Review for Kidnapped


(#) YouCanRunAwayWithMe 2012-01-26

D: omg that's so sad! me crey ;-;
well anyway, update soon! i'd love to find out why kyles dead and the secret pleasures mikey is getting on with bob :D

okay a really weird idea for the fic would be that frank kinda turns into a psychotic murderer and kills kyles dad. that would be awesome. ILOVEPSYCHOTICMURDERERS! ~le creepy smile~

anywhoo... i love this fic and recommend that if you wish you body to remain 100% whole, you should update real soon, kay?

lina xo

Author's response

Naww, I'm sorry for making you cry :(
I'll update tomorrow, don't worry :)
Haha lolz, 'secret pleasures'

Huh, I never would have thought of that, Hehe Stabby stabby Murder XD or torturous... I would prefer a little bit of torture :D

I do kinda like my body 100% whole, ya know, hands are pretty useful for typing shizz, legs good for running away from psychotic people threataning you XD