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Frank finds out why he's been acting so nornally about all of this...

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A/N Yes the POV changes a lot but I had to do that because otherwise it kind of drags on :/ And sorry for this taking so long

Franks POV

Oh god, what's wrong with my head?
Throbbing pain captured all my attention as soon as I sat up from the mattress I was previously sleeping on. The last thing I remember is lying down with... Gerard? Wait, why would I do that? Him and his brother kidnapped me for crying out loud. Oh no, what else did I do? What if him and I... No, we couldn't have, he seemed so... nice. He wouldn't do that, would he?

Why would I even go along with anything like that? They must have done something; maybe it was something I ate or drank... What if they put something in the toast! Or, or the coffee! No, it couldn't have been the coffee, I always saw him make it and he never put anything in it. Wait, on the first day Mikey gave me pasta, he could have put something in that, I mean, I didn't even check it before guzzling it all down... I'm such a fuck-tard, not even thinking before eating something a total stranger gave me, who had kidnapped me. I should have listened to those boring lectures my mother gave me about 'stranger danger'

I was awoken from my thoughts by a soft voice calling my name; I recognized it as Gerard's immediately, Oh god, what if he drugs me again or something? He probably knows the drugs had worn off because I'm down here and not upstairs on the couch like I was before. I heard the cell door creak open as Gerard quickly let himself in and locked the door behind him, yep; he definitely knows it's worn off
"Frankie? I brought you a coffee" He said sweetly, walking over to me and placing the coffee on the floor next to my mattress. He actually expects me to drink something he's given me? Well, he probably does because I already have before, but that was when I was drugged by something him or Mikey put in whatever it was they drugged. He looked confused for a second, then pushed the coffee towards me more and looking up at me like he expected me to just drink it like nothing was wrong with it.

"I don't want it" I finally spoke, moving more towards the wall, in case he tried anything. I know he was nice to me before but that was when he had drugged me and he probably knew I would do pretty much whatever he told me, I shuddered at the thought of what he could have gotten me to do.

"Are, you cold?" He asked, bringing his hand to my forehead and feeling my temperature, creasing his eyebrows and quickly getting up and letting himself out of my 'room'. I heard his footsteps get further and further away from my room as he made his way up the stairs. Was that it? Was he just going to leave me in here or something?
I raised my hand to my forehead, to see why Gerard would just leave after feeling my temperature. I soon found why, it was boiling hot. I'm not even ill though, well I don't feel ill...

It took about three minutes for Gerard to return, blanket in hand, quickly unlocking the door and letting himself in, locking the door securely behind him. He quickly rushed over to me and draped the blanket over my already covered body
"I already have a blanket, why do I need another one?" I questioned, pushing the stuffy blanket off my, now overheating, body
"You have a fever, you need to sweat it out" He explained, putting his hand on my forehead and frowning, placing the blanket back over my sweaty body "Now keep tucked in and you'll be fine" He leaned in to kiss my forehead but I quickly avoided it, sitting up and scowling at him

"Don't do that" I warned, giving him the best evil eyes I could muster, which, according to his reaction weren't that good. He smiled and ruffled my hair before getting up and leaving the room again. But not before turning off the light, on his way up the stairs he also closed the wooden door, leaving me in total darkness, I had to think of a way out of this place, before anything really bad happens...

Gerard's P.O.V
I closed the door to the stairs so Frank could sleep, his temperature was just so high, it must have been the drugs, we must have given him too many, god, how could we be so stupid? We could have just kept him in his... room, until he found out there was no way of escaping and then he would have accepted it and I could have taken care of him but no, I had to give him the drugs, all I wanted to do was get to know him, I mean he was just like me and Mikey, he was bullied, his parents had no clue whatsoever and he had no one to turn to, what were we suppose to do, leave him to get beaten to a pulp by those kids every time he went to the hell hole called school? I suppose any sane person would say yes, but I'm pretty sure I'm not sane. I know Mikey's sane because he straight out refused to help me, well, until I literally begged him and even them he was really unsure about it, and now I see why. I don't know what I'm going to do if Frank being missing ends up on the news, probably break down to be honest...

