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(Frerard)All Frank did was go camping with his parents, so when he wakes up in an underground cell, he's more than a little confused

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The last thing I remember is a sharp pain at the back of my head, then total blackness, I could hear muffled voices but my eyes refused to open, where the fuck am I? I knew this camping trip was a bad idea but no, my parents insisted that it was a good idea. ‘get some fresh air’ they said, well the air in here doesn’t smell too pretty, smells more like sweat and something else... hmm, it smells kind of rusty, almost like iron. Wait, I know that smell. My eyes shot open as I looked around the room I was in, well the word cell seemed to fit better than room. The walls were grey and had orangey splatters all over them; the floor was covered in some sort of sand, so I supposed we were somewhere underground and to the left of the mattress I was sitting up on there were metal bars blocking my escape, adding even more to the jail cell look, the muffled voices became louder as two men approached my cell

“Well, lookey here, sleeping beauty has finally awoken” Spoke the older looking man, I’m guessing he was the ‘Leader’ of the two

“What's your name, boy” I shuffled backwards so I was against the wall and brought my knees to my chest

“Answer me and you won’t get hurt” He smiled sweetly but a blind man could tell he was faking that smile


“Good, now, do you know where you are?” I shook my head “Do you remember anything that happened last night?” I gulped and shook my head again; I really do hope nothing happened last night, he smiled again before letting himself into my cell and locking it behind himself. “Do you know who I am?”


He chuckled before sitting on my bed and cupping my face in one of his thin and bony hands, the other man had left by now, mumbling something about being hungry and bored of being in what I supposed was some sort of underground cave

“I’m your Master” He leaned forward and captured my lips with his own, I gasped and immediately pulled away, He smirked at me before leaning in and kissing me again, I pulled away and tried to get away but he had me pinned to the wall before I could even figure out how to escape

“Pl-please don’t do anything” I pleaded, most likely looking like a lost puppy. The man chuckled at me before removing my shirt by literally ripping it from my chest and biting down hard on my collar bone

“Now, that wouldn’t be very fun, would it?” How the fuck is this fun?

“Get the fuck off me!” I squirmed in his grip, kicking him; he hissed in pain and doubled over gripping his crotch. Bull’s-eye. I leaped up and ran to the other side of the cell, looking for a way out other that the locked door, I found none. Panic spread through me like a forest fire when I realised the man was getting up with an evil glint in his eyes. I scrambled past him when he ran at me and I dived to the mattress, cowering into the corner, hoping to just melt away and not have to face the torture I’m sure this man will put me through

“Now now, Frank, it’s not polite to run away” He began to approach me and I was just frozen to the spot, terror very clearly written on my features, the man just smiled before pinning me against the wall again . “Shh, if you relax, this won’t be too bad, I promise I’ll be gentle” He surprisingly looked sincere as he nuzzled into my neck, tickling the sensitive flesh, I would have giggled if I wasn’t in such a terrifying and messed up situation

“Pl-please stop” I didn’t want this, I didn’t want him, sure, he was a very handsome man but this was against my will, he kidnapped me for god’s sake

“Shh, just relax, it won’t take long” He began to nibble at my earlobe gently, keeping one arm next to my head so I wouldn’t escape and the other gently resting on my waist. I struggled again, trying to escape but even if I did there was no way out of this place, the door was locked and there was no other way out

“Please don’t”
He chuckled “You’re very polite, aren’t you? I like that” He began to rub my hip with his thumb, I think he was trying to calm me down but it seriously wasn’t working

“I don’t want this, just please, stop” He stopped nipping at my neck and looked into my eyes

“Why don’t you want this?”He asked gently. Huh? He was actually being nice? Kidnappers aren’t suppose to be nice, sheesh, he should read kidnapping 101

“I j-just don’t” He rested his forehead on mine and gave me a sad look before gently resting his lips on my own, then pulling away completely and standing in front of me

“Okay, tell me when you’re ready” He gave me a small smile before walking slowly out of the door and locking it behind him. Okay, I may be wrong but I think he has a split personality. Ugh, this makes no sense, maybe I’m dreaming? Yeah that must be it; I have got to be dreaming. I pinched myself as hard as I could and it hurt like a bitch, okay, dreaming is ruled out. Now what? I decided I’d just daydream, better than living through this nightmare.
Before I knew it, it had been two hours, and how did I know? I had a watch on; I’m surprised they haven’t taken it from me yet

“Hey, kid, want some food?” It was the younger looking man, staring at me from through the bars. Come to think of it, I was starving but this guy might be as strange as the older man, he might have done something to the food but I was so hungry I didn’t even care.

