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Took a while but it's here ^_^ Frank finds out about Gerards past

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Apparently it lead me to being pinned on the couch with my kidnappers face inches from my own, with what I could only describe as lust swirling around his hazel eyes, panting for breath. Now I know what you're thinking, he was going to kiss me, but no, his eyes weren't full of lust for me, they were for another.

You see, being pinned to the couch was really my fault. Gerard had started staring at a picture of some boy next to the TV and I had asked about him, next thing I knew he was re-enacting everything they had done together, luckily for me they never got to do... that, they merely engaged in very smutty foreplay. It was a good thing that Gerard knew a least a few boundaries, for example he would never actually kiss me when he said he and his lover did, he merely closed his eyes and smiled at the memory, then would get back to showing me what else they did.

Right now he was telling me about how his lovers parents had caught them grinding, he shivered at the memory and quickly got off of me and retreated to the other end of the couch, closing his eyes in a much less blissful way than before, wincing slightly before sinking further into the couch cushion
It was then that I realised what must've happened, well at least I think that's what happened
"Gerard?" I asked tentatively, crawling towards him and gently shaking his shoulder, attempting to make him look at me, or even acknowledge that I was speaking, slowly but surely his head slowly turned around enough for him to glance sideways at me, I could tell he had let a few tears shed as the tell tale wet tracks slowly made their way down his porcelain face, tainting the smooth flesh with sadness. He made a low humming sound indicating for me to continue " Did-" I stopped, thinking over what I was about to say, would it be too harsh for me to bring back what seemed to be a tormenting memory? What if I was wrong? A loud voice in my head reminded me that I had been kidnapped by this man; I'm allowed to ask questions, no matter how personal. I still had doubts though, yes this man had cruelly taken me away from my family but he seemed to be... broken in a way, do I really want to break him more

"Did what?" He asked in a croaky voice, his throat most likely clogged from fending back tears, I had to ask him now otherwise he'd be curious...
"Did your boyfriends' parents... hit you?" I saw Gerard gulp and bury his face back into the couch cushion, after a few minutes I saw him take a large breath and sit up, he slowly breathed out and faced me

"I was only fifteen" He began, bringing his knees up to his chest and resting his chin on them "I wasn't thinking if it was wrong or right, I just did what felt good" He wrapped his arms around his legs in an almost protective manner "I never knew his parents were homophobes, he did though" Gerard put extra venom when he said 'he' showing that all the love he had for that boy was long gone, he closed his eyes again and took another deep breath "When his parents caught us he immediately blamed it all on me, saying I forced him into it and that I threatened him, his dad drank in every last word like it was a fine wine. Desperately grasping onto anything he said, things that would make his son 'normal', I, however couldn't make them believe the truth, they laughed right in my face when I said I loved him, and he laughed right along with them" Gerard had to stop to wipe a stray tear from his eye, angrily staring into space before carrying on "According to his dad I had to be taught a lesson, I had to be normal, I had to be like their son" He shuddered at the memory, I could tell he was getting to the hitting part because he kept pausing, taking longer and longer to resume his story. "He went into the wardrobe and got one of the studded belts out-"
"Gerard you can sto-"Gerard shook his head before staring into space again and resuming talking
"He shoved me to the floor, grabbing my hair and slamming my face into the floor-"
"Gerard stop!"
"He kept me there and lifted my shirt up, wrapping part of the belt round his hand as I kept screaming for him to stop, I kept begging but he wouldn't stop, I screamed at the top of my lungs, but no, he still brought that belt down to my back, again and again and again, the only noises after that were me choking as blood came out of my mouth, all the screaming taking its toll." Gerard chuckled humourlessly as he looked right into my eyes "Do you know what the other noise was Frankie?" I shook my head, I didn't even want to know, I was ready to hug Gerard right there and then, I could even forgive him for kidnapping me, no one should have to go through what he did, what if that experience made him like... well , like this, ready to kidnap random teenage boys from the street...

