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7- You've Got Me Shaking

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The blood from her lip dripped in to my mouth, the taste something different.

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(Gerard's POV)

"Rian, please come out. I'm sorry." I pleaded, sitting outside of the bathroom where Rian was currently hiding.

Silence followed my incessant begging. Finally I simply slumped against the door, shutting up. I had scared her. I hadn't hurt her but I had scared her. My wall was in need of repair and my hand was pulsing painfully but Rian wasn't hurt. I had managed not to hurt her and for me that was a big thing. I was never used to holding back when it came to hurting people and even though I wasn't mad at her, but at what had been done to her... my first instinct had been to hurt her.

"Fuck." I loudly cursed, holding my hand close to my stomach. "That fucking hurts." I muttered.

Seconds later the door to the bathroom finally opened, revealing Rian in my bathrobe. She looked concerned. "Is your hand alright?" She asked, staring at my hand.

I dropped all attention towards my hand and feigned a smile, "It'll be fine... I didn't mean to scare you."

Rian didn't respond and as I glanced up at her I noticed she was biting her lip, drawing a small amount of blood. "Hey pretty girl, don't bleed for me." I muttered, stepping closer.

Rian's eyes flickered to mine and I lowered my head to hers, pressing my lips against hers. The blood from her lip dripped in to my mouth, the taste something different. The kiss deepened, my hands going around Rian's waist. By the time I pulled away her eyes had closed slightly, a relaxed expression covering her face. "If I ever find out who hurt you I'll kill them." I told her, trying to keep my tone light despite my very strong feelings on the subject.

"Tonight can that just not matter? Can my bruises disappear?" Rian asked. "They've spoken for me my entire life and I don't want that anymore. I don't want to be the hurt girl or the needy girl. I just want to be Rian. Is that enough tonight?"

"That will always be enough." I told Rian, being completely honest.

She finally smiled and the sight was something breath taking, causing some more happiness to errupt within me which surprised me. The surprise was welcome this time though. "Rian you're beautiful and I mean that past your looks." The words surprised me. I was a smooth talker but it was rare that I meant what I said to girls. I meant every word I spoke to Rian.

Rian smiled and was about to speak until I winced, having moved my hand. The simple movement caused a spark of pain. Rian glanced down at my hand in worry, "We need to get you to the hospital." She said.

"Not exactly the most romantic date proposal I've had." I joked, staring in to her eyes. I could get lost in them. I could get lost in her... if she ever let me.

"I'm worried." Rian admitted. I loved how straight forward she was. She didn't pretend. She didn't stall, she went straight for the kill with her words and I was dying oh so uneloquently.

"Fine." I mumbled, glancing at her. "Are you going in my robe? I mean it's cute but..." I simply trailed off as I grinned at her.

Rian rolled her eyes and grabbed the bag I had given her earlier from the floor, pulling out some jeans. So... my shopping spree was fairly thorough and I was kind of a clothing freak. I couldn't wait to see how the tight jeans would look on her body and here I was going to see... so that we could go to the hospital together. Oh, things were so different in my mind.


(Six hours later)

Of course the tight jeans looked perfect on Rian, hugging every single curve her body had. The shirt I had grabbed had been a giant mistake however seeing as how most of her cleavage was on display and even in the hospital I didn't like the view others were getting.

The pain in my hand had intensified only to be explained by the doctor as a fracture. Six hours later and I was sitting in my car again, this time in the passenger's side, with a cast keeping my wrist straight as well as protecting my hand from further injury.

Rian was sitting in the driver's seat, nervously playing with my keys. I thought she was afraid to drive so I spoke again, "You know I can drive..."

Rian shook her head, biting her already injured lip. "Does it hurt?" She asked finally, letting me in on just what was bugging her.

"No." I lied. It kind of did but pain wasn't something that was new to me. Sometimes it was even welcome. How could I explain that to her? After a small pause I sighed and nodded, "Yeah, it does." Why did I feel the need to be honest with her?

She repaid me with her own honesty. "I feel like crying right now." She admitted, dropping my keys on to the dashboard.

"Why?" I asked.

"You're hurt." She replied. I could see the color begin to creep up on her cheeks, staining her pink. "And I guess you're handling that better than I am." With that she let out an awkward laugh that I mirrored.

Once we stopped laughing I finally spoke, "Then cry." I just wanted her to feel better. If she had to cry out my pain then why not do so?

Rian nodded and looked away from me as the tears rolled down her cheeks. I simply closed my eyes, letting her cry out her emotions. It was probably the most moving experience I had ever shared with a girl that didn't end in death.

