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Not the best chapter in the world but it will do for now :/

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I woke up to the sound of mumbles, most likely made by my kidnappers , well, I could hardly consider them kidnappers, even though they did kidnap me, they’re more like roommates, yeah, roommates are people you’re forced to live with, aren’t they? Okay, from now on they are my roommates. Now, if only I could remember their names. The older man’s name was... okay, think of his face, seeing as you’re too lazy to open your god damn eyes, his flawless pale skin, his dreamy eyes that wer- Okay, now you’re acting like you’ve suddenly had your first man-period and fell in love because of your scary hormones that chased away any other living creature within a mile radius. Oh, I got it, his names Gerard. Now for the other one, I’ve not seen much of him, from what I saw he was pretty cute, even though the times he interacted with me were him rolling his eyes or asking me questions... Meh, let’s just say I have a strange taste when it comes to men, Oh dammit, what’s his name. Gerard told me in that little story of his. Miguel? No, who on earth is called Miguel and how the fuck did I come up with that? Okay, try again, Mitchell? Huh, that sounded a little better but it still wasn’t right. Michael? Maybe, or was it something different...

“Mikey! You’re gonna wake Frank up” Guess who just figured out their kidna- roommates name? That's right, Frank did, because Frank is so excellent and amazing and just plain awesome... Okay, maybe I just heard Gerard shout it across the room but I was close, right? I mean Mikey is a nickname for Michael

“Well, you shouting across the room won’t make it any better Gerard” I heard a hushed voice say, I was assuming it was Mikey

“Ugh, just get him some lunch and I’ll be in my room, okay?” Gerard sounded annoyed and bored, which was quite amusing to me, seeing as nothing funny had happened in the past few days, I mean, come on, camping with your parents is hardly the best thing to happen in the world, neither is being kidnapped to be honest, it hurts your head.

“Why don’t you look after him? You were the one cuddling with him on the couch” Ohh, I remember now, making out with Gerard, oh wait that was nice, I smiled to myself as I remembered him placing me on the counter, his tongue sliding with my own, saliva lubricating his soft lips as they worked with my own, out tongues rubbing against each other, yeah, that was nice-. I heard muffled laughter from both Mikey and Gerard, huh? Why were they laughing?

“Err, Mikey? Do you think we should wake him up?” Why would they do that? I liked being in my dreamland, eavesdropping into their conversation, I liked to know what was going on whilst I slept

“Nah, he’s a teenager; he’s probably had that happen more than once” Oh god, what's happened? I slowly opened my eyes to see both men looking at me, looking, at first composed but then Mikey’s lips started twitching before he turned around and his shoulders started shaking , what the fuck was up with him? It was then that I noticed it, the worst and most embarrassing thing ever, why do I have to be a teenager with hormones like this, why? I felt my face heating up as I saw Mikey giggling more, he was laughing at me, he was laughing when I was embarrassed and that's not very fucking helpful. I stood up from the couch and began to go to my cell to fix my ‘problem’ when a bony hand clutched onto my shoulder

“It’s okay Frank, it happens to everyone” I knew that voice as Gerard's, I turned around to face him and looked into his eyes for any sign of amusement, I didn’t need to look at his eyes as I saw the corners of his lips trying desperately not to twitch into a smile that would transform into a giggle, making me feel even worse, why were they finding this so amusing?

“Yeah but you still find it funny” I hissed, they were just like the jocks, laughing at me when something bad or embarrassing happens. I was about to make my way down the bottom step when I noticed the front door, I could escape. I could run away from them, I could go back to my parents. I know I haven’t thought about them much but to be honest, I’d rather be with my boring parents than these men who find it highly amusing that I got a boner, dickheads. I looked down the stairs to my cell and my mind was made up, I was running away. I dashed past Gerard, who gave me a confused look before realising what I was doing; the door handle was within my grasp when I felt a strong arm around my waist, pulling me back

“Frank, no, please don’t go, I don’t want you to get hurt Frankie” I could hear the desperation in his voice and was utterly confused, he’d only known me for a day and he thought he was now my bodyguard, what's wrong with him? And why does he think I’ll get hurt? Does he mean at school or something else?

