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I soon found out that going into the restaurant was purely to make reservations for later, Six o'clock to be precise, after that Bob had shakily put an arm around my waist and taken me to the shop across the street. When I had asked why we were at a shop, he had explained that he didn't know what I wanted to eat during the movie we were going to watch at his place.
That's when I learnt we were watching a movie, I found it cute how he was trying to be romantic, I could just imagine how it was going to go, a nice movie, most likely cuddled up on the sofa and then he would whisk me off to a fancy restaurant and we'd stare deeply into each other's eyes as we slowly moved in, inch by inch, our nervous lips getting closer-

"Mikey?" I was cut off from my daydream by a hand waving in front of my face; I looked over to see a worried looking Bob. Oh god, was I really thinking like that? I guess Bobs unrequited love could be requited after all, I'll have to think about that

"Err, you kinda spaced out a little and err you were kind of leaning forward, I was worried you were going to fall over" He chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of his neck with his sweaty hand. He looked almost like a kid in high school asking someone to go to prom with them, I smiled at the comparison and cuddled to his side, hoping it would help with his obvious lack of confidence, apparently it did as I felt his arm rest over my shoulder, I smiled sweetly up at him before letting him guide me to the sweets aisle. Unfortunately for him he said I could spend as much as I wanted but I decided on only ten dollars worth of sweets and popcorn. I saw Bob buying a few lagers as well; I rolled my eyes as we checked out and headed back to his motorcycle.

He hung the plastic bags on the bike handles and we both got on, me wrapping my arms around bobs waist. Now I know what you're thinking, yesterday I was worried about him taking things too far and me complying, but right now I was worried that I would take things too far. I had known Bob for years and I'm only just realising how nervous and shy he could be, I used to think he just liked a girl and kept thinking about her... or he was just thinking about one of the porn magazines he had read. Yeah, Bob was like that in high school, he always had the latest issue hidden under his mattress but if he was gay, why would he have had it?
The bike coming to an abrupt stop pulled me out of my daydream as I saw Bob getting off the bike and retrieving the bags.
I knew it was stupid of me but I just had to find out why he had those magazines; because when he confessed he liked me, he had said that he found out he was gay at the age of thirteen. He was fifteen when he started buying the magazines...
I got off the bike and followed him to a rather large house; he unlocked the door and let me go in first, him soon following and going into what I assumed to be the kitchen. I heard him put the bags down and soon saw him coming back into the living room, closing and locking the front door.
"So" He spoke, awkwardly sitting on the sofa and patting the space next to him, I sat down and looked around
"So" I repeated, almost laughing at how awkward we were
"Now, how about that movie?" He smiled, I smiled back and he went to the TV, opening the draw next to it and bringing out a pile of DVD's, Setting them out, so I could see all of them, I smiled and looked at them all, suddenly seeing one I've wanted to watch for a while
"Harry potter!" I shouted, diving for the DVD and putting it in the DVD player, repeatedly pressing the play button until the movie started, then immediately pressing pause when I realised something "We don't have snacks!" I shot up and ran to where I hoped was the kitchen, I was stopped after three steps by strong arms pulling me back. I looked behind me to see a very smug Bob
"You're the guest Mikey, so you just sit down and relax while I get the snacks, okay?" I nodded my understanding as I jumped up onto his back, him carrying me to the sofa, I suddenly remembered when Bob had carried me like this, it was in high school when I had gone round to his house, we were really just play fighting, but it's probably one of the happiest memories I have

"Bob!" I yelled, running full pelt and jumping, successfully managing to cling to his back like a monkey, I could tell he was rolling his eyes as he hoisted me up into a more comfortable position, beginning to walk forwards to his house. School had just finished and I had promised Bob I'd go to his house and watch a movie or something. Yeah, it was pretty weird for a eleven year old boy to go round a fourteen year olds house, but we were best friends, Gerard had introduced us of course, them being in the same year and all but we became closer as the weeks went on...
We had finally made it to bobs house, me still riding on his back like a mad man of course. I saw his parents emerge from what I assumed to be the kitchen, smiles on their faces as they greeted me and asked if I wanted anything, after I politely declined and got off of Bobs back, we headed upstairs to his room, surprisingly it was all in order and clean. Apart from some paper on his bed that he quickly gathered up and put in his bedside draw... I thought nothing of it as I smirked at how Bob didn't notice me slowly creeping up behind him, well that's what I thought before he suddenly turned around and tackled me, mercilessly tickling my sides, I couldn't help but laugh until there were tears in my eyes, only just managing a few words between my breathless laughter "B-Bob.... Stop... Ow... Bob!" He suddenly stopped and smirked. He was still straddling my lap, dammit, he was winning, I writhed and struggled underneath him and for some reason he suddenly got up, a blush making its way onto his pale face.
Eventually it was time for me to leave; we were inseparable after that... just me and him

