouldn't have been too far off the mark.

"I dunno, you just seem the type." Mikey shrugged, trying to appear nochalent even know I could see he was slightly put out by my sudden change on mood. However his words surprised me - he must be a bloody good reader of people of he could figure out that that is exactly what I'd do in most cases. He was wrong about this one though.

"Great." I said, slightly bitterly. "Well, I'm not going to hurt your brother, or screw him over, or fuck with his head, or use him for sex for Christ's sake!"

"Ok, ok, ok!" The kid said quickly and quietly, in an appeasing manner. His hands were up infront of him, in a peace making gesture. "Look, sorry Frank - it's just Gerard's my brother and you should have seen him back home. He was really depressed man, twenty-four seven. I just don't want that to happen again."

"Well, you don't have to worry." I said shortly. "I'm not gonna hurt him, and over here, as far as I'm concerned, he's only drinking and shit when we go out. You know; to wind down a bit."

"That's part of the problem though." Mikey said quickly. I frowned and leaned forward.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Gerard started drinking 'cos he was depressed right? Then the alcohol and drugs and whatever just made him feel worse. So he took more. And it was just a downward spiral from there. Then he started going to parties and stuff, and he felt so out of place he drank to overcome his nerves. So it just got worse. Eventually, it came to the point that Mom and Dad had to send him here.

"From the sounds of it he's been doing better, but please can you just help him Frank? Ya know, just don't let him do too much at parties and please, please don't hurt him. I couldn't deal with him being all depressed and shit again."

I was slightly surprised at the sudden turn this conversation had taken. I mean, Mikey had just gone from insulting me, to practically begging me to look after his brother. I wondered if he was slightly bi-polar. Actually, thinking about it, that was a really stupi thing to say. I mean. you couldn't be slightly bi-polar, could you? Oh I don't know.

"Look, Mikey - I'm not gonna hurt your brother. I know I already said that, but it's true. As much as I hate to admit it, I wasn't exactly in a good place before Gerard arrived here." I paused here, thinking about what I'd just said. It was true, I guess, even if I didn't think so at the time. To me, it was just that I enjoyed fucking people - not something dire that had to be stopped like a drug addiction. Now it just seemed like I was desperately seeking attention - affection, love, whatever you wanna call it. I suppose being with Gerard had made ma admit a lot of things to myself that I really didn't want to. " Anyway," I continued, "Even if it wasn't intentional, he helped me get out of that. It's only fair that I do the same for him."

The kid looked at me for a second in silence. Then a grin split across his face. "Thank you Frank."

"It's fine. I mean I don't want him to get hurt either. Although, it's a kinda fucked up situation."

"How comes?" The grin slid off Mikey's face.

"Well, Gerard gets clean; he goes back to Jersey, right? Which means I lose him." Sigh. "The only way I can guarentee him staying is keeping him on drugs and alcohol, and how can you do that to someone you care about?" I gazed out of the window as I said that, thinking that really it'd have been easier if I stuck to Plan A and just messed with Gerard's head. Instead I'd falllen for the guy. But you know what? Even with all the doubt and worry, it was bloody well worth it. Even if I did lose him at the end of it.

Ahhhhhhhhh - more cheese! Wow, I never thought I'd write that down!

Lol - so what are you thinking? Are our favourite boys gonna have hott butt sex Sunday night? (Yet another thing I never thought I'd write)

Yeah, and sorry to Mikey fans that he's leaving so soon. I just wanna keep this story moving, which I can't really with him in it. So, yeah! Sorry.

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And speaking of which - did you read the Christmas Kerrang! special? They made a serious oversight and somehow left him out of sexiest male of the year! How?! I don't disagree with their choices at all, but he should have been in there instead of Josh Franchesci (is that how you spell his name? I cba to check!)!!! But still, Andy Sixx, Oli Sykes, Frank Iero, and Gerard Way are not bad choices! I also found it amusing that Beiber was voted as being worse than the Japanese tsunami!

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