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Frank's kidnappers seem to be much nicer than Frank would have expected

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My grumbling stomach broke through the silence of my cell, I wanted the man to be back with my breakfast, come to think of it, I don’t even know his name, maybe I’ll ask him when he gets back. He better get back soon. Ha, look at me, wanting the person that kidnapped me to be back soon and wanting to know personal things about him, like his name. Maybe I’m just crazy, no, wait, I’ve already proven I’m crazy by letting my kidnapper kiss me, then making out with him. Yup, definitely crazy, way to go Frank.

“Frankie?” Oohh, he’s back and he has more toast! Okay Frank, focus, find out his name before scoffing the food, got it? Good

I looked at him and smiled as an indication that I’d heard him; he smiled back and let himself into my cell before locking the door and kneeling next to me, putting the toast on the floor, to the side of him. He captured my lips in a gentle kiss, I pulled away, shocked that he would just kiss me, like we were a couple or something

“I-I’m sorry, I just thought that, err, well you were and I was but then we, oh god” He put his head in his hands and sighed “I guess I just thought you liked me, I know what you’re thinking, ‘what the hell, some random guy kidnapped me and now he’s trying to kiss me’” He sighed again and leaned against the wall. Well, he was good at guessing what I was thinking but why was he being such a drama queen about it?

“It’s okay, I guess I just wasn’t expecting you to kiss me, that's all” I gave him a soft smile, for some reason I didn’t want him to be upset, you never know, he could be an alright person. Well, if you look past the kidnapping and trying to kiss a seventeen year old...
He looked up and smiled back “Does that mean I can kiss you if I tell you I’m going to kiss you?” I looked around the room awkwardly, I wasn’t really expecting him to ask that, I was supposed to be asking the questions anyway, wait; I need to ask him what his name is

“You can kiss me, If you tell me your name” I smiled. Don’t even ask me why I said that, it must be my hormones again, they probably want me to look like a total idiot that’s falling for his kidnapper, which I totally am not. He sank back and sighed, rubbing his face with one of his hands, dropping it back into his lap and looking at me again

“You know I can’t tell you my name” He looked straight into my eyes, making me stare into his beautiful orbs of light, slowly being hypnotiz- Stop it Frank you need to know his name

“But why? It’s not like I’m going to escape anytime soon, is it?” I raised my eyebrows at him, almost acting like a diva that isn’t getting what she wants

“In case you do escape, Frank, I’m sorry; you just can’t know my name” He stroked my face with the back of his hand and looked into my eyes again, willing me to understand but I couldn’t, I’m probably going to be stuck here for a while so why can’t he just tell me his name, it’s not fair.

“What am I suppose to call you then?”I snapped. I pulled away from his touch as my eyebrows creased and my bottom lip jutted out in a pout like fashion, my parents always did say I was childish

“I don’t know Frankie; just eat your breakfast, okay?” He looked so sad, I felt bad for snapping at him like that but it was his fault for kidnapping me and keeping me here, wasn’t it?

“Sorry” I know it was only one word but I meant it, I know what you’re thinking, you think I’m crazy for being so nice to a kidnapper and I have a right to ne horrible to him but he just seemed like the sort of person that's been through a lot, now you think I’m even more crazy and you’re probably right.
He gave me the plate of toast, kissed me on the forehead and sighed “Gerard, my name’s Gerard” He leaned in and captured my lips in a kiss then pulled away before exiting my cell and locking the door behind him. Gerard... I like that name, it suits him. Dammit, there I go again, is there a way to remove your hormones? Or just remove the ones that insist I kiss this (possibly crazy) guy that kidnapped me and hasn’t even told me why?

