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A psychopathic lack of sympathy

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What will Franks fate be? Will Mikey get to him in time?

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GUYS IM BACK AHA LIKE 3 YEARS LATER Anyway enjoy the chapter, hopefully there arent many typos, if so feel free to point and laugh ;D this was written at like 1am? I just randomly decided to start writing it again even though no one asked me to xD

Franks POV
Gerard had fallen asleep slumped against the door of my cell, he had almost lost his voice from screaming at me so much, he must have tired himself out. My whole body was still shaking from the experience; I couldn’t believe I even thought about trusting some complete stranger. At least I was getting a normal thought pattern back and the drugs didn’t seem to be having an effect on me anymore. Maybe now I can make a proper plan to get out. The main problem seeming to be that there’s only one exit, through the front door. There were hardly any windows so that was ruled out and when I had been in the other rooms there were no obvious escape routes either.
My only option was the door, but I could never locate the key and I could never be quiet enough to sneak past Gerard. My breath quickened as I heard a mumble coming from his direction, my eyes snapped up to meet the scruffy figure, slowly standing, a pale hand becoming entwined in ebony hair as he rubbed his head and talked to himself. Hazel eyes quickly revealed themselves as he whizzed around to see where I was, the fury from before still evident throughout his features, though something had changed, his thin lips stretching into a smirk. In a moment he was gone, quick footsteps echoing through the room. Where had he gone? Had he given up trying to get me? Was the other brother home? The questions were still floating around my mind when the footsteps started getting louder again, the scruffy figure of Gerard’s becoming evident as he stepped into the light holding something in his hand, a small object, it took me a while to work out what it was but when I did, I recoiled in horror. It was a key, not just any key, it looked exactly like the one I had in my hand, Gerard had a spare key to the cell. Panic started to spread through my small body as he put the key in the lock. My mind was going into overdrive as I tried to figure out how to escape the situation. I was frozen where I was, sitting curled up in the corner, eyes wide as a deer in the headlights. I wasn’t going to survive this, he’s going to torture me, he might kill me. A lump formed in my throat as Gerard opened the door and took a step into my room. My last happy memory flicking into my mind, of my parents finally seeming happy as we set up those tents, I tried to just think about that as a bony hand clasped tightly onto my shoulder,
“Now what am I going to do with you my naughty boy?”

