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5- Jersey Just Got Colder

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Gerard gets a surprise. How will it interrupt his way of life?

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"Oh no! Not... no!" Rian complained, closing her eyes as the creature in Jeepers Creepers went through the roof of an old lady's home.

Gerard grinned, the taste of Rian's lips still tainting his mouth. She had been verbally discussing the movie with him the entire time, her hand holding on to his. The soft feeling of her skin brushing against his was driving him wild and every time she buried her face in his chest, closing her eyes... He just wanted to hold her tight and tell her that nothing bad like that happened in real life. Of course the movie was fiction but... he wanted to go beyond the movie. He wanted her to feel safe from anything bad in the world, fictional or factual.

Gerard leaned forward and pressed the television button, turning the television off. Rian's eyes snapped to him, "You didn't have to turn it off. Oh no! I talked a lot, didn't I? I didn't mean to ruin it... I'm sorry." She apologized, eyes wide.

Gerard laughed, leaning down and pressing his warm lips against her forehead. "It's fine. I was getting kind of tired."

"Oh." Rian said, frowning.

"Is sleep bad?" Gerard asked, frowning as well. "Oh no... did the movie scare you too badly to sleep?" He asked, genuinely worried.

"No, I'll be fine." Rian said, standing and stretching. "I'll be going. Thank you for the fun night." She said, smiling in appreciation.

Gerard's frown stayed firmly on his face. "You're leaving?"

"I... yeah, I guess." Rian stated, nervously.

"Well... can I take you home?" Gerard asked.

Rian shook her head, "No but thank you. I'll be fine walking there." Wherever there was.

Gerard stood as well, burying his hands in his pockets. "Why don't you just stay the night tonight? It's late... we just watched a horror movie... I'm in the mood to cuddle." He grinned playfully at her.

Rian bit her lip and thought over his words, "Cuddle?" she asked, wondering if he meant more or why he would even want to 'cuddle' with her...

Gerard grinned, "Cuddle." He repeated, playfully adding... "Kiss. Touch. Snuggle. Anything you want love."

Rian couldn't help but smile shyly, "And... what if I want to sleep?"

"Then we will sleep." Gerard stated, trying to avoid pressuring the girl. "I can be a good boy." he joked.

Rian's smile faltered slightly as she thought of being in bed with Gerard... with a stranger. She had been so set on doing whatever it took with him earlier to secure nothing more than food for her sister but now... Now her sister was with her uncle, she didn't have a home... she had nothing. She didn't feel the need to sell herself as she had earlier but still... this tempting stranger was hard to resist.

Gerard laced his fingers through Rian's, denying her time to think over the proposition. "Come on..." He whispered, pulling her to his bedroom, flicking the living room light off and casting them in darkness.

Gerard took notice of Rian's hand tightening around his as the lights went off. "Remember my promise?" Gerard asked, pulling Rian to his bed.

"Hmm?" Rian mumbled in confusion, more terrified from the events of the movie than Gerard knew.

"I won't hurt you." Gerard reassured Rian, worried that she was afraid of him.

Rian stopped, standing in place. Gerard stopped as well, blind in the dark of his room since his eyes had yet to adjust. Gerard's lips moved and he was about to speak once again but then he felt warm lips against his and pressed his body against Rian's in an attempt to get closer to her. He wanted to feel every inch of her body against his.

Gerard's experienced fingers found the zipper to the dress keeping Rian's body covered and he began unzipping it, lust flowing through his every movement. Rian's small hands pressed against Gerard's chest, stopping him immediately. Rian's words weren't what Gerard expected though. "My name is Rian..." She whispered, formally introducing herself to the man whose bed she was about to take comfort in for the night.

Gerard's hands fell to his sides though a smile still lingered on his lips. "I'm Gerard Way."

"It's nice to meet you Gerard." Rian whispered.