“Get off, you’re not my bodyguard!” I struggled against his vice like grip but he was having none of it, he dropped down onto his knees which caused me to land on my backside, which, to be honest felt fucking painful, I think the bastard broke my tailbone! My poor defenceless tailbone. He slowly dragged me into him so my bare back was against his chest and he rested his chin on my left shoulder, both his arms wrapped around my shirtless middle “Gerard, what the fuck are you doing?” He made an annoyed ‘hm’ noise, like a child would do in one of their little moods, crossing their arms over their chest in an attempt to get their parents to do what they say. “Gerard. I said what the fuck are you doing?” He huffed and hugged me tighter

“I’m keeping you” He replied, nuzzling into my shoulder and slightly rocking us side to side, I must admit, I was a little scared by this point, I mean, If a person that had recently kidnapped you just said they were keeping you, wouldn’t you be a little afraid?

“What do you mean, keeping me?” I asked, full of curiosity on what keeping me actually implied, he sighed and I swear his grip on me loosened, just a tiny bit

“Well, you can’t escape now, can you?” I wriggled around again, trying and failing to get out of his grip, I did manage to shuffle a few inches forwards though but that really wasn’t helping

“Okay, I can’t escape but what's the point of just keeping me on the floor?” I shuffled around again, trying to get him to loosen his grip because my ribs were aching with how hard he was holding onto me, he loosened his grip a little. At least I can actually breathe now

“I’m going to keep you here until you calm down and don’t try to escape through the door again” He mumbled into my ear, I sighed and leaned back, might as well ‘calm down’ so he will let go. Hey, my boners gone. Thank fuck for that. I don’t even know why I looked at my crotch, I just did, hey, for all I knew it could have disappeared and I wouldn’t even have known... maybe that's a little farfetched. Ugh, now I’m bored.

“Okay Gerard, I’m calm” I sighed, leaning back. To be honest he was quite comfy, okay I just called Gerard comfy, oh well, it’s the truth

“Are you sure?” He asked, loosening his grip quite a lot, so I could move around a little, I turned my head so I could see him out of the corner of my eye, he was smiling, why was he smiling?

“Yes Gerard, I’m perfectly calm” He fully undid his grip and I spun around on the floor to face him, he was still smiling “Why are you smiling so much?” I asked, tilting my head like a dog does when it hears a squeaky toy on TV

“Cause you’re cute” He replied, getting up and going into the kitchen, I quickly followed suit and found that Mikey was in the kitchen too, preparing sandwiches

“What do you mean I’m cute?” I huffed, my arms going out beside me in a questioning manner. I saw Mikey chuckle to himself as Gerard not-so-secretly kicked him to shut him up

“You just get so worked up over the smallest things, like you are right now, you’re a little drama queen” He smiled, stepping forward and stroking my cheek with the back of his knuckles, I leaned into his touch for a second before abruptly pulling away and scowling at him when I realised what he said

“I am not a drama queen!” I squealed, placing my hands on my hips, then relaxing them at my sides when I realised he was right, dammit. “Well, seeing as you kidnapped me, I’m pretty sure I deserve to be a bit of a drama queen” I folded my arms and looked at him expectantly, waiting for what he had to say about my (not so) witty come back
He chuckled at me before wrapping me in a warm hug, resting his chin on my shoulder and squeezing before saying “Did I say being a drama queen was a bad thing?” He pulled back but kept his hands on my shoulders, raising his eyebrows at me