Mikeys POV
I was panicking, the more I thought about what Gerard could be doing , the quicker my breaths got and the more worried Bob became, He sped through the roads on his motorcycle, making sure I was okay every time we got to a red light, the journey seemed to take a lot longer than before, I just wanted to make sure Gerard hadn’t done anything disastrous, then my mind could be at ease, but for now I was so occupied with my thoughts that I didn’t realise how hard I was holding onto Bob, he didn’t seem to mind other than the fact it showed how panicked I was.
There was no way I could persuade him to stay outside when we got to the house, he was having none of it, he wanted to protect me even though I had abandoned him for so long, the comfort helped me as I braced myself and opened the door. I wasn’t prepared, the first thing I immediately noticed was the blood curdling scream coming from the kid Gerard kidnapped, it was coming from his makeshift ‘room’ My eyes widened in terror as Bob barrelled past me and ran straight down the stairs to the screams.
‘Gerard, what the fuck?!” came Bobs roaring voice, I ran down the stairs just in time to se Bob tearing Gerard away from Franks small shivering figure, he was half naked, scratches littering his tiny frame, eyes wide and bloodshot. His belt was undone and his trousers were almost falling down, I shook my head and headed straight to Frank. He whimpered and fell to the floor as soon as I got near him, shuffling backwards into the wall and curling in a ball to protect himself. The horror I felt was indescribable, Gerard was going to rape Frank, if Bob and I hadn’t have stopped him, Frank would have suffered the same thing I did all those years ago, how could Gerard even think about doing that? I looked towards the man I call my brother and saw only hatred in his eyes as he fought against Bobs grasp
“He needs to be taught a lesson!” He screeched, pulling at Bobs arms and trying to get to Franks curled up form, Frank stayed perfectly still other than the shaking which only appeared to make Gerard’s seething hatred grow.
“See!? The bastard doesn’t even care, I need to show him! He needs to do what he’s told!” Gerard spat, madness radiating through his body, Bob looked towards me, confusion etched into his features, I can’t believe I let Bob in, he shouldn’t have seen this, Gerard will be so mad and embarrassed when he gets his medication, wait, his meds, I need to get them as quickly as I can
“Bob are you sure you’ve got a hold of him? I don’t want him getting to Frank” I shakily breathed, flashbacks of what happened to me running through my mind as I stepped backwards towards the stairs
“Mikey, fucking hold on a second, what the fucks going on here? Who’s Frank and what the fuck is wrong with Gerard?!” he pleaded
“Look Bob, I’m sorry, I’ll explain later, I just need to get Gerard’s meds okay? I’ll be back soon just please PLEASE make sure you don’t let him go”
My voice cracked as I looked towards my new boyfriend, already involved in Gerard’s chaotic world, I can’t subject Bob to this, after today I won’t let Bob round, I thought as I ran up the stairs. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I searched the medicine cabinet for Gerard’s medication, I don’t think I realised how bad this was getting, we kidnapped someone for god’s sake, I broke the law, and for what? To make a psychopath happy, even if he is my brother that just isn’t right, I’m not claiming to be sane but I have morals, I have to help him get out, but Gerard cant know, with how his minds getting he just might kill me for it.
I had to get Bob to pin Gerard down to take his medication, he fought endlessly, spitting at me, insulting me and bringing up the past, I had to stop Bob from hitting Gerard once as he hit a particularly sore spot, reminding him that Gerard wasn’t in a fit state of mind to be blamed for what he says, his actions however were a completely different story, Frank still hadn’t moved, paralyzed in fear, the only evidence he was still alive was his quick breathing and occasional sobbing. I knew I couldn’t help as the poor boy was just as afraid of me, I was Gerard’s brother after all, he must think we’re both just as crazy as each other. I looked to Bob and nodded my head towards Frank, Gerard had lost consciousness by now, worn out and drugged, a slow snore escaped through his blood red lips, I didn’t want to know where the blood had come from and hoped poor Frank wasn’t in too much pain. Bobs blue eyes met mine and he nodded, slowly getting up and walking a few feet towards Frank, his form grew smaller as Bob approached, the blanket getting tighter around him. Bob stopped about a metre away from the small boy and sat down, looking towards him with kindness and patience
“Pl-please just leave me alone” the boy whimpered, struggling to get any further away from the large man sat near him Bob looked towards me with confusion
“Is this Frank?” He asked eyebrows creasing in confusion “Like THE Frank? The one Gerard said was his boyfriend?” his eyes widened as he realised just how messed up the situation was “How could he- what was he doing to him?!” Bob hissed and he looked to Frank with sorrow swirling through his features, realising just what scene we had walked in on “Mikey, why would- he knew what happened to you” I looked down at the ground as he said the last words, remembering yet again what happened to me I felt a hand cup my cheek and gentle soft lips press against my forehead, he knew what that day did to me and he can probably tell what Gerards actions are doing to me now.

