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Run This Town

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Only thing that's on my mind,is who's gonna run this town tonight.

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Notice on January 17th, 2012 - thanks to monstrice901 for her correction! Much obliged, girl!


So...I may have got a little carried away and made Frank be a bit badass in this chapter as well.I'm sorry.I just couldn't control myself.

Anyway,I like this one,because it's kinda sweet,in a morbid way.Be warned that there is severe descriptions of violence in here,but it's just really one thing I'm thinking of,which happens to Gerard around the half way mark.If you didn't like the ear thing a few chapters ago,you will not like this one.

And at the start there's just a little bit of banter.

Title is from Jay-Z,Rihanna and Kanye West.You can shit talk me if you want but that song is the fucking sex.

...but a bitch ain't one,

xo lorna

First of the Gang to Die
Run This Town

"Well,well.Mister Way.We meet again."A shot."Such a pleasure."

"As it always is,"Gerard replied quietly."Especially when you and your men storm my house in the morning."

"That's shit,it's eleven."

"I am not exaggerating,it is still ante meridiem."

The man scoffed and spit on the floor.The younger man-Way-moved his shoe and glared at the torturer.

"That is very uncouth."

"Do you have to fucking mock me?Is it goddamned necessary?"

"Excuse me?"

"All that fancy talk.Speak like the rest of us,you cunt.Is it necessary to make the rest of us look like idiots?"

Gerard raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders innocently.

"Is it necessary for me to use correct grammar,elongated words and proper diction?"He paused."I suppose it's not,no,but I tend to use it anyway.Decorum and all that."

"You fucking British or something?"

"No,I am not from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.And you can't say 'British',you say,for example,Welsh.There is no such nationality as British.It's a kingdom,a former colony.That's also generalization.It's rude to people from the area."

The entire Romano troupe stared.Not glared,but simply locked their vision onto Way,who remained nonchalant and easy going.Mancini just rolled his eyes.

"Stop that."He punched him in the face."Stop talking like that."

"I can't."

"Why the fuck not?"

"I can't.It's the way I speak.I can't help it."

"You spoke like that when you was a kid?"

"I'm not sure.I suppose so,yes."

"Your father talked normally."

Gerard's jaw clicked."Whoever said I took after that man was sorely mistaken."

The sharpness of the tone and the sincere hatred shocked members of all parties.Romano,Way;family did not mean Gerard necessarily shared all of his private relationships.

"Where is he?"


Mancini narrowed his eyes at the man bound to the chair,trying to scare him,to faze him,throw him off course.No luck.He grabbed him by the hair and ripped him roughly to the ground.

"You know fucking who."

"I'm afraid I don't."He blew a strand of raven from his face and sighed."You just fucked up my hair."

Mancini ignored the latter comment and pulled harder.Way emitted no noise.

"Your husband.Where is he?"

"I am not aware.I don't make him follow me like a dog.Unlike you."

Another sharp slap.

"Don't you fucking talk to me like that.My wife has fucking left me because of you,you cunt."

"I spoke the truth.You insulted myself and my husband.You irritated me.Still do."

"Andy was my friend,I was comforting Shirley-"

"By having sex with her?"

A chorus of oooh's.That was a sharp blow.He was a lot smarter than he let on.

"You killed Andy de Luca,you cocky prick,you-"

"I killed him and I take great pride in that I did.He hurt my husband."The glower.It was terrifying.Richard tried to meet it."That is not acceptable."

"That bastard got what he deserved,Andy-AAAAAAAAAAARGH-"

In later recollection,no one who was present could ever quite pinpoint how exactly Gerard Way managed to shoot Richard,even when he was all tied up,and all weapons had been removed.It was a mystery.

"Ugh-you motherfucking-"

"He did not deserve that.No one deserves that,especially not the boy I happen to be married to,and who happens to be the most beautiful,the most wonderful,the most innocent thing in the world."He breathed deeply and calmed himself."I would never tolerate it if one of my men raped someone.The fact that you condone it sickens me."

