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6- Touch Her

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Rian doesn't like being called pretty.

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Mikey was standing outside when he heard his older brother's door open. In confusion he turned to look at who had opened it. In front of him stood a girl with long blonde hair and a flawless complexion. Mikey found himself momentarily awestruck. His brother landed... her? He found it hard to believe. "Hi." He said, trying to shake himself from his state of shock.

"Hi..." The girl replied, quietly.

"I... Gerard is my brother." Mikey awkwardly explained.

The girl instantly seemed to relax and she nodded, "He's at the store but he should be back soon... Did you want to come in?" She asked.

Mikey nodded, "That would be awesome." It was fairly cold outside. "You look... nice." He stated. It was completely true. She was gorgeous. "How long have you and my brother been together?"

As they walked inside together Mikey found himself feeling like an ass for making such an assumption. "We aren't together... like... in the way that you mean." The girl explained, blushing. "I'm Rian." She settled on an introduction as she closed the door behind them.

"I'm Mikey." Mikey extended his hand.

Rian simply stared at his hand. "I can actually leave. I didn't know Gerard had someone coming over tonight..." Rian suddenly felt extremely out of place and in the way. She didn't want to be in Gerard's way. She even felt a little better. She figured she should be fine outside, on her own now... "Can you tell him bye for me?"

"Tell who bye?" Gerard's voice came from behind Rian, making her jump.

Mikey smiled, "Hey bro!" He said, happily. Rian stood in place as Gerard dropped the bags he had brought home on to the floor. "Who were you telling bye to Rian? And I thought I told you to wait outside Mikey?" Gerard asked, losing his cool somewhat.

Mikey shrugged, "This lovely lady let me in. I didn't know you had such hot friends Gerard!" Then he blushed and shrugged, "Sorry Rian... you're just the hottest person I've seen Gerard with."

Gerard's eyes were focused on Rian's as they stared at each other. Mikey continued rambling, "Well actually... I don't know. Gerard you do seem to score with a lot of hot chicks. Ugh, you must show me how!"

Mikey seemed to realize no one was listening to him so he shut up. "Well... this is awkward. Exes?" he asked, glancing between Rian and Gerard. "I mean, Rian said you guys weren't together but..."

Gerard shook himself from his trance and leaned down, grabbing a bag. He handed it to Rian. "Go on to my bedroom. That's stuff I got you. I'll be in the kitchen."

Rian glanced down at the bag, biting her lip. "Thank you." She finally said, taking the bag and leaving the room.

Mikey and Gerard stood next to each other for a few seconds before Gerard smiled. "I'm sorry Mikey... You know I just don't handle surprises too well." He easily fell in to the role of happy big brother. He knew his little brother wasn't as naive as he pretended to be though. He had always known there was something off about his older brother. Maybe that's why every trip he made... he made absolutely sure it was a surprise. Gerard knew Mikey hoped to catch him in the act of something but Gerard was much too careful for that to occur... usually.

"I missed you." Mikey admitted.

"I missed you too." It was the truth. Gerard loved his brother. "So, you're moving here?"

"Yeah... if you don't mind. I won't be staying here long. I'm looking for an apartment starting tomorrow but I figured... maybe I could chill here first. I even scored a job in town as a tattoo artist." Mikey sounded excited. The excitement made Gerard happy but his thoughts were still stuck on Rian attempting to leave again.

"Well, you know you can stay here as long as you'd like." Gerard stated, walking to the kitchen with a couple of bags while Mikey grabbed the other bags.

Mikey sighed and glanced towards the doorway, "Well... like I said, I didn't know you had such a hot chick over. I was actually going to visit Emily tonight which works perfectly for you to have some alone time with Rian." Emily was Mikey's ex. She treated him like shit. If Mikey wasn't so head over heels for the girl despite everything she did then Gerard would kill her.

Gerard nodded, "I don't really know. Rian might like having you around." Mikey was a fun person. He usually put people at ease. He had gotten Rian to let him inside so Gerard figured she felt somewhat comfortable around him already.

"You guy's are ex's, aren't you? I was right." Mikey muttered. "Being around ex-girlfriends is a lot like being stuck outside in a hurricane. You get ripped apart man."

Gerard instantly shook his head. "Nah, Rian and I have never dated. We are just friends." His brother didn't need to know how they met or for how they had known each other. Gerard wouldn't tell. He would leave that up to Rian. If she wanted Mikey to know then she would tell him. Gerard didn't find it important.

Gerard finished putting away the food he had bought and he started making soup for Rian. "Did you want some soup as well?"

Mikey shook his head. "No. I really should be going. I guess Emily wants to meet up right now." He said, staring down at his phone. "So that means I'll probably be at her place... call you tomorrow?"

Gerard just nodded as Mikey put his cell phone in his pocket and started towards the door. "Whoa." He muttered, catching Gerard's attention.