The smell of toast quickly brought me out of my daydream and my stomach grumbled again, I looked at the plate of warm, delicious looking toast and scoffed it all within two minutes, hey, I never said I had manners. Huh, now where do I put the plate? Meh, the floor will do for now, I got up and approached the bars of my cell, looking out into the rest of the cave, I could see three tunnels, the middle one being lit by either torch light or just daylight, I could see a set of stairs, it must lead up to the main part of the cave or something like that. The other two tunnels lead off to either side of me, they were shrouded with darkness, maybe they were other cells or something. Ugh, now I’m bored, okay, what can I do in a cave that's interesting? Nothing, that’s what, maybe I can just ask Gerard, yeah, I’ll do that

“Gerard!?” The yell echoed through my cell so I’m sure that Gerard could hear me. Seconds later I heard steps coming from the middle tunnel, and then Gerard appearing, a mug of what smelled like coffee being cradled in his hands

“Yes Frankie?” He smiled taking a sip from his coffee seconds later

“I’m booored” I whined , giving him puppy dog eyes through the bars, he gave me a fond smile and chuckled before taking a step closer to the cell

“What do you want me to do about it?” I thought about it for a moment, what was he suppose to do? Oh, he could suggest something for me to do

“Tell me how not to be bored” I smiled, trying my best to look cute so he would at least make it so I wasn’t as bored as I was

“Do you want to watch T.V?” He asked, raising his eyebrows and leaning his hip on the bars in a relaxed manner, I creased my eyebrows in confusion, there wasn’t a T.V in here, was there?

“Yeah but there isn’t a television in here” He chuckled at me before opening my cell and indicating for me to step out, I stepped out and looked at him with confusion

“I know there isn’t but there is one upstairs” He explained lacing his fingers with mine and leading me up the stairs

“I thought I wasn’t allowed out of my cell?” I said, confused that I was suddenly being pulled into a room that almost exactly resembled an ordinary living room

“Who said that?” He smiled before guiding me to the comfy looking sofa and turning on the wide screen T.V, setting his half full mug of coffee on the coffee table. I sat down and looked at Gerard, he was acting like I was just a guest in his house or something; he has serious issues

“You did and why are you treating me like this?” I turned to face Gerard and he did the same taking my hands into his own and rubbing his thumb over my knuckles, probably trying to relax me

“You mean why are we being nice to you and not treating you like some animal?” he quizzed, raising his eyebrows and awaiting my response, huh, he had it in one, that's exactly what I wanted to know, well except from before when I wanted to know his name but I know that now, Gerard, I’m still getting used to it

“Well, pretty much, yeah” I sighed, looking into his eyes to see if I could find an answer in the shining orbs that were a mixture of brown and green, okay Frank, stop getting hypnotized by his eyes

“Well, I’ll have to tell you why you’re here to answer that and that may take a while” He chuckled, playing with my hands in his own, okay, why didn’t I ask that question before? Huh, I guess I’m not the best captive in the world, am I?

“Well, I’m not going anywhere so you might as well tell me” It was true, even if I could escape, I’m not sure I even wanted to now, Gerard and his friend were being pretty nice to me, treating me like a guest and bringing me my meals. Gerard sighed before looking like he was day dreaming, probably trying to think of a way to explain all of this to me

“Well, I might as well start from the beginning, Me and my brother Mikey, you know him as your other kidnapper, were bullied in school to an extent that, well, we didn’t want to live anymore. So, we were talking to each other about how bad it had gotten and Mikey was telling me about what they did to him and I just- well, thinking about myself just stopped, I wanted Mikey to be safe and not have to go through what he did, so we decided that instead of ending our lives, we would start new ones. That's where this place comes in, we dropped out of school, well, after we had told our parents of course, they understood straight away and my dad told us about a hideout his father had made for him, it had taken years to build but eventually, instead of an empty forest floor, there was an little unknown house, or as me and Mikey consider it, home” He stopped to think again before getting up and going into another room

“Hey, where are you going?” I got up and followed him; I discovered the place he had gone into was a kitchen, he was getting two mugs out of a cupboard and flicking on a coffee machine, wait, how does he get power underground? “Gerard? How do you get electrical things in here?”