"Nobody's perfect,"Richard grimaced,trying to stop the ebb of the flow of blood.

"You certainly aren't."

"Tell me where he is."

"I don't know where he is.Once you grabbed me from my bedroom I lost sight of him."

"Where were you before that?"

Gerard smiled mischievously."Why is that of any concern?"

"Tell me."

"I was in my private chambers."

"Chambers?What the fuck?"

"In my private study,"Gerard rephrased.

"Why were you there?"

"Maybe because this is my house,Mister Mancini.I was under the impression I was allowed to move about freely in it."

"What were you doing?"


"Reading what?"



"Othello.It's a play.By William Shakespeare."

"He a gangster?Some fucker you're working with?"

Gerard stared at him.

"Am I...working with...William Shakespeare?"


"He died over three hundred years ago."He actually found it hard to converse with this man."He is one of the most famous playwrights in the history of English literature."

"So you are English."

"Because I read a play by an English author?"

"Do you read American books?"

"Some.Mostly French."

"You speak other languages?You know those bastards kick America in the balls every time we help em?"

This is not my view,I have nothing against French people,but stereotypically some narrow minded Americans do not like them

"America has done its fair share of kicking people in the balls."

"You speak French?"



Gerard was actually enjoying himself.This was the stupidest interrogation he'd ever sat through.


"About the bedroom-was your husband there with you?"


Richard raised an eyebrow.

"You weren't doing anything,were you?"

"Excuse me?"

"You know."

"I really don't."

Mancini glared at the man kneeling before him.Gerard caught on and laughed heartily.

"Oh,you mean engaging in sexual activity?"Most laughed;some didn't.

"Were you?"

"How is that of any relevance to you?"

"I ask the questions here,you fuck."

"You're asking me if I was having sex with my husband when you burst in on me?"


"You would have noticed a thing like that,wouldn't you?Not a very common circumstance to walk in on."

"So you weren't?"


"Doing it."

"Doing what?"

Gerard received a blow to the face.He didn't care-he was loving this.

"Oh yes-the sex."

"You weren't?"

"I didn't say that.I said you would be very unobservant if you didn't sight it."

"You rape him?"

"Of course not.I am not an animal."

"It's legal."

"What?Being an animal?"

"Rape in marriage."

"You'd know,wouldn't you?"

Mancini growled and suddenly struck his fist in Gerard's eye.Not just his fist,but something else-a pen.He twisted and dug the pen into Way's eye socket,blood streaming down his face,mouth contorted in pain,on lookers disgusted.The light jade in his eye rolled red and then a deep black.

Then Mancini was shot.Suddenly.Without warning.On impulse.He turned around-slowly,his back weeping scarlet-and saw Frank staring back at him,gun in hand,chest heaving.

"Frank.How nice-"

Another shot.This time his chest.Richard felt his chest shatter.He was soon full of eleven other bullets into his pulmonary cavity.Still barely alive and standing,he stared at the innocent boy who had just basically killed him,his lack of height,his ruffled hair,the full pout.People,no matter if they were male or female,young or old,straight or gay,friend or foe,always found Frank exceedingly good looking.Unfortunately for the other three billion people on the planet-that was how many at the time-Iero only found one other person attractive.

"Shut up,"he ordered,still retaining the lisp that Gerard adored so much,even though he had never heard Frank use this sort of language,or this manner.Every single man in the room-forty six,excluding the boy-gaped at the sight.

"My ribs,"Mancini groaned,motioning to another henchman to aid him,"give-"

"Don't you even think about helping him,"Frank warned the other man,who had to be at least six foot five,with muscles to share.He tried to apply the deadly murmur that Gerard had when he tortured people,but Iero came to terms with the facts that he was not the Don,nor had he been shot hundreds of times,or been in the Mafia since he was fifteen,nor was he simply scary as fuck.