"Gerard, I just wanted to... say thanks." Rian said, quietly.

Gerard's eyes had become instantly glued to Rian as soon as he noticed her in front of Mikey, who had also paused. She was wearing the silky black shorts and black tank top that Gerard had bought for her so that she had something to sleep in, other than the dress he had given her.

The outfit showed off her pale, toned legs and her full yet small breasts. Basically, she made both men's mouths start watering.

Rian stood in the doorway awkwardly, trying not to look too far in to why each boy was staring at her. She was quite naive in the way of her own looks, not even taking a second to think that they were drooling over her.

"Seriously?" Mikey asked, turning to shoot a disbelieving look at his brother. He just couldn't understand why his brother was 'just friends' with the girl in front of him.

Gerard's eyes didn't leave Rian as he spoke to Mikey. "Mikey weren't you going somewhere?" He asked.

"Now that's brotherly love." Mikey sarcastically remarked as he walked out of the kitchen. Gerard didn't look away from Rian until the front door slammed closed, shaking him from his dirty unwanted thoughts.

"Are they comfortable?" Gerard asked, attempting to be casual.

Rian stepped closer to him, looking at the soup. "Whatcha making? And yeah, very comfortable." She replied. "I appreciate the thought."

"Soup since you've got an upset stomach. I was hoping that it would help." Gerard paused before speaking again, breathing out deeply. "You were going to leave again?"

Rian was slightly confused, "What do you mean?"

"You were telling Mikey to tell me bye when I walked in earlier. You weren't even going to say goodbye to me yourself?" Gerard asked, finding that he was quite upset by that.

Rian looked away, a confused expression coming over her face. "What exactly do you think we have here?" She quietly asked, stepping back.

Gerard was caught off guard by the question. "What do you mean?"

Rian wasn't sure why Gerard's words bugged her so much but she felt as if she was stepping in to the wrong territory with him. She didn't even understand where it was that he 'wanted to go' with her. It all made little sense to her but her stomach hurt and she was irritable. "What is this, between us?" Rian asked, voice cracking from nerves. "I'm eventually going to leave." Rian informed Gerard, losing all of the fight she had. Suddenly she didn't even remember why she had become angry. All she knew lay in Gerard's eyes, which now portrayed a hurt young man... someone who had attempted to help her by inviting her in for the night.

Gerard stared at Rian, feeling as if he were a fool. He wasn't one to let his guard down. He wasn't that guy, he had never before felt like it anyway... "Then leave." He said, attempting to toughen his tone.

Rian nodded, "I will." She replied, turning from Gerard. She didn't want to leave. She felt comfortable at Gerard's place. It was nice. It was warm. She wasn't afraid. She didn't want him to get the wrong impression though... She wasn't his. Quite honestly she was afraid that if he wanted her in a way that predicted some sort of relationship that she would let him down. She just wasn't that girl. She wasn't the girl that other people wanted to be, or wanted to be with.

"So, you're just going to leave then? Just like that? Wearing that?" Gerard asked.

Rian turned and glared at him, thinking he didn't want her to leave with the clothing that he had bought. "No, you're right. This is yours." She slid the shorts down her legs and began taking the tank top off.

Gerard couldn't believe she was stripping right in front of him and he began speaking before fully looking at her body which was littered with bruises. "I just meant that it would be col-" He stopped, eyes narrowing at the bruises that were now clearly visible. Gerard stepped closer as Rian attempted to appear strong to this stranger. "What is this?" Gerard's finger traced a line over Rian's stomach where the bruises were most prominent.

Rian stepped away, eyes falling to the ground as she realized just how bare she was in front of Gerard now. Thanks to her own actions she was looking more and more foolish with each passing second. "I'm not so pretty after all, am I?" Rian asked, her voice shaky.

"Who did this?" Gerard asked, tone expressing his rage at the bruises covering the body of what he now saw as his. As Gerard looked at Rian he realized she had become his... his obsession, his... He wasn't going to let her go out that door.

"Does it matter?" Rian whispered, realizing at once what had set her off. Mikey had called her pretty. He had told her she looked nice. She was afraid that was why Gerard had brought her home. She was almost positive of it but she knew if he saw beyond her looks that he wouldn't find her so beautiful anymore. There were parts of her that were ugly, scarred... ruined. She was ruined. That wasn't pretty, not pretty at all. She didn't want to see the disappointment cross his face when he realized that he didn't want her. She wanted things to stop how they were. She wanted to feel wanted, even if it wasn't desire he was feeling towards her.

"Yes, it does." Gerard stated, staring in to Rian's eyes as his anger built.

"I'm leaving." Rian said, not exactly sure as to where she would go with absolutely no clothing.

Gerard's fist slammed in to the wall inches from Rian's face, causing her to gasp in shock and jump back. "You're not going anywhere." His tone was deadly, leaving no room for argument.


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