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Audition if you'd like. =)

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Kat had a pretty awesome idea with the audition thing. So this is all because of her...

If anyone reading this would like to audition then these are the parts that I could definitely use people for(And please keep in mind that this story is not a story for a bunch of brave awesome gonna live until they are 60 years old people so something bad might just possibly happen):

Frank's LI:

Victims(Can be male OR female):


I know it's a pretty short list but that's all I need for this particular story.

Please leave auditions containing the below information if you are interested:





(If a victim would you like your murder to include sexual elements and if so, over 18):





Anything else you can think of:


Thanks so much for any participation of this or to anyone who is reading the story and reviewing. (: It's always absolutely amazing to get feedback on something you work hard on!


Also, as kind of a side note... I really love MCR/Panic/BVB/really absolutely any kind of fic that isn't Anime. (Sorry, I just have a lot of trouble following Anime fics because I'm not really an Anime watcher... I've tried but it's hard for me to watch.) So with that said if anyone has a story that they want reviewed then at any time for any of my stories just let me know and I'll review it when I can. The only thing I ask? If you're leaving a review asking me to review one of your stories then review the story of mine you are reading as well. I look forward to reviews so I really want to hear feedback on my stories too. But as a side note on that review, asking me to review your story is perfectly fine. I actually appreciate it because it's hard to sort through and find good fics. =)
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