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Progress! Oh nevermind

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Frank thinks he's making some progress but how wrong he had been... Meanwhile Mikeys having a blast

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[Bet you thought there was never ever gonna be another chapter huh? Well Yay I stopped being lazy and actually wrote something... well I was drawing instead of being lazy but oh well XD]

Franks pov
"What do you mean he's dead?" I already knew that this was a stupid question, but seriously? Someone can't just randomly die, and Gerard can't have this much bad luck, can he?
He looked up at me through the mess of hair hiding his unusually pale face, tears soaking the inky tendrils as he sniffled quietly and lied back down. A pathetic whiny sigh leaving his moist lips, I could see remembering all of this pained him, but if this is what made him a psycho then solving it had to make him slightly more normal, didn't it?

Then he might see how cruel he was being by keeping me here, away from all my family and friends and let me go back to them, right? My thoughts were interrupted by a small dark chuckle coming from Gerard; I could see a small smile forming on his lips, being the only thing his hair wasn't covering, his small smile slowly turned into a bigger one as his laugh grew louder. At this point I was pretty damn terrified, I slowly backed away from him, edging closer to where Mikey and Gerard's rooms were. Slowly but surely Gerard started to stand up, he brushed the hair out of his face to reveal bloodshot, tear stained, eyes, a few tears still making their way down his cheeks, he smiled at me before slowly walking towards me
"Now Frankie, you've been a very naughty boy, now I have to punish you" He smirked before lunging at me and pinning me to the wall faster than I could even think to run away. My eyes grew wide as his held a look that would be placed on a serial killer, not someone that's just broken down in front of you, after telling you the saddest thing that's happened to them. Why did he say I was being 'naughty' anyway? Oh god, he wasn't trying to punish me that way, was he? As I grew more and more sure about what he was going to do I struggled harder against his grip on my shoulders, successfully managing to kick him where it hurt and dive into a room... Déjà vu much... Slamming the door behind me I caught my breath, wondering what the fuck was wrong with Gerard, he was crying his bloody eyes out a few seconds ago, why was he trying to hurt me now? "Oh baby, don't be scared, I promise you'll enjoy it" He purred from the other side of the door "Don't you want to have the best night of your life, hmm?" I could hear the gentle scratch of him running his nail down the door. I shuddered at both what he was suggesting and the noise, But I refused to step away from the door, if I let him in, I'm going to discover what hell is really like, I sank down into a sitting position and hoped that Gerard would give up and just leave me alone already "Come on Frankie, open the door already, I'm dying to know what you feel like" He moaned, I knew from his voice that he thought he was actually going to get me into a bed and do... that to me, I shook my head as tears filled my eyes, He was not going to rape me, I'll either stay in here until Mikey comes home, considering he seems to be the more mentally stable of the two, or make a run for it and try to get home. The first option seemed easier as I didn't have to try and get past a horny psycho, speaking if which "Hmm, Come on baby, I know you really want this, now open the door before I get angry, and believe me, this will not be fun for you if I'm angry" He growled, Oh shit, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna freaking die in this place and there's nothing I can do about it. I started trying to breathe deeply in and out so I could calm down, Gerard however seemed to be doing the opposite "Okay, last chance now baby, if you don't open this door I'm going to freaking smash it down and fuck you to oblivion, if you do open the door, I'll make it good for both of us" I shuddered, neither of my options seemed very nice. I already knew Gerard was stronger than me, considering he can pin me to a wall with no effort at all, he was smart too, well, maybe not as smart as me, considering I'm pretty damn nerdy. Maybe I can use that to my advantage, Okay Frank, keep him talking if you want to live
"B-But what if erm, I don't want to do it in here?" I asked, hoping he didn't notice my stutter and the fact that I sound as nervous as someone telling their mom they set the house on fire.
"Hmm, then we'll do it somewhere else baby, we can even do it in the kitchen if you really want" He purred, seeming less angry as before as it appeared I was going along with the idea of sex. I slowly regulated my breathing again as I remembered Gerard's goal and tried to think of something else to say
"Erm, w-what exactly are we going to do?" This was a question I actually wanted to hear the answer to, I mean, yeah I know he wanted to do... 'The deed' but what if he wanted to do other things as well ?
"Well, my Frankie, that depends on what you want, for all I know you could be a kinky little bitch, so you can decide, though obviously you can't choose to do nothing" He chuckled, I felt him trying to push the door open, but my weight caused it to only open a crack "Well now Frankie, I can't get in if you're in front of the door, can I?" He pushed the door harder causing me to shuffle forwards, I tried to push back but he was stronger and when I wasn't expecting it he gave the door and great shove, causing me to be launched forwards. Gerard sauntered through the door, kneeling beside me and making me sit up in front of him, gently, he stroked the hair out of my face and pouting a little "Well, it wasn't very nice of you to shut me out of my own room now, was it?" My eyes widened as he leaned forwards, he expected a kiss, but he got something else entirely. With all the strength I had, I launched my fist straight into his cheek. I catapulted up and ran as fast as I could out of the room, I didn't stop to look behind me as I made it to the front door, no matter how much I tried, the door wouldn't budge. I guess Gerard remembered to lock it for once, I banged my head on the door in annoyance before turning around to be met with a very annoyed Gerard, clutching his now bruised cheek. I immediately ran again, jumping down the stairs into my 'Room' and slamming the bars closed, for some reason the keys were in the lock, I used that to my advantage and locked myself in, diving to the mattress and curling up into a ball, hoping the banging and swearing coming from Gerard would stop soon