Franks POV
It all happened so fast, blood dripped slowly from my neck, some remaining on Gerards lips, he was marking me as his as he liked to keep reminding me, my entire body had gone numb at this point, my shirt was off and scratches littered my skin, escaping just wasn’t possible, he was a madman, I had given up all hope. My silence was fuelling his rage towards me as he tried to inflict more pain grabbing at my belt and pulling me towards him. He bit my neck again in the same place, my teeth grinding together to stop the noise of my screams, I wanted to save my energy for a last ditch effort of escape if I could get away alive, my arms hung limp at my sides, gashes prominent down my forearms where I had tried to push him away and he had used to key like a blade to punish me.
I couldn’t take the pain anymore, he was pulling my hair with one hand and pulling at my trousers with the other purposely scratching as he went, he violently pushed me into the wall, hitting my head against the hard stained concrete, that was it, I just couldn’t suppress the screams of pain anymore, I let out the last of my energy with one final body rattling scream as he harshly pulled me towards him by my scalp and continued pulling at my trousers. I was going to lose my virginity to a psychopathic madman and there was nothing I could do about it, and I was probably going to die, the last thought flickered through my mind when I heard a loud thundering of footsteps coming down the stairs, I looked over to see a large blonde man grab Gerard by the waist and pull him off me, He was so shocked about being disrupted that he let me go, Mikey soon followed the man and made it down the stairs, he immediately looked towards me and started walking my way, I was frozen, what if Mikey was in on it too? What if he’s just as bad as Gerard? What if he tries to drug me again?! The fear shocked my body into action as I stepped backwards and fell to the floor shuffling backwards into the corner I felt safest. I saw Mikey look back towards Gerard and say something, then he was up the stairs, the big guy was restraining Gerard as he continued to yell, assumedly at me spitting everywhere and generally looking absolutely crazy, I felt safer with the other man here but knew I couldn’t put my trust in anyone, I just liked the fact he was keeping that monster away from me. Before I knew it Mikey was back and that other guy was near me, I tried to get him to go away but he just stared at me, I don’t know what he wanted, but he sure as hell wasn’t getting me to trust him, I know never to make that mistake again, the guy said something in Mikeys direction and looked very confused, then angry, then looked back to me with pity in his eyes, I looked away, staying put in my corner, not letting my eyes close as I was terrified of what happen. Strangely the bigger guy moved away from me, towards Mikey and the unconscious Gerard, there it was, my chance of escape, I took one more look at the men to make sure they weren’t looking at me and darted from under the blanket, shirt still missing and scratches still bleeding over my body, my small frame almost couldn’t handle the pain of moving so much but my adrenaline was handling it, as I rushed up the stairs and towards the fabled front door I realised that it was locked again, I heard footsteps and rushed to the kitchen, searching desperately for a key to open the door

Mikeys POV

I immediately noticed Frank rushing up the stairs, I didn’t move a muscle though, I stayed in bobs embrace for a few more seconds and slowly got up, wiping the tears from my cheeks
“Im sorry you had to find out like this Bob” I whimpered, my hand brushing through my messy hair, Bob looked at me, a gentle calm look in his eyes as he put his arm around me, I knew he wasn’t really calm, but it still helped me get my thoughts together , I told Bob to stay with Gerard as I went up the stairs to see where Frank had gone
“Frank?” I called, my voice cracking from the crying downstairs “I know you must be absolutely terrified right now but please, Gerard is ill, he didn’t mean anything, I- I can’t let you go, I’m so sorry, I wish I could, believe me I do but I can’t” I went straight to the front door, making sure it was locked, Frank would never be able to find the key, so the only way he could get out would be if we forgot to lock it, or if he knew Gerard as well as I knew him. I heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen and sighed, I can’t believe my life has come to this, and I still can’t fathom why Gerard could do such a thing to such an innocent kid, I didn’t realise how bad his condition had gotten. I needed to make this right, but for now I had to get Frank to understand I was on his side, I took a deep breath and entered the kitchen.
Frank had climbed onto the side and was rooting through the top shelf of the cupboard, assumedly looking for a key
“Fra-“ Before I could finish my sentence the boy had jumped in shock and fallen from the side, hitting his head on the floor, shit, oh shit, what have I done? He wasn’t getting up, his eyes remained closed, I started to freak out as I checked his breathing, the good news was he was still alive, and even more good news was he was a lot calmer when he wasn’t conscious, I just hoped he hadn’t hit his head too hard...

Dun dun dun, dont worry too much I think I let the dark side out enough, what do you guys think of crazy Gerard? Too much? Just enough? think I might keep him psycho and make it more focused on Mikey and Frank, not as a pairing just as a protection kinda thing, suggestions always welcome Im a super friendly person!
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