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Great, I’ve got a date tomorrow, a date with a guy. A date with a guy that has had a crush on me for three years. A date with my ex best friend whom I have been ignoring ever since he admitted that he liked me. A date with the guy that kept trying to get me to give him just one chance. A date with the guy that is most likely, the kindest guy you will ever meet.
A date with Bob Bryar.
I watched as Gerard played with Franks hair as they both smiled in contentment as they looked so relaxed, I swear they were about to fall asleep, they looked so happy together. It’s strange that Frank so willingly acted this way with Gerard; I mean we did kidnap him. I suppose he was just a forgiving person or he was just crazy like me and Gerard. Anyway, enough of my rambling about the two lovebirds on the sofa, what time is it?

I got up from my comfy chair and leaned sideways so I could see the clock, it was nearly three in the afternoon, I looked back at Gerard and Frank to see they had both fallen asleep, jeez, how lazy can you get? I rolled my eyes at no one in particular and was about to go into the kitchen to get a snack when I heard Gerard's phone buzzing, indicating he had a text. He didn’t even move so I’m guessing he didn’t hear it.

Now, I’m not usually nosy but when someone gets a text, don’t you just want to see what it says? No? Oh well, just me then. I knew Gerard usually kept his phone in his back pocket, but after him texting Bob about our, ehm, date, he had left it on the coffee table, I slowly crept in between the coffee table and sofa and picked up Gerard's phone, I quickly crept back to my chair and sat down cross legged, unlocking Gerard's phone and opening his inbox, it was from Bob, I opened it and read what it said
'I know Mikey doesn’t like me back but I hope I can change that with the date tomorrow, I know it’s strange to hear about your brother but he’s the most amazing person in the world (no offence) I love him with all my heart and just want him to be happy so that's why I want you to ask him if he really does want to go on the date, if he doesn’t, I understand but if he does, tell him he just made me the happiest person in the world'
Jeez, it must have taken him ages to write that, isn’t it great that that's the first thing I noticed? I read through the text again and was confused that he thought I was amazing, I mean, come on, I completely ignored him for years, just because of the simple fact he had a crush on me. I smiled when he said he would be the happiest person in the world, he was just too sweet sometimes. I bit my lip when I remembered I had to reply but I had to pretend to be Gerard, or I could just tell him it was me. No, bad idea, I began to reply to the message when I saw Gerard place Frank to his side and stand up. Shit. He saw me and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion when he saw I had his phone

“Mikey, why do you have my phone?” He folded his arms and raised an eyebrow at me; I slowly sunk into the chair and my typing got slower

“Err, well... reasons?” My voice got higher as I said the last word, Gerard took a step forward and took his phone from me “No! I need to text someone” I grabbed for the phone but Gerard held it out of my reach

“Use your phone then, you’re not wasting my credit” He looked at his phone, most likely to see who I was texting and rose his eyebrows at me “Were you texting Bob?”

“Err, your phone went off and you didn’t wake up so I kinda checked it, I saw that it was Bob and err, I guess curiosity got the best of me” I sunk even further into the chair and looked up at my amused brother

“So, what were you texting back? Because all I can see is ‘Of course Mi-” He pressed a few buttons and I could see he was reading something, He smiled to himself and looked at me like I was puppy that just did something amazingly cute “Were you by any chance pretending to be me and saying something like ‘Of course Mikey wants to go on the date’?”

“Maybe...” He pressed a few buttons and put his phone back in his pocket and refolded his arms
“So, you like Bob?” He looked very smug at this moment and it was annoying to say the least
“I never said anything like that; all I’m doing is giving him the chance he deserves” Gerard's smile grew wider as I got more confused “Stop looking at me like that!” He just laughed at me before ruffling my hair and sitting back down, next to Frank who had woken up during mine and Gerard's conversation, he automatically nuzzled into Gerard's side as Gerard put an arm around him and I hate to admit it but I felt a little pang of jealousy, seeing them with each other, even though they weren’t brought together by the most normal of circumstances, they were still happy, even though it was probably the drug we gave Frank that was making him act like this was a normal situation to be in.

I hadn’t noticed before but I was lonely. Wow, I sound so much like a teenage girl right now, a teenage girl that is going on a date tomorrow and for some reason, is looking forward to it
The time flew by, soon enough we had eaten dinner and were going to sleep, and I still couldn’t stop thinking about the date I had tomorrow, what if he tried to kiss me? What if I kissed back? What if I kissed him? What if he asked me to be his boyfriend? What if I said yes? Okay, enough questions, what happens, happens and I will never be able to change it.