Gerard agreed. Meeting Rian was nice. It was a life changing experience. He just didn't know it yet. "It's a pleasure to know you." Gerard responded. "I hope I don't lose the privilege anytime soon..." And then his lips found hers once again.


Twenty minutes later Gerard was sitting outside of the bathroom adjoining his bedroom, his head resting against the wall. "Rian, you okay?" He called, nervously.

They had been making out when she had suddenly rushed to the bathroom, feeling ill. After a long pause in which Gerard considered breaking down the door to ensure the girl's safety she finally replied, "I-... I just really don't feel well. I'm sorry."

Gerard sighed, "Rian, how long had it been since you last ate before you ate some pasta?" He had a sinking suspicion as to what was wrong with her. If a human did not eat for a long period of time and then ate a large quantity quickly... well, it would all come right back up.

Rian groaned, slumped against the toilet in the bathroom. "Awhile." She responded, stomach wrapped in painful knots as everything became expelled from her sensitive tummy.

Gerard stood, "Can I come in?" He asked.

Rian flushed the toilet and hoped to keep her body under control as she replied, "Yeah."

Gerard walked in, smiling at her kindly. "Well, I'm going to run to the store to get some saltines and sprite... Anything else you want me to grab?"

Rian shook her head immediately. "Don't do that Gerard. I dont have any money and I'll be fine, I promise."

Gerard shrugged. "Well those are the things I'm going to buy you regardless. You've got about five seconds to tell me about any other necessities or I might forget something."

"A toothbrush please." Rian quietly replied, embarrassed with the situation. She really was in no position to argue with Gerard though. She had nothing other than what he gave her and some crackers sounded really nice. "Maybe... some chicken broth?"

Gerard nodded, yawning. He was absolutely exhausted. Tonight had been a very long night and didn't seem to be ending anytime soon. Any frustration he felt was washed away as Rian smiled shyly at him and muttered a quiet thanks, her cheeks heating either from embarrassment or the sickness that seemed to have gripped her body.


Gerard walked down the aisles, throwing shit he thought Rian might need in to the cart next to him. He had never shopped for another person before. It was a little difficult especially since he was shopping for a girl. He nervously threw absolutely everything in the cart, including pads. He didn't know how long she'd be around... weirdly he wasn't even fighting the idea of having her stay with him for awhile. It seemed to just be... something that was going to happen, no discussion... no internal struggle. He didn't want her gone. He didn't know what he wanted to do with her yet but whatever it was it didn't involve her leaving him anytime soon.

Gerard was reaching for some broth when his phone rang, knocking him from his thoughts of Rian. "Hello?" He answered, casually. As hard as he tried to stay casual it was getting harder. It wasn't everyday that he played caretaker. It definitely wasn't every day that he spent time with another individual without the immediate intent to kill. He wasn't sure if he liked how he was feeling yet. He felt protective. He wondered vaguely... if it was because of her age and vulnerability. He found himself liking her tone, her smile, the things she said, the way she acted... There really wasn't anything he could point out that he didn't like and for him that was unusual.

"Hey bro, what's up?" Mikey Way, Gerard's younger brother, responded.

"Just at the store grabbing a few things." Gerard responded, "What about you Mikes?"

"Well... that explains why you aren't answering your door. I'm standing outside of your place." Mikey responded.

Gerard's entire body tensed. "I-I... Just stay outside." Gerard commanded, worried about Rian. She didn't know his brother and he got the idea that the movie had startled her a lot more than she would let on.

Mikey sighed, "You and your secrets..." He muttered, clear enough to allow Gerard to hear him.

Gerard rolled his eyes. "I'm going to check out now. So, what brings you to town?" His brother was rarely around, living in a different state near his parents.

There was a gentle pause before Mikey responded. "... I'm moving here bro."


(Oh, the complications! Feedback? Mild spoilers was simply put in for the small part regarding the movie. ... Jeepers Creepers is the one movie that still spooks me.)
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