“Oh, we have a generator downstairs, its next door to your room actually” He smiled, pouring the hot coffee into the mugs before opening the fridge and getting out the milk

“So, why did you just randomly walk into the kitchen, half way through your story?” I questioned, standing next to him and watching as he poured the milk into the coffee, seeing the light substance swirling into the dark to form a whirling pattern before Gerard mixed it together with a teaspoon

“Cause, you can’t tell a story without a nice, warm beverage and the best storytelling beverage has got to be coffee” He grinned, taking both mugs and leading me back into the living room, putting one on a coaster resting on the coffee table, the other being cradled in his hands as he sat down and beckoned me to do the same. I took my coffee off the table and sat down in my previous position, next to Gerard. He wriggled in his seat, getting comfy before taking a sip of his coffee and leaning back

“Now, where was I? Oh yes, I’d just told you about me and Mikey living here. You’re probably wondering where you come in all of this mess, so, I’ll tell you now, me and Mikey always went back to our old school, just to see all the new faces around there and because it was fun to freak out the teachers. They kept thinking we were going to kidnap one of the students, oh, wait, we did. Well, we weren’t planning to at first of course but a couple of weeks ago we saw you, you were being taunted by all of the, what I assumed to be Jocks and I just remembered how awful it felt, how trapped and alone you feel, how useless and- sorry, back to the story. I guess I thought I could help you in some way, so me and Mikey, kind of, well, we stalked you, to an extent. Every day you would have new bruises littering your face and I bet you thought you just had to live with it, so, last week, we decided we wanted to help you properly because we knew it would only get worse for you. We found out you were going camping, don’t ask how we know that and that was the perfect opportunity to save you from everything and to start a new life, like we did” He finished with a sip off coffee and an innocent smile, I smiled back and leaned forward, kissing his cheek in a sort of thank you

“That's pretty twisted” I chuckled “But it’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me” I looked at him as he blushed but tried to hide it by taking a gulp of his coffee

“Err thanks” He smiled, getting up and taking his empty mug back into the kitchen, dammit, I forgot about my coffee, I brought it to my lips and downed the entire mug before getting up and joining Gerard in the kitchen. I placed my mug into the sink, next to his and turned around to see him really close to me, I could feel his breath on my neck as he slowly placed his hands on my waist

“Frankie?” He asked sweetly, pulling back a little so he could look me in the eye, wow, he looks so handsome right now, looking into my eyes, almost hopefully, y’know, I’m just going to stop trying to control my hormones, they always win anyway...

“Yeah?” I sighed, staring more into his eyes and placing my hands on the counter behind me

“Can I kiss you?” He smiled; I smiled back and leaned in a little

“You like to ask that, don’t you?” I said in a hushed tone, it just seemed like a moment that you didn’t want to raise your voice in

“Maybe a little” He chuckled, rubbing my hip with his thumb “So, can I?”

“Yeah” I bit my lip before letting him lean in and capture my lips with his own, slowly working them together, I slipped my tongue into his mouth and lifted my arms up to rest loosely around his neck, leaning my head more to the side, for a better angle, he smiled into the kiss and soon his tongue joined my own, sliding together in harmony. Gerard lowered his hands to my ass and slowly lifted me up onto his hips, careful not to brake the kiss, I wrapped my legs around his waist as he guided me to the counter that didn’t have a sink on it and set me down, I unwrapped my legs from his waist and brought him closer to me, he chuckled and stepped forward, between my legs. He brought his kisses to my jaw so I could breathe, as he took breaths between each kiss, he ever so slowly worked down to my neck, sucking and biting on the delicate flesh, causing a red blemish to appear on my skin, he pulled away from my neck and rested his forehead on mine
He smiled at me before carrying me bridal style to the living room and lay on the sofa, causing me to rest on his chest, I snuggled into the crook of his neck, I felt more at ease than I ever had been, I was about to fall asleep when I heard Gerard say something

“Pardon?” I mumbled into his chest, he chuckled before playing with my hair and taking a deep breath

“I said thank you”

I know it's strange that Frank likes Gerard so quickly but meh, it's fanfiction, what do you expect? Anyway, Rate and reviews are always welcome and feel free to point out any mistakes or anything like that XoX Saskia
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