“Y-yes please” He rolled his eyes before walking away mumbling something about being right back, before he returned, the older man approached my cell, he was just looking at me and didn’t speak

“Err, Hi?” He looked quite shocked before letting himself into my cell and locking the door behind him. He approached me quickly and kneeled down beside me, cupping my face in one of his hands again, he then slowly leaned in, I immediately pulled back and stared wide eyed at him, he looked sad before leaning in again, slower this time, his eyes begging me to trust him. I have absolutely no idea why but I let him attach our lips. His eyes fluttered shut as he carried on kissing me, resting both his hands on my hips. I came to my senses and pulled back and shoved him off me, he looked quite offended but soon covered that up with a smirk and walked out of my cell, locking the door behind him. Why did he smirk? Why did I let him kiss me? Oh wait, I get it now, he smirked because I let him kiss me and I let him kiss me because I’m a total fuck-tard that needs to be put into a mental hospital. Ugh, I just want to go home. Wait, I smell food, warm, delicious food. Fuck, my mouth is watering, hey the younger guy is back and he has food! Mmm, food. Food is good, I like food. He saw my greedy expression and rolled his eyes, he likes to do that. He unlocked the door but didn’t bother to close it behind himself, he handed me the food and a fork. Mmm pasta, wait, how the fuck did he get pasta? Meh, its food. He quickly left the room and locked the door behind himself as I tucked into the meal, to be honest it was quite nice and soon enough a full stomach made me a bit more relaxed as I rested my head on the pillow, thinking about the man, why I let him kiss me and why they even kidnapped me if they were going to be treating me like this. Hey, you never know, maybe they were lonely, Haha, lonely kidnappers, no idea why that's funny to me, it just is. Eventually I succumbed to a deep sleep with dreams full of that man, both being nice and evil; let’s just say I prefer him when he’s nice

It was morning and I actually woke up early, it was seven o’clock, seeing as it didn’t seem my kidnappers were awake, I decided to actually have a proper look around my cell, without being scared that I was going to be raped or murdered.
As I looked up there was a window in the roof, how strange, it wasn’t a big window, more like the ones you have in a bathroom, except this one was half covered in leaves. If I found a ladder I could escape but I don’t think kidnappers generally put ladders near their captives, it would kind of give the captive an advantage and you would be a really bad kidnapper, dammit, I’m going into daydream mode again, okay Frank, focus, if you were a kidnapper, what would you most likely forget to do that would help someone escape? I walked over to the ‘door’ and shook the bars a little, to check if either of the men had forgotten to lock it. Obviously they had locked it but it’s worth a shot, right? I heard a mumbling coming from a few metres away, it was getting closer, shit, I bet the rattling woke up one of them. Yup, it did and just my luck, it was the older one

“You’re up early” he yawned and rubbed his eyes before focusing fully on me and smiling an almost sweet and genuine smile whilst gently gripping the bars of my cell

“Couldn’t sleep” I lied, what? I was hardly going to tell him I was figuring out a way to escape

“Need any company?” Was it just me, or did he actually sound pretty timid, like he wasn’t used to talking to people?

“Err, no thanks”

“Are you sure? I don’t bite” He smiled sweetly again and this one, unlike yesterday’s was actually quite cute, wait, did I just call my kidnapper cute?

“Actually, yes you do” I pointed to my collar bone and seeing as I was still shirtless, you could see the red mark where his teeth had been

“Oh, right” He chuckled awkwardly “Sorry about that... and all the other stuff”

“Huh?” Wait, he was sorry? But before he was all like, ‘I wanna fuck you’ then he was all like ‘I’ll fuck you when you want to be fucked’ now he’s all like ‘I’m sorry about wanting to fuck you’

He saw my confusion and chuckled “I didn’t want you thinking you could escape so I sort of, well, tried to scare you a little” He half smiled at me, waiting for my response. Wait, so, is he actually a nice person or does he still want to fuck me and keep me locked in a cell?