"After I finished coughing up blood I looked for the other source of sound, it was him, the one I thought I loved, laughing at me, I thought that was humiliating enough, but obviously he didn't think so, he kicked me into unconsciousness. When I woke up I was in the hospital, there was an envelope left on the bedside, I stupidly thought it was him apologizing but from who it was addressed to I knew it wasn't." Gerard looked down as two tears clung to his eyelashes before dropping into his lap, making temporary wet patches on his skinny jeans. Curiosity got the best of me as I asked him who the letter was addressed to, Gerard slowly looked up, a humourless smile etched onto his lips speaking loud and clear "The Pathetic Fag" He responded, getting up and opening a draw. He threw a small white envelope on the sofa; I picked it up and read the front 'To the pathetic fag'

"You kept it all this time?" I asked, completely dumbfounded as to why he would keep something that would only bring him bad memories, well, I suppose he did get a few good memories from when he and- huh, he never told me his name, I never noticed, maybe it was something he used to cope, maybe if he did say his name he would break down into tears and it was the only thing making him keep his composure...
"Actually, I've been working up the nerve to open it" He shrugged, sitting down next to me and picking up the envelope, turning it round in his hand and fingering the curled corner "I've tried to open it before but I just can't, I don't even know why" He visibly sagged into the cushions as I turned a thought around in my head, deciding it wasn't too crazy to be spoken, I told Gerard
"Do you think you're not opening it because it's the most recent thing you have of him?" okay now the idea seemed a little crazy, yes he may want it to remember all the good times but would anyone want a letter that insults them to the maximum level? He probably knew that Gerard would remember what happened every time he looked at that letter, the foul excuse for a human being

"I-I don't know really, Erm, Frank?" He looked up at me through the long tendrils of his inky black hair hopefully, his eyes shining that little bit brighter. He must be asking for something big, oh god, What if he want s me to be his boyfriend. I can't do that, yeah I feel sorry for the guy but no way was I going to do anything like tha- "Can you open the letter for me?" Oh, was that it?
"Oh, right, sure I will" I replied, taking the envelope from his shaking hands and slowly ripping the top from it, I took the folded paper out of its little home and offered it to Gerard, he shook his head and indicated for me to read it, I didn't really feel comfortable reading aloud, so I just moved closer to Gerard making sure he could also read the surprisingly neat writing

Dear Gerard
I hope you are feeling well soon, I understand if you never want to talk to me again, I can't apologize enough for what I've done, but you have to understand what my parents are like, I do love you Gerard, with all my heart, in fact every time I think of you it feels as if my heart is beginning to burst with all the love it contains, yes the envelope is deceiving but I couldn't get to the hospital, I had to ask my dad to put it there, I know you hate him and I do too, which is why I ask you this.
Gerard, will you run away with me?
We can finally get away from everyone and we can do whatever we like, we could have endless nights of passion and no one will disturb us. I know you hate me and I hate myself more than anyone, I had to hurt you before my dad did something drastic, he was going to kill you Gerard, I saw it in his eyes, I know you didn't hear him say anything but I did, he told my mom he was going to get the hammer , You have to understand why I did what I did, I couldn't live without you, I need you, I would die If I didn't have you by my side every waking moment of my life which is why I ask another question, I know it's sudden and we're young and I'm being totally cheesy right now, but, Gerard Way, Will you marry me?
I'll love you forever and always, no matter what you decide...
I'll meet you at the gates on Monday and we'll sort everything out, yes?
Forever yours

My eyes were bugged out of my head by the time I finished reading the letter, all this time he had been putting on act, Id thought this would be good news, but when I looked up to Gerard he was crying silently, fat tears fighting their way down his porcelain face, dampening the perspective changing letter in the misery that could be felt radiating from Gerard's core, he was visible shaking as he curled up into foetus position on the sofa, tears still streaming down his face
"Gerard what's wrong?" I soothed, gently stroking his back for a good five minutes before he calmed down and sat up again

"Th-that was the day m-me and Mikey l-left school, Wh-when we decided, t-to live h-here" He finished with an involuntary gasp of air and curled back into the sofa cushions, resuming his crying

"But Gerard you can sort everything out, You can find out where Kyle is and be with him" I smiled at the thought of Gerard being happy and I smiled even wider when the thought of him letting me go crossed my mind, but this only made him cry harder for at least ten minutes, me trying feebly to make him stop. Eventually I had him calmed down with a mug of coffee resting gently in his grasp "So why don't you sort everything out with Kyle?" I asked hopefully, I actually felt my being light up when I realised this was my chance for freedom, but it all came crashing down as he said those two little words, those words that shattered all my hopes and most likely all chances of Gerard's happiness

"Kyle's dead"

For some reason I actually like this chapter, I actually wrote something mildly sad. Ten points to Ravenclaw! Get it? Cause I have blue hair? No? Never mind...
Anyway, please comment on anything you think I can improve on or even any ideas you have for the fic cause I love including people ^_^
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