"Get down on your knees,"Frank demanded,walking over to Mancini,who reluctantly fell to a begging position.The boy jabbed his revolver into the mouth of the gangster.Men around him gasped as he pushed the gun deep into the throat of Richard,cocking the trigger with his thumb."Now suck on that.Like a whore."

Don't break down,Frank told himself,don't you fucking get weak on us now.

"Can't breathe,can you?"Frank spat,pressing his shoe into Mancini's already decimated ribcage,the older man coughing and spluttering,everyone else literally dumbstruck."You can't breathe because someone's beaten you so badly your ribs are broken and you feel disgusting and humiliated."He could fell the tears coming-he didn't give a shit."You feel worthless.Pointless."

Mancini tried to suck in a huge gulp of air but Frank kicked him hard in the chest so that he fell to the floor,shuddering from the lack of oxygen.

"How dare you,"he wheezed."I have been in the Mafia for nearly twenty ye-"

"I know how long you’ve fucking been here,"Frank forced out,his voice high and tight,"You were James' idol,his hero;he fucking loved you."A sniff."More than he ever loved me."

"Hey now,I know James wasn’t no fucking saint,but he was always good to you,you-"


"I didn’t know any of that,Frank,I-"

"Don’t fucking lie to me."The shouts were gone now;replaced with soft,betrayed murmuring."He tore my lip piercing out with a pliers and made all of you watch."His tone was thick and heavy. "I begged him to stop,but he wouldn't,I pleaded for all of you to help me,but you just sat there.All forty three of you.It hurt so much and I-" He broke off,sniffing and looking downward."I couldn’t speak for a month,my mouth was so fucked up.I still have the fucking lisp to prove it."

"And remember that night when I just turned eighteen?"Frank asked in a warbling voice,on the verge of sobs.People were surprised;they thought the boy as barely seventeen,instead of twenty three."Do you remember that,you sick fucking freak?"

"You fucking raped me."The glare was back,somehow more horrible than Gerard’s ever was,as it was lonely and sad and vulnerable,as well as just angry.

"That’s not true,I was fucking married-"

"And I was fucking engaged to your boss,what the fuck does it matter?!”He tried to calm himself down."I hate that I feel ashamed,that I feel vile and dirty,but the people who do it never do."

Gerard’s heart was breaking.He knew his bunny rabbit hadn’t told him everything.He knew it.

"Look,Iero,I swear-"

"That’s not my name,"Frank said in a dark tone."My surname is Way.Fucking use it."

"You’re with the wrong family.You shouldn’t be with these people.They’re fucking brutes."

"Really?So I should be back with the family who rapes and abuses me?"He scoffed and tried to suck in a breath."I was thinking that when I was gonna kill you,Richard,I’d make you hurt like I did,but then I realized that was fucking impossible.You know why?"


"Because I’m not a monster.I'm not like you-I couldn't make someone go through that and live with myself.I'm too nice.That's my problem.I'm too nice.Six years of abuse and I still claimed I loved that cunt.And anyway-no one could go through what I did."He looked around the room."Not you,not Gerard,not anybody in this goddamned room."He sighed."So I’m just going to shoot you."

"You can’t even fire properly,"Richard mocked him,"you fucking hate guns."

"I was going to marry the worst gangster in Los Angeles,and now I'm married to the best gangster in Los Angeles."He rolled his eyes."It's hard to do them and not learn a few things.”

He shot him eight times in the head,each bullet ripping through the brain and bone,shutting him down.He was dead before he hit the floor.Now more Way's had drawn guns,more Romano's were getting the fuck out.

But Frank wasn’t concerned about them anymore.He skidded over to his husband and hugged him tightly,minding he didn’t disturb the severe injury already inflicted upon Way.