I know now why he was blushing, it's so painfully obvious, I should have even known back then, but I guess I hadn't really thought about Bob being gay, I just thought of him as my best friend. It's still strange to think of Bob as gay, I would've bet quite a lot of money on him being straight before he told me the truth
He was looking into my eyes now, just looking, I didn't find it creepy, I actually found it... Assuring? He just looked so genuine, not like anyone else, huh, I sound pretty cheesy now, don't I? Well I can't help it, I've not seen him in years and now we're on a date, oh god we're on a date... Okay, I just need to breathe, I can't have another panic attack in front of Bob, I guess you're wondering why I said another right? No? Oh well I'm telling you anyway.

It was on a Friday night, school had finished for the holidays and I was going round Bob's house again, we had become much closer and always went round each other's houses, though this day was different, this was the day Bob told me his little secret
"Mikey, why don't you come to my room?" He asked, looking much more awkward than he usually did, wringing his hands together as he waited for me to go up the stairs
"Well duh" I replied, being confused by the fact that, for the first time since I started going around his house, we didn't just go straight up to his room and play video games for hours "We always go up to your room, dumb ass" I joked, shoving his shoulder playfully before, running full pelt up his stairs, waiting for him at the top. I got a little annoyed when I discovered he was still at the bottom of the stairs, looking worried about something, his Mum probably found his porn collection or something "Come on Bob, I wanna whoop your ass at video games, I can't do that if your down there feeling sorry for yourself or whatever you're doing" I whined, It looked like I finally got through to him as he shook his head and slowly climbed the stairs, that worried expression still tainting his features
After an hour I became too frustrated with Bob to play video games, he wasn't even bloody trying to win, just looking glum, and randomly sighing like a girl that just lost a beauty pageant, actually, they tear each others' throats out, bad comparison, anyway, back to the point. He wasn't even acting like himself, usually by now, he would have slapped the back of my head at least four times cause of my awesomeness at winning, but no, he just presses replay and carries on not trying, looking sorry for himself, or glum, or worried.
"For fucks sake Bob, stop being so bloody sorry for yourself and play some flipping video games" I exclaimed, waving my arms around for emphasis, he looked at me for all of three seconds, before sighing and turning around to face me
"Look Mikey, I know you won't like what I'm going to say, but I have to say it because it's driving me insane, okay?" Oh god, he was moving away wasn't he? O fucking hell, I won't see him ever again and I'm just shouting at him because he won't play games with me
"You're moving away aren't you?" I accused, a pained expression on my face, yeah, I was acting like a girl but I didn't care, he was my best friend
"No" He said all to quickly "To be honest I wish it was that simple, it would be much easier to tell you as well" He sighed
"Then what is it? It's not something serious is it? You know I can't handle serious things Bob, I get all panicky and jumpy an-"I was cut off my something else occupying my lips, that thing being bobs lips, my eyes widened as I pulled away as fast as I could "Y-you just" I stuttered out, not being able to say any more as my breathing increased its speed, my heart going like a hummingbirds. Bob looked frightened to say the least as he saw me slowly unravel into a panic attack, he tried to comfort me but I scrabbled away, I had no idea how to react but my body had decided that running away was the best option. I realised this when I find myself sprinting down the stairs and bursting through the front door, running as fast as my feet would carry me, all the way to my house. The shouts of my name died down about half way to my house, I knew Bob felt bad but he surprised me, him kissing me was not one of the things I wanted to happen today, he was my friend and nothing more, and I'm too much of a wimp to have told him that, so I just ran

