Review for Hipster MCR Fans

Hipster MCR Fans

(#) AdnarimSmada 2012-01-22

I would agree, some people that call themselves fans are so dumb. I had an experience with what you're talking about last night except it was for a different band. I had posted a comment to YouTube on one of their videos saying that I was so glad I had discovered them and their work (I literally did two days ago), and I got cursed out by some idiot.

They told me I was a "fuckwit" among other things because I "didn't discover the band, they discovered themselves." Whatever that means dude.

These people have a way too fond relationship with their fan seniority status. I've noticed on here that the same thing goes for account seniority. I had posted a rant a few weeks ago about how it most definitely does not make the writer.

Ugh. Long story short, these elitist people need to chill.

-Adnarim Smada