“So, are you still going to keep me in here?” I looked hopefully into his eyes and I could see he noticed because he was staring deeply into my own, almost in a trance like state, he suddenly shook his head a little and stopped looking into my eyes

“You have to stay in here, cause if you didn’t, you would escape” He explained, using little hand gestures to the cave, which to be honest I found quite adorable. Dammit, there I go again, I’m like a woman in a field of baby animals, awwing and every single last fucking one of the things. He noticed me thinking and gave me a questioning glance “Anyway, back to my question, do you want some company? I mean, it doesn’t have to be me, I could get Mi-y friend to join you instead” Okay, was it me, or did it seem like he had a slip of the tongue, wait, he asked something, oh yeah, he asked if I wanted company

“No thanks, I prefer to be on my own” I smiled at him, I don’t know why, he just seemed to be being nice, so I thought I’d return the niceness so he wasn’t horrible to me again

“Are you sure?” He raised his eyebrows at me in a questioning way and took a step away from the cell

“Err, yeah, I’ll be fine” I took a step away too, because somehow, I just thought copying him would be the best way to avoid him being horrible again

“Okay then, I’ll be back in a few minutes with your breakfast, so you’ll have to put up with me for a little while longer” He chuckled before moving away and going into one of the three tunnels, this cave is really strange, maybe it was man-made but not by my kidnappers because, no offence to them, I don’t think they’re strong enough to build and entire cave on their own. Meh, might as well sit down while I’m waiting

He was back within a few minutes with a plate loaded with toast; he opened the cell and locked it behind himself one-handed before smiling at me and kneeing next to my mattress

“I hope you’re alright with toast, if not I can get you something else” He looked into my eyes, waiting for an answer and I must say, I never noticed how nice his eyes were, they were a lovely shining hazel with almost unnoticeable dark flecks around the pupil. “Erm, Frankie, are you alright with toast?” He awkwardly asked, looking away from my eyes

“Err, yeah I’m fine with toast” I gently took the plate from his hands and placed it on my lap, properly sitting up so I didn’t drop anything over myself

“Frankie?” the man gently put a hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes again

“Yeah?” I registered the hand on my shoulder and to be honest it felt quite comforting

“Can I kiss you?” Wait, he’s asking to kiss me after he’s kidnapped me? Well, he was being nice... What am I saying? He’s a kidnapper, he should be in jail, h-he... he is pretty hot... stupid teenage hormones, stop taking control, dammit. Well, there’s no harm in letting him kiss me but it can lead to other things. Oh what the heck

“Y-yeah” He looked quite surprised before leaning in very slowly, giving me all the time in the world to pull away, I got tired of him being timid and closed the gap between us myself, moving my lips gently with his, he placed his hand that was previously on my shoulder onto my face, gently stroking my cheek with him thumb. I moved my arms around his neck, forgetting about the toast that crashed to the floor but I didn’t care, my hormones were suddenly taking over, making me kiss him more passionately, sliding my tongue across his lower lip and dragging him on top of me, he chuckled into the kiss before allowing my tongue to access his mouth, he tasted of coffee and maybe a hint of mint. His tongue came out to play as he started to get more into the kiss, exploring every inch of my mouth and battling with my own tongue before separating our lips with a wet pop. Panting and staring into my eyes, fuck, he’s so hot, no. Bad hormones. Don’t you dare even think about kissing him again. Ugh, fuck it. I re-attached our lips, taking control and switching our positions so I was on top, he immediately responded by snaking his tongue into my mouth and rubbing it against my own, causing me to moan, I came to my senses and pulled back, shit. Okay hormones, stop kissing the kidnapper, it’s not good to kiss the kidnapper. Kidnapper bad. I climbed off him and awkwardly scratched the back of my neck, he sat up and crawled over to me, gently cupping my face in one of his hands and pecking my lips. He exited the room and locked the door, saying something about bringing back more toast. Oh yeah, my toast is on the floor, aww, now I’m hungry...

Okay, so this is the first fanfic I've put on here, feel free to say if you don't like it, I don't really mind to be honest and if you do like it, feel free to comment also and tell me what you think or if you have any ideas on what to do next, I have the next two chapters already done and if this gets good rates and reviews I'll be sure to post the chapters quicker :)- XoX Saskia
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