A concerned Bob came back into view as I felt a hand gently stroking the side of my face
"Still day dreaming as much as ever" He smiled, continuing to stroke my face with his hand, a loving look in his eyes along with one of contentment
Somehow, the daydream had calmed me down, I had grown up since that day, I couldn't run anymore, I had to face the fact that Bob liked me as more than a friend, and I have to face the fact that over all these years, I've finally realised that I feel the same way, I brought my hand up to his and interlocked our fingers, staring into his eyes as I did the same with my other hand, slowly leaning in, to tell him without words what he had been waiting for all this time, I was telling him I felt the same with this one simple action, I smiled at the fact that this was what it all came to and joined our lips together, gently working against his. It took him a few seconds to realise I was kissing him, but he got the idea and kissed back, un locking our hands and gently pushing me to lay down on the couch, him slowly following after and placing his hand to the side of my head, being careful not to get my hair. Bob was always a gentle character, he may seem like the 'badass' type when you first meet him but he soon becomes a teddy bear when you get to know him. Bringing my hands around his neck, I brought him down faster, making the pressure of the kiss heighten.
It's strange, I always thought I'd be doing this with a girl, and that I'd be on top, I'd be the dominant male, not the small submissive character, but it's nicer than I thought, I sort of felt protected, this man was my protector in a way, and he had gone through years of trying to make this moment happen, to make it so our hearts, as well as our lips connected at last. I was wondering how far it would go when Bob pulled away, looking into my eyes before he spoke.
"Mikey, I've wanted this for so long and if you answer like I think you will I'll probably hate myself for the rest of my life but, are you sure you want to do this?" He looked so sincere and concerned, I couldn't help but remember why we were such good friends in the first place, it even made me wonder why me and Gerard left school if we had someone like Bob protecting us, but Bob couldn't always make it, he always tried to but the jocks were always a bit too smart for their own good, yeah, you heard me right, smart jocks, ones that actually planned what they were doing, they thought of ways to make us suffer the most , created genius ways of torture, cunning escape plans for themselves and the perfect way to get us on our own, I don't know how, but they always managed to execute the perfect plan, I wouldn't be surprised if those jocks have turned out to be master mind criminals now, anyway, back to the blast to the past story. I was around thirteen when it happened; it was one of the main events causing me and Gerard to move, to get away from that awful place.

It was a normal day today only three or four beatings, so actually it was a pretty good day, I had no idea it was going to get worse, no idea at all, making my way to my music lesson, I knew I was going to get another beating, I was prepared for it, the jocks knew my timetable off by heart and they knew I liked to get there five minutes early to tune my bass properly, so I had made sure to walk near to the wall so I could put my bass down before the beating started. I could get hurt, but no one touched the bass. I had passed the usual spot they like to ambush me at without a single footstep apart from my own being heard, I was slightly confused but carried on, they probably wanted to mix it up today, I just hoped it wasn't another 'see who can throw him furthest down the stairs' competition, I had a tough time explaining that one, considering I had broken my leg, nose and hand, at least I got a little time off from it. What confused me more was that I made it all the way to the music room without being ambushed, this just made me more nervous, they were planning something big, they probably wanted to beat their high score of broken bones, I gulped at the thought and sat down in my usual chair, waiting for at least five minutes before there was a knock at the door. I put down my bass and checked to see if