Review for First of the Gang to Die

First of the Gang to Die

(#) monstrice901 2012-01-17

Amazing chapter - fuck the whole story is amazing, I'm reading it now for what, the third time over? Annnnyyywaaaay, I just noticed as I was reading it that it said "the other three million people on the planet". I'm guessing it was a typo of billion, 'cos obviously there were more than three million or the world would have been wiped out 20 times over by World War 2!

Sorry - I know I sound like a bitch pointing it out, but things like that just bug me, and I figured if I said something you could correct it, or tell me to fuck off, or whatever!

As I already said, great story anyway!


Author's response

Haha, I guess that is a typo. No worries though, you don't sound like a bitch XD and thanks for pointing that out, mate.