I huffed and went up the rest of the stairs to the living room, making my way to the couch and settling down into the cushiony softness, resting my head on the back and putting my sock covered feet on the coffee table, my eyes slowly drifting closed as I succumbed to a deep sleep

Franks P.O.V
Wait... he forgot to lock the door... Oh my god he forgot to lock the door! I sprang up and rushed to the cell door swinging it open with a satisfying creak, I took a step forward, coming face to face with the wooden door leading up to the stairs, I crossed my fingers on my free hand as my left hand slowly settled onto the cold, metal doorknob, closing my eyes and slowly turning the handle, A quiet clicking sound telling me the door wasn't locked. My eyes widened in shock when I realised there was a chance to escape, I could get away from these weirdo's that think it's okay to drug a teenager...
With steps as silent as possible I made my way up the stone stairs, getting closer and closer to the light of the living room, my heart began pounding when I got to the top of the stairs, getting caught was not an option, I had to find out where Gerard was.
It didn't take me long to find him asleep on the couch, legs splayed on the coffee table, his arm dangling off the sofa as quiet snores came from his lips, I tiptoed past him and made my way to the front door, I turned the handle but didn't hear the click of the door opening, shit

I turned the doorknob the other way, in hopes that the door was in fact unlocked and I had just turned it the wrong way, but I still didn't hear that click, I did however hear a mumble coming from the direction of the sofa. My back suddenly became straight as I tried to make no noise whatsoever, ever so slowly I turned around to face the couch, the sleeping form of Gerard still lying there peacefully, breathing a sigh of relief, I made my way to the kitchen. The keys had to be somewhere around here.

Gerard's P.O.V
A loud smash coming from the kitchen awoke me from my peaceful slumber, I immediately knew it was a person and sprung from the couch, reaching under it and grabbing the baseball bat we kept under there for protection. Holding it slightly over my head I walked carefully towards the kitchen, edging closer and closer to the opened door until I could see who was there. Wait, is that Frank ?

"Frank? How did you get out?" I questioned, immediately dropping the bat and encasing him in a hug, he pushed me away forcefully and began backing away, fear evident in his beautiful features "Frankie? What's wrong?" I asked, taking a few steps forward, gently encasing his hand in my own. He retracted his hand like something had bit it, holding both hands to his chest

"G-get away from me" He stuttered, taking yet another step back, causing him to bump into the counter "Just go away" He whispered, closing his eyes and bowing his head. Why was he so scared? It wasn't like I was going to hurt him or anything. I mean, yeah, we kidnapped him but what would be the point in hurting him? He was so innocent and delicate, I smiled at the thought and gently pried his hands from his chest, holding onto his left hand with my right and slowly leading him to the sofa,avoiding the discarded baseball bat on the flor. He pulled back a little but gave up once he realised he didn't really have a lot of places to hide, seeing as this was my house

I sat him down then took a seat next to him, taking hold of both of his hands, making him look unsurely at me I sighed at how much he didn't trust me and began speaking "Now Frankie, I know you think I'm a psycho and to be honest, you'd probably be right but I'm not going to hurt you, me and Mikey took you away from the violence in your life, I know that you're hardly going to go around singing and dancing in joy but you could at least... try to get along with us? I know it sounds stupid but I really care about you, if you want I can stop giving you those drugs" His eyes widened at that, taking his hands away from mine, jumping up and running to the door and trying to open it. Shit, I reminded him that I gave him the drugs "Frankie, the doors locked, just... come here and we can work something out, yeah?" I got up and walked over to him, by now he had slid down the wall, curling up in a ball and bursting into tears. Crouching down I comforted him by rubbing his back as he cried.

Frank eventually stopped crying, instead letting out the odd sniffle, closing his eyes as he most likely was trying to stop any more tears "I want to go home" He mumbled, his voice almost gone from the constant wailing
"Frankie, you live here now, come on, we can... watch T.V.... or, or drink some coffee" I offered, wiping away those last pesky tears and making him sit up, he looked at me like a scared puppy and retreated until his back hit the wall, wrapping his arms around his knees and looking around the room, most likely trying to find a way to escape

Franks P.O.V
I don't know what happened, I just broke down, I didn't want to stay here, I wanted to go home, I wanted to see my parents, I didn't even care about the bullies anymore, they could beat me up any day. I just wanted to get out of this crazy house. I was looking around the room, trying to find somewhere to hide or some way of escape, Gerard was just watching me with those eyes, he seemed so much like he actually cared but he could be a really good actor for all I know, just waiting for the moment I let my guard down to strike. I shuddered at the idea and quickly crawled to the other side of the room. I heard Gerard sigh as he followed me again, this time sitting in front of me and tilting my chin up with his hand so we were making eye contact

"Frankie, for the last time, I'm not going to hurt you, I want to look after you, you have no idea how horrible it will get for you if you stay in that school, believe me, I know" I saw a tear making its way down his cheek and land on the floor, I looked up to see he was crying, I was so confused at this point, I had no idea what I was supposed to do in this situation, escaping was ruled out because the door was locked, hitting him was ruled out because he would probably get angry at me and lock me in my 'room' for the rest of my life... I suppose the best option was to do what he says and see where it leads me...
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