the door had locked itself again, I found it hadn't and opened the door fully, wandering into the deserted corridor, and looking around. Oh dear, I thought, as I heard a door slam a few metres down, the jocks are playing this game again, I sighed and knew that the longer I waited the worse the beating, you see, the seconds it takes for me to find a jock it equivalent to how many punches I get, and every minute counts as a kick to the groin. I fast walked to the door and opened it to my inevitable doom, seeing no one, I sighed again and opened the closet door, revealing a smirking Andy, luckily he wasn't one of the really tough guys, he grabbed my hands and put them behind my back, tying them with the ball of string that was on the desk. I didn't even bother to struggle, struggling got me more pain, and I think I'm going to have enough of that because it took me exactly 49 seconds to find Andy.
"Okay, Mr Mikey, today, we're going to play a different game, I think you'll actually like this one, well, if the rumours are true you will anyway" He snarled into my ear and shoved me into the bathroom where three more jocks were waiting, all with matching smirks on their face. I had an idea of what was going to happen but I really hoped it wasn't true, I knew the rumours going around and I knew how sick the jocks' minds were, so at a mere thirteen years old, I knew I was about to live the worst moment of my entire life
"Andy, Paul, you two keep guard, me and Greg are going to have some fun with our little pet" Yeah, I was their 'pet' one time when I refused to respond to them when they called me their pet I was forced to wear a dog collar and leash that Greg had control of, and let's just say he likes to take bathroom breaks, I knew the drill and got onto my knees, my tallness was something the jocks didn't like seeing as I was taller than them so within the first few months, they had me kneel every time we played a 'game'
"Hey, you're being obedient today aren't you?" cooed Ryan, ruffling my hair and standing back "how long did it take you to find Andy?" He snarled, in an almost patronising tone
"49 seconds... sir" It took me a while to say the last word as it was a new thing that Ryan demanded, he said he liked the power and that I should already have started calling him that as it was true
"Good boy, now cause you're being so nice today, you'll get 10 less punches, okay?" he smiled a sickly sweet smile at me, I could see a single fleck of guilt swimming in his eyes as he ruffled my hair again. I knew I had to thank him but it just felt like venom on my tongue when nice words escaped from my throat, when it was towards someone so vile and sick. I saw the smile falter slightly on his face as the seconds passed
"Th-thank you... sir" It took a lot of will power not to let venom into my words, if I sounded the tiniest bit sarcastic with anything I said I would get another beating
"Hey, that's the spirit, now, we've got to get on with the game, I think you'll enjoy it very much" he smiled again before untying my wrists and taking off my glasses
I decided that I needed to say something to give me some more time, I couldn't handle what I thought was going to happen, I just couldn't
"S-sir?" I asked, genuinely terrified of his reaction to me speaking when he was involved in a game
He sighed before speaking "You know the rules pet, no speaking while a games going on.... but, seeing as you're being good, you can say what you want" he smiled yet again before slowly pulling up my t-shirt and replacing his sickly sweet smile with a devilish smirk
"W-what game a-are we playing?" I asked, I knew it was a dumb question but I had to stop him stripping me, I knew exactly what game we were playing now and it was the furthest the jocks had ever gone
"Oh, pet, you should know by now, but I'll tell you anyway, it's a competition for your virginity little Mikey" My eyes widened and my mouth went dry, hearing the words spoken aloud was a lot worse than hearing them in my head, Ryan saw my horror and just smirked "Don't worry pet, we'll make you feel good..."
Bob did find me in the bathroom, covered in things I never wanted to be covered in again, passed out from pain, with a little pink bow round my neck with a tag saying "Ryan won"

