Review for suicide notes

suicide notes

(#) RestlessStars 2012-01-24

I agree. Ya know we can't always know when someone is serious or not, but I can't help but wonder about the ones directly titled as 'suicide note.' I ponder the legitimacy I admit. Either way, it's a sad thing to even have to see.

Author's response

It is a very sad thing to see.
When I say that some may just be for attention, I mean the entirely fake notes that are just trying to cause a stir. The people that are genuinely in need of help, well, I'm glad they feel they can ask for it here, cause there's nothing worse tham feeling alone, but I still stand by the point I made about people staying quiet about it until they are actually in the process of doing it, amd if there are real notes on here then that is very sad, and I can only wish that they've left something for their families and friends also :/