Review for The Drugs Make Us Numb; They Don't Keep Us Sane

The Drugs Make Us Numb; They Don't Keep Us Sane

(#) Bad_Romance 2012-01-09

I like, actually shivered on the last line. It was sexy haha.

I think you should make auditions (incase your having the rest of the guys in) and you should let me have frank. Or be another ex of Gerard's that he does something to haha. (I'm so tired kristi, sigh I wouldn't usually ask something like this haha!)

Author's response

Haha, why thank you. (: Shivers are always good.

I do plan on bringing Frank in but his role won't be super important to the story... So, if you're with Frank you wouldn't appear too much or I could do a scene with you/Gerard as one of his victims but I could put you in. Which would you prefer?
Awwww! (: You know you can always ask! Get some sleep! (I know I need to haha. It's 9 am and I haven't slept yet AND I have lunch plans with a few co-workers around 1. ugh.)

Oh hey! Or Mikey? I don't know how you feel about Mikey...