Review for Stop The Hate!

Stop The Hate!

(#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2012-01-20

I saw that story on the news. It is appalling. Being about 90% gay myself I can't understand why there is so much homophobia in this world?

Why can't people love who they want to love?

A while ago the person who was my friend (the lying bitch) said that she thinks it's wrong for gays to get married and adopt a kid if they want. Which I strongly disagree with.

Why can't I marry a girl if I want? Why can't I adopt a child if I'm in a homosexual marriage?

Why does it make any difference if I prefer girls to guys? My religious friend is really awkward around me cause I say how hot girls are most of the time.

I don't think the world should have a religion all it does is cause war and violence

Lecture over

Rosie :)

Author's response

I don`t get it either. It is stupid. LOve is love people. I have recently started to question my sexuality and seeing that just made me mad anyways. I don`t understand it at all. How are gay people hurting/botherthing those who hate them? By simply existing? Not a good enough answer.
anyway, how are you? I`ve got the last chapter of heaven help us up. we`re looking at houses next week and guess what?! Mum says I can get a snake when we move because I love them and have wanted a pet snake since I was seven after I held one at a zoo. I know you don`t really like animals much but I just felt like sharing.