The next day came all too soon, I was overly nervous and Gerard was enjoying every second of it, the smug bastard. After showering and eating breakfast I decided to find something to wear. Skinny jeans and a random unstained T-shirt should do, but what if he puts in a huge effort with his appearance and I just look like some homeless person from the street? Oh god, what if he wears a suit? Come to think of it, Bob would look pretty cute in a suit, fuck it, I’ll have to ask Gerard what to wear. Already imagining the smug grin plastered onto his face.
I walked into the living room where Gerard was watching some random channel on TV, a bored expression on his face as he slowly looked up to see me looking like a nervous teenage girl getting ready for the prom.

“Let me guess, you don’t know what to wear?” He grinned, getting up and wafting into my room gracefully, like a swan showing off, which is obviously what Gerard does best
Clothes started being thrown out of my wardrobe and onto my already messy floor, as soon as the clothes tidal wave stopped, Gerard emerged with the tightest skinny jeans I’ve ever seen and an even tighter looking top; I’m pretty sure they were from the last days of high school, before me and Gerard moved here of course

“Put these on and come to the bathroom, I wanna make sure you look extra sexy for your date” He smirked, leaving me in my room that was now an assault course of clothes, to put on what would most likely only just fit a super skinny seventeen year old.
After a lot of cursing and repeatedly falling over, I finally got the outfit on. The next thing to dread was whatever Gerard was going to do to me in the bathroom, no, not in that way
I walked out of my tremendously messy room and went down the hall to the bathroom where Gerard was waiting with the door open, grinning at me like a kid in a candy store. Wielding an eye-liner pencil, oh god

“Gerard, I don’t need to wear eyeliner you know” I huffed, turning around and making my way to the living room, about to sit down on the couch when I was suddenly tackled to the ground face first. Huh, we really need to Hoover some time, I squirmed and managed to turn around to see Gerard pulling a puppy dog face and holding the eyeliner closer and closer to my backing away face
“Please, for me?” I huffed and muttered that it was okay, his eyes lit up like they had just caught on fire as he carefully lined my eyes and smudged the eyeliner so it wasn’t too obvious I was wearing it, he smiled at me sweetly before removing his weight from my body and heading into the direction of Franks’ 'room'

I got up and dusted myself off and was about to get a snack from the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Quickly checking the time on the way to the door noticing it was only twelve o’clock so it could be anyone, including the police, so I had to be very careful...
I unlocked the door and turned the handle, slowly bringing the door back to reveal a very handsome looking Bob. I saw and felt his eyes slowly scanning my body, a look of shock on his face.

“Mikey, you look amazing” He breathed, as he shyly smiled at me, realising he had just said that out loud

“Thanks, err, do you want to come in?” I offered, steeping out of the way so he could walk past, I closed the door behind him and gestured for him to sit on the couch as I walked past into the kitchen, to make us both a coffee.
I could see how nervous Bob was and to be honest it was pretty freaking cute, how he would just look at anything but me and how he wrung his hands together to occupy himself as I brought the coffees into the living room. He smiled his thanks and took a slow sip, most likely trying to make the coffee last as long as possible so he didn’t have to speak. Now he was occupied I could get a better look at him.
He was wearing a black dress shirt with a black jacket, along with a pair of dark grey jeans and a pair of converse; it was like his style hadn’t changed a bit since high school, still the same old Bob, only this time I had a date with him
He soon noticed me staring and turned to face me with a small smile, I smiled back and quickly returned to my coffee, taking a long gulp and slowly moving my eyes to Bob again

“So, err, what have you been up to all these years?” I asked, trying to fill the unbearable awkward silence

“Other than trying to get you to go on a date with me? Just working and boring shit really” So I was his ‘goal’ all this time?

Eventually it the clock had decided it was One o’clock and both me and Bob headed out of the house. Wait, is that a motorbike? But to ride that I’ll have to put my arms around Bob and- - Oh
He got on and indicated with his head for me to join him, I carefully sat behind him, making sure there was no contact, I could see how he wanted to roll his eyes but resisted as he passed me a helmet and put on his own. I quickly put mine on and he revved the engine
“Put your arms around me, I don’t want you falling off” I did as I was told and hugged his waist and to be honest it was rather comfortable. The engine of the motorbike was the only thing keeping me awake as Bob turned into the parking lot of a pretty posh restaurant, I quickly got off the bike and removed my helmet, Bob doing the same, putting the keys in his pocket and placing an arm around my waist as we headed into the restaurant...
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