Rian didn't let a single sob escape her lips and soon enough my car was starting, jerking me from my relaxing position. "Are we going home?" I mumbled, finding myself quite sleepy. The doctor had given me pain pills... Those were quite nice.

"Yeah." Rian responded but her voice sounded flat. I wanted to ask why but soon the car was moving and I was drifting... I was falling away...


(Mikey's POV)

Emily's words vibrated through my head as I walked down the road, anger driving me to walk further. I left my car five blocks away. I just wanted to walk. I wanted to walk her words off. I wanted to be somewhere else. I knew Gerard had Rian over so I wasn't going to impose. I could just... walk.

-I'm sorry Mikey! That fucking liar. She was sorry? She was always sorry!

-He didn't mean anything.- Her idea of a fun night in was telling me about how many men she had cheated on me with way back when we were still together. It hurt enough to break up but to know that I was nothing when we were together? That hurt even more.

-I just got bored.- So, basically I bored her? Even more thrilling to hear.

-Come on baby... I'm horny.- Gerard was right. Emily was nothing more than a slut. I was sick of being used by her.

-Fine then get the fuck out you scrawny little asshole! I never want to see your face again! I hate you! I fucking hate you! And you know what? You never ever fucking made me orgasm! You're weak in bed you fucking fairy!- That hurt less than she meant it to, I was sure of that. Her words were starting to numb me. Instead of sad I was angry and... Well, that felt better.

I kicked a rock, mumbling something obscene that I instantly forgot as soon as it left my lips. "What'd that rock ever do to you?" A smooth feminine voice asked, breaking me from my own angry thoughts.

"Leave me alone." I spit out, instantly regretting it as soon as my eyes met hers. They looked like clouds. The blue was mixed with grey, mirroring my emotions at the current moment. Once my eyes took their time and explored the rest of her my attention went to her beautiful cherry red hair and I stumbled on my words, trying to make up for my previous statement. "I'm Mikey." Was all I could come up with.

The girl chuckled, pulling a package of cigarettes from her pocket. I watched as the thin stick slipped between her lips. I was never a smoker. I'd never even explored the idea of smoking before but that cigarette between her lips was the most tempting thing I'd ever seen and the words left my lips before I could stop myself. "Can I bum one?"

She nodded, quickly passing me a cigarette along with her lighter. My eyes never left her lips as I lit the end and inhaled the toxic substance, coughing instantly. She smiled, "You're not a smoker, are you?" Was I that obvious?

I shrugged, "I'm whatever I want to be."

"I like that." She told me.

Wow, for once I had actually come across as cool. Yay me. "What's your name?"

"Kat." The girl responded. "Katherine Lily Welsh but please, let's just go with Kat?"

"Kat it is." I stated. "I like cats."

Kat laughed, "Kat with a K, not a C but yeah, cats are alright I guess."

Another few seconds passed and soon enough Kat was done with her cigarette, now smoking the one that I had lit. She spoke again, "You never told me what that rock did to you."

I shrugged, staring at it in disdain. "It used me."

Kat nodded and walked over, kicking it. "Then you should've kicked it harder."

I couldn't help but smile at that. I was already feeling better but I was on rebound and as we spoke I got the impression that she was aware of this. Emily might've been my ex but I was still in to her. Maybe a little too much. Would my feelings for her ever fade? "I'm going to get a motel room Kat... Would you care to join me?" Oh, so smooth.

Kat glanced at a car parked on the side of the road before quietly replying. "Would you like to try that again?"

Great, I had completely disrespected her. "How about your number?" And here I still sounded like a douchebag.

"I think it's time for me to leave." Kat informed me, finishing the second cigarette.

She seemed hesitant to leave though and that gave me the perfect opportunity for one more attempt at being more than a creep in her mind. "I'm going to a party this weekend. It's a masquerade party which can be... fun. Would you like to accompany me?"

Kat stopped and bit her lip. "I'm going to that party already." And I don't want to go with you. Why don't you just say it? I sighed and started to mentally bash myself but then she spoke again, a hint of amusement in her voice. "If you can unmask me then consider it a date." Oh, a challenge?

"Be prepared to have the best date of your life." I told her, my confidence building as Emily fell from my thoughts.

Kat just smirked, getting in to her car.

As I walked down the street I felt a smile stretching my lips as I thought of Kat. She was just what I needed at a time like this. Perfect timing.

I stared up at the sky, wondering if anyone was really up there. "THANK YOU!" I finally shouted to the sky, hoping that things would start looking up.


(Sorry if people expected Gerard to lose his cool. =) He's fairly in control of himself in this... but less than usual already. I'll have more out soon, hopefully. I appreciate all of the reviews and all of the auditions. I'm still sorting through them so that I can slowly blend them in to the story. Thanks!)
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