Review for Plug Hole

Plug Hole

(#) aweirdtree 2012-01-30

heeheehee, "a super massive black hole" ^^

um, yeah... sorry. got a bit distracted by that... i don't know what to say about the story. you're right, it really was some deep shit, and i kinda enjoyed it - i just didn't get it wholly. either your theories are too much for my brain or then i'm just too damn tired to read this kinda thing - whatever the reason, i have to read it again sometime to realize it :D and btw, your dad sounds cool xd

Author's response

Yeah, I just had to!

Glad you (kinda) liked, I know it's not the sort of stuff that usually appears on here but, meh - who wants to fit in?

Anyway... Out of the people I've showed it to, and you guys on here, only three get it, so no worries if you didn't! Clearly my mind works in weird ways!

And I'm sure my dad'll be happy that he sounds cool! (he really isn't though!)

Thanks for reviewing!