Mikey's POV
I cuddled more into Bobs side as a satisfied smile washed over my face, I had woken up and couldn't get back to sleep, but at this point I really didn't care, I had the most caring man in the world next to me and I was the one he wanted. All this time I could have been with him but at least now we have each other, and we're both very sure of our feelings. I'm glad we didn't have sex, we were drunk and it wouldn't have meant anything, it was then I realised I wasn't drunk anymore and checked the clock, 5AM, shit, I should be back home by now, well, I never really told Gerard I'd be back at a specific time, but it was my job to make sure he takes his medication, unless I want Frank to be in deep shit, which he probably is right now because Gerard was supposed to take his pills an hour ago. Stumbling around the room, I tugged on all my clothes from the previous night, struggling most with the skinny jeans, and was doing up my belt when I heard a mumble from the bed
"Leaving me" Was All I heard, Oh gosh, Bob probably thought I was running away from him again I, not so gently landed on the bed next to him and smoothed his blonde locks from his face
"Don't worry, I'm just going home to give Gerard his meds, okay?" He mumbled something I couldn't hear before pouting his lips and bringing my face down to his, our lips connected gently a few times before I got up again "If you want I can come back after, but I have to make sure he's okay" Bobs eyes fluttered open as he stared at me confused "What?" I asked, wondering why this situation would seem strange, Bob already knew Gerard had to take meds, so why make a deal out of it now?
"How on earth are you getting home when you don't even know the way?" Oh, so that was the problem, well Bob had to know what was coming next
"Well" I started, Moving back onto the bed and cupping Bobs face in my hand " I was hoping my amazing boyfriend would drive me" I pouted, joining out lips a few times to convince him further
He smirked before saying "Boyfriend?" I smiled and nodded before kissing him again and making my way out of the room and downstairs, hoping Bob would actually wake up and take me home, I guess I adapted to this dating thing pretty fast, but I suppose the fact that being with Bob felt pretty damn amazing helped, a small gleeful smile made it's way onto my face as I made both me and Bob a coffee
Franks pov
I shuddered as another shout came from Gerard, he had stopped for a while but now his anger was back and I'm sure it's worse than it was before
"Come on you filthy slut open this god damned door!" He screeched, his voice wavering due to the constant shouting occurring previously, I refused to do as he said and scrunched my body up tighter, moving even closer to the wall, wanting to disappear altogether.
Gerard's shouts continued for another ten minutes before he gave up trying to get me to open the door and just attempting to force it open himself, at some point he even tried to separate the bars. Luckily they were rather strong, seeing as they were supposed to keep a person captive... The noise of Gerard shaking the door teamed with the absolute terror that he might get in here made even thinking of sleep impossible, my body was aching to sleep but I just couldn't, I looked over to where Gerard was still shaking the bars and immediately regretted my decision, the pure white fury and determination on his face shook me to the very core, the only reason he was acting like this was because of me, I was the one asking about Kyle, I was the one who actually trusted him for a while, I was the one camping with my parents- wait, how the hell is that my fault? This is all his god damned fault! He was the one crazy enough to stalk a kid to school and back, he was the one that kidnapped that kid and now he was the one trying to rape that same kid! No it wasn't my fault, it was all his... and the schools, they should have noticed a man lurking around; they should have kept an eye on their student, not discussing how long those two chavs can kiss before they pass out from the lack of oxygen. Not only them but- but... My parents! No, it wasn't their fault... all they wanted was a few days where we'd be a family, a time where my dad could stop stressing about work, my mum could stop worrying about all the bills and I could stop being such a handful and just relax with my parents, and then I had to go and get kidnapped.
I have to get out of here, I've always known I have to escape but now I'm realising I actually have to come up with a plan, a way that has no flaws, something actually thought out...
Mikey's POV
I chuckled as Bob chugged the coffee like it was his life support, slamming the cup down when it was empty and sitting back with a content sigh
"Hmm, you really know how to make a good coffee Mikey" He smiled and gently grasped my shoulders and brought them back, making it so I was leaning on his chest, I smiled at him and leaned up to kiss his cheek
"Why thank you Mr Bobert" He rolled his eyes and cupped my chin in his hand, pouting his lips and tilting my chin, meeting our lips a few times until the temptation of coffee was too much for me and I quickly broke our kiss to chug my coffee and place the cup on the table next to Bobs, I heard him let out a low laugh. I playfully scowled and him and got up, pretending I was mad, and walked into the kitchen. Everything went according to plan as Bob followed me and wrapped his strong arms around my waist leaving delicate kisses on my neck and playfully biting my ear
"Sorry Mikey, I'll never laugh at your coffee addiction ever again" He mumbled into the fabric of my shirt, I could feel him smiling into my neck, turning around I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him on the cheek and walking into the living room, grabbing my shoes on the way
"As much as I would like to stay here and play cheesy couple with you, I have to get back to Gerard and give him his medicine, god only knows what he's doing right now" I rolled my eyes at the thought, last time he had gotten quite... strange and I came home to him trying to seduce the sofa, no doctor really knew what mental problem he had so they just gave us a range of pills that calmed him down and made him a little more pleasant to be around, the worst thing was anything could set him off, it didnt have to be sad, or scary or anything like that, it just had to make him emotional and boom, crazy Gerard is back . Oh dear, what if he's gone like that again? This time he doesn't just have a sofa, he has Frank, oh god what has he done? What if he's done the worst? I can't deal with a traumatized kid. Bob must have noticed me having a mild panic attack and hugged me to his broad chest
"Hey, Shh, don't worry Mikey, Gerard will be fine, it's not like he can attack anyone, you're here and everyone else lives miles away" I gulped at what Bob said, he had no idea about the Frank situation and I really hope he never finds out...

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it :D Be sure to comment with any improvements you can think of, I take constructive criticism rather well :P
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