"Mikey!" I shook my head out of the daydream and looked to the source of shouting, I didn't have to look far as Bob was right above me, eyes wide and full of tears, I quickly wiped them away from his deep blue eyes and sat up, shaking my head again to get rid of the last of that ghastly memory "For god's sake Mikey, you really do pick the worst times to daydream" He chuckled slightly and encased me in a hug, squeezing tighter than he usually did
"Why are you so worried?" I asked, clearing my throat as it seemed to be a little scratchy, he pulled away from the hug before wiping at my eyes for some reason
"You were crying Mikey, I thought I had really upset you" He whined before pulling me into another hug "Now, what were you thinking of?" if anyone else had said those words with that tone I would have thought they were patronising but I knew Bob was just genuinely concerned
"I-it was the bad day Bob" I knew he would understand me at first but when I lifted my shirt to show him the scar he understood straight away, you see when Ryan and Greg were competing for my virginity, I was suppose to pick one of them, Ryan decided to use the tactic of pain, and before I knew it he had taken out a pocket knife and cut three short horizontal lines at the bottom of my stomach, he kept making them deeper and deeper until I gave in. I was taken back out of the memory when Bob shook my shoulders; he slowly leaned in and pressed his lips to my own, before leaning close and whispering into my ear
"As long as you're with me, no one will hurt you like that ever again" He planted another kiss onto my lips to reassure me and suddenly got up "Okay, now, I know for a fact that hot chocolate with marshmallows, cream and chocolate can make anyone happy, so, I'm going to make you the biggest marshmallowiest, creamiest, most chocolaty, hot chocolate you have ever tasted Mr way, you got that?" I smiled at his enthusiasm as he raced into the kitchen. All I could hear were cupboards banging, packets being opened, more banging and swearing and after about ten minutes bob emerged, a massive mug in his hands, full to the brim with hot chocolate and topped off with all of the promised ingredients. He set it carefully on the table and ran back into the kitchen, coming back with a straw and table cloth.
He tucked the cloth into my shirt, saying he didn't want me to burn myself, and put the straw into the mug, claiming that straws are the epitome of awesome so absolutely had to be included in his 'amazing' creation
I smiled and thanked him, sitting on the floor and using the couch as a backrest so I could minimise the chances of hot chocolate spillage, Bob sat beside me and put and arm around my waist, quickly checking the time on his watch before playing the movie and gently moving my head so that it was resting on his shoulder "Erm, Mikey? I know this isn't the best time but, you know when we kissed before you started daydreaming and I asked if you really wanted this, what was your answer going to be?"
I turned my head to look up at the man beside me still holding the lovingly made hot chocolate in my hands; I looked at it before smiling and replying with "I wouldn't swap it for the world" I felt Bob squeeze my shoulders and lay his head on top of mine and he hummed contently to himself
"I guess I didn't need to lock the door then" I felt him chuckle at his own little joke and I turned to face him, a playful scowl present on my features "Hey, Don't be sad Mikey, my magically awesome hot chocolate makes everything better" He smirked as I took a sip from the straw. Whoa, he was right, this was bloody delicious, I hummed in satisfaction as I sunk lower to the floor, feeling the warmth spread through me, I closed my eyes in contentment for all of three seconds before Bob poked me in the shoulder "Hey, I don't want you falling asleep, we're going to the restaurant soon, remember?" Oh yeah, the fancy restaurant, I smiled at how Bob had planned this entire night for us, he was definitely a secret romantic
Eventually the movie was over along with the amazing hot chocolate and the not so amazing memories. We were on Bobs motorcycle again, me with my arms wrapped tightly around his waist, content with the fact that after the dinner other things could happen, yes, my mind was already there, but not because I'm some dirty minded freak that can't stop thinking about sex but because I'll get to see what it's like to make love... not be raped by a smart Jock that finds it fun to torture people that were 'lower' than him. I forced myself not to dwell on the memory as the bike stopped and Bob removed his helmet, dismounting the bike and gently unclipping my helmet as well, carefully taking it off of my head and placing them on the handles.
"So, you ready to be romanced and all that jazz?" Bob chuckled taking my hand and leading me into the admittedly fancy restaurant
"I can't wait" I smiled, gently nudging his shoulder with my own playfully before he took us to the table he reserved earlier, it was a little away from the other tables, a black rose within a glass vase rested contently in the middle of the table, cutlery already in both places, napkins also being present in front of both places. I smiled as Bob pulled out a chair for me, not even struggling to push the chair in so I was comfortable, he sat in his own chair and passed me a menu with instructions to get whatever the hell I wanted, I let yet another smile grace my lips at how blunt Bob was being, he kept going from romantic to awkward in seconds, I personally found it quite cute.
I casually placed one of my hands on the table as I held the menu with the other, hoping Bob would take the hint and be romantic again, Luckily for me he did and slowly but surely placed his hand on top of mine, interlocking our fingers slightly and letting our entwined hands rest on top of the fancy table.
I don't think I planned the night to be like this but as I looked at our hands joined together and the genuinely happy smile on Bobs face, I knew it was probably the best night of my life.
Eventually, we had finished eating, Bob insisting that two puddings weren't enough, and three bottles of wine was just the start, needless to say I had to drive the motorcycle home, luckily I knew how from my dad teaching me when he used to visit us in our little house.
We had drank all the beer eaten all the snacks and pretty much wrecked the entire living room, but Bob looked pretty content with himself as he hovered above me, Alcohol tainting both our lips. Our mouths met fiercely in a passionate kiss as he straddled me and started to work our hips together, creating friction that was drool worthy, I felt how tight my jeans were and just wanted to ravage Bob for all he was, rip off his clothes with my teeth and end the night sweaty and content. I began to remove my belt but a soft hand stopped me, I whined in frustration and looked up into the slightly bloodshot eyes of my date
"N-not tonight, wanna make it special" He mumbled before removing my belt and jeans and stumbling around the room before returning with some pyjama pants, gently bringing them up my legs. Bringing the cover to my neck he kissed my cheek and slumped into the mattress, hugging my back and almost immediately falling asleep, I knew then that this definitely was the best
night of my life

Wow, that took a long time, but it has a lot of words, yes? And that makes up for the wait, yes? (hopeful) I'm pretty proud of this ^_^ I hope you all like it and tell me whats good and bad about it oh and if there are any typos please tell me, I went through it twice and found loads, I'm too tired to search again -_-
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