“No but I don’t want to be a drama queen” I huffed, walking around him and sitting on the opposite counter to where Mikey was preparing the sandwiches, me and Gerard had only slept for a few hours, meaning it was around lunch time. Gerard smiled at me before making his way over to me, moving my knees apart and standing between my legs. He stared at me for a while before putting his arms around my neck and pulling me down for a kiss, slowly working his lips against mine before pulling back after mere seconds and looking for my reaction. I sighed before placing my hands on his waist and leaning into another kiss, this time I snaked my tongue into his mouth, he smiled before sliding his tongue against my own, I bit his lip which caused him to moan

“Eww, seriously? When I’m about to eat,I don’t really wanna think about you guys kissing y’know” I broke away from Gerard to look at Mikey, a blush creeping its way across my cheeks, Mikey rolled his eyes and exited the room with his lunch before saying lunch was ready over his shoulder.
Gerard stepped back to let me get down from the counter, we both got our lunches and went into the living room, where Mikey was sat in the armchair watching random commercials on TV

“Glad to see you’re not attached at the face this time” He teased, taking a bite out of his sandwich before returning his attention to the screen

“Hmm, I wonder why you aren’t kissing anyone. Oh yeah, its cause you refuse to go out with you know who” Err what just happened? Who’s you know who? Oh my god its Voldemort!

“Why would Mikey go out with Voldemort?” I tilted my head at Gerard who sighed at me, giving me a look that told me I was being completely and utterly stupid “Okay then... Who’s you know who?” Gerard sat on the sofa and put his plate on the coffee table before beckoning me over to him. I did the same with my plate and sat next to him

“Well Frankie, Mikey is straight, okay?” I have no idea why Gerard is telling me this but I might as well go along with it.

“Err, okay?” He saw my confusion and smiled at me before pulling me into his lap, okay, now I’m even more confused

“Well, there's this guy that has a crush on Mikey but Mikey refuses to date him because he says he’s straight but the guys a really nice person so for the past month I’ve been trying to get Mikey to at least go on one date with him but he point blank refuses” I made an ‘oh’ sound before leaning into Gerard and looking at Mikey. He had gone noticeably quiet and had sunk quite far into the chair

“I think you should date him” I suddenly said into the awkwardly quiet room, Mikey shot up and stared at me in disbelief, I sank back into Gerard as Mikey just kept staring at me like I had just shat out a rainbow “I was just saying cause, well, everyone deserves a chance and all that” Gerard wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled into my neck in a comforting manner as Mikey slowly settled back into his chair and continued his lunch. Me and Gerard did the same as another silence clouded us. God, I really hate silence
After a few minutes Mikey had finished his lunch and put the empty plate on the table quite loudly, we both looked up at him as he took a deep breath

“Fine, one date but if I don’t like him I can leave whenever I want, right?” I looked behind me to see Gerard beaming and taking his phone out of his pocket, probably texting the guy that had such an interest in Mikey

“Thank you Mikey, you have no idea how happy he’s gonna be” I heard Gerard's phone buzz after a minute or so and he read the text “He wants to know what day you want the date and what time you need picking up” Mikey rolled his eyes and took his plate out, coming back from the kitchen seconds later and dropping into the chair with a huff, I’m guessing he wanted to be dramatic about it, which really doesn’t help with the whole straight gay debate the brothers seem to be having
“I don’t know, might as well get it over with soon though, how about tomorrow at about one-ish?” He raised his eyebrows at Gerard who quickly typed a reply to Mikey's admirer

“He said that's fine and thank you” Gerard smiled as Mikey blushed, wait, Mikey blushed? Jesus, how is this guy not gay? I rolled my eyes and ate the last of my lunch, taking mine and Gerard's plates out seeing as he had finished earlier. I heard him mumble a thank you before I got to the kitchen. I quickly washed the plates before sitting down next to Gerard and resting my head on his chest. I could feel every time he breathed and his heart going at a steady rate as he gently stroked my hair, twirling it in his fingers. I felt his head move to look down at me so I met our gazes before he spoke

“Frank?” He asked, letting go of my hair as I sat up to properly face him


“Need a shirt?”
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