"Oh,Gee,I’m so sorry,"he wept hopelessly into his shoulder,feeling the warm trickle of blood on his cheek."I'm sorry I didn't tell you,I was just scared you'd leave me and-“

"It's okay,baby,don’t worry about it,"he said,even though he was in near-unbearable pain."That was amazing,honey,what you just did there.I didn't know you could get that angry.It was actually pretty scary."

"I don’t know what came over me,"the boy admitted,"I just...I just killed a guy."

"No,sweetheart,you just killed a monster who fucking deserved it."

"I was kind of thinking of James too,though.I just really thought about how I never loved him at all."The entire foyer was quiet;all eyes were on them-Gerard strapped to the chair,Frank kneeling between his legs.They didn't notice they were being listened intently to by the associates of the older’s employment."I was just scared of him."

"You shoulda told me about Mancini,bunny.I would have done a lot worse to him."

Frank shook his head."I needed to do that.Revenge or something."

"Good boy,"Gerard smiled happily,despite red leaking down his gorgeous features,"I am very proud of you."

"Really?"He squeaked-someone had never been proud of him,ever.It felt great."You are?"

"Of course.Did you see Robert?The man was practically soiling himself."

"I actually did have a bit of your whiskey before it.Or else I would have crapped my pants like that,"he giggled,clicking his fingers.

"Like what,baby?"

Frank clicked his fingers again.Then it dawned on him.Gerard’s eye-the one that previously been damaged,the left-was completely destroyed.The pupil had been punctured by the object,a pocket knife,and had been grotesquely assaulted and jabbed by the blade,so deep that his eyeball had damn near been cut in two.While feeling selfish,and knowing Gerard was in so much pain,he felt sad he would never see those two glowing,vibrant jewel eyes surveying him,simply one.

"You’re blind?"He was breaking down again,and he felt so stupid-Way was devoid of half his vision and didn’t seem to care,but Frank was upset." can’t see?"

Everyone heard the statement and winced,even though the wound looked a lot worse than it was.Mind you,it also looked a lot better than it had felt.Gerard cleared his throat and squeezed the boy’s thigh lightly.

"Just in one eye,"he comforted easily,as if he were discussing sports or something of a similarly trivial manner."It's okay,honey,I'm not dead or anything.”

"But it looks so..."he struggled for the words," sore."

The gangster shrugged."That eye was already damaged.Discolored."

"But your eyes are so pretty,"Frank whimpered,deaf to some members who laughed lightly in the background,"one is bright red now.Are you sure you’re alright?"

"Shut up,"he growled to the henchmen who had partaken in humor."You're just jealous of my deadly good looks."Then,to Frank:"I'm fine,sugar,don't worry about it."

Frank was oddly impressed.In a weird,morbid manner.

"Do you even feel pain?"He asked,awestruck.

"No,"Bob replied from behind them,to receive more laughter."I’ve known him for thirteen years.The motherfucker you’re holding hands with is fuckin indestructible."

Gerard smiled at the input.

"Thank you,Robert."More laughter.You wouldn’t think a man had just been killed five minutes ago. "I can always count on you for limitless complements."

"I can look at it later,"Frank offered to him quietly,still knowing Gerard wasn't so keen on the whole 'receiving medical attention' thing."If you want."

"That would be very much appreciated by myself. As long as shots are not involved."

Frank gasped and nearly fell off Gerard. Several people laughed.

"Oh my God,your shot,I completely forgot-"

"Baby,if that wasn’t enough adrenaline for one day,then Jesus Christ I’m dead already."

More guffawing.

"We can leave now,"Gerard said,slipping the boy off of him and pulling him by the hand."Eyes don’t heal themselves,y'know."

Okay so the new chapter will be another one with Ray and Bob,along with some other familiar names.I think I might use some people from some other bands,would that be a bearable idea?Or maybe it wouldn't,I don't know.I think the last few chapters have been too serious,and I feel the need to share with you guys my fucked up sense of humor,if not my